Alo Yoga Clothing Giveaway!
December 9, 2011

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When I promise you a good giveaway, friends, I deliver a good giveaway!

A long time ago, I discovered Alo clothing through Melissa’s review. It sounded like a fantastic company to me: eco-conscious, hip, dynamic, and versatile. This is a thoughtful company, and a passionate one. I loved reading their mission statement online:

To create high performance, stylish lifestyle wear with outstanding function, designed and produced with minimal impact on the environmental elements Alo stands for: Air. Land. Ocean. We provide customers with a choice that is respectful of the environment without sacrificing fashion.

Through the use of recycled and minimal impact materials, Alo creates high performance active wear that delivers superb function, fit and style. With environmentally mindful design and production processes, our men’s and women’s collections utilize eco-friendly performance fabrics that provide outstanding comfort and results…At Alo headquarters in Los Angeles, California, our employees utilize reclaimed and recycled corporate materials on a daily basis, maintain a sustainable office environment by powering the building with solar panels that line the roof, and, although we are not yet carbon neutral, daily strides are made in that direction. We pass our knowledge on to consumers in hopes that they, too, will make strides towards a lower impact lifestyle.

Admirable stuff! In the last few years, I’ve become very good at veganizing my wardrobe (check out last year’s post on shopping for a vegan parka), but I’m the first to admit that my general eco-consciousness as a consumer lacks something to be desired. By supporting companies like Alo, I feel that I’m taking small strides in the right direction. When that also means sampling some of the best and cooles yoga wear I’ve ever seen, it’s the very definition of a “win-win”!

The folks at Alo could not have been more enthusiastic or gracious when I got in touch. They offered to send me not one, but five different pieces. The first of these were hot yoga shorts. I’m including a photo from the Alo website because I stupidly left them in NYC over Thanksgiving. They are short shorts to be sure, but very cute, and ideal for Bikram or heated Vinyasa (the latter is what I practice):


My shorts looked exactly like these, but came in black and gray, rather than light and dark pink.

I was also sent the coolest sports bra I’ve ever owned:

IMG_9247 (520x347)

Confession time! I wear sports bras almost every day. Not the super supportive, sweaty ones I work out in, but soft, cotton ones—bandeau bras with straps, I guess, which isn’t the same as a sports bra, but is in the same family. As much as I ought to embrace sexy lingerie because I’m worth it, and so on, I’ve just never had the energy. Sports bras are near and dear to my heart—both the ones I sweat in, and the ones I wear around.

This is my fave workout bra yet—supportive and functional, but also cute enough for me to wear on its own in a REALLY sweaty Down Dog Yoga class. (And believe me, that room can get hot enough for me to suspend my modesty.)

Next up? Mesh insert capri pants. AKA, a chance for me to treat you all to some close ups of my thighs. Sorry guys.



I love these—possibly my favorite Alo item. What makes them so great are the slim fitting leg, coupled with the high waist! I’m getting to a stage in life where low rise just doesn’t always feel right. It’s great to workout with a little more comfort and support from a higher rise pant, but still feel that the material is clingy and form-fitting.

Next, the cutest track jacket I have ever owned:

IMG_8981 (2) (347x520)

Light, bright, and adorable. Plus, cute little thumb holes, so that you can keep your hands warm if you go for a run in it.

Last, but certainly not least! This super comfortable cotton top:

IMG_9237 (520x347)

I love my spandex yoga wear, but sometimes it’s nice to bend and stretch and flow in a breathable, simple cotton shirt. And as an added bonus, this tank is cute enough to wear with jeans or shorts in the summer, too.

Now that you’ve fallen in love with Alo, here’s the good news: you can enter to win a selection of Alo clothing for yourself here on CR! One of my lucky US readers will have the chance to win a sampling of Alo items, much like the package I received. As a reminder, that was:

  • Mesh insert capris
  • Athletic short short
  • Scoop neck bra
  • Response Track Jacket
  • Cotton tank

Your winning selection may vary slightly in accordance with what’s on seasonal offering at Alo, but no matter what, you will be guaranteed a new collection of hip, flattering, and eco-conscious clothing that is cute enough to wear outside of the studio. I should know—I wear my Alo garments to class constantly!

In order to win this giveaway, you can do any one of the following five things. Each will count as a separate entry, so leave me a comment for each of them.

