All About Magnesium In Your Diet. Plus, a Giveaway of Natural Calm, the Anti-Anxiety Drink!


Magnesium is probably on your health radar already, but like a lot of micronutrients, you may hear it referenced without understanding precisely what it does, or why. Magnesium is one of the main electrolytes in coconut water and commercial sports drinks. We know that it helps with hydration, but aside from this, what is magnesium, and why is it important?

Magnesium is a cation, s a positively charged ion that exists in the body and is active in more than 300 enzymatic systems (1). It plays a role in protein synthesis, glucose regulation, cell membrane transport, and muscle and nerve function. Over half of the magnesium in the human body exists in bone matrix, so not surprisingly, magnesium is particularly important in maintaining bone health. Most of the remaining magnesium resides in muscles and soft tissues (2). Magnesium works in concert with calcium to help regulate muscle contraction and blood clotting; while calcium promotes contraction, magnesium promotes relaxation.People with magnesium deficiencies can develop hypertension, because the walls of arteries and capillaries tend to constrict. For this reason, magnesium is critical to heart function and to maintaining healthy blood pressure.

There are typically only a a few ounces of magnesium in the body (0.05% of body weight), but that small amount is important. Serious magnesium deficiencies can result in hypertension, impaired functioning of the central nervous system, and even tetanus. These kinds of deficiencies are rare, since our kidneys tend to regulate the amount of magnesium we excrete in our urine. They usually present themselves either with certain types of diseases (such as kidney or bowel disease) or in cases of alcohol abuse, protein malnutrition, or prolonged vomiting and diarrhea (3). People who abuse diuretics and those with anorexia can become deficient as well.

While full blown deficiency may be unlikely among people who don’t have complicating health factors, it’s still important to put dietary magnesium on your radar. When magnesium isn’t consumed in adequate amounts, magnesium in bones will serve as a reservoir from which the body draws, which may not be ideal for bone health (4,5). Meanwhile, low serum and tissue levels of magnesium may be associated with a number of common health complaints, such as migraine headaches (6), hypertension, insomnia, and irritability. Magnesium supplementation may also be helpful to people who suffer from uncomfortable or prolonged PMS (7), and it’s sometimes recommended in the management of cardiac conditions.

Of course, the therapeutic potential of magnesium that interests me most has to do with gut health–my personal area of fascination! In addition to easing anxiety and helping to relax muscles, magnesium has a laxative effect, and it tends to be particularly helpful in easing chronic constipation. (If you’ve ever noticed that coconut water helps with your elimination, this is part of the reason why!) If you suffer from IBS-C (the type of irritable bowel syndrome that tends to cause constipation) or any other type of chronic constipation, supplemental magnesium may be tremendously helpful for you.

The recommended daily allowance of magnesium for men ages 19-30 is 400 mg/day, and 420 mg/day for men 31+. For women, it’s 310 mg/day between the ages of 19 and 30, and 320 mg/day for women ages 31+. Plant based eaters have an advantage in meeting magnesium needs, because many of the best sources of the mineral are plant foods. They include

  • almonds
  • spinach
  • cashews
  • soy milk
  • tofu
  • black beans
  • edamame
  • wheat
  • avocados
  • bananas
  • brown rice
  • pinto beans
  • cashews
  • Brazil nuts
  • millet
  • apricots

Absorption of magnesium depends on an acidic stomach environment. People with histories of digestive illness often have a hard time absorbing this vital nutrient, as do people with damaged gut linings. Supplemental magnesium can be very helpful in these cases. It can also help folks with constipation, anxiety, and PMS. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you may want to explore a supplement. And if you do, I have a recommendation for you!

In the gastroenterology practice where I work, many of our patients suffer from poor magnesium absorption due to a history of celiac, bowel resections, or bowel removal. Magnesium supplements are vital in these cases, and Dr. Chutkan only recommends one: Natural Calm. Natural Calm, which is made by the Natural Vitality company is a powdered magnesium supplement–the best-selling one on the market–and it happens to be vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free! It contains 350 mg of magnesium citrate, which is thought to be one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium (magnesium oxide and sulfate may be more difficult to absorb) (8).


Natural Calm comes in five delicious flavors: orange, raspberry-lemon, lemon, cherry, and natural. They can all be easily mixed into liquid, and they create a delicious, fizzy drink when you prepare them. The only sweetener is organic stevia.


