Banana Soft Serve: This Post Will Change Your Life
June 27, 2009

Banana Soft Serve | The Full Helping

One of the challenges I enjoy most, both as a nutritionist and also with loved ones, is to show folks, through food, that there’s nearly always a plant-based, healthful alternative to favorite and familiar treats. Nothing embodies this more than the following recipe for life-changing banana soft serve. I hesitate to call it a recipe, even, because it’s so ridiculously simple.

Back in my pre-vegan days, I was obsessed with low-calorie soft-serve ice creams—Tasti-D-Lite, Crema Lita, etc. (I’m sure that if I would have loved Pinkberry, too, but it appeared on the scene long after I went vegan!).

If you happen to share my weakness for this type of froyo, then this is the treat for you. It’s raw, vegan, made from fresh fruit, and 100% delicious. It’s also kid-friendly and ridiculously simple to make.

Friends, behold banana soft serve.

Banana Soft Serve | The Full Helping

That’s right. Who knew that frozen bananas could, if given a spin in the food processor, rival the best frozen yogurt in town? Believe me, they do. Once you try this recipe, I guarantee you’ll crave it as often as conventional frozen treats. Maybe even more often. And you won’t believe how straightforward it is to make. See for yourself!

Banana Soft Serve | The Full Helping

Banana Soft Serve

Author - Gena Hamshaw
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Yields: 2 servings


  • 2 large or 3 small very ripe bananas, peeled, sliced, then frozen
  • 2 tablespoons non-dairy milk (if needed)
  • optional: chocolate chips or roughly chopped dark chocolate, peanut butter, frozen blueberries, pinch of cinnamon, toasted coconut flakes, chopped nuts, or any other toppings of choice


  • Place the bananas in a food processor fitted with the S blade. Turn the machine on. The bananas will get knocked around and make a lot of noise. Don't worry! This is normal. Keep processing until the bananas start to develop a whipped, light, creamy texture; stop when they're completely creamy and have a frozen yogurt texture. This will take a few minutes, and patience is key: if you wait, the mixture will get there. Add 1-2 tablespoons nondairy milk to get things moving if it's not blending well.
  • When the mixture is creamy, with a rich, whipped texture, add chocolate chips, coconut, or any other mix-ins you like. Pulse to combine. Serve immediately.


You can also use a high-speed blender to make your soft-serve, but you may need to add up to 1/4 cup non-dairy milk to get things completely blended!

Banana Soft Serve | The Full Helping

If you’re really feeling decadent, make some raw chocolate “syrup” by combining 2 tablespoons of agave nectar with 1 tablespoon raw or dark cocoa powder. Drizzle it on top of the frozen bananas, and you have a chocolatey version of this wholesome treat.

Really, I can’t begin to do justice to how delicious this is! So what are you waiting for? Stop reading, and start freezing those bananas you’ve got sitting on the counter.

You guys can thank me later 😉

Have a beautiful, sunny Saturday.


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  1. Re banana soft serve
    What do you mean non dairy milk. I am no longer using milk products(exception organic cheese occasionally) I’ve been using hemp milk, almond milk and cashue milk. I hate assuming. It never goes well for me to assume

    • It’s best if you eat it right away. If you re-freeze, you need to re-process in order to get the whipped texture.

  2. This thing looks and(probably) tastes heavenly. My mouth is watering as I’m typing this. My eyes are also watering… 🙁

  3. This soft serve absolutely hit the spot this past weekend when it was steaming outside. I had never heard of it, but was looking for things to try without going overboard with ice cream, and this was perfecto!

  4. This is the perfect sweet treat, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before! I’m a licensed acupuncturist and life coach, and I’m always looking for simple solutions for my patients. This should certainly help satisfy their sweet tooth! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have a whole bunch of bananas that I just threw in the freezer. Definitely going to use them to make this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. I have been making this at least weekly (almost daily…) in the summer! I add a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter (or peanut butter and dark cocoa powder) for a creamy smoothie after a workout.

  7. I’m trying to subscribe to your blog, but the subscribe button doesn’t seem to work after I enter my email! Please help!

    • I’ve made something similar to this, but probably the texture wasn’t nearly as perfect as the recipe will make…. I don’t own a blender nor a food processor, so I just chilled my bananas very cold (not frozen), added fully frozen raspberries and used my immersion blender. The frozen raspberries did the job for the bananas and I got something at least very similar to ice cream! Yummmmm!

      I later tried the same banana idea but this time I had no frozen berries on hand, so now there was some more effort and lots of waiting time – and probably my banana-cream wasn’t too healthy…
      I added sweetened vanilla soy milk and glucose-fructose-syrup to the very cold (but not frozen) bananas, mashed the bananas a bit and gave everything a good stir before freezing the mixture. I think I waited about 30-60 minutes before blending it all together with my immersion blender, then put the container back to the freezer for about 2-4 hours. Turned out so gooooood!
      You can’t let it freeze all the way though if you still want to scoop it with a spoon, not drill holes into solid ice. And because it will turn into an ice block anyway if you freeze it overnight, probably any kind of sweetener (normal sugar or what ever you prefer to use) )will work and pure vanilla powder could easily replace the soy milk. Maybe the alcohol in vanilla extract could help with the ice crystals so it wouldn’t be so hard after over-freezing?

  8. Great post! This is amazing simple to create, just bananas and caramel. I will do it today, I think I will impress my boyfriend with it. Thank you!

  9. […] Banana Soft Serve This recipe has been going around the healthy blog-o-sphere, and it’s as simple as it gets. All you need are a couple of frozen bananas and a blender. Who knew that if you blended bananas long enough it would turn into a creamy concoction reminiscent of soft-serve? Guilt-free! […]

  10. This looks delicious and convenient! I wonder if it will work if I use the nutribullet instead of a food processor?

  11. Just wanna throw out there that agave nectar isn’t healthy. It’s a processed form of agave created in the 90’s that contains 90% fructose, making it worse for you than high fructose corn syrup.

  12. Still a favorite in our house! Made it again today for my 7 year old who can’t have any sweeteners. We skipped the syrup step, but added a scoop of peanut butter. He loved it!

  13. Tried it, but it didn’t one out like soft serve more like a baby food consistency. What did I do wrong? I put it in the food processor like the directions said.

  14. I eat this almost every day! I add 1 T, of cocoa powder, I never liked ice cream but this…THIS is wonderful.

  15. […] for probably a year. It was just absurd. I know banana soft serve was everywhere at the time, but I first saw it on Choosing Raw so I’m crediting Gena as the founder. I hadn’t had it in a very long time so I felt […]

  16. Ok – So I have a major sweet tooth which is my last “bad habit” . I am crazy interested in your comment … ” for every muffin or cookie there is a soft, satisfying bite of baked kabocha squash “. Don’t tell me you have ‘squash chunks’ for dessert??? Really? Do you dazzle them up or ?????

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  18. Okay, as crazy as it sounds–I hate, nay, loathe bananas. Any way to do this with a different fruit? Would plaintains work? Avocado with some sort of sweetner?

      • I sometimes make avocado-cocoa-maple syrup pudding. I haven’t tried to freeze it to see if it would be good as “ice-cream” but it’s great as pudding. I sometimes add a banana to it too and a touch of vanilla.

        A great thing to add to the banana ice cream is simply fresh strawberries processed into a liquid in the food precessor. Makes like a strawberry sundae! Yumm!

  19. So every time I try this, the blade just flies off my food processor. I’ve tried it in the big bowl & the 4 cup. Am I missing something?

  20. Wow! This is amazing! I just discovered your website and I love love LOVE all of your recipes so far! I also think your story is amazing! So excited to have found you and am looking forward to trying more of your yummy recipes! 🙂

  21. I love your recipes. I see your in Pinterest, but there is no Pin It button on your post. Am I missing something? I would really like to Pin some of your post.

  22. If you don’t have a food processor I make this by mashing the banana with a fork then freezing, you can add coconut cream for a bit of indulgence

  23. My kids grew up on this. (Now in late 20’s) I put the frozen bananas in the blender with some juice or soymilk. Frozen grapes, strawberries or peaches are good with the banana. I once tried sneaking a few frozen cherry tomatoes in once but my oldest, the tomato hater, noticed.