  1. Peruse the Alo website, and let me know what items look coolest to you.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway, including the URL to my post (example: @choosingraw is giving away a collection of yoga clothes from @aloclothing!
  3. Like Alo on Facebook
  4. Follow Alo on Twitter
  5. Follow Choosing Raw on Twitter

I will pick a winner by 8:00 pm (EST) next Wednesday, the 14th of December. I will also be hosting a killer giveaway on Tuesday—this time, for a special vegan sweet treat. Happy Holidays, indeed.

Good luck!


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  1. I absolutely love the short sleeve loose dolman tee! A cute breezy look for a girl always on the go from workout to workout. Purple is definitely the color to go with:)

  2. There is no better feeling than confidence and courage to wear a flattering yoga outfit- I mean sport bra and pant!!! We cant deny how we all look and feel better in a little SPANDEX! My IDEAL outfit (Just found out about ALO- I wanna shop)

    CROSS OVER DOUBLE STRAP BRA – I love enhancing OUR femininity with a solid, stunning, sports bra (wow alliteration!) – for the price and quality; all women can feel beautiful in this bra- I WANT ONE in BLUE!

    LOTUS CAPRI- Match up with the bra and pant= a go together match for sure! You will see my flowing and folding through each asana in these beautiful pants!!! —–BLUE all the way: need to get my throat chakra on while teaching!


  3. I perused the website and love the geo bra (also a daily sports bra girl) in amethyst/lilac, the tipped rollover capris, and the yoga double layer dress in black. Love your blog Gena!

  4. Wow those pants you’re wearing look great, i woul dlove to try them! as an avid yogi i am always looking for new good yoga clothes! 🙂

  5. The yoga double layer dress looks interesting.. I’m assuming you would wear it with pants ofcourse 🙂

  6. Too many to choose from ALO, wish I could own every article of clothing from ALO!!! the hoodie, tank, bra, and pants and shorts. Fantastic giveaway Ms Gena!!

  7. I tweeted @choosingraw is giving away a collection of awesome Air Land Ocean yoga clothes from @aloclothing! my id bigdream2010

  8. The Geo Bra in amethyst/lilac! and Modern Relax Hoodie!! anddd Modern Horizontal Print Tank in dark granite purple. anddd the Blue dress on the cover of ALO. I LOVE the ALO fabric, very sturdy and comfortable and high quality. Its impressive. Thanksssss for giving this giveaway!! 🙂

  9. Alo’s ASYMMETRICAL GEO JACKET is a must-own. Elegantly minimal – and as the Master Bruce Lee reminds us, height of cultivation always runs to simplicity – yet functionally loaded. It’s the ultimate sporty track-jacket /yoga wrap fusion; showing a feminine, fitted, soft silhouette with subtle seam detail and techy thumbholes. What’s not to love?

    @ Gena – getting people back to basics, the health and beauty of real food from REAL earth – your mission is so simple and yet complex. You’re lucky to be championing this vital cause – and let me know if I can help 🙂 At this juncture i just eat well and share my experiences w food w loved ones – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve so much more to say on this – esp about nutrition as it pertains to kids – but i’ve already over-hogged your virtual space 🙂

  10. I like the block waisted pants. I am losing weight steadily so I’m in need of pants but also sports bras. I love the twist back yoga bra…so cute.

  11. The Geo workout tunic is pretty killer and would definitely be a step up from my beat up old men’s undershirts from the drugstore!

  12. so many great items on alo’s website – ive never even heard of them – i’m glad you featured them. so i particularly like the long short and the twist back yoga bra (if it would actually fit me well since i’m big big on top). And especially the uber cozy hoodie because who could resist uber cozy as a description!

  13. I love everything on the site! But mostly the pants you are wearing! Slim cut so they don’t get in the way or feel heavy is fantastic!

  14. I’m eyeing that yoga poncho, the asymmetrical geo jacket (for runs in the city), and boy do I need that running tech bra.

  15. Wow! I like it all…but my favorite things over all is how LONG all the tops and outerwear are. I have a long torso, so I am ALWAYS looking for long workout tops 🙂 Plus, their values are awesome and the prices are fair.

    I also like Alo on FB!

    And I read your blog EVERY DAY!!! I’m not being a brown-noser, at least not much, but I really do LOVE your recipes and posts. I have gotten so many ideas from this sight! So thanks, Gena!

