Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I was very touched by the responses to my last post.

So this is an impromptu post for women’s week, but I was wondering whether any of you had seen Amanda Seyfried’s latest interview in Esquire. According to the interview, Seyfried

“…plops down and pulls out a plastic box containing enough tabbouleh to stuff a softball. “I’m on a raw-food diet,” she declares, raising her brows to make her eyes even bigger. “It’s intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds.” She says the last word, seeds, and leans into the long vowel sound, scrunching her nose, making the word sound like a comic discovery.”

Blech. Don’t get me wrong: I think Amanda Seyfried is a charming actress, and it goes without saying that she’s gorgeous. But this little snippet manages to encapsulate so many icky misconceptions about eating raw foods:

1) They’re a “specialty food,” so if you’re eating them, you’ll have to carry around your own food in boxes wherever you go.

2) If you’re eating raw foods, it’s all or nothing (“I’m on a raw foods diet.”)

3) Raw foods are are “intense, “and kind of awful,” because they’re comprised primarily of spinach. And seeds.

OK y’all. Let’s set the record straight. If there’s anything you’ve learned from Choosing Raw, I hope it’s the following:

1) There’s nothing oh-so-exotic about raw foods. It just means veggies and nuts that you haven’t cooked. Salad? Gazpacho? Fruit smoothies? Juice? Guacamole? Cucumber soup? That’s raw food, people. And it’s right at your fingertips.

2) It ain’t all or nothin’. Many people who enjoy raw foods, and who believe in certain principles associated with raw foods (like food combining, or the idea of detox), do it part time. They, like me, are semi-raw, or high-raw. While there are a lot of happy and glowing 100% raw foodists out there, they’re actually only a part of the raw community, and it’s a misconception that liking raw cuisine and playing around with it means committing to a full time gig.

3) Raw foods are about a whole lot more than spinach and seeds! I’m often reminding friends and inquiring minds that eating raw food is simple, as long as you can make salad! But I say this in jest. It’s not all about salad: it’s about nuts, seeds, sea veggies, grains, and legumes, too. Smart raw or semi-raw foodies know that balance and adequate nutrition are important, as is variety. Anyone who’s subsisting on greens and a sprinkle of sesame seeds alone is being way too extreme, and runs the risk of either getting sick or losing interest. Fast.

To remind us all that raw foods go way beyond spinach leaves, I’ve assembled a little photo album:


And that ain’t the half of it. A lot more than spinach and seeds, eh?

Of course, we should also ask ourselves why a young, talented, and beautiful woman would feel compelled to adhere to a “diet” at all, let alone one that she calls intense and awful. Or why–even though her tabbouleh sounds tasty–there’s only enough of it to stuff a softball. (Was that meant to be funny? Because in Gena world, softball size is not enough for lunch. Ahem.)

As woman’s week draws to a close, let’s all please remember that eating in such a way that leaves our bodies inadequately nourished, and our spirits deprived of the sensual pleasures of eating good food, is just plain uncool. Hopefully Amanda will get to enjoy more of the fun of raw foods soon, along with the rest of us 🙂


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