  24. Love this, so easy and tasty!
    Regarding replacing healthy food/drinks, I was with you until, “for every glass of chocolate milk there is a cup of carrot-romaine juice.” What?! Carrot romaine juice is so not a good, satisfying equivalent to good chocolate milk! You’ll scare people away from eating better with suggestions like that, LOL!
    I highly recommend sugar-free chocolate almond milk, or soy milk. Very good, and I doubt your kids will even notice that it isn’t dairy. I also love Horizon’s Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk. It’s my favorite. I could down that stuff all day long. However, it still comes from a cow’s udder.

    • I know science can hurt the brains of alarmists reading random un-credible websites and blogs by “nutrition experts” but they have no idea what the biochemical pathways used to metabolize fructose actually are or what biochemistry is for that matter. They throw random words at you like ” amino acids, vitamins, minerals, pectin, and fiber” NONE of which are needed in the metabolism of simple sugars into energy. those are all made inside your body and most are replenished easily and quickly enough anyways. That whole page is irrelevant to the concern of fructose. Be aware, I’m about to throw some science at you! By the looks of your posts you may need to take a breather every sentence or so to take this all in and make sure you are following along. All of this is readily available information on how fructose is metabolized. Look it up, not on a random health blog tho.

      The initial breakdown of fructose is sometimes referred to as fructolysis, like glycolysis, the catabolism of glucose. In fructolysis, the enzyme fructokinase initially produces fructose 1-phosphate, which is split by aldolase B to produce dihydroxyacetone phosphate and glyceraldehyde. Unlike glycolysis, in fructolysis the triose glyceraldehyde lacks a phosphate group. A third enzyme, trioskinase, is therefore required to phosphorylate glyceraldehyde, producing glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate.

      Break time, SO in case you were unaware, phosphorylation requires a molecule of ATP to push the reaction in the direction needed. So we are two steps in and we are already using energy to digest fructose!!! Can you feel all that fructose just burrrrning up? I can!

      The resulting glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate is identical to that obtained in glycolysis and can enter the gluconeogenic pathway for glucose or glycogen synthesis, or be further catabolized through the lower glycolytic pathway to pyruvate.

      So let’s recap. After two reactions the EVILLLLL concentrated (Scary word there!) fructose is no different than your average glucose molecule. Glucose is the monomer of every carb you heath alarmists eat. Even your veggies, your whole grain pastas and rice. As a new constituent of many pathways available to it, its residing location will be determined by YOU.

      Worked out recently? BAM straight into your muscles for conversion into glycogen to fuel that exercise or just basic walking around.

      Blood sugar low? BAM straight into the bloodstream to keep your brain happy at 5mM.

      Sit on your butt all day trolling health forums? BAMALAM! straight into ya beer bellyy!

      Conclusions, It doesn’t matter the TYPE of sugar you eat. No one cares and neither will your body. The only difference is how MUCH you eat. With some being sweeter than others you may consume less fructose or glucose from one syrup than the other. And your current energy demands. It all comes down to ATP baby, everything you eat =ATP that little molecule that keeps your body movin and grovin. So is Agave or any other high fructose whatever scary name you call it good for you? Depends on how active you are. Very active people need to add in extra carbs as simple fructose and glucose to refuel after a tough workout. So don’t go spouting your nonsense because everyone’s needs are different. That “raw” honey you have can still be bad for you if you don’t need that energy. EVERY macro-nutrient (sugars, carbs, fats, proteins) can be broken down into pyruvate and stored as fat. With the exception of fats, they just get broken down to fatty acids and stored as fats, either way.

      Ahhhhh rant over! lol

      • I’m shocked by the unkind and mean-spirited comments so many of you write! This isn’t a free-for-all to hurt others. Try a little kindness. If you don’t care for the blog, then don’t follow it. Maybe bite your tongue and consider someones else’s feelings.

      • I really want to read the rest of your post but I just can’t finish a post from someone who uses the word anyway with an s at the end. 🙁

      • Hahaha. Thanks, Chris. Agree re: sugar alarmism. The fury over agave seems to be predicated on the idea that it was considered a health food in the first place, which it’s not. I like using dates because there may be some marginal added benefits (fiber, etc.), but really, a sugar is a sugar is a sugar — and some sugar is necessary.

  25. The Vitamix is the ‘perfect’ appliance for making this soft serve. That is one of the common uses for the Vitamix. You simply need to use the tamper while the machine is on high—pushing the frozen banana down into the blades. Perhaps this is the step you missed (?). It’s super easy and you will have your soft serve in less than 1 min. —also, just so you know, agave nectar is not a “natural sweetener” and it has more concentrated fructose in it than high fructose corn syrup. There has been a huge misconception regarding agave nectar and so many people don’t realize. If you research this, you will find this to be true. Try raw honey for your sweetener for this soft serve instead.

    1 tbs. honey, 1 tbs. organic coconut oil, 1 1/2 – 2 tsp. raw cacao, and 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract makes a great (and healthy) choc. topping. Fill a small skillet with about an inch of water, place all ingred. in a ramekin, place in water and turn on high heat. Soon as it starts to boil, shut off heat (to keep topping from reaching over 118° to keep raw) and stir until completely melted. 🙂

    • As well as honey not being vegan, reaching boiling temperatures certainly isn’t raw! Food is considered raw under 118 degrees *centigrade*, not Fahrenheit!

      • Yeah I think you got centigrade and Fahrenheit mixed up there, yo. 118F is 47.77C, for us metric folk.

      • Actually, 100 degrees centigrade is the boiling temperature for water (212f). 118c = 244f.

    • The best thing to do is just let the bananas get really ripe before freezing them, they will be much sweeter and then you don’t need sweetener.

      • No, it isn’t!

        And I think the alarmism about agave is somewhat…well, alarmist. It’s no health food–no syrupy sweetener is–but there are still some reputable makers, and in moderation it’s not an enormous health risk

  26. Wow! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I was amazed at how similar it was to soft-serve! I felt guilty eating it and kept having to remind myself that it was just a banana!

  27. […] Fun little tip: Don’t freeze the bananas whole like I did. You end up with something mushy and super kinda gross when they defrost. Instead, when you’re bananas go bad, peel them, cut them into a couple chunks, and then freeze them all together in a freezer bag. That was you can use them for smoothies, bread, or maybe even banana soft serve! […]

  28. […] Cookie Dough Balls: Angela is a genius. Really though, I have been following her blog since high school and she never ceases to surprise me with her creative vegan recipes. Her cookie dough balls are made from cashews, oats and maple syrup. Even still, they really do taste like cookie dough! I like to make a bunch of mini ones to put on my banana soft serve. […]

  29. […] Maybe I got on Zach’s case for something that really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Maybe I didn’t make him dinner or watch all of the television show with him intently because I was busy cleaning up the kitchen or making myself a snack. […]

  30. I LOVE THIS RECIPE! I freeze the bananas for about 2 hours then throw them in a blender and pulse. I have to stop every few pulses and scrap the sides of the blender. You can also add 3-4tsp of cocoa and 3-4tsp of peanut butter and it will taste AMAZING!

  31. This is excellent!! I have tried it with frozen strawberries and with frozen peaches – both were great! But my favorite recipe has the raw cacao powder, almond milk, and slivered almonds added to the frozen bananas! (Sometimes I add some goji berries too) YUMMY and Nutrient dense!!

  32. Made this today in the vita mix with 4 frozen bananas, 8 strawberries, a splash of almond milk and a dash of vanilla. OMG! My husband and I scarfed it all up and will make again and again – so many possible variations!

    • Sure it is … If you are a baby cow. Since I’m an adult and a human, I have to disagree and even say, “Ew.”

  33. Just so you know, this in the Vitamix, actually is WAY more AWESOME!!!! I know you said it doesn’t work in the Vitamix. Perhaps you weren’t using a tamper (that is what pushes all of the bananas down into the blade). And, when doing this, you absolutely get the best texture ice cream possible, without an ice cream maker. Guaranteed!

  34. Freeze the bananas and push ’em whole through the Champion juicer w/ the blank plate. Instant soft-serve, no waiting. We have this every night.