  16. Oooh! I love all the clothes on the Alo website! The Asymmetrical Geo jacket is especially cool.

  17. I wear sport bras almost every day too! (I thought I was the only one!!!!!!) I looked at the ALO website…and LOVE the CROSS OVER DOUBLE STRAP BRAW2221R – it’s pretty and looks very comfortable – for exercise and everyday use 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good luck on the rest of your exams!

  18. I forgot to mention which items I liked best, I am always looking for supportive, comfortable tank tops to wear and it seems like there are a lot of great options in addition to the one you have shown above, but who can resist a cute, white track jacket?

  19. I viewed this company’s website shortly after this post, and the clothes look great. I am a huge fan of eco friendly companies that also provide quality products. Finding yoga clothing that is supportive and comfortable is a huge deal to me, I would absolutely love to try out Alo’s work out clothes! Thanks for another great post!

  20. My Alo faves are yoga cover up vest, convertible vest – these can be worn when I’m seeing clients and before I teach yoga. Also love their prices and their mission. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I love the crossover double layer tank top. I had never heard of alo before. Now that I have, I don’t know if I can go back 🙂

  22. I love the running tech tank and the lotus tank! I already own a pair of their pants.. well 2 pair of the same kind, and they are a yoga staple for me!

  23. hmmm hmm my favorite thing, all of the clothes are awesome! and this is an awesome give away. I had never heard of this company before, even if I don’t win, I’m just glad I’m turned on to them. Thanks Gena! I think my fave is the geo jacket

  24. Being a girly-girl, I really like the competition skirt I checked out on the Alo website!!

  25. I liked Alo on Facebook – LOVE their yoga clothing, especially the yoga pants you got! Thanks for this opportunity and for hooking us up with them, Gena!

  26. All of the bras are adorable and look so comfortable. I also like the studio long short! Perfect for pilates and yoga.

  27. I didn’t know that’s what it stood for. super cool. they always have cute ads in yoga journal!
    i’m definitely in the market for some tanks for yoga though! i really like their horizontal one in granite.

  28. I am LOVING that track jacket. So cute. I also really like the Cargo Capri pants. In general, I like how their clothing, while snug, actually covers the body! So many yoga apparel lines are skimpy and I spend class wondering if I’m flashing the person behind me!

  29. i love the sports bra you’ve featured — i really need to buy some new ones soon and that looks great!

  30. This company is great. Thanks for sharing about them:) I think the convertible vest is really cool!

  31. I love their ubber cozy hoodie, lotus tank (hot pink and granite), and the body pose legging. Thanks for all the great recipies!

  32. Just checked out their site, and I love everything! The black yoga pants with the pink waist are probably my favorite. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway 🙂

  33. LOVE Alo’s website!! I like everything.. especially the off the shoulder tunic, the convertible vest, Ooooh and the Geo workout tunic!! I think I’m gonna have to get the BLKED waist PNT, and the response dress is HOT!! =D

  34. Ooooh, i like the Geo workout tunic AND the lotus tank, I know you just said one but I couldn’t decide, such pretty colors too!

  35. So bummed that they don’t ship international! I liked them on Facebook because one day, they just might 😉

  36. haha call me boring, but I like the sports bra 🙂 And Im always into jackets. Actually pretty much all their stuff…plus with me working toward my MES degree I like that it is environmentally conscious 🙂

  37. OMG, I would LOVE to win this! I have been practicing hot yoga (mostly vinyasa and sculpt classes) for the past two months, and I am so, so in love with it. I have been wanting to get more yoga gear so I don’t have to wash the few things I own practically every day, but finances are tight, blah blah. Suffice to say, this is an awesome giveaway! Alo sounds like a great company.

    Those capri pants, the cotton top, and that sports bra sound FABULOUS! I’m sure I could find some other goodies on their site, but those items jumped out the most to me.

  38. I’ve never heard of them, but I really like what I see on the sight. The Geo workout tunic is probably my favorite.

  39. AND I checked out the site, and I really love the outerwear section. I like that they provide that actually, though lululemon does too, many yoga based stores don’t. I also liked the men’s wear, which I totally checked out because my bf is sometimes coming to my yoga classes, and I’d love a new outfit to encourage him 😉 I liked the skirt and dresses too, but I don’t know how yoga functional they would be. Very cute and good for other things.

