Avo-Coco Soup


Morning everyone! This post will have to be a bit rushed (it’s that kind of day).

After tasting the incredible avo-coco soup at Caravan on Monday night, I decided I had to re-create it for myself at home this week. Last night was my first attempt, and it was a huge success! This soup is unbelievably thick, creamy, and delicious. Best of all, it’s also really fast. Here’s the recipe:

Avo-Coco Soup

1 avocado, quartered
Meat of 2 young coconuts
1 – 1 ¼ cup coconut water
Sea salt to taste
Sprinkle stevia

Mix all ingredients, minus water, together in a high power blender. Add ¾ cup coconut water and start blending. Keep adding water until soup reaches the consistency you like: I like it really thick and creamy!

This soup is extremely rich: all the healthy fats and fresh enzymes will fill you up quickly. So I recommend a smaller portion alongside a big salad, which is just what I had. Here’s the meal from above:


And a close up of my salad, which was spinach and mesclun greens, avocado, tomatoes, and my favorite: sunflower sprouts:


In other news, I got a nice surprise at the office yesterday. The people at NuNaturals were kind enough to send me not only samples of their latest stevia products, but two fresh vanilla beans! I’m excited to try these samples of both liquid and solid stevia powder, especially since the liquid varieties include two that are alcohol free and 100% pure stevia (I don’t generally love using stevia brands that include alcohol derivatives or maltodextrin). Thanks so much, NuNaturals!

And finally: today is my one month blogiversary!! I can’t believe it’s already been a month. In honor of the day, I invite you all to give me feedback! How am I doing? And what would you like to see more of? I plan to share the following in the next few months and weeks:

● Grocery lists and tips shopping
● More tips on meal planning and busy days
● Dehydrator recipes (soon! I promise!)

Anything else on your mind? Recipes? Advice? Health issues you’d like me to talk about? Let me know.

Have a great Friday.


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  1. i tried this soup and i didn’t like it 🙁 …i should have known cuz i don’t like the taste of coconut water and meat but i still wanted to give it a try cuz i love avocados. I’m sooo sad…i wish i could find someone who would eat it. coconut must be one of the only things i don’t like (but i love coconut flakes)…how sad lol. i’ll have to experiment with other of your recipes!

  2. Gena I so apprerciate your raw ketchup. I love sundried tomatoes with the spices. thanks a million!

  3. Hey Gena ~ Im a newbie and look fwd to making alot of your awesome recipes ..but wanted to say Thx ..great site!

    • Hey Heather! Welcome! I love your blog.

      It makes 2 generous servings or 3 very small ones (it’s rich, so you could get away with 3). Enjoy it! I’m obsessed!

  4. are you kidding, you are great! im loving your blog!

    grocery tips would be GREAT and food prep ideas for the new yorker with a teeny tiny fridge.

    also, i have a blender that is not exactly new or high tech. are there recipes that cater to those handicapped in the kitchen appliance area?


    • Hey Elise!

      I will try to post more of those recipes. In the meantime, you can always substitute raw veggies for steamed or boiled ones when you throw them in the blender (since you don’t have a vitamix).

      And thank you so much for your kind words about the blog!! I love yours, too.


  5. Gena,
    Happy Anniversary!!! I’m so excited you made that soup as I thought it looked so good from your pictures at the restaurant. I have never had much luck with coconuts…cannot get them open. My kitchen cleaver scares me. Maybe you could do a step by step demo or include a link to a good video showing us how. I MUST make this soup! Is canned coconut milk considered raw? Oh, and I had no idea that some stevias were not 100% stevia as I always use the liquid drops. I need to read my labels more carefully!

    P.S. – Just read through the comments. Happy to hear a coconut demo is coming soon. 🙂

    Have a good weekend Gena. Love you!

  6. Don’t change a thing – you’re doing great! Congrats on one month! What you can do is send us all some of that delicious soup, although it probably would not taste very good after a bit of travel. A girl (without a VitaMix) can dream, right?

  7. Hi there, just want to say that you are doing GREAT!! I love your blog – it’s aweome 😀

    Can I ask you a question? We are venturing into winter months in Australia – so I was wondering, are there any ‘warming’ raw recipes that you reccommend?? And also, I’m trying to incorporate 2 raw meals into my day … one of is raw breakfast as for the second raw meal – is it better for me to do a raw lunch/dinner? Thanks for answering all that question, HAH!

    OOOoo one last thing, could you perhaps indicate how many servings does your recipe make? Thanks!!

    Have a great day Gena!!

    • Hi Cecilia!

      My favorite warming recipes are any involving ginger, especially soups and juices! It’s warming and comforting.

      I like to make raw soups and warm them VERY gently on the stove, or simply get them hot in the Vita-mix.

      I also make some cooked soups in winter, or eat steamed veggies when I need to. I still stick to most all raw, but winter is the time to eat cooked veggies when you feel the urge. Be natural and obey your body.

  8. Looksss goodddd! I’m going to have to start making some stuff with coconut!
    I lovee your blog and I’m excited for more 🙂

    and I’ll email you soon 🙂 🙂

  9. Happy one month-aversary! Your soup looks delicious and so creamy. I agree that your site is wonderful as is! I do look forward to learning how to open those blasted coconuts and meal planning strategies!

  10. Happy blogiversary, Gena! I’m looking forward to catching up on your blog this weekend 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job–I’m always inspired to eat a big salad for dinner after I stop by this space.

    And right now, I’m off to do just that. Happy weekend, all!

  11. OMG I am going to make that for dinner tonight! I already have everything on hand. OK my tummy is growling now just looking at the pics.

    My request for topics is what beauty and personal care products you use. I have eliminating garbage out of my life and was wondering what you use. So far all the shampoos (and I have tried many) I have tried just make my hair greasy, lol I am going to look real cute with my detox pimples and greasy hair lol. But if you have any favorite products I would love to hear about them. Or anything else you or mary do to make your lifes more green I would love to hear about it, I live for sharing tips and ideas on how to cleanse you life. Your blog has really gotten me focused on going raw, which has been a goal of mine for awhile. I really appericate your posts. I have been reading Kristen, Happy Foody’s, ani’s, natilia’s and some other ones for over a year now but your blog I was really able to relate to. It really inspired me. Thank you for that =) Maybe it’s our commen love for avocados that got me hooked. lol

    • Amber, thank you so, so much. I will definitely be doing a post about clean and safe beauty products: I have a very minimal skin and beauty routine!

      I really appreciate your kind works: they motivate me so much.

  12. I. Love. This. Site! Here’s how much it has gotten in my head: Ever since I read the recipe for the kale salad, it’s all I can think about. So on my way home today, I hit the store and bought two head of curly kale.

    My creation? Kale, carrots, tomatoes, and diced avocado dressed up with a lemon-garlic-white miso dressing. And I’m sitting here eating it as I type.

    Best. Lunch. Ever! Thank you for the inspiration, Gena!

    • Oh my gosh, Briana! I love that you’re loving the site so much. It truly warms my heart. And that kale salad sounds like perfection. Keep it up with those dark greens!!

  13. congrats on your 1st month of blogging! 🙂 I love your blog Gena, its such a useful tool especially for someone just learning the about the benefits of the raw food world. You really have so much to offer the blogging community! 🙂 thank you for sharing your recipes and beautiful writing!

  14. Hi Gena,
    I absolutely LOVE your blog – it’s definitely my favorite raw food blog of all! 🙂 I like the fact that you provide a thorough explanation of your dietary choices, and I especially like the posts you do on lunching in new york as well as the one you did on low-sugar dessert. I would love to see more of that, since I try to stay away from fruit and prefer a vegetable-avocado-nut-based approach to raw foods. I also love the fact that you’re very pragmatic and easy-going with your diet, it definitely takes the fanatical touch out of this lifestyle that most people fear when you tell them what you eat, haha! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Anja. I love to meet new readers, and this comment truly made my day. I will certainly be offering low sugar suggestions for you!

  15. Hey Gena,

    You are doing great! I love this blog…I love the fresh recipes, the lifestyle tips, and the info on BeamGreen et al. You are a role model of this lifestyle, so it’s wonderful to read about how you make it all work.

    Might be cool to see how you plan your grocery list and do your shopping (if you plan…)


  16. Hi Gena,

    I have learned so much already, and look forward to reading whatever you have to share! In the meantime, I would like to know the quickest, least messy way to open those pesky young coconuts. My first attempt involved a screwdriver, a very large knife, and a hammer. 🙂


  17. I love the direction of your blog, I think it’s wonderful.
    I did forget to mention in my email that I love your use of avocado. It seems to be my favorite food, since it’s addition makes everything a winner. So that soup sounds divine to me.

  18. Happy 1 month! I love your blog (and I’m glad I found it when it first started and I didn’t have to read archives!) … I’d love to see a step-by-step guide to sprouting … I have NO idea where to start. I know you said it was easy, but pictures would do wonderfully 🙂

    Also, I just bought buckwheat grouts – what do I do with them??? (I found them at a bulk store for $1.50/lb)

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future!

    • Jess:

      You can cook them like a regular grain, or you can soak and sprout ’em (do a google search for instructions: it’s VERY easy. OR you can soak and rinse them for two days and dehydrate them: this is my favorite way to eat them!

      Thanks so much!


  19. Hands down, you are my favorite blog right now! I love all the recipes because they are simple yet so satisfying. I also love how the majority of them are D4W friendly.

    I think all of your readers appreciate the thoughtful reasoning that you provide behind your lifestyle. Not only are you inspiring people to do something good for themselves, you are educating them at the same time. Well done!


    • Oh, Kathleen, that means SO much to me. Seriously. Especially from someone who’s also in the lifestyle. Keep reading, please!

  20. I was hoping you would re-create that soup! It sounded so rich and creamy, your version looks even better. Mmm, I must go on a hunt for coconuts now =)

    I would love to see more recipes!

  21. Avocado and coconut sounds like an amazing combination.

    Happy 1 month blogiversary! I love your blog – you add a fresh twist to healthy eating, and I’m getting all sorts of ideas from your meals 🙂

  22. Hey Gena!

    That soup is on my list of things to make! 🙂 As soon as I can find some Thai coconuts that aren’t purple inside ! 🙁 Gross!

    Congrats on your one month of blogging. Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. I look forward to reading it and learning from your knowledge. I love when you post pics of food and recipes. The list of groceries sounds great. You are my health idol right now! 😉

    • Ewwww. I hate the gray/purple ones! Thick and white is the only way to go!!

      Thank you so much, Lauren — you know I feel the same about your blog 🙂

  23. That soup looks and sounds amazing. It looks like creamy vanilla pudding! You know how I love my textures 🙂 That is definitely something I would love to try.

  24. Well, I happen to love your blog and am here every day to see what you have to say : )

    I’m excited about the posts you said are on the way in the future too! I’d love to see more recipes as they come up as well. Thanks!

  25. I would love to try this but I am having a hard time getting my hands on a young coconut. Your soup looks delish and creamy!

  26. Hi Gena!

    I was wondering how you get your protein in on a raw diet. I’m thinking about doing mostly raw foods, but not entirely. And how much extra time do you devote to accommodating your raw food lifestyle?

    • Hi Katharina,

      Good question! A protein post will happen soon. As you may gather from my FAQs, I place less emphasis on the dietary importance of protein than others do–or at least less emphasis on efforts to seek out “lean protein” sources. Protein is in all foods, vegetables included. But I’ll have more to say.

      I spend literally half the time preparing food that I used to as a regular vegan. This is because what I eat is SO simple. I may devote a little more time to meal planning, but not much!


  27. I just printed the recipe…..along with every other one that you have posted 🙂 They are all wonderful, simple, and the ingredients are easy to find! Thank you and keep it up my surrogate sis!!!

  28. Delicious looking soup! I’ll have to buy some coconuts and try this.

    I am really loving your blog so far. I wouldn’t change anything. One thing I would like to know more about is how raw foods can help with thyroid function. As I’ve mentioned before, I have hypothyroidism and I always wonder if I could help my condition with proper diet.

      • Great! I look forward to your thoughts on thyroid issues. I had hyPERthyroidism. I just had a baby last month and pregnancy seems to have resolved the problem (for now.) I know that sea vegetables and coconut help to boost thyroid function; but would that be a negetive affect for an already overactive thyroid? I can’t imagine having to leave those lovely foods out of my diet.