  35. […] done several parfaits before, some layered with tofu mousse, some with yogurt, but layering with banana soft serve has got to be our favourite way to have a breakfast parfait!  The ice cream-like consistency […]

  36. I love the idea of this, my son has so many allergies but loves fruit and I think he would like this…. I think I would like this too! 😉

    I don’t get why people stop by to leave negative sarcastic comments, if it’s not your thing then you don’t have to comment or read the post.

    I am always happy to find a possible healthy snack for the kids! Am off to buy banana’s today! 🙂

  37. You know it girl, it did change my life. Since then I’ve experimented with frozen fruits of all kinds, a little banana thrown into all of them gives it the right creamy texture – Yum-O!

  38. I’ve done this and sometimes add frozen cherries or strawberries with it. I like the cherries best. I will have to try the “chocolate” syrup. This is just the yummiest “soft serve” (and that is also what I call it) “ice cream” ever. Gotta make it real soon!

  39. Am I the only person that BROKE my food processor trying to do this? I was really looking forward to trying it, but as soon as I turned it on, the whole lid broke and flew off. Not gonna try it in the new one.

    • Jennifer- I’m shocked no one else has experienced this problem, as this is why I started searching the comments. My food processor didn’t break, but it sounded like it was going to! I started by pulsing, but after a few I thought for sure it was going to break. I let it sit for a few minutes in the hopes that it would thaw a bit and was able to get it going after that.

  40. Thanks so much for this recipe!! It was absolutely incredible! Imma sweet freak and this recipe is the best banana ice cream ever!! Thanks 🙂

  41. Making this… Sounds so yummy and I love bananas! One thing to point out, AGAVE NECTAR IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU! it’s not natural nor is it raw. It’s not even from the agave plant. Agave nectar is refined from a root vegetable so it’s full of starch. It also has more fructose than HFCS. Here’s an article about it: Just thought you should know as a person who is following the raw and vegan lifestyle. I’m not raw or vegan myself but I do eat quality food that is hormone/antibiotic free, organic, and locally grown.

  42. Great googly moogly! This is definitely getting made at my house! And the chocolate sauce, aww, you just don’t know…

    (Yay! =) )

  43. Absolutely love this recipe! I like to make a chocolate sauce out of raw cacao powder and coconut oil, and then pour it over the top of the ice cream. The chocolate sauce hardens when it gets cold and forms kind of a shell around the ice cream, not unlike the Dairy Queen chocolate sauce!

  44. […] Maybe I got on Zach’s case for something that really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Maybe I didn’t make him dinner or watch all of the television show with him intently because I was busy cleaning up the kitchen or making myself a snack. […]

  45. Thank you so much for this post, it totally did change my life 🙂
    just wanted to share how i’ve been making it – i let the bananas sit out for a while a get lots of brown spots on them before i freeze them, the resulting soft serve will taste less “banana-y”
    I also love to add in a whack load of frozen strawberries and it just makes it so amazing, and a bright pink! but it has to be frozen strawberries and it would be the bestest if you frozen them yourself on a cookie sheet 🙂 please cut them first cuz they are hard as rocks if frozen solid lol oh and i’m always using a blender, i bet it takes more time but the results are the same 🙂
    if you add a cup of water, it will come out more sherbety 😀
    Thanks again! and for any doubters, i say try it and you will believe my friend, you will.

  46. This is an easy and delicious recipe! I used grounds from brewed Crio Bru instead of cocoa. It added a nice crunch and same great cocoa flavor.

  47. Mmmmm! We tried this one time about two years ago and loved it! We’re not vegans, and we both hate the crazy noise of the blender, so we haven’t tried it since, but we can definitely agree with everyone who says this is a wonderful idea. Toppings also help enhance the treat — fruit, nuts, sauces, et cetera. Loved it all. 🙂

  48. I love this. I am just getting started on my blog about sweets and adding a healthy recipe after each sweet I review. I am definitely going to reference this blog and this post in my soft-serve post! Thanks for the wonderful recipes! What an awesome site!

  49. […] 1. A Decent Food Processor Mr. Choppy was an excellent tool to have on hand, if only because when I needed a weird kind of flour, it was a snap to just throw whatever I needed in there and let it go to town. My blender is not a Vitamix–I can not afford that thing!–so it just can’t handle making things that aren’t actually liquids, like oat flour, or chopped almonds. But, I could foot the $25 necessary to get myself something that would make me hummus in a snap. I also used it to make my own energy and granola bars (which I was going to post the recipe for this week, but I can’t make a new batch to show them to you yet! ARG!!!), puree squash for soups, and slice apples for the one and only time I attempted to make apple chips. Was it the nicest food processor in the world? Well, after three years I managed to crack it completely in half, so that should probably tell you something, but for $25 bucks he worked and saved me tons of cash on stuff I would have had to buy pre-made, otherwise. Besides, once you learn the true potential of a good food processor, a whole world of healthy food opens up. You can even make “ice cream”! […]

  50. Back in the early to mid-90s, my boss used to have meetings with someone high-up at Burberry (possibly the CEO?). He had a Champion Juicer in his office and used to make this with bananas ALL THE TIME. My boss loved it so much that he bought a Champion juicer for our office, and we made this quite often at work. You are absolutely correct, it’s beyond belief how delicious it is!

  51. Thank you so much for this recipe! I don’t really like it plain, but with almond butter, it is good, fzn blueberries makes it nice, but with fzn raspberries it is soooooo good! Love it!

  52. […] Dinner was eaten alone + early (again) while simultaneously prepping/packing for today AND memorizing lines. What was I thinking scheduling a photo shoot in San Diego during pilot season?!? Things in general are kinda bananas <—which, by the way, freeze REALLY WELL and can be whipped into “ice cream.” […]

  53. One of the first recipes of yours I’ve tried, and am blown out of the water. I told everyone I know and diverted them to your site for more recipes. I can’t wait to try different variations!
    Thanks so much for the work you do!

  54. OMG! i just made this because i’ve really started loving bananas and i don’t want to eat ice cream cause i’m trying to go vegan. This is SO good! now i’m gonna go freeze a ton of bananas cause i think this is gonna be made a lot at my house now 🙂

  55. Wow!

    This actually looks amazing (I say actually because I’m usually a sucker for processed, crappy, “non-real” food!). I’m interested in finding recipes like this that are wholesome, real, healthy, and super-easy to make.

    Thanks for posting!

  56. i ate this for breakfast. with a swirl of almond butter. i ate ice cream for breakfast, with none of the guilt!

  57. Uh, frozen mashed bananas do not equal ice cream. But I guess if your senses of taste and smell are so far gone that you think carrot juice is the equivalent of chocolate milk, it’d be pretty easy to make this mistake. And I don’t blame you for being confused, your brain probably isn’t functioning properly with all those nutrients you’re not getting from your vegan diet.

    • crazy_hippy, I believe the word ‘alternative’ was used. And I just made it for the first time ever, it is quite good, and the texture is just like ice cream. But obviously if you hate the idea, this post will not, in fact, change your life.

  58. Ok, this is a keeper….modified recipe adding 1 tbls of organic vanilla extract.. YUMMY…thank you for the contribution 🙂

  59. I love this ice cream treat!!!
    Such a guiltless dessert and I like to make a raw crumble/ sprinkles
    On mine with 6-8 honey dates and half a cup of coconut and put
    It through the food processor and they stick to each other as a crumble
    It is sooo yummy on top of banana ice cream!!

  60. i don’t know how i happened upon this page but it IS a life changer! i made this last night and added in a scoop of peanut butter at the end to swirl. it was UNBELIEVABLE. my meat-eating boyfriend and i were close to spoon-sparring for the last bite. thanks for sharing!

  61. i have a yonanas 😀 <3 but yea its amazing stuff i agree with the other person talking about it 😀 except mine doesnt swirl hmmm wonder why 🙁

  62. WOW I have just been overcome with the urge to pick up banana’s…which I will be stopping at the market tomorrow afterwork to try this for tuesday night…YUM!!!

  63. Aargh. I’m sure this is good, but as someone who is allergic to bananas, it’s a little frustrating to read another “miracle recipe” that involves this fruit.

    • You might want to try coconut milk, which you can blend similarly with just a little sweetener. There’s a few recipes to be found and it’s remarkably easy.