  40. Wow, what a fun review! This seems like a really great company. Looking at the website, I really like the mesh capri pants and The running Capri leggings.

  41. Thank you for introducing me to this brand–I am always on the lookout for workout clothing that is conscious and effective! I LOVE the rouched back capris–they are high waisted (I totally know what you mean about that!) and perfect for the heated vinyasa I practice, too 🙂

    Pick me! Can’t follow anything on Twitter because…I don’t have Twitter…

  42. My gosh! I want so many of their things!!! They are gorgeous! But, if I had to pick one, it would be the Modern Relax Hoodie- LOVE IT!!

  43. I “liked” Alo on facebook. Thanks for letting us know about this great company! I’m excited to look through more of their great things!

  44. I really love their plain cotton tanks as well. I received a plain racerback as a gift and it’s one of my favorite items. It’s great for lying around the house as well as light workouts, when I don’t feel the need to wear a sweat-wicking top. Plus it’s super soft and cozy.

  45. I “liked” Alo on Facebook! I also really like everything I saw on their website!

  46. Alo’s website is down! Probably too many Choosing Raw readers trying to open it!! But from the things you posted, I desperately need a good pair of running capris. The ones I wear right now are SO big on me!! It’s embarrassing! I ran a race today and had to hike them up 3 times! Also, every runner could use a good sports bra, and the one you posted about is super cute! I hope I win!!

  47. Wow! Everything on their site is great! I do a lot of yoga – a mix of gentle, hatha & hot vinyasa so I need yoga clothes that can be versatile. I am always in need of tops – I love the running tech tank & the lotus tank – both so cute, & I’ve been looking for a jacket – I love the yoga fresh hoodie & the uber cozy hoodie. The yoga dress is super cute too. So much great stuff! Thanks for sharing with your readers!

  48. I’m even pickier about clothing than I am about food, but still find myself making compromises here and there (athletic shoes are always a tough call). I can afford to be pickier about my clothes because I’m buying them way less frequently than I’m buying food, so there’s never any urgency around a purchase and I almost always have time to search out ethical options. I’m also more European than American in my approach to wardrobe building (I’d rather have one $600 sweater handmade in Italy than 10 JCrew specials), so I’m willing to pay a pretty high “ethical premium.”

  49. I perused the website & I can’t decide! I like it all. I LOVE that jacket you’re featuring in your post & all of their outerwear really. In their lookbook there’s a wool-lined cover that is super duper cute, too!

  50. Wow – thanks for introducing us to this cool-looking company! I love the look and sound of this line. The asymmetrical geo jacket looks particularly great!

  51. My favorite Alo piece on the website is definitely the Geo Workout Tunic. It looks even better close up! I saw it at a boutique here in Chicago and stupidly did not immediately buy it, because when I went back it was sold out. This is such a great giveaway!

  52. i want to the Alo website and am loving the geo workout tunic! i like that it’s a little flowy and not skintight. i can tell it would be really flattering and comfy.

  53. Bonjour Gena! I love the blocked waist pants and the running capri legging. What a great company! Cheers!

  54. I love the cross-over double strap bra, especially the blue/white color combo! Even though it’d be covered up by a top, it looks stylish and would be fun to wear.

  55. I love yoga clothes and I’ve never heard of Alo, so I’m super excited! The mesh inset capri leggings looks like the perfect yoga pants. I’d love to have a pair!

  56. I have an Alo tee that I picked up at TJ Maxx. I had no idea they were such a cool company! I love the Color Blocked Waist Pant on their website.

  57. the pink sports bar & shorts are super cute! 🙂 my favorite color and I’m in fla so it’s shorts year round.

  58. The crossover double strap sports bra & twist back yoga bra look great. So do the running Capri leggings & the asymmetrical geo jacket.

  59. Ah! Another wonderful post and giveaway! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but after browsing, it looks great! Currently in love with the Modern Y Back Tunic 🙂
    P.S. Thank you so much for your email response! I’ll get back to you ASAP!

  60. I LOVE ALO! An amazing company and an beautiful mission. I “liked” them on facebook. I would take something from ALO over lululemon ANY day 🙂

  61. I really like the Running Tech Tank in blue and Picot Lace Capri in grey. Alo sounds like a very thoughtful company.

  62. Great giveaway!! I checked out the website and I really like the running capri leggings. I also liked Alo on FB, what a great company. Thanks!

