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Greetings, all! Glad you enjoyed my little almond hemp cookies. For those of you who asked, I used white, shelled hemp seeds (not the green ones that a reader referred to). Right now, my brands of choice are Nutiva, Manitoba Harvest, and Navitas Naturals; very soon, I’ll be doing a review of Mum’s Original, which I’m excited for.

It’s appropriate that we’re talking about hempseeds, because today’s recipeβ€”a lemon herb quinoa salad with hempseeds, spring peas and basil–includes them. Its kind of amazing that I haven’t yet thought to marry hempseeds and quinoa. They’re two of my very favorite foods, after all, and they both carry the distinction of being complete proteins. For this reason–and because they’re delicious, versatile, and rich in many other nutrients, too–I recommend getting to know them both well. Quinoa is delicious warm or cool (I prefer cooler quinoa salads in the summer), so you can serve this recipe either way. I hope you’ll find that the peas, fresh basil, and lemon give it all a summery feel (and a lot of flavor).

I thought of this dish, by the way, at the same time I came up with my parsnip rice with peas and hemp seeds. It’s a versatile template, and you could definitely try this dish with rice, millet, amaranth, or barley. Or, try cauliflower or jicama “rice” for an all-veggie spin!

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You’ll find the recipe–which is now destined to be a favorite in my home–at the Food 52 website, along with my second column! This week, I give a basic primer on veganism–what is it, how does it vary from person to person, and what motivates people to do it? What motivated me to go vegan? It’s familiar territory for many of you, but hopefully the post–and the recipe–will prompt some curiosity and be helpful for those who are just starting to explore plant-based eating!

Enjoy the scrumptious quinoa, and see you soon.


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