  64. MMM! We just happened to have some frozen bananas in the freezer so as soon as I read this I ran down to the kitchen to make some! It’s fantastic and I even made the drizzle to go with it (although my dark cocoa was a bit lumpy so it didn’t blend as nicely as I’d like it to) I was amazed by how tasteful it was! Btw, this is my first specifically raw recipe as a baby raw eater =D

  65. HOLY COW! this looks so amazing and so easy i cannot even believe it! also i cannot wait to try! i have a random question for you… and maybe you have blogged about this already, so if you have the link to my answer that’d be great 🙂 what or why made you decide to go vegan?

  66. I make a crust of crushed almonds and a little maple syrup (to hold the nuts together) then pour the blended frozen bananas into the crust and refreeze for a yummy guilt free pie!

  67. Gena, this is superb! As soon as I read this, I froze several bananas. I love froyo, but didn’t know that banana can be this good. Even my 15 months baby love it! Thank you… I can say good bye to the expensive and full of sugar ice cream & froyo!

  68. do I need to thaw the bananas first? because once i put them straight from the frezer in the blender and the blender broke (its not a Vitamix but a powerful Kenwood)

    • No, you don’t thaw the bananas, that defeats the purpose. 🙂
      Depends on the blender… it works perfectly well in a food processor.

  69. I just got the “yonanas” maker…only $50. The commercial has been playing on TV. The consistency is thicker and much more like ice cream than the food processor which was much more gooey and takes a while to make and scrape off the sides again and again. The yonanas twirls up like soft serve right into your bowl and it took only 60 seconds to make a serving for 2. Still LOVE my food processor…gazpacho last night (yum), but for ice cream the yonanas machine is definitely better. Well worth the price.

  70. I follow many food blogs. I love to cook bake you name it. I have to this day never commented on a food blog (except my best friends). This is so very life changing and delicious that I just had too. Seriously how can this just be frozen bananas? It is like magic. I have been buying discounted old bananas from the farmers market and making this all the time. Cheap, amazing, and healthy.

  71. I was wary of using our mini food processor because I doubt it would be capable of this, but I tried it (granted my mom yelled at me because it has such a sharp blade lol) and it’s AMAZING!! I melted some all-natural peanut butter in the microwave for topping, and that really made it. Thank you SO much!!!! 🙂

  72. @Anonymous (March 1, 2011 at 9:03 pm), actually, it’d be better eating the bananas because they’re full of potassium and are fruit, and the sugar is natural sugar and is released to the body slower than refined (white) sugar, and plus, this could help with reaching the ‘Five A Day’.

  73. This post did change my life. Now, I must eat one of these everyday! Good ol’ potassium (and some calcium since I put in 1/4 cup of milk)!

  74. Wow. I can’t believe how creamy this is! It really *is* like ice cream. You’re right – this will absolutely change my life. Thank you!!!

  75. I make something similar to this . . . read it in one of my books.

    I take frozen strawberries and run them through my Omega juicer (with the blank in) and then run a banana through it.

    I run it through about 3 times and it mixes together as the most awesome strawberry banana ice cream!

    I’ve done with other frozen fruits too, but for me the strawberries are the best!

  76. Oh. my. heavens. I am so excited!! I’ve recently taken dairy and refined (and nearly all natural) sweeteners out of my diet–needless to say, I’ve been looking for a special treat that fits both of these criteria. Thank you!!

  77. This sounds yummy and nice and unprocessed. Bananas are fat-free and chock full of potassium. However, from a strictly calorically-speaking standpoint, you’d be better off eating ice cream than 2-3 bananas. The fruit alone would be roughly 240-360 calories and would count as 4-6 servings of fruit because of the high sugar content.

    • Calories don’t matter to our bodies nearly as much as nutrient-density. Not by any stretch would one be better off consuming a concocted desert over an all natural one that is completely unrefined, thus has all of its nutrient content and fiber.

  78. This was way easy to make and tasted incredibly good! And the best part of it for me is that it doesn’t require NUTS (which all other ice cream recipes seem to call for). This is pure fruit, love it! Low in fat and calories, easy to digest… thanks a mil 🙂

  79. The cooked food I struggle with missing most is coffee. Over the last year or so I’ve experimented with a number of cacao based concoctions to satisfy my cravings, and this is my decadent favourite:


    * 1/4 cup macadamias
    * 4 dates
    * 2 teaspoons agave nectar
    * 1 tablespoon cacao powder
    * 1 1/2 cups of water


    Blend all ingredients on high until creamy. Makes about 2 cups.

    I serve it in a coffee cup with saucer so I can replicate the atmosphere of my habit – this is often what I’m missing the most anyway!

  80. I’m making this for my boo this weekend cause she has an insane ice cream weakness. But she’s mildly allergic to bananas, so I was wondering if there was any other fruit or vegetable that I could use that would produce the same results….

    • I found out you can try it with papaya: The person who tried it is a fan of Gena too!
      I think mangoes may work (since they’re dense sort of dense), and I’ll try the mango idea tomorrow morning.
      Maybe cantaloupe and honey dew melons work too…they’re sort of like papayas, right?

  81. I’m going to make this SAT night with friends! Thanks so much. We’ll top with other healthiness! Thank you so much for the great post!

  82. Thank you Gena for all your great recipes! I tried this one tonight. Pretty good but I think because I used over ripe bananas. I have always frozen these for shakes and they have been fine. How ripe should the bananas be? Also, I remind myself to create a new habit and peel the bananas before I freeze them. Off to search your website more for say a yummy raw pie. Any ideas? I still have your juice recipes tagged and will go back to the grapefruit one tomorrow morning. Loved it!


  83. ThanksGena! I have frozen bananas in my freezer. Think I may have tried this once in my Vitamix without success . I do love frozen strawberries, bananas and almond milk as a protein smoothie with protein powder. 5 minutes sounds like a long processing time but I will try it. 🙂 Had this at a raw foods counter once and it was delicious!


  84. I am ridiculously excited about trying this recipe. My nephew is always asking me for ice-cream, and obviously I don’t want to fill him up with sugar and fat. I am thrilled to try this out on him. I am hoping he will think I have suddenly become very, very cool.

  85. […] wanted to have a sweet that wouldn’t wreck my day.  I remembered a recipe I saw once called Banana Soft Serve and since I keep my bananas cubed up in the freezer at all times, I thought it would be a great […]

  86. This did change my life. I am not vegan, nor raw, but I’m always looking for healthful snacks and desserts. AMAZING!

  87. i have always been wanting to make the banana soft serve but don’t have a vitamix…do u think a blender would work?!

  88. incredible…have only had it once with a spoonful of peanut butter….making it again tonight and think i will add some raspberries..and i can’t leave out that bit of peanut butter :O ..amazing…now i am thinking of the chocolate syrup on top of the peanut butter banana ice cream ..mMM

  89. Thank you for this site.I have pased it on to my friends all over the world. I have never seen any recipes for soft serve even in the Food Processor books. If you mix fruits, my suggestion is only one part banana to three parts of something else lest the banana take over the flavor. With banana by itself you are expecting the strong flavor. Works well with Mango and Durian (that stinky smelly fruit of the Orient which I love).

  90. […] to have something sweet to finish things off.  Today’s sweet treat was chocolate strawberry banana soft serve. This mug of soft serve was the “dogs tuxedo!” ( Sex and the City quote – […]

  91. I’ve been making this almost everyday for the last few weeks! Ah, it’s amazing. I use the Vitamix and it works absolutely perfectly!

  92. OMG, Are you kidding me? This is SOOOOOOO good. I am an ice cream/fro yo addict. I mean serious addict. Everyday. Now, I found something just as good and healthy? Are you kidding?


  93. Oh. My. Goodness. I just made this, and it was so fluffy and creamy and melty and AWESOME! I had to add a little almond milk, though, since my food processor sounded like it was about to eject the banana chunks. Yum! I’m definitely going to experiment with different mix-ins! Great and fast dessert!

  94. Banana soft-serve is the absolute healthiest, tastiest and smartest ice cream substitution ever made. Really. And it tastes delicious 🙂

  95. This is sooo so good!!! After making it once, I was addicted. I add a splash of almond milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg and puree in my mini food processor. Serve w almond butter or peanut butter, and a dollop of nonfat whipped cream (I am not completely vegan as of yet!) This post most definitely changed my life 😉

  96. Soo amazing!! I actually made it in the blender with almond milk and almond butter!! it looked like a smoothie so i put it in a container , threw some rasp ans blueberries and into the freezer.