I really enjoyed the Natural Calm flavors–with the exception only of cherry, which isn’t really my jam 😉 My favorites are lemon and orange, which are tangy and refreshing. I also really enjoyed the natural flavor, which is tart and a little less sweet than the others. Natural Calm is a great way to re-hydrate after a hot yoga class or any sweaty workout–it’s tasty enough that you can simply empty it into a water bottle, shake and drink. But if you want something a little more tasty, you can mix it into coconut water or fresh juice. I’ve been enjoying the orange flavor mixed into a morning combination of orange, carrot, ginger, and grapefruit juice–a refreshing way to start the day (note that I didn’t have a sedative effect from the Natural Calm, but some may, so if you feel yourself getting sedated from it, you should drink it at night or whenever works for you).


While I no longer suffer from IBS-C, I do think that Natural Calm is a great support for me when I’m feeling stressed out or tense. I’ll be keeping it close to me as I continue my studies, for sure. If you’re curious about trying the product yourself, you’re in luck: the folks at Natural Vitality are offering one lucky CR winner a special care package, featuring 6 packets of each Natural Calm flavor. They’ll also be throwing in samples of E-28, their energy shot, which is whole foods and based in chlorella and maca:

IMG_6235 IMG_6237

As well as a bottle each of their Vitamin-B complex and Vitamin-C complex:


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Good luck! I’ll be announcing the winner next Tuesday, October 15th.


1. Elin, RJ. Magnesium: the fifth but forgotten electrolyte. Am J Clin Pathol. 1994 Nov;102(5):616-22.

2. Volpe SL. Magnesium. In: Erdman JW, Macdonald IA, Zeisel SH, eds. Present Knowledge in Nutrition. 10th ed. Ames, Iowa; John Wiley & Sons, 2012:459-74.

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8. Lindberg JS, Zobitz MM, Poindexter JR, Pak CY. Magnesium bioavailability from magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide. J Am Coll Nutr. 1990 Feb;9(1):48-55.


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  1. Hey Gena! Just wanted to thank you for this suggestion – this stuff works remarkably well…LOVE it!

  2. I’d love to try out some of these magnesium products, I’ve been told in the past that the headaches I get may be from a lack of magnesium. And who couldn’t use a little more relaxation in their life!

  3. I’m interested in exploring Natural Vitality products because I prefer natural ingredients over synthetics

  4. i really feel like i need some more magnesium in my diet! i have constipation issues quite often and think this may help. also, my dad told me he has tried this product and likes it…i’d really like to try the different flavors to see which i like 🙂

  5. I am interested in this product because my life is super stressful this year as a dietetic intern and masters student!

  6. i want to try natural vitality products because i’ve been dealing with *ahem* getting backed up most of my life, and i all natural products to alleviate it.

  7. I keep hearing good things about this brand on the various health blogs and also read “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean

  8. I’m interested in exploring Natural Vitality products first, because my health is a top priority in my life, and second because I know, trust and love the brand’s Natural Calm and have my colleagues using it now too, so I would like to get my hands on their other products which, quite frankly, I had no idea they produced, I only knew about the Natural Calm.

  9. Wonderful, informative, useful post, Gena! I’m always looking for solutions to periodic constipation – one of the most mentally and physically disruptive ailments I’ve experienced and very under-appreciated.

    I’d probably start with the unflavored variety and add my own squeeze of citrus to start, and take it from there. On the off chance I don’t win this giveaway (ha!), I’ve already placed a bottle in my Amazon cart 🙂

    Have a good weekend, m’dear!

    • And to you, Karen!

      I could not agree more that constipation can be tremendously disruptive on numerous fronts (physical and emotional). It took me a long time to come to terms with how much it was impacting my quality of life. I think the topic deserves much more conversation (and de-stigmatization), because it is very common, especially among women.

  10. Hi Gena;
    Perfect timing for this post. I forwarded info on Natural Calm to two of my girlfriends. I truly believe it has been helping me with insomnia and mild constipation. (Who knew that could happen while being vegan?) I like the Raspberry Lemon flavor but would love to try the others.

  11. I have had major stress from intestinal dumping syndrome caused by injury during reflux surgery. I had to diagnose it myself and still haven’t found a doctor who knows how to treat it. The surgeon is no help at all. Its been an extremely stressful year and I could really use this stuff! I liked Choosing Raw and Natural Vitality on FB, thanks!

