A Pure Dinner

Hey guys!

Thanks for such an awesome response to Beam Green! I would love to have you NYC gals as guests, so please keep getting in touch if you’re interested!

I’m taking a break from a night of reading to recap my very fun dinner last night with Melissa and Liz — aka, the blogcelebrity Veggiegirl! Liz and I have corresponded and spoken before, but this was my first time meeting her in person, and it was great fun! She’s witty, sharp, sweet, and passionate about all things raw and vegan. The three of us went to Pure Food and Wine, where I got a simple dinner: a build-your-own salad with avocado and guacamole. (I know, I know, I am the world’s most boring woman. But I was in the mood!):


Variety came with the dessert selections, which ranged from Melissa’s gorgeous passion fruit tart:


To the complimentary strawberry shortcake (yum) for the table!


Here’s the three of us ladies outside (Me, Mel, and Liz):


Afterwards, Melissa and I went to 71 Irving for some tea and overdue girl talk. It was a really fun night, and a much needed interruption in a busy week.

I hope you’re all having wonderful Fridays. I’ll be back tomorrow with some recipe action, so stay tuned!


Edited to add: I forgot to mention that Jacques Pepin blurbed one of the books I’m working on today. I don’t usually edit food/nutrition books — in fact, this is my only one — and I felt a little starstruck!

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  1. What exactly is it? They nearly all reported they had not determined if Tom and Becky were on panel the ferryboat on the homeward trip; it was dark; nobody considered inquiring in case any 1 was missing.

  2. Awwh!
    NY is definitely the place to meet other bloggers!
    That place sounds fabulous. I love your salad. 🙂 And I LOVE Jacques Peppin. Oh la la!

  3. That dinner sounds so exciting! And the desserts look mmm mm good. I just remembered that when I was learning how to spell someone told me to remember how to spell dessert. “Two s’s not one because who wants just one scoop of ice cream?” 🙂


    Just want you to know that I’ve increased my raw food intake recently and honestly, I feel so so good inside out AND happy.

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful world of raw eats – I owe you one Gena!!

  5. sounds like such a fun night! hooray for dinner with two truly amazing girls and i’m dying for some more pure food dessert in my life.
    congrats on the book blurb- that’s AWESOME
    have a wonderful weekend <3

  6. Gena,

    Happy Weekend!

    Such great fun you all had. Wowser what an amazing dessert selection. When I get back east I will definately have to head to Pure!

    With Love,


  7. Meeting blogstresses in person after following blogs for so long is so sweet. There have been a few run-ins and it’s especially funny when I am with my best friend Vanessa (she was in one of my recent videos last week). We hang out a lot together and people are always a little surprised to see us both together. The women I have met (yes- all women so far) that read my blog and vice versa have been amazing. It is fabulous to connect with people that share a passion that is so vital to our lives. I hope to be in New York in a couple weeks (for Vanessa’s US book launch)- will be sure to let you know if I make that happen.

  8. Hi Gena!

    I have a ‘going raw’ question. Is it possible to initially gain weight on a raw food diet? I just ‘went raw’ about two days ago and have gained 1.5 pounds but am not sure if it’s water retention / too much avocado (.33 a fruit) and raw almond butter & almond milk or what?


    • Hi A,

      It’s impossible for me to judge without knowing what you ate, what your history is, etc. It’s definitely possible, but I’d have to hear about what you ate and what you were eating before. Sorry not to be of more help — please email me about a possible consultation if you have detailed questions.


  9. Sounds like a fun girls night! 🙂 I am going to Pure Tonight, I am thinking about those tortillas I love! 🙂 Maybe a salad as well! Have a nice weekend, don’t work to hard!!

  10. Gena!
    I think we were there on the same night!! I was on the back patio Thursday night with some friends. Too funny. I as well ordered a salad from next door. It’s just not a meal without the avo:)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. I don’t think you’re boring. I often order the same thing from the same restaurant. Hey, if it’s not broken, why fix it? 🙂

  12. Uh, so THAT’s what the desserts look like?! Ok, sold. Hot damn. The boyf chose Adelina for our date Monday (what can I say, Italian’s his favorite and he’s predictable) but if he likes it then Pure is next on the list! And if not, boo on him, I’ll go with you.

  13. Sounds like it was a blast! You girls looks so very cute together :). Oh my goodness that dessert looks amaaazing! Hope you have a great weekend, Gena!

  14. Sounds like a great evening. I have GOT to check that place out considering how much you all talk about it! Maybe dinner date sometime this summer? 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I love your simple dinner. And how much avocado you eat! It’s my favorite too. It looks like it was a wonderful night and I can’t wait for more recipes!

  16. Gena,
    What a fun girls get-together. I love that Liz – she is so kind, not to mention hilarious. Your dinner salad looked perfect to me, and don’t even get me started on those desserts!

    Glad you got in some girl time with Melissa, and congrats on the book blurb.

    Hope you have a good weekend. I’m looking forward to some recipe action…as always. 🙂

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