    Yum yum!! The idea of the chocolate syrup is great!! I’ll try it!! 😀

    • you froze it after mixing everything up or mixed up frozen things…?

      I am wondering if it works to mix, freeze and then eat from the freezer as you would conventional ice cream….

  97. So good. I just made a small batch and I want more. I melted some peanut butter and drizzled it on top too!

  98. This is one of my faves and I often have a big bowl of “ice cream” for dinner. Not for dessert, but *as* dinner.

    I do strawberry ice cream, peach ice cream, blackberry ice cream, raspberry ice cream, etc. as well. Three frozen bananas and a bag of frozen fruit make flavored ice creams. Strawberry is definitely my favorite!

  99. I absolutely loved this recipe!! Its so easy! I used a little food chopper/mini food processor thing I had at my house so I had to scoop it out a lot to make a larger batch. Everyone really loved it! I posted it on my blog ( & as well linking back to you! (your pictures turned out a 100000x better than mine! that may be just because you made it better!) But either way great recipe thanks so much!!

  100. […] I was beyond excited when this arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, a birthday gift from Jason! Seriously, this is the mother of all food processors. It’s super quiet and powerful and has 3 different sized work bowls. It’s a little heavy but I’ve been lifting weights, so I’m not too worried about it. I’ve been wanting a food processor forever, mostly so I can make my own nut butter, but for other reasons too. (banana soft serve anyone?) […]

  101. It’s neat to know that there are others out there making such an effort to convert to veganism. I’ve been trying to do the whole shaband in less than a year, and I think my biggest struggle is the cost. I like this post, thanks for the ideas and encouragement.
    Medical Marijuana Scales

  102. I just found this amazing “recipe” a few days ago and I made it last night (and today) and prob will everyday for the rest of my life haha. This is unbelievably amazing!! I made everyone in my family try it, and I sent it to a few close friends. Thank you for posting this!!

  103. Lay the smack down, Gena! Hahaha.

    For the record, this was a new idea for me when I first came across this post – and I’m a better person for trying it! Banana soft serve rules. I think animal products make people cranky… 😉

  104. Loved the recent comments on this and your responses Gena:) Wondering if you’ve ever added nut milk to BSS? My mom was just talking about a dairy queen Banana Blizzard and I wanted to challenge her with a vegan version.

  105. yee ! 🙂

    like it or not, you have a cult classic on your blog… (I had never heard of this either, before reading about it here).

    haters schmaters, lets go freeze some naners! 🙂

  106. I heard about this ‘ice cream’ a while ago, but was skeptical. I just tried it and really don’t see what the big deal is. Not that great, a bit gross actually. I’d rather have real ice cream, and I wouldn’t feel one bit guilty about it.

  107. The solution of not having a large food processor is pretty simple… just chop the bananas up into small pieces before freezing it. I chopped three bananas up almost into mush and then was easily able to blend them in a Magic Bullet. Just to see how it worked the other way, I blended 2 large bananas and 2 big strawberries last night and set them in the freezer 🙂

  108. […] is the best thing since sliced bread. If you haven’t added a spoonful of peanut butter to your Banana Soft Serve you must! It tastes like peanut butter ice cream, without all the processed […]

  109. Looks amazing! Do you think this would work in a mini Cuisinart or would I break it? I’ve been trying to make an approximation using bananas and unsweetened almond milk in my regular ol’ blender but it’s more like a milkshake. A tasty, tasty milkshake, but still… I’d love to try some actual banana soft serve!

    • Alas, a mini cuisinart ain’t gonna do it. Sorry! I HIGHLY recommend investing in a full size Cuisinart — they’re my most essential kitchen purchase. But otherwise, you can try with a blender and some liquid, but it’ll be more smoothie-ish than ice cream-ish 🙂

      • I actually tried it with my mini-cuisinart…I just let the bananas soften realllyyyy quickly before I blended them up and it worked great.

  110. […] beautiful container of wonder is pear soft serve. Made similar banana soft serve: I diced pears into smaller pieces – froze – buzzed in the food processor. A little […]

  111. I make this all the time, except sadly I am without a blender at the moment.
    This is making me want it 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder 😀

  112. This is SO DELICIOUS! I’ve been bitter since moving out of NYC to a tasti d-lite-less fro yo wasteland and this is my savior. I added some peanut butter…sooooo goood!

  113. There is a new business in Rehoboth Beach DE that exclusively serves this treat–they put frozen banannas thru a juicer and serve various toppings. The place is called Annie Bannanie. My favorite topping is the “Key Lime Pie”.

    I made the dish myself, at home with a food processor and it was just as good–I added a small dab of whipped cream on the top! Better than any ice cream around!

  114. […] Today, I had banana soft serve overnight oats that contained rolled oats mixed with an almond milk, coconut milk yogurt, chia seeds, and cinnamon and finished off with raspberries and almond butter blended with delicious banana soft serve. […]

  115. I’m not vegan but this will be my replacement for ice cream. Had it for the first time with my Aunt this weekend in her juicer, so I did found your blog looking for alternatives in preparing because I don’t have/won’t buy a juicer right now (no counter space, small small house).

    She used a similar agave/coco powder syrup and it was delicious as well.

    Even my non-vegan husband is looking forward to trying this new ‘ice cream’!

    Thanks for sharing, beautiful pictures too!

  116. I am not raw, (allergic to nuts) not vegan, (I love cheese) and 10 years old, but this sounds really appealing to me! I would make this if we had a food processor. (sigh)

  117. I make banana pops in a similar way; take banana chunks, put in a popsicle stick. Dip in agave-cocoa or agave-carob. Then in crushed nuts, if you can eat nuts. Freeze in those little fluted candy cups. Make a really fun raw dessert or decadent snack.

  118. WOAH I tried it last night and it was amazing! Today I made another two bowls… yum yum. The concept seems simple but I’ve never thought of it myself.
    I changed the recipe a bit to fit my own taste though. The banana paste alone is way too sweet for me, so I added the Silk brand Vanilla Soy Milk to even out the sweetness. The final product is more a smoothie than a froyo, so I’m still experimenting, hoping to get back the froyo texture. but either way, it’s unbelievably good… i also sprinkle on almonds and roasted black sesame, both crushed.
    to sum it up, this is amazing and THANK YOU. I finally found a dessert that is delicious and healthy, it’ll stick 🙂

  119. I was wondering what your experience was with making this recipe with your vitamix. I often throw frozen bananas and then a handful of either frozen berries, peaches, mango, etc. and 1 cup almond milk in the Vitamix. I love, love this!! I’m going to try your recipe in my food processor tomorrow. It looks amazing!

    • Hey Kelly,

      I don’t mind doing it this way, but then I consider the result a smoothie, not a soft serve! The whole point of this recipe is to recreate the thickness of soft serve.


      • I’ve had good luck making it in my vitamix, but I only use about 1/4 cup of liquid just to get it going. I like to add frozen pineapple and a touch of coconut extract.

    • Yuval – yes, it works with other fruits, too.
      Try whizzing some frozen raspberries, adding some Icing Sugar* through the chute & a spoonful of cream. Or strawberries, (which shouldn’t need the sweetening.) Or combine some berries with the bananas. Just don’t process it too long, as it will easily turn too liquidy…
      * This may be known as powdered sugar where you live?
      Try adding frozen fruit to breakfast smoothies, too – it makes a huge difference to the taste, & on a hot summer morning it is quite fabulous!

  120. its great i took it to my site – is it ok ? i put a link to you ?

    its really simple but it turned out a little sour- i guess i should have waited more for the bananas to get ripe – do you wait until they are covered in black spots ?

  121. Hello! Kath treated me to this AMAZING treat a few weeks ago! I am currently working with the school district as part of my dietetic internship and I am hoping to get them to start selling this tasty treat to the kids instead of pop tarts, ice cream, and sugary yogurt! It is FANTASTIC! Thanks!