  12. I could use some extra tools to combat anxiety in my life right now! I will definitely seek out this product!

  13. Would love to try this! I exercise after work and sometimes have trouble sleeping perhaps it would help.

  14. I’m really interested in trying natural calm to reduce my anxiety- I’d love to have an alternative to rescue remedy.

  15. Hi Gena,
    I liked and followed Natural Vitality and I had already done the same for Choosing Raw. I also lefta comment on why I am interested in Natural Vitality and tweeted about the giveaway.

  16. I have been interested in trying these products for a while now and just haven’t done it. I’ve suffered from IBS c for years now and have partially got it under control through my diet but I’d love to test how magnesium supplementation works. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I liked them on facebook. I am interested because my teenage son suffers from anxiety but has tapered off all his medications in an interest in living healthier. He has been focused on exercise, healthy diet and trying to manage his anxiety without medication. However, when stressful events, like girlfriend troubles of late, come up I think a natural remedy might be helpful.

  18. I love Natural Calm’s lemon-raspberry flavour but have never tried another! I would love to get a taste of one of their other varieties, to mix it up, and to attempt some of the yummy looking recipes I see posted on their Facebook group!

  19. Awesome info! I never thought of using this during the day. I thought it was for sleep. But what a great idea! I’d love to try it for calm during stressful work times. Hook me up! 🙂

  20. Gena this is an awesome resource on magnesium. Thank you for taking the time to write this! I’ve used Natural Calm after some intense running sessions and it helps me sleep better because it relaxes my legs. No need to enter me in the draw, just wanted to say thanks! You’re going to be one AMAZING doctor!

  21. I have epilepsy from a head injury sustained in 2001. I am 49, I run 3 miles at least 4 times a week, I work for an advertising agency, I have a teenager and I do not handle stress well. I don’t know if it is because of the head injury, the epilepsy or me nearing menopause, I am a wreck. My seizures use to be controlled up until this year. And stress is one cause of seizures. I had a seizure the week my daughter started high school. I have tried lavender pills and a couple of other herbs to try and handle my stress, but I am just not where I want to be. I know my inability to handle my stress in effecting my family because I become a mean person, and I don’t want to be that person anymore.

    • Do you try to avoid aspartame and products with hidden MSG? I think both of these are increasing number of seizures?

      • should read:
        “I think both of these are associated with increasing frequency of seizures.”

  22. I’ve tried the Magnesium Calm mixes and I really enjoy them. I actually have revisited my container of the Raspberry Lemon Natural Calm after months … I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed it! It’s interesting… the timing of it all. (-; I love how Natural Vitality uses on real, unambiguous ingredients and flavors. They make their products with integrity, so I’d be interested in anything they have to offer!

  23. I’m interested in these products to see if they help me sleep and keep me calm!

  24. Actually this is one of the quality products that are out there for Magnesium. Natural VItality is recommended by a lot of people. By the way, thanks for sharing the plant based sources for magnesium. My wife loves edamame with beer (And so do I:). Japan’s alternative to “beer nuts” I guess.

  25. I definitely need some calm in my life, since I’m back in the student/post-bacc world and between school, working in a behavioral genetics lab, working on my business, and trying to have a social life, I’m more wound up than I want to be! I also don’t want to go back to taking psychopharmaceuticals to help me with my anxiety. It’s mostly manageable but I love trying natural supplements to help!

    • Randi,

      According to WebMD, possible interactions include certain kinds of antibiotics, bisphosphonates (like Fosamax), blood pressure meds, muscle relaxants, and water pills. And of course, always chat with your doctor before starting a new supplement.


  26. Wow! I love all the scientific information you shared here, especially now that I’m learning all about this in chemistry. I find it especially fascinating that increased magnesium intake can help with migraines because I used to suffer from these awful whole body aches when I was younger. Plus, my dad gets migraines from time to time.

  27. Oooh I would love to try Natural Vitality products. I’ve been experiencing some anxiety lately and would love to try a nice & healthy alternative.

  28. While I would love to have a healthier gut, I would really love to see how this might help anxiety! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  29. I am plant based but struggle with my digestion which really alters my lifestyle. I am very interested in trying Natural Vitality magnesium supplements because I am confident I can live my life again. Plus, it’s free which is a huge plus as I’m out of work at the moment! 🙁 please?

