I loved hearing your ideas and feedback about vegan and raw snack bar options! A few of you asked whether or not I might have a recipe to share, especially for those of you on a budget. It’s a great question. The reason I don’t have a recipe is that, as I mentioned in the post, I’m not a huge snack bar muncher under ordinary circumstances. But as I also mentioned, the next two months are going to pose major scheduling challenges to me, and I’ll be needing snack bars much more than I have in the past, so it probably is time for me to come up with a recipe of my own. In the meantime, these bloggers all have great ideas. Check out:

Anne’s 5 minute, no-bake peanut butter granola bars

Averie’s peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars

Kath’s baked oatmeal snack bars

Elana’s Power Bars

VeganDad’s Maple Hemp Granola Bars

Tasty and easy!

Today, as promised, I have a winner to announced. Thanks to all of you who entered my contest to win a two pound bag of chia seeds from Chia Seeds Direct! The winner of the chia seeds is…#258, Elana! As for what she’d like to make with chia seeds, Elana said, “I am going to try exactly the one you just posted about. looks AMAZING!!!!”

Wow! Thanks Elana! I’d love it if you made the smooth and simple breakfast pudding! And if you don’t like the sounds of that one, try the following — a new variation that I made just this week. The secret? Chai spices. The name? Tongue twister.

Chia Chai Pudding (serves 1 generously)

1 oz (about 1/4 cup) cashews
2 tbsp chia seeds
3/4 cup water (start with 3/4 cup — add more if you want the pudding thinner)
2 pitted dates, or stevia to taste
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp sunflower lecithin or xantham gum (optional, but lends a nice fluffiness to the pudding)

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender till very smooth. Adjust the texture by adding more water or (for the opposite effect) more lecithin or xantham.


With bananas, if you like.

Mighty tasty.

Chia inspired breakfasts just keep blooming in my kitchen. And when they’re paired with chai flavors — which I adore — well, so much the better.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent celebrating my friend Allison’s birthday (happy b-day, Alla!), cheering on my friend Nelly as she triumphantly ran her first half marathon, and snuggling with Chloe, who was my apartment guest for two nights. I never take my friends for granted, ever, but weekends like this one remind me how dear they all are to me.

I’ll be back soon. Have a great Sunday.