  63. I love the bras and tanks+tunics. I think I would get the geo bra but it would certainly be a difficult decision!

  64. I love the long studio short and the lotus tank. I really like the look of the running tech bra, as well. Especially the orange one, I have been on such an orange kick lately…

  65. And, and, AND, I liked ALO on Facebook 🙂 Even if I don’t win, I think I will still have to stock up on Alo gear whenever I have the money.

  66. I love the Alo’s Yoga Poncho in metal! The bell sleeves are lovely, and it’s the perfect piece to throw over a tank and leggings after a particularly good savasana :).

  67. I would get the running tech bra. Good point about wearing nice sports bras to class. Sounds comfortable.

  68. I wear a compression garment on one leg and I am a bit self conscious about it. The Black waited pants seem like they would be great for me when I do yoga and exercise.

  69. The lightweight jacket in the outerwear section and capri pants look the coolest to me. So comfy looking! AND CUTE!

  70. I follow you on twitter and Facebook! Love everything on the site as well and that the clothing is Eco-friendly 🙂

  71. I love the yoga double layer dress!!! Could also use a new sports bra. I actually just bought my first ALO items from a sale of discontinued items at my hot yoga studio, and I love them!

  72. I followed CR on Twitter…HOW had I not done that before?!? I’m still new to Twitter (only a recent convert) and trying to remember to add all my favorite blogstresses lol.

  73. Oooh never heard of Alo before but they look GREAT. Love the look of their running tech tank, looks super supportive. And their cargo capris are adorable! They would be ideal for loafing around campus in warmer weather. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Gena!

  74. i confess that i only own 1 normal bra, i wear sports bras every day. i have an active job running around the lab like a crazy person so why would i want to wear lingerie? doesn’t make sense to me and i like being comfortable! i really like the off the shoulder tunic, very cute!

  75. I completely understand the draw of bandeau sports bras for everyday wear…so much easier and more comfortable! It’s good to know about Alo, seeing as I am in the market for new yoga clothes (since I practice or teach most days 🙂 The modern relaxed hoodie actually stood out to me, because it just looks so warm and comfy to throw over a tank top after practicing. Thanks for the tip!

  76. I am in love with the Double Layer Yoga dress…I do believe that I would live in their clothes. Thanks for introducing me to a new company!

  77. I too often find myself sporting the cotton “sports bra,” and being in a line of work that requires me to be very active I would love to try out the scoop neck bra…though, I’m tempted with the mesh insert capris as well. What a great company

  78. I really love the outerwear! My favorite is the Modern Relax Hoodie. The Convertible Vest is also very cute!

  79. oof. best giveaway ever. I adore the Modern Relax Hoodie.

    ps- you’re not alone in the no-real-bra story. when i’m not in a heavy duty sports bra for teaching classes, i’m in one of those cotton ‘yoga’ bras from VS or Gap, or the ones from AA. Forget underwire and lingerie. Sorry, boyfriend.

  80. Amazing giveaway!! I love the uber cozy hoodie.

    Just entered on Twitter – and I already follow Choosing Raw on Twitter 🙂

  81. Hi Gena! I am a week away from becoming a certified yoga instructor and could definitely use some new yoga gear!! Love the Deep Scoopneck Tank and the Workout Tunic… but who am I kidding – any new yoga clothing would be amazing.

    I also liked them on Facebook!


  82. I like the Modern Relax Hoodie — I don’t want to bring my big jacket to hot yoga sessions, and this would be perfect so I don’t freeze after walking to my car!

  83. wow I love the look of ALO clothing SO much that you’ve motivated me to finally get a twitter account. you are the first person I followed!

  84. I don’t have facebook or twitter, but I looked at the website, and I really like both of the dresses they have for sale! and the “uber cozy hoodie!”

  85. I am extremely particular about the clothes I will study in- when I pull on a certain comfy sweater and leggings (and strappy sports bra!) duo my boyfriend jokingly reminds me that I already took the MCAT, no need to put on my MCAT uniform! that said, I am certainly going to need to expand my study wardrobe once med school starts and an uber-comfy brand like ALO seems like the way to go. I am loving the CROSS OVER DOUBLE STRAP BRA and the CONVERTIBLE VEST.