  30. Thanks for this info Gena. Really interesting stuff. I knew very little about magnesium except that it was somewhat linked to bone health. My digestion always suffers when I’m stressed or travelling as well so I think I’ll be looking into supplementing. Thank you for providing the list of good dietary sources too 🙂
    I’m guessing this giveaway is US only?

  31. I could probably write many pages about why I would be so grateful to win this giveaway and try these Natural Vitality products, but I’ll keep it short! I have been experiencing GI upset for over a year now and neither I, nor my doctor, or the the GI doctors can figure out why exactly this is happening to me. I have severe severe constipation, but nothing I do is really relieving it. I have tried many different laxatives and other supplements and I now take miralax everyday, but my GI is continuously in turmoil. I would love to try Natural Vitality to see if it will help relieve my symptoms and allow me to feel normal again! Also, I thought it was an awesome coincidence that I just learned about how calcium affects muscle contraction and how different types of muscle lead to certain contractions involved with things like symptoms of PMS in my human physiology class at BU, so learning about the opposite end-the magnesium-related relaxation-was cool to discover- I love science! And it fit in perfectly with 1) my GI problems and 2) what I was learning in school. Well, that’s my story and I’m crossing my fingers that I will be fortunate enough to win and hopefully end my GI suffering!

  32. I’d love to try Natural Calm! I’ve never heard of the benefits of magnesium before. Off to do some more research!

  33. I liked you on facebook! I want to explore natural vitality products because I’ve been reading about magnesium supplements as a possible aid for frequent headaches…which I most definitely suffer from.

  34. I’ve been taking magnesium capsules for close to two years now at the recommendation of my doctor for headaches/migraines. I’ve been reading more and more about magnesium and calcium. I read on a blog I follow (can’t remember which one cause I follow so many now! LOL) that highly recommended this one so I figured I give it a try and give the capsules a break! I took my first drink today and the raspberry lemon is really good! I’d much rather drink it than take the pill. I only drink water so to have a small flavored drink is nice.

  35. Great Scott! That is exactly what I found out about magnesium. My great muscle relaxer, for fibromyalgia. I wasn’t getting enough, very little in fact. And that went on for years. Thank you for the samples! Good job.♥

  36. I’m already a devoted fan of the Magnesium + Calcium Raspberry Lemonade drink, I have it before bed and is delicious! Would love to try the other flavors and the energy packets too!

  37. I’d love to win this. I’ve been dealing with sleeping issues lately and would love to try out this product to see if it helps!

  38. I am so excited to try other flavors of Natural Calm. It’s so expensive 🙁 so I bought one can of the Raspberry-Lemon a while ago and I am stretching it as far as I can! 🙂 I’m interested in trying to incorporate the different flavors into different drinks (ie. mocktails)

  39. I would love to try out a little extra magnesium in my life. My roommate has recommended Natural Calm in the past, but I wasn’t sure it was for me… but, now with this glowing review, I’d love to take the leap!

  40. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! As someone who has been trying to manage anxiety as naturally as possible I am very interested in trying the Calm powders. Even if I don’t win I think I’ll check it out.

  41. I know this sounds nutso — but I was rushed via ambulance to the emergency room a few months ago because I choked on my GIGANTIC magnesium pill. Now I live in fear of the mag pills…even though they’ve been incredible helpful for muscle spasms and digestive issues. I had no idea there was a drinkable option. I’m thrilled!

  42. I work as a middle school teacher and a colleague of mine was always drinking the Natural Calm drink supplement. She drank it religiously. Then my husband was having frequent headaches and came home from the Naturopath with some magnesium tablets. I became curious about magnesium and it’s effect on my body. I started taking the supplement that my husband gave up on and then bought a few of those Natural Calm packets. After about a week, my stress levels were lower (well not the actual stress, but the perceived feeling.) It’s pretty dang awesome that one simple mineral does such good things in your body.
    I do wonder though about over-doing it. Is there potential to get too much magnesium? And what about absorption? Should I avoid certain foods when I’m taking the supplement to increase absorption?
    Thanks to you and good luck to me!

  43. I can’t believe I wasn’t LOVING you on facebook. It’s done now. No worries. And man I would be a lot less stressed about it if I had some Natural Calm. 😉 ha!

  44. I have been looking into a magnesium supplement lately so I am excited to try Natural Vitality’s magnesium supplement and other supplements!

  45. Oh, I think I need to try this! I take a cal/mag/D supplement, but I’m a sufferer of IBS-C, so I think all of your comments apply to me!

  46. I have tried the raspberry-lemon natural calm. It’s really great and I would love to try all the other flavors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Hi! I am in my Master’s program to become a nurse practitioner and have been struggling with anxiety/stress! I would love to try this product! It seems great!

  48. Im interested in these products because Im looking for way to look and feel better than I am now.

  49. I’ve just discovered that I’m sensitive to some of the ingredients in my favorite evening tea, so I’ve been looking for an alternative to sip on during my night time relaxation ritual.

  50. I am really curious to try all the flavors – I’m looking for something to replace drinking decaf coffee in the evenings, and get some extra balance into my life!

  51. I use the regular Natural Calm but I’ve never tried any of their other products. I’d love to expand my vitamin regime with products I trust!

  52. And I’m interested in trying these out because I’m trying to deal with way too much stress! I’ve got (semi-recovered from) IBS. I have a lot of trouble sleeping and have hear that magnesium MIGHT help with that. I’m a Peace Corps volunteer, and my husband and I are leaving Jordan soon to move back to the US – to a brand new city and neither of us have jobs nor will we have healthcare! Plus I’m a pre-nursing student. Too many things! Anything that might help me keep cool and calm, in a health way of course, is worth trying.

  53. I have a friend who loves the Calm products so much she sounds like a paid spokesperson! I would love to try it to see if I experience the same wonderful benefits 🙂

  54. I’ve been reading more and more about magnesium and have started adding a supplement to my bedtime routine. I’d love to try in a drink form!

  55. I totally need some calm in my life right now. Thanks for the info and the giveaway, Gena, these look great!

  56. Aaaaand I’m interested in trying these out because I get stressed frequently, and would love a natural supplement that could help me remain calm!

  57. I am very interested in the Natural Vitality products because I suffer from anxiety, and I would love a natural way to help with it!

  58. I am so interested in the anxiety reducing qualities of magnesium during these stressful times of applying to medical school (which you know all about)! Already following you on Pinterest!

  59. I take a magnesium supplement in pill form and would love to try the flavored powders!

  60. i’m super interested in natural calm!!! sometimes i find myself real stressed at work and i think this would be interesting to test!

  61. I would love to try Natural Calm! I think it could be really helpful in dealing with all the stress and anxiety that comes with being in college.

  62. I have had GI issues as well for years and will try anything to help relieve tension and stress in my gut. I would love to try it!

  63. I would love to try this product as I know I don’t get enough magnesium. I am stressed and don’t get enough sleep. Think this might help with constipation, too .

  64. I have tried the natural calm products but never the energy formula–I would love to try something new

  65. I would love to try Natural Vitality because I’ve been suffering from some serious gut related issues now for the past couple of years. It is mainly due to my ED, I tend also to be a fairly stressed person, together this doesn’t help my poor intestinal tract :S. I’ve read about this product before and have been curious as to whether or not it could help me. Either way I’m going to tract down this product and give it a go :).

  66. I am interested in exploring natural vitality products because I am becoming more interested in helping my body reach its full potential though natural channels, such as their products.

  67. I am interested in exploring the natural calm products because being vegan myself, I feel these nutrients are especially important to take. B vitamin complex in particular! The natural calm magnesium powder looks very convenient and delish!

  68. I’d love to try all the different flavours since we in Canada seem to be lagging behind in the new fancy ones! I’ve loved the lemon-raspberry one and have recommended it to countless clients, mostly for anxiety. Morning and night seems to do the trick for mild anxiety to keep the body and mind relaxed. I take it to prevent headaches as well as monthly for treating cramps. So glad you’re featuring this great product 🙂

  69. I’m very interested in the calm drink since i take a supplement as a pill- the fizzy drink sounds so much more appealing!

  70. hi Gena! I just recently tried natural calm to helpwith sleep but based on you’re post itcould help with anxiety too. I’m also interested in the energy shot for the morning. I would love to see the combined effect. thanks for another informative post!

