Green Recovery is my attempt to highlight stories in which eating disorder recovery is intertwined with the discovery of a plant-based diet. This is not an attempt to present veganism (or plant-centric eating) as a “cure” for disordered eating, nor is it an assertion that plant-oriented diets are appropriate or healthful for every person who has suffered through an eating disorder. Rather, it’s an attempt not to shut down or disregard the possibility that veganism can serve as a healing avenue for some individuals who have suffered through disordered eating patterns.

There is a very high incidence of ED histories in the plant-based community of eaters—myself included. Because veganism is traditionally discouraged for those in recovery, there’s a tendency for those of us who have found happiness, freedom, and peace in living a vegan lifestyle to feel as though we need to apologize for, defend, or stay quiet about our choices.

The goal of this series is twofold: first, to celebrate how and why veganism can prove to be healing, both physically and spiritually, and second, to prompt an honest dialog about the intersection of recovery and choosing to consume a selective diet. It’s true that veganism can prove to be complex, and perhaps counterproductive, to recovery. It is also true that it can teach us about food as nourishment, that it can spark excitement about the culinary process, that it can incite compassion for other living beings and for ourselves, and that it can broaden our awareness, helping us to exit the isolation and obsessiveness of an ED.

In other words, this series explores the notion that a world view in which food choices have political, ethical, and personal significance can in some cases serve to help heal people who have traumatic histories with food.

Please join me as I welcome the voices of men and women who are evolving toward a fresh and peaceful relationship with food, one green plate at a time. If you’d like to start by reading about my story, you can find it here.

If you would like to submit your story to Green Recovery, please email it to me (as an attachment or simply pasted into an email) at [email protected]. Note that while the series is not exclusively vegan, I do prefer the emphasis to be firmly on plant-oriented diets.

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