  122. LOVE! I did make it in a blender, and a rather crummy blender at that. I made sure the banana pieces were fairly small, and I added about 1/4 c of soy milk. I had to stop/start the blender about 25 times to break up the banana block with a wooden spoon (I’m not kidding, 25 times), but it was worth it — this is delicious.

  123. Hello! My blog is about nutrition…classic style. And I’m doing an experiment where I go raw for one week (simply out of curiosity). Do you have any tips to offer?


  124. I haven’t tried the syrup you described, but I did this to a lot of bananas when I was a kid- its a nice sometimes substitute for ice cream. 🙂

  125. I am a college student living on a budget, is there any way I can make something just as delicious with my blender? Suggestions?

  126. this post really changed my life :)) first times i couldn’t blend it well and tried adding water, but then i found out how to make it (I guess my blender is not so powerful and is not always managing with my tasks :)) and it is really perfect!

    Thank you, your site is gorgeous, I’m as addicted to trying new stuff ;))

  127. LOVE THIS RECIPIE!! My only advice is to add the bananas a few at a time to the food processor, otherwise the weight of the banana on the blade makes it go too slow. I can’t believe how easy (and delicious!) this is. What else can we make into “ice cream”?

  128. Oh my goodness!!!! My roommate and I (who both have lots of food restrictions) tried this last night and it was SOOOOO good! Thank you so much for sharing; I have been missing ice cream

  129. I just made this banana recipe and it tasted amazing. Gena, you are really talented! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to try this with strawberry slices on top of the banana.

  130. […] banana walnut pancakes. Weeks ago I tagged a post from Gena over at Choosing Raw for her recipe for Banana Softserve. It looked amazing, but I never got around to trying it. At the beginning of the week a couple of […]

  131. I just found your blog and I have to say,
    it is quite fabulous! 🙂
    I find your eating style refreshing and I believe that somewhere down the road, you and all those healthy living bloggers out there will have a great impact on my young teenage life- and into the future.
    Rock on! 🙂

  132. I just made that, with the chocolate sauce and all. Absolutely amazing! How do you come up with these things? I’m going to blog about it tomorrow. Looking forward to trying your other recipes 🙂

  133. This looks insanely good! I saw a similar recipe on another website and wanted to make it, this is now just the final sign!

  134. Holy……wow….that’s crazy. I’m so gonna try that with my frozen bananas! Thank you…..I just found your website and the recipes all look great. I subscribed in my reader!


  135. Tried the Banana soft-serve……..outstanding but very strong banana flavor. Need to find something to even it out a bit.(Ripe plantains are good) Mango…. If you use non-fibrous mangoes like Keitt or Kent they are even better than banana….

    BUT…if you are addicted (like I am) to the Oriental fruit, “Durian” , (look it up on Google–you won’t like it) It is even better than Mango… “Durian- lovers unite” (at the nearest Vietnamese market)….

  136. Gena,
    This recipe was passed on to me by my good friend, Ashley, and it has indeed changed my life!!!!

    thanks for the inspiration — yummm!


  137. You are right- it has changed my life. I totally plan on making this soon. But why doesn’t it work in a blender? I’d love to be able to use my blendtec on it.

  138. thank you so much for this recipe, i loved it sooo much, i will definitely be making it again. my mom used to make something like this only she used the champion juicer, but this is easier to get out than the juicer. delicious!!!

  139. […] This recipe was submitted by Gena Hamshaw is a nutritional counselor with an emphasis on raw foods, digestive health, and detoxification. Based in Manhattan, she works with men and women around the country to find lasting means towards better health. She is also the author of the popular blog, Choosing Raw, where she shares recipes, tips, and musings on the raw lifestyle. Among her favorite recipes is the uber-simple raw banana soft-serve, which can be found here: […]

  140. […] with AB, sprinkled it with cinnamon, microwaved for 45 seconds, then topped with a bit of refrozen Banana Soft Serve. It was amazing. As I looked at the mountain of food, I realized I was looking at it in the same […]

  141. […] a few overripe bananas that were begging to be put to work. I set aside some for future batches of banana soft serve and decided to use the rest to recreate Nicole’s Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins in bread […]

  142. I saw this over on KERF on Thursday. I immediately moved a couple of soggy bananas I was going to make bread with from the fridge to the freezer. I made this tonight and I’m speechless. So good. I can’t wait to make this for my son one day – (he’s only just started eating solid foods).

  143. This was a delicious alternative to icecream!
    I made it tonight and sprinkled carob powder on top…it was sooo GOOD!
    I just couldn’t believe how the consistency was so much like frozen yogurt. It was great!

  144. This was absolutely AMAZING! Of course it was. You’re a genius, Gena. So simple, yet SO GOOD. I ate this as a snack this afternoon (right now, in fact) with some almond butter swirled in, and it really is incredible. Thanks for the idea!

  145. […] I’d read on a few blogs about the amazingness that is whipped (put it in the blender or food processor) up frozen bananas. I decided to try it out with some bananas that I had frozen ages ago. It was pretty good! I added some peanut butter, and then realized I needed MORE peanut butter in it! The chocolate chips on top were more decorative than anything else. My bowl was actually too big, and I ended up eating it all anyway—it’s just frozen banana! The original post about the delicious frozen treat can be found here. […]

  146. […] And clean food can be so much fun. I made Gena’s banana soft serve twice last week and I am officially in love. Her recipe calls for a food processor, but after I discovered both of mine to be in heaven, I made it in the blender and it came out perfect. Use the “stir” setting in the end to fluff it up. Photo from and recipe on Choosing Raw: […]

  147. Looks delicious! And I already freeze all my bananas if they are past their time, to use in banana pancakes… it is great to have another use for them. A yummy and healthy use!

  148. You’re right – that post *did* change my life! I’ve been making this banana soft serve for weeks and I’m so in love with it! I even add frozen strawberries to mine (or other berries if I have them on hand). Our non-raw omni guests have fallen in LOVE with this dessert! Thank you!!!

  149. […] dessert anyway, and I clearly tolerate cold things better at night (my favorite dessert involves Banana Soft Serve, after all!), so it seemed like a good idea. The Base Ingredients 1/3 cup each of rolled oats, Silk […]

  150. […] fun things to share with you: – Lunch with Leslie – A fabulous ground turkey spinach soup – Testing Gena’s Raw Banana Soft Serve – Dinner at Umai Umai in Philadelphia – Brunch alone at Josie’s NYC – […]

  151. Thanks for the reminder about frozen bananas…such a simple thing, it’s easy to forget about it! Definitely putting bananas on my shopping list, now. 😀

  152. I just tried your banana soft serve last night and am kicking myself for not making this months ago! So good! Do you think it would work with a single banana? I’m guess the food processor needs two to be effective, but I was left with more than I wanted to eat. I just popped it back in the freezer, and I’m hoping the texture will still be good if I let it thaw a bit.

  153. Did this last night with some cocoa powder and stevia. OMG… I think I have my everynight dessert! Ahhhhmazing!

  154. I tried this at a raw-food restaurant once and I’ve been searching for the recipe ever since-so I can’t wait to try this! I just threw a couple of bananas in the freezer 🙂 yum

  155. Just finally made this for the first time!! It was so fantastic and my friends were SHOCKED. Definitely going to try it with some flaked dark chocolate on top in the future.

  156. Just made this and not only was it AMAZING, it was totally easy. I am a Fro-yo addict but this just may be the ticket to kick my bad habit. Thanks so much. Try my watermelon gazpacho recipe on my blog, I think you’ll like it 🙂

  157. You aren’t kidding! I thought the title of this post was ballsy when I read it the first time, but now that I have my food processor and have given the banana thang a try, holy God. So nice I did it twice, the second time with unsweetened cocoa. Nom nom nom nom…

    I’m officially on the banana boat.

