A number of you wrote in to the juicing post with questions about juice pulp: do I use it, compost it, or toss it? Well, I wish I could compost it, but composting in Manhattan ain’t easy (if any fellow NYCers have suggestions on composting in the city, let me know please!).  So the answer is that I toss it on occasion—always with a heavy conscience—and use it about 90% of the time.

I love juice pulp! I think it’s tasty, and an easy way to add fiber to meals. Many juice lovers use the pulp in crackers: for me to do that, I’d have to have the patience to actually make crackers, which I haven’t thus far. (My food dehydrator is still waiting to be un-packaged—bad food blogger!) So I like to add mine to guacamole (per this post) or sprinkle it on salads; I also sometimes add it to soup for some extra fiber and a nutritional kick.

Wait, you’re thinking. Is there any nutrition left in the pulp? Isn’t the whole point that the nutrients have been extracted? The answer is technically yes: if I were using a Norwalk juicer, there’d be nothing left but fiber. But most centrifugal juicers are imperfect enough to leave some nutrient content in the pulp. And this aside, it’s pretty yummy, and not worth wasting.

If you want the pulp of some of your ingredients but not others, just switch bags mid-juicing. I, for example, like the celery, kale, cucumber, and parsley pulp from my green juice, but can live without the apple and ginger pulp; I juice the apple and ginger first, switch bags, and keep going. That way the pulp stays separate. Once I’ve got the pulp, I can use it in one of these five ways:

Gena’s Top Five Uses for Juice Pulp:

1)    Crackers. Just because I’m too lazy to make them, my friends, doesn’t mean you have to be. Go ahead and google some recipes, or take a few hints from my friend Abbie, who uses the pulp in crackers frequently.

2)    Add it to your morning smoothie. Green powders? Blech. Use some real veggies to bulk up and add fiber and nutrients to your morning blend!

3)    Make burgers. Sound crazy? Just watch this informative video from my friend Dhru, and you’ll be making pulp burgers in no time.

4)    Make green guac. This is, of course, one of my favorite ways to use up my pulp! I’ve already psoted about it, but if you missed it, it’s very simple. Start with ½ an avocado. Mash it, and throw in a generous portion (1/2 – 1 cup) pulp, which should look something like this:


Add a squeeze of lemon or lime and some sea salt, and keep mashing, till it looks like this:


Eat it plain, or stuff it into romaine leaves for an easy lunch!


5)    Eat it plain! For me, the best meals are always the simplest. So it should come as no surprise that my favorite way to enjoy juice pulp is straight up, sprinkled with some sea salt and a squeeze of lemon and/or olive oil. I often snack on this or eat it as a mini appetizer before dinner. You could also eat it with a richer and creamier salad dressing: the possibilities are endless!

So it seems that this has been the week of juicing. I apologize for not having provided more food recipes lately; I’ve been truly swamped, in work and in life, and will be for another week or so. But I’m eager for things to clear up as we move closer to July, so that I can get back in my kitchen. In the meantime, hang in there, and I’ll be posting some food porn whenever I can!

Happy Friday.


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