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Today, many of us are reflecting on the year past: experiences, achievements, loves, losses, and everything in between. I, of course, am reflecting upon all of the delicious food I ate. In that spirit, here’s my roundup of personal favorite recipes of 2013. From salads and snacks to dessert.

PicMonkey Collage salads

1. Bitter, salty, sour and sweet salad

2. Crunchy red cabbage and green apple sesame slaw

3. Grape, avocado, and baby kale salad with quinoa

4. Summer salad with mango, cucumber, avocado, and curry vinaigrette

PicMonkey Collage snacks

1. Cinnamon caramelized cauliflower

2. Smokey white bean and cauliflower dip

3. Chocolate kale chips

4. Raisin almond molasses balls

PicMonkey Collage beverages

1. Raw apple pie smoothie

2. Cherry beet avocado smoothie

3. Sweet potato vegetable juice

4. Cinnamon fig smoothie

PicMonkey Collage breakfast

1. Gluten free, vegan pumpkin strawberry waffles

2. Toasted almond quinoa bake

3. Strawberry ginger chia pudding

3. Roasted peach and ginger chia pudding

PicMonkey Collage entrees

1. Raw curried cauliflower over rice

2. Quinoa chickpea burgers with za’atar spice and creamy tahini sauce

3. Easy curried yellow lentils with avocado “croutons”

4. Quinoa with roasted eggplant, red peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette

PicMonkey Collage dessert

1. Raw, vegan blueberry ginger ice cream

2. Raw dark chocolate and cherry cookies

3. Raw strawberry vanilla pudding

4. Raw brownies with chocolate pumpkin frosting

Voila! Enjoy. If there are any other recipes you loved from this year, give them a shout in the comments! I’d love to hear what you liked best.

So here’s to 2013, I guess! May you all have a good celebration, and as we start the new year, may all beings everywhere be happy and free.


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