  158. […] This recipe was submitted by Gena Hamshaw is a nutritional counselor with an emphasis on raw foods, digestive health, and detoxification. Based in Manhattan, she works with men and women around the country to find lasting means towards better health. She is also the author of the popular blog, Choosing Raw, where she shares recipes, tips, and musings on the raw lifestyle. Among her favorite recipes is the uber-simple raw banana soft-serve, which can be found here: […]

  159. […] I spent the rest of the evening chilling with the tv and cats, doing laundry, and craving chocolate. I knew there was no real chocolate in the house, and couldn’t decide what I wanted instead. I figured I should try out the Artisana Cacao Bliss – it wasn’t the chocolate I was looking for, but I figured it would do. But I needed a vehicle to serve it on, as I’m just too classy to eat straight from the jar…er something. Then I remembered there were frozen bananas upstairs, and I have a food processor again. Hello banana soft serve! […]

  160. Oh my god – that’s it; those pictures have sold me. That looks AMAZING! I don’t own a food processor at my apartment yet, but I can’t wait to get up to my boyfriend’s and borrow his to whip up some ice-cream. He always freezes his bananas in case I want to make banana bread, and he has a couple that aren’t actually overripe. Thanks!

  161. I know I am probably the millionth person to tell you this but I now OBSESSED with this for dessert 🙂 Especially with some peanut butter. You should get an award for this or something 🙂

  162. This is delicious! I’ve been trying to find something that would satisfy my sweet tooth and not be bad for me, this is it! So tasty…

  163. […] people’s blogs. There are definite trends that go around the blogosphere (Green Monsters and Banana Soft Serve for example). I figure that if everyone raves about certain recipes, they must be on to something. […]

  164. awesome!

    did you make the chocolate syrup with the food processor too? because when i try to mix cocoa powder with agave, it doesn’t mix, it just becomes clumpy.

  165. So after the title of the post I had to try this recipe, and what can I say? It is a-freakin’-mazing!
    The second time I made it I created an even more decadent treat by adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a teaspoon of raw vanilla powder. It tasted just like soft-serve chocolate ice cream (but better, because it is raw and delish!) Thanks for the very simple, but wonderful recipe!

  166. I just had to drop you a line and let you know how much I’ve been enjoying this treat. I serve it to my son almost daily. I mix it up with chocolate sauce or berries or peanut butter, and he devours it. Anytime you can get a two year old to eat fruits and veggies is a big plus, so thanks for this! I made it when he had a play group over last week and the kids ALL loved in, so much so that one mom called to ask specifically what kind of ice cream I fed the kids, because her child was refusing to eat any other kind.

  167. Finally made this tonight for the first time for Hubby and me. Added a few drops of vanilla, about a tablespoon of rice milk and a few sprinkles of cinnamon to one very ripe and one just ripe frozen banana. YUM!!! Next time will not use an overly ripe banana, and may add coconut chips then sprinkle with crushed walnuts. Can see lots of possibilities with this as the base . . . oh, and my parrot absolutely loved it, too!

  168. I did it! Not only is this a great snack with a lot of possibilities to jazz it up, but I now have a perfect way to use bananas that are too mushy for my taste.
    It’s in the freezer now and I can get a scoop out after my walk, toss on a few berries and cover the potassium and phytochemical requirements of my daily diet…genius

  169. I’ve been making banana “ice cream” for years! It’s my favorite summer dessert. I love sprinkling a little cinnamon and nutmeg on top. Last summer I found a place that actually sold banana ice cream. They make it right in front of you in the food processor as well. Pretty cool stuff! I also love to eat just the frozen banana as a “popsicle”.

  170. Yes, your banana soft serve has changed my life! 🙂 We all love it, but the toddler usually eats it fast enough to get the most… (I have only a mini food processor, so I can only make a little bit at a time, but I think it’s about time for a “real” food processor.)

    Thanks for making summer so yummy! 🙂

  171. Just had to say thank you – I haven’t yet tried it as soft serve, as I am recovering from a broken jaw, but yesterday used this as the basis for a “banana bread shake” and it was amazing.

  172. This looks incredible – I’ve been on the fence about investing in a food processor, and will have to run out and buy one so that I can make this! I think you’re on to the next food blogger recipe with a cult following – a la Green Monster!

  173. I started doing that when I first read Fit For Life, about 6 years ago. I also make a raspberry version, with frozen raspberries and just enough almond milk to make it creamy. Add a little bit of stevia or agave, and when I’m feeling decadent, some cocoa nibs. Yum!

  174. I saw this over at Ashleys site (dancing through life) it sounds sooooo yummy, I have bananas in the freezer all of the time but usually just eat them … I am so going to be trying this…I have never thought about raw food until now. I must make more effort! :o)

  175. […] and made not one, but two raw delights. When Gena titled her recipe for Banana Soft Serve “This post will change your life” She was NOT joking. I don’t take ice cream lightly, it is truly one of the great […]

  176. Wow!!! I had frozen some banana’s to munch on but never thought about making an ice cream. How creative and simple..thanks..can’t wait to try it.
    Blessings and Joy,

  177. […] cream. For those of you unfamiliar with the bliss that is banana ice cream, check out Gena’s post– it will change your life! I discovered banana ice cream about a year ago, when I challenged […]

  178. Looks delish. Dr Weil actually has a similar recipe this too. I believe he slices the banana though, puts on a plate to freeze for maybe 20 minutes, then froths it in the food processor. It was quite yummy too.

  179. […] When I came home I wanted a snack! I knew we were going to Costco later and I thought I could wait and get a nonfat frozen yogurt there but then I remembered I always get a stomach ache afterward. So I decided to satisfy my craving with Gena’s raw banana soft serve! […]

  180. I just made this for the first time and love it! I was just wondering, would this work with any other kind of frozen fruit?

    • sometimes I add other types of fruit to my frozen bananas…the bananas make it creamy…if you just use berries it tends to be more like sorbet and you might need to re-freeze it.
      I like frozen cherries and bananas…mmmmm

  181. I made it two times so far after reading about it on KERF’s site. It’s yummy indeed, and so simple. To mix it easier, the second time I added some liquid and the result was as great!

  182. I saw this over on Eating Bender and I’m glad I did! I’m going to put my bananas in the freezer tonight 🙂 I have a feeling that after I try this, I won’t need real ice cream anymore!

  183. This looks awesome. I’ve tried this in my Vitamix and did not get great results. I will have to try it in my food processor now. Thanks for sharing.

  184. Gena,

    Should I let the bananas thaw a bit before putting them in the processor? The last time I tried putting frozen stuff in the processor (bananas & strawberries), i thought it was going to jump off the counter! Do I just need to wait it out?


  185. YUM! Banana milkshakes are a family favorite but so loaded with calories we don’t have them often. This was just as good! Thanks for the great idea- we’ll be having these all the time now!

  186. I must be doing something wrong because mine didn’t work. My bananas just hung out on the side of the food processor no matter how many times I scraped it down. Any ideas?

  187. Um… WOW! Saw this made on a few other blogs and had to make it myself within the hour.

    YUM! I had mine with PB and Co. White Chocolate PB on top. Delicious!

  188. Okay, I just made this and I was SHOCKED at how good it was! Totally tasted like ice cream or frozen yogurt! So creamy!!!

    Thanks for a nice, healthy, dairy free dessert! 🙂

  189. Yes! This post did change my life!!!! I had high hopes for this little treat and we were all amazed! Me and the kids cannot stop talking about it! Thank you for sharing! It is absolutely amazing!

  190. Hi Gena, i’ve been reading your blog for a while and really love it!!! And this recipe really rocks and I feel I need to tell you that! hahaha….. 😀
    do you live in NYC? I’m heading to NY in about 2 hours….. any suggestion of what to do/eat? or probably a meetup? I’m so curious about all the raw food revolution!!! 🙂

  191. Ok, I have been seeing this RAVED over everywhere. I have TONS of bananas in the freezer. I will definitely be making it in the near future!

  192. I tried your ice cream this morning…it was so good I had to blog about it! I added blueberry sauce to mine and felt like I was having a rich dessert!

  193. O my gosh; I am trying this tonight…this banana with cocoa looks unreal…this is going to be my dessert this evening…
    Have a great day and keep up the great posts! Thanks for this yummy ‘treat’ idea…hehe…Hope to see you soon.



    The Healthy Apple

  194. Yes Yes Yes! I do love the simplicity and deliciousness of frozen banana raw ice cream. In fact, I am looking forward to simplicity when I return to AZ. Goodness I need it after my foodie safari in NY! 🙂


  195. Gena,
    I found your site from Sarah lovinmytummy. She referenced your blog when she made the banana ice cream. When I read it this morning I immediately threw to bananas in the freezer. I made it tonight for after dinner treat. Oh was it fabulous I also made the chocolate syrup. I split the serving in half and plan on eating the other half tomorrow. Since reading your blog I am very curious about incorporating some raw meals into my diet. I started a vegetarian diet in April and have enjoy it. Would you recommend incorporating raw or going vegan?
    I look forward to reading your blog from now on.