  71. I have tried a sample of the Natural Calm plus Calcium in raspberry lemon and I loved it. It really helped me to unwind before bed and is a great way to hydrate after yoga…I have a hard time chugging water after a late class and wake up feeling dehydrated, but the flavor is awesome and the calming benefits helped me to rehydrate. I’d love to try the other flavors and supplements. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. also i’d love to win this giveaway because many people i have recommended the product to, i would love to give them samples 🙂 i honestly brag about the stuff. and want other people who deal with what i did to find a solution

  73. I am interested in these products because I need to sleep better, and I believe the magnesium would help.

  74. I’m not actually entering the giveaway, since I presume it’s for US residents only, but I just want to say that magnesium helped me immensely with IBS-C when I started taking it. For me, I’ve found it’s better to take small amounts than large amounts, and allow it to work it’s magic over time. However, it’s a pity that it took me about 8 years to realise I should stop taking it after my breakfast because it was making me sleepy. Doh!

  75. I teach hot yoga, so I am always looking for electrolyte replacements. (Spending at least four hours a day in a room that is 105 degrees with 40% humidity means I sweat a LOT!).

  76. I am interested in trying out these products because I suffer from anxiety and would like to try a natural remedy before considering any other options.

  77. I’ve heard so many great things about naturally calm and just today I was researching a good b complex and came across their supplement. What a coincidence! Would really like to try their products out.

  78. Hi Gena,

    What part of muscle contraction does magnesium help with? I know that the sarcoplasmic reticulum releases Ca2+ ions to stimulate contraction because Ca2+ then binds to troponin to remove the troponin-tropomyosin complex from the myosin binding sites on actin. Myosin can then bind to actin, split ATP and use the chemical energy to perform the mechanical power stroke. The SR actively reuptakes the Ca2+ when muscle contraction is to cease i.e. in the absence of an action potential. Which part does magnesium help with?


  79. This is helpful information Gena. I’m particularly interested in magnesium (and calcium) and its effects on regulating my autistic son. Thank you for the references as well!

  80. Hi! I have tried one of these flavours before, but am interested in trying them all! Also, I have not seen their other supplements, so would be interested in learning more about them. Magnesium is one of the things I always wonder if I am getting enough! thanks 🙂 (hope I win!!)

  81. I would love to try these products. I’m currently applying to graduate school, and know I’m not necessarily processing my stress and anxieties in the most productive fashion. I’m also looking to switch the supplements I’m currently taking.

  82. I have not considered magnesium but I found this article incredibly informative! I would love to try this product!

  83. Loving that you referenced, Gena. 😉
    I can’t remember what i used to give people at the hospital. MgSO4, I think. After surgeries (especially the IBD folks), it was not uncommon to see Mg deficiencies. It must be cheaper than the citrate, especially if flavoured. 😉

  84. I would love to try this product! I sometimes use valerian to calm me down before bed, but this seems like a great alternative!

  85. Of course I already “like” you, but I’ll leave a comment as well. My chiropractor recommended I keep an eye on my magnesium because that can be a cause of the severity of my back/neck muscular pain/issues. It was tested and okay–your food list above reads like my grocery lists–but it’s something I have to keep an eye on. That’s really interesting to read what you said up above. I learned a lot.

    In other words, great giveaway!

  86. I have liked Natural Vitality and Choosing Raw on FB. This is an amazing gift. I use magnesium now, and would live to try this product!

  87. I really need something natural to calm my nerves. I am a natural worrier, and this would surely help. I am a busy military wife and mom!

  88. I would love to explore these products! I am a college student and I have IBS. I’m usually fine as long as I eat healthy, but when I have a lot of anxiety and/or stress, the IBS is pretty bad so I’d love to try using these when that happens!

  89. Hi Gena,

    I have used Natural Calm’s magnesium powder to help ease anxiety and insomnia. I noticed that in your post you mention mixing a packet into your morning juice, but I would caution some of your readers to avoid using it early in the day due to its relaxing and potentially sedating effects.

    I am interested in entering your giveaway, as well. Those energy shots intrigue me, and I have been thinking about supplementing with vitamin C to see if it makes a difference in my overall health and energy, and especially with my iron absorption!

  90. I would like to try Natural Vitality products because I know I need more magnesium in my diet and trust in your judgement that these products are superior.

  91. I would love to try this,as I have several of the symptoms it can help with, in addition to digestion issues due in part to wheat/celiac. I am already a fan on Facebook 🙂

  92. Hi Gena! What a great giveaway! I was introduced to Natural Calm tea by a friend. I loved the flavor and the health benefits are great. I’m a holistic health coach and this product would be a wonderful recommendation to clients. I follow you and Natural Calm on Twitter and liked your facebook page. I also tweeted this giveaway 🙂