  86. There’s so many cool items on the website! I really like the rouched cross back tank and the running tech tank for tops, and the picot lace capri for bottoms. Thanks for the opportunity, Gena!

  87. Girl, you don’t look a day older that 18 in that photo! But I know you are very mature 🙂 You are wise with a youthful glow

  88. I love the yoga top you posted! I like my yoga tops soft and cotton, spandex irritates me for some reason, so this would be perfect. Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  89. after perusing the alo website, i love both the lotus capris and the swift capri. capris are among my favorite workout clothes and the lotus would be great for yoga and the swift for running (in my opinion)

  90. They have so many cute things! I love workout clothes that make you want to exercise, if only for an excuse to wear your gear! The yoga parka looks especially sweet and cozy.

  91. Ooo thumbholes! I would love a good pair of workout pants – mine are hand me downs from like, 5 years ago, haha. I wish I was joking!

  92. oh man! i love how chic this yoga wear line is but the fact that it is eco conscious is just the icing on the cake. i’m just like you, always wear a sports bra and i have to admit they make some pretty cute sports bras! the cross over, running and twist back are all on my xmas list now!

    ngallo58 at gmail dot com

  93. I am so happy that you mentioned this site! I am in love with all of their offerings! I love the twist sports bra and the cover up!

  94. LOVE the TWIST BACK YOGA BRA – sexy and sporty all in one!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  95. I have to say that some of their tanks look amazing. I’m looking for a new tank – and love theirs. The pants also, especially the capris – my favorite these days for exercise.

  96. I looked at Alo’s website and I am very interested in the sportsbra that you reviewed. I love wearing sportsbras too because I have a very small chest and they are mighty comfortable.

  97. Oooohhh… the scoop bra that you have looks super comfy, and I love the color! I’d also love to try the running tech bra and the competition skirt… I’m prepping for a long distance hike and would love some sassy, comfy, girly clothes to hike in and wear day after day… after day!

  98. Great giveaway! I work from home so often times my gym clothes double as my daily wardrobe, which means I try to keep an eye out of pieces that are functional but also comfortable and stylish. The Asymmetrical Geo Jacket and the Running Capri Legging both look great and comfortable, and their entire collection of sports bras are quite stylish!

  99. This is my first time hearing about Alo. Thanks for the tip! I love the look of their sports bras, and I am desperate need of a new hoodie. Though I’d be happy with anything from their site!

  100. OoOoOh, awesome!

    I couldn’t find those shorts you’re showing (but I love them!) and there were some bras on their splash page that looked amazing that I couldn’t find, BUT I also love these!

    (LOVE that asymmetrical line around the hips. Can’t tell you how much time I waste on my pure black yoga pants trying to figure out which side is the front!!)

  101. I have never heard of this company before but their clothes are beautiful! Love the running tech tank and the cozy hoodie.

  102. I love the Geo Bra in Black/Granite, The Fashion Legging in Black, the Uber Cozy Hoodie in Aura, and the Yoga Double Layer Dress in Black. I also checked out the men’s section and think my boyfriend would love the Men’s Practice Jacket in Ash/White. I looked for the top you received because I think it’s really cute, but didn’t see it. Must have been another season’s style.

    I also posted on twitter (@cameron_gage) and followed Alo. I already follow you! 🙂

  103. I really like how a lot of the tops have nice big wide straps…very handy. However, I’m a super big fan of the asymmetrical jacket. Very cute.

  104. Get ready for an onslaught of comments! 😀

    i LOVE alo clothings – both for their comfort and style, and because they are environmentally friendly. I looked on their website, and their vests and hoodies are adorable! They look so cozy. And all their tanks are about 100 times more fashionable than the old race t-shirts I wear to the gym…

  105. How lame am I to be the first to comment? But I do really want to win because I’ve seen in person how fab these goodies are! Also, I could get away with the drool-worthy asymmetrical geo jacket as a before yoga coat on those frigid, 630 am mornings and as a running around everyday jacket.

  106. I love yoga clothes! I wear yoga pants almost everyday.. and i like their outerwear and shirts!

  107. Awesome! I love the Black twist-back Yoga Bra on the website. I’m a runner and also wear sportsbras nearly all of the time (of the same variety you mentioned). It’s more comfortable for me and I also feel a little silly with padded bras and underwire…
    Thanks for the post and giveaway, Alo seems like a really great line.