    • Hi Kathi!

      So glad you’re interested! I am vegan first and foremost, and raw second. And I think that any raw transition is much easier when you’ve gotten more accustomed to a totally plant-based diet. So perhaps some vegan steps is the best way to go.

      That said, everyone is different, and every transition is different! If you’d like some more guidance, please feel to shoot me an email and inquire about my coaching.


  196. I make this all the time!! It’s a great treat.

    I love reading your blog. We have similar outlooks on cleansing and raw foods. I have tried to go raw cold turkey a few times, but have come to the conclusion that slowly easing into it is a better option for me. I also love colonics. Never been to see Gil (but obviously have heard of him). I usually go to LYT NYC on 5th ave. I have just started reading Natalia Rose’s Raw Detox Diet and plan on using most of the techniques I learned once I finish the book. I look forward to keeping up with your posts!

  197. I’ve been eating frozen bananas (picture 2) forever, and putting them in smoothies, but I haven’t tried blending them alone yet- I’ll be trying that asap! Red Mango is one of my guilty pleasures and I’d love to have it even less. It occurred to me that for the food-combiners out there, this is one ice cream that is perfectly fine to eat with loads of berries on top! That’s pretty awesome!
    (oh- and check out my post on Natalia’s blog about my Saturday!) 🙂

  198. Oh my gosh Gena, you did it! You’re fantastic darling, this sounds sooo good and I have so many bananas at the moment 🙂 I wonder if it were possible to alter it slightly for that yogurt-consistency I’ve been longing.

  199. This sounds so delicious! I’ve got a few near-overripe bananas on the counter right now. Going to put them in the freezer right now. Can’t wait to try this dessert. Yummo!

  200. I’ve used banana to make raw ice creams before, but never just by itself. Sounds delicious!! And the pics of that chocolate sauce look too good to be true! Mmmmmmmmmm

  201. So this definitely won’t work in a regular blender, correct? I don’t want to spend the money on a food processor, but it looks so good. Are there any affordable, good quality food processors that you recommend?

    • Hey Roxy —

      My friend Sarah (Lovinmytummy) tried it in a magic bullet and it worked, so a blender might be ok — though I really think the food processor results will be shorter and better. I recommend a cuisinart 7 cup. It’s an invaluable investment for so many reasons, and will last forever.


  202. I actually got my mom into this last summer and despite her skepticism she ended up loving it. I’m about to expose my inner nerd here….the best part is you can have it after avos OR nuts. Amazing 🙂

  203. Gena!! Hi sweetie 🙂
    I loved the photos from your last post. Liz was so excited to have the chance to meet up with you, so glad you had a nice time together.
    And don’t you know this is my all time favorite dessert. Could it be any easier? Nope. When I’m feeling sassy I sprinkle raw cacao nibs or some maca on top too. Or try adding half frozen mango half frozen banana. Boo ya! Yum diddly um!
    Hope you are doing wonderfully!

  204. Love this recipe! They actually have a store in Ocean City, NJ where they make this! They have all kinds of vegan toppings too! I get it every time I am there! I need to try it at home but I only have a blender!

  205. Great post Gena! In my early detox days I lived off of avo salads and chocolate banana ice cream. It really is amazing how creamy dreamy and fluffy it gets in the food processor!

  206. I ate a frozen banana out of the fridge yesterday and it was delicious, but I was wishing I could make it creamier. This is genius, Gina! I don’t have a food processor, but I’m going to give it a try in my blender.

  207. So, my husband and I decided to try to go raw until dinner about a month ago. We bought a book and started to adjust our diet accordingly. We have been vegetarians for 11 years, but are trying to refine our diets even more. I love your site and blog and wanted to let you know that this recipe was a huge success tonight! The bananas…? Wow, what a surprise! Thanks for the realistic approach and fantastic recipes. I look to see what you have posted daily…it is my little escape from reality! Thanks so much!!!

  208. I love frozen bananas! I usually eat them plain or make them into a shake with some almond milk, but I think “ice cream” would be even better. Thanks for the food processor tip, too! 🙂

  209. i just got busted by the pilot for licking the screen. i have nanners in the freezer that are taking their SWEET time freezing… i can’t wait to try this!
    hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    i’m thinking you need a break from all of that work you’ve been doing to come to disney!

  210. amazing! i am trying this asap. the only thing is that i am wishing I had a bigger food processor rather than my teeny two cup one. : )

    Michal (lilearthmuffin)

  211. I’ve never posted a comment before and still a relatively new reader of yours, but had to comment because I made this tonight and am still wiping away the tears of joy over how amazingly delicious this was. Thank you THANK YOU for bringing frozen banana whip into our lives!

  212. Awesome recipe! I’m not on a raw diet but I want to slowly incorporate more raw/clean foods into my diet and yesterday and today I’ve been eating the chocomole.. It is heaven on earth!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  213. Ah, so simple! I’m making this tonight – my 2 year old would live on bananas alone if we let him. What a nice treat this will be for my dairy-free kiddo (ok, and me, too).

  214. WOW! That’s so simple, and it sounds delicious!! I could eat my body weight in ice cream during the summer (or any season actually…), and this sounds like a great substitute!

  215. This is one of my favorite ways to have bananas! I always keep them frozen for smoothies, but I while back I started just blending the bananas with vanilla bean and topping with bee pollen, gojis, or pecans…whatever the mood. Sometimes I’ll add coconut or almond cream and it gives even another layer of richness. So fabulous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  216. I don’t keep much in my freezer these days, but ALWAYS have frozen bananas on hand for just this reason. Sometimes I’ll scrape out a fresh vanilla bean and add it in as well.

    Okay. Now I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about it… Guess it’s time for an lil’ afternoon snack. 😀

  217. One of my all-time favorite desserts! If you have a twin-gear juicer, you can simply run the frozen banana through it with the blank filter as well–same result! 🙂

  218. I made this for “breakfast ice cream” this morning for Ryan (formerly “Chase Daylight” — new blog coming soon) and I. Absolutely delicious and amazing. I added plenty of agave / cocoa powder syrup. Very good, filling, and satisfying. Thank you!

  219. I read this just in time! My sister called me last night and told me to do the exact same thing, only she mixes in cinnamon and vanilla. My bananas are in the freezer right now! I’m going to make my ice cream tonight. 🙂 I’ll let you know how I like it!

  220. I apologize that I am commenting twice, but I just made the frozen banana ice cream and it was INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you soooo much. I have been trying to wean myself off of Tasti D-Lite and this will definitely help 🙂

    • Hey Christy!

      No, you don’t, but they’re sweeter when ripe or over ripe, and I much prefer them that way for desserts.


  221. Oh wow! This looks great! I actually tried my own little version of this a couple nights ago to disastrous results (which of course, I embarrassingly posted on the blog)–I will definitely try your version next time!

  222. oh yes yes yes.
    i discovered this probably like a month or so ago.
    it is totallyyy is awesome. no soy taste, no perservatives, no added sugar, no nothing!! but banana of course 🙂
    ive thought about creating a post dedicated to using foods in altered states and such[frozed melt, etc of course melted would be pretty much irrelevent to you…but yeah]

  223. Ahhh no! The one day we don’t have bananas you post this! I’m not a big fan of bananas, but I love ice cream so I will definitely be trying this ASAP.

    The only appeal of frozen yogurt, to me at least, is because everyone else eats it. I’m vegan but I always feel a little tempted to if my friends are. I wish some kind of vegan “fro yo” would become mainstream!

  224. I LOVE frozen bananas with chocolate… I’ve never blended them, though, but you can bet I’ll be doing that soon!

  225. Mmmmmm, that is one of my favorite snacks ever! I also love adding some almond milk and making a milkshake. I could drink that everyday!

  226. I’m so glad you posted this! I actually heard about this years ago and was absolutely astounded by the results. And so were my college roommates! I forgot about how incredