10 Vegan Recipes for Super Bowl Entertaining 2013

vegan superbowl recipes

It’s once again time for the year’s biggest sports night. Whether you’re planning on attending a party, hosting friends, or just watching the game in the confines of your living room, you’re no doubt looking forward to some tasty snacks and light fare. In my experience, it’s hard to find Super Bowl food that isn’t at least covered in cheese—if not meat or poultry. So if you’re wondering what you might prepare tonight that’s plant-based and nutritious, I hope these ten recipes—some classics, some from the past year—inspire you!

Confetti guac

Recipe here.

sweet potato burgers

Recipe here.


Recipe here.

zuke burgers

Recipe here.

southwestern hummus

Recipe here.


Recipe here.

zuke sticks

Recipe here.

hoppin salad

Recipe here.

Creamy Roasted Beet Hummus | The Full Helping

Recipe here.


Recipe here.

Happy game day, everyone!


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  1. i actually skipped a sb party, in part because i was going to be the only vegetarian (about 10 month now) and i knew there would be hardly anything for me. i wish i had seen this site last week! i’m gonna try a lot (probably most!) of these, not waiting til next year!

  2. Those zucchini burgers sound incredible. Great idea! Thanks for continuing to inspire.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your recipes! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. These look amazing, great inspiration! Sadly we missed our Superbowl party this year with hubby being sick, but maybe we’ll have a makeup one next weekend. 🙂

  5. Um…If this is “choosing raw,” then what is it called when you actually choose raw?

    • David,

      This blog features both raw and cooked food. I’m no longer a strict high-raw foodist (I once was) but raw foods are still an enormous part of my life, and they inform the way I eat and prepare food. The “choosing” is meant to imply that one can opt in and out, rather than espousing raw foodism 100% — and I do hope that the raw recipes I feature encourage people to add more raw foods to their lifestyles. That said, cooked vegan recipes are often appropriate, nutritious, and in keeping with my cravings, and on those occasions, I share them without hesitation.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Oh ok, so you picked the domain name when you were a raw foodist, but now you’re not, so hence the apparent contradiction. I think you hit the nail on the head with your “cravings” bit, because that’s what it’s really about. Everything else is just rationalization.

        By the way, canned beans have BPA in them.

          • Lol, the name fits better now than it did at first? Maybe you should consider another degree in English. See, “Choosing Raw” implies literally choosing to be a raw foodist, not choosing against being a raw foodist.The crux of the matter is not the “choosing,” but the “Raw.”

          • On second thought, please allow me to apologize for arguing here on your blog. Further, I must admit, your food looks delicious and your photography outstanding.

        • Wow David, you’re “choosing” to be an a**hole. Thanks for all the great work, Gena! Keep up all the great work!

          • I think he’s trying to sound educated but instead sounds like a douche. Love your recipes and can’t wait to try them out! X

          • There are a bunch of ways to read “choosing raw” — one is “choose raw foods all the time / become a raw foodist” and another is “choose raw foods as they fit into your lifestyle.” “Choice” has always, for me, implied active, piecemeal decisions, rather than a conversion experience. As with many things, these words are given meaning by context, and the context of my blog has always been transparent/honest that I am not a “raw fooder.” People are allowed to read it as they will — and respond to me as they will. Heather thanks for your remark, and Anonymous, below, you too!

  6. Sweet potato edamame burgers look really good. Unique combo with the ginger and lime. Must try. Thanks for sharing all the great recipes! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the great round-up. I had the stuffed peppers with a side of quinoa for lunch yesterday, and they were delicious! Also, I brought your smoky southwestern hummus, along with some homemade, whole grain pita bread and cut-up raw veggies, to a party last weekend, and it was a hit!

  8. Mmm these recipes sound delicious! Thanks for sharing, and although I will be eating super bowl snacks made by someone else tonight, I will definitely be trying these out in the future!

  9. You have such great recipe ideas all the time! I’m going to be trying my first quinoa recipe tonight – wish me luck! I’ve never cooked quinoa before.

  10. Eat veggies, eat meat, or eat both, but quit trying to make veggies into meat. That is inconsistent.

    • Carly, lots of ethical vegans (like myself) enjoy savoury dishes like bean burgers and chilies for precisely that reason–they taste like the hearty omni dishes of our past. I didn’t go vegan because I stopped liking the taste of meat. I went vegan because I had an awakening and wanted to help animals. I, personally, LOVE that Gena develops such hearty fare! It often makes my omni husband think, huh, maybe i could do this….! Her recipes inspire some of the toughest omnis I know!

      • Brit, it means so much to hear you say that my recipes have both satisfied your cravings for old favorites and also that your partner loves my food! It’s the ultimate compliment.

  11. Who needs a party?…Treat yourself like a guest! This food look delicious and the pictures are gorgeous. Address please – I’m coming over!

  12. Gena – I’m not hosting a Super Bowl party, nor going to one, but this post makes me want to drive to the grocery store, stock up and cook right now!

    xx Johanna

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I won’t be hosting a Super Bowl party, but these look amazing! I will certainly make them for a future party.