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I was expecting a wait when I went to vote early yesterday. I wanted to do it in person, and I knew that the lines at the polls would be long, especially with social distancing in place. It was chilly, but not freezing. I brought a hat, a sweater, and an old vegan leather jacket that’s surprisingly cozy at this time of year. I wasn’t expecting the line to take four hours. But that’s how long I waited, along with hundreds of neighbors….

Well, hello! It’s obviously not Sunday, but this is the weekend reading post that I meant to write yesterday. Last week, after I shared my broccoli Caesar, a wise friend gave me the reminder that we’re all exhausted and emotionally pummeled by 2020. It’s important than for us to be more forgiving of ourselves than usual. I needed to hear it. I’ve been giving myself permission to work and create slowly, to spend some time away from my computer and phone. But I’ve…

Hi all. Didn’t get around to posting weekend reading yesterday. I found out in the morning that someone close to my mom and me had passed away unexpectedly. I’ve been focusing on supporting my mother however I can. For today, I’m offering you the reminder that I’ve given to myself: take care of yourselves and your loved ones, focus on the present, and find gratitude where you can. I’ll be back later this week. xo

Each Sunday, I publish a post that includes personal musings and articles on medicine, science, and the human experience. These are reminders that health and wellness extend far beyond what's on our plates.