As always, guys, thank you for the thoughtful responses to “The Power of Choice.” I want to make clear that the logic of that article works in both directions: you should also feel proud of your restaurant selections or food choices when you happen to be ordering more heartily than your companions. No matter what the case, the point is to eat with proud and confidence.

A few of you has asked me what my favorite food is. It should come as no surprise: it’s emblazoned on my banner! I could eat several avocados eat day (and frequently do) from now till eternity without tiring of them. But second to avocados are two other special favorites: kale and sweet potatoes.

We all have some surefire dinners that we rely on, meals so easy and familiar to prepare that we could throw them together in our sleep. For some, it’s Annie’s mac and cheese. For others, it’s a quick soup. For still others, it’s a veggie burger with sweet potato fries.

For me (and many raw foodists), it’s kale salad—often alongside a steamed sweet potato. It’s one of my favorite weeknight dinners—easy and nutrient rich. (For the record, the meal is also light enough to serve as a filling lunch on a busy day).

There are two versions of kale salad I love to make. The first includes avocado, which I rub into the raw kale along with lemon juice and salt and a touch of agave or stevia. The second, modeled after the kale salad at Bonobos, is kale, peppers, and carrots tossed in a lemon vinaigrette (lemon, flax oil, and agave/stevia whisked together). Again,  massage the kale with your dressing and sea salt a bit for it to soften.

You can certainly make the salad with both the vinaigrette and an avocado or two, as I show in my recipe tab, but I find that one fat source is rich enough.

Last night, after a busy weekend, I threw together the vinaigrette version along with a sweet potato that I had baked, sliced into rounds, rubbed with coconut oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. It hit the spot, just as it always does. As the first installment in what I’ll call my “Weeknight Classics” series, I present the finished plate:



Yum. I ate what was on the plate and another serving of the salad.

I’m meeting a good friend at Quintessence for dinner soon: I’ll be sure to chronicle the meal with my camera like a good blogger! Hope you’ve all had a great day.


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