Evening, friends! I’m delighted that we have so many budding fermentation freaks in the audience Smile

Tomorrow, I’ll go through some Q & A that arose from the lacto-fermentation post, and I’ll show you a delicious recipe I recently made with my fermented veggies! But tonight, I want to share a special, recovery-themed post with you.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time know that I became vegan in order to address digestive illness and other, related health problems. Early in my twenties, I found myself perpetually tired, bloated, irregular, sleep deprived, plagued by bacterial imbalance, and dragging myself from stimulant to stimulant. I’d been suffering from eating disorders—cycles of anorexia nervosa and a constellation of guilt, restriction, and food phobia that likely falls someplace between orthorexia and EDNOS on the diagnostic spectrum—since I was eleven. An excellent, integrative gastroenterologist helped me to get my IBS under control; a wonderful, empathetic therapist helped me come to terms with the fact that I had a very serious problem with food, and needed help. But it was my transition to a vegan diet that truly allowed me to heal, body and spirit.

I’ll always be grateful that I found veganism as a part of my quest for health answers. But its biggest contribution to my life has been the gift of compassion. Through veganism, I became attuned to the consciousness of other living beings, and I learned that my food choices are not only about me and my well being. To hear more about my transformation from a health junkie to a vegan activist, please read my post over at the wonderful Our Hen House magazine. In it, I share the details of my dietary and philosophical transitions, as well as some thoughts on the power of veganism to heal broken relationships with food. I talk about growing out of ED habits and orthorexia, and learning to eat with gusto and joy. As always, I hope my story will help any of you who are suffering through the isolation of an ED. And for everyone else, I’m also sharing a massaged kale salad!

Our Hen House, by the way, is a very special destination for those of you who are interested in helping animals and learning to express your own activism. Very soon, I’ll be sharing details of my new collaboration with this wonderful non-profit, but for now, I encourage you to check out the ‘zine and explore the option of becoming an OHH flock member for access to exclusive content!

Till tomorrow,