Banana Soft Serve 2.0: Flavors for Every Season. Including Roasted Peach and Cinnamon Ice Cream for This Season!

roasted peach banana soft serve

Soon after I started CR, I made a bold promise: this post will change your life. The post was about a trick I’d learned in the raw foods community—to whip up frozen bananas in a food processor—and the claim, while bold, was not outlandish. In the years since I wrote that post, a lot of folks seem to have had their lives changed (their culinary lives, anyway) by the recipe. That’s not just on my account: banana ice cream is now popular all over the world wide web, thanks to nutritionists, health enthusiasts, and discerning eaters alike. It always makes me happy to see that so many people can derive so much pleasure from a simple bowl of frozen fruit.

When I first posted the banana soft serve recipe, I mentioned that its incredibly easy to modify. Interesting enough, I’ve failed to post a lot of my favorite modifications here on the blog. Making banana soft serve is so customary and second nature to me that I rarely think to blog about it! Not, that is, until I recently tried a new variety: roasted peach and cinnamon soft serve. As you may have guessed, it all started when I roasted a batch of peaches for yesterdays roasted peach and ginger chia pudding.


I had some leftover, and though I could have eaten them all plain, it occurred to me that they’d be just incredible in a bowl of banana soft serve. And so this delicious dessert was born:

20120804_food52_08-20-12-0656 (2)

Banana soft serve, decorated with ribbons of sticky roasted peach and cinnamon? Yes please.

In this post, I also give you my favorite banana soft serve recipes of all time: my greatest hits, if you will. These include cocoa soft serve, mint chip soft serve, peanut butter soft serve, hemp seed soft serve, and cinnamon raisin soft serve.

To get these wonderful varieties, and the peach ice cream, simply head on over to Food 52 for today’s post!

20120804_food52_08-20-12-0688 (2)

And I’ll be reporting from New Orleans this weekend.


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  1. I made this delicious peachy ice cream the other day…it was soooo yummy^^ Thank you Gena for your amazing recipes!!

  2. I love it when you post links to your Food 52 columns because I forget about it and it isn’t a website I frequent. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. i have taken to freezing fresh figs—since they spoil so quickly! and blending them up in green smoothies with ginger and cinnamon but i might have to incorporate some banana soft serve in there 😉 have a great time in NOLA!

  4. Mmmmm I made the roasted peach ice cream last night and it was divine! Your recipes always taste fantastic while still being uber healthy.

  5. I’ve been promising my friends an introduction to banana soft-serve tasting party practically all summer – thank you for the great flavour inspiration!!

  6. When I was in high school, I worked at an ice cream shoppe and NEVER got tired of ice cream (I’ve always loved the stuff). I’m lactose intolerant though and I did, however, get tired of the belly aches. I finally gave up ice cream and it was torture….until I found the recipe for banana soft serve. I really do think it changed my life!! I can’t do without my beloved frozen treat now and I eat it constantly!! I love all the variations you posted and will definitely be trying some new flavors ASAP 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  7. Confession: I have never made banana soft-serve before. *Blush* It’s shameful, I know. I must rectify this situation, and thankfully you have provided me with the tools to do so 🙂

  8. This sounds delicious! I absolutely love peaches, especially grilled, but I had never thought about roasting them. I’m sure this is amazing–I can’t wait to try it!

  9. Roasted peach anything is okay with me. The cinnamon just takes it to another level.

  10. I love banana soft serve in just about any form 🙂 It looks like you have some great flavour adaptations here!

  11. So, I’ve not actually ever tried the banana soft serve thing – I’m worried about an overly banana-y flavor (I like my bananas under-ripe and under-banana-tasting). So my question is, can you make this with underripe bananas? I tend to only put over-ripe bananas in my freezer (because then I’ll make banana bread, whereas I would never eat them raw over-ripe). But that’s what scares me – I want neutral taste. So, will it work, do you think? Because I’d love to try this peach/cinnamon combo!

    • Underripe bananas really don’t whip up the same way. As a ripe, sweet banana lover I find it hard to imagine preferring the taste too! I tried with only slight ripe ones at my Mom’s, and they weren’t quite the same at all…

      Perhaps the best thing to do would be to make one of my flavor varieties, which will mask the taste?

  12. I tried this recipe today and it was sooo delicious! Definitely a keeper. Next time I need to be a little more patient until the peaches are totally cooled. This time it was more like a creme or custard but still oh so good! I like the combination of cinnamon and baked peach. Never thought of trying that beforehand. Thank you very much for this lovely inspiration!

  13. We’re in love with banana soft serve! I’m so excited about your flavor combos. We love to toss in raw cookie “dough” for some chunks.

  14. Adored your article. I love putting grilled peaches on top of so delicious turtle icecream but I never in a million years thought to roast them and spin them in with banana icecream–and with the cashew butter–lord it sounds like heaven! Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  15. wow. what a rainbow of dairy free heaven! the cinnamon raisin one is so clever! have fun in NO 🙂

  16. That post you wrote on banana soft serve was life-changing for me. Prior to that, I had no idea I could make something so delicious from a simple, frozen banana. And now it’s my go-to dessert! I love adding frozen fruit (especially blueberries) and playing around with mix-ins. Roasted peaches and cinnamon sounds incredible!

  17. Gena, it seems like you have been getting more and more attention and writing/speaking/blogging gigs on the side lately. (Or maybe I just started noticing?) Anyway, kudos! I appreciate that you are writing separate pieces for the same recipe when you write for Food52 each week. That’s a lot of work! But it means a lot to me that you give the CR readers our own, more personal post.

    • Oh, and this recipe looks amazing! My kitchen is full of ripe peaches, so this weekend they will turn into soft serve.

  18. I sell bananas at my work. For cheap. I tell everyone who buys a bunch about this amazing creation of amazing soft serve ice cream!

  19. Banana soft serve has changed my life aswell! I tell so many people about it because it’s suprising how many people aren’t aware of it. Must live under a rock or something..
    This recipe sounds as good ad it looks!
    Thanks gena

  20. I remember reading This Post Will Change Your Life like it was yesterday. Omg boy how life has changed since then – I’ve lived in a few states, went from having a small child to a first grader! and have been on tons of other journeys – and you know what, I still love softserve 1.0 and 2.0 looks just as amazing 🙂

  21. You would NOT believe the food truck we have in Ft. Collins. — All vegan, 100% fruit soft-serve!! It’s outstanding. So far I have tried her banana and raspberry banana but she rotates flavors all the time. She has a machine that presses it out and it’s even creamier then when you make it at home. Awesome topping selections too, including vegan caramel sauce. 🙂 If you want to check her out at all – — Such a sweetheart, too!

    • Oh my gosh, I was in Denver visiting a friend in July and Ba-nom-a-nom came to a food truck fair in Denver. I had the strawberry banana flavor and it was incredible!

      Once I get a food processor, this will be the first thing I make! Thanks for sharing so many awesome flavor combos, Gena! 🙂

      • No way!! What are the odds someone reading the comments has tried Ba-nom-a-nom…and someone that was just visiting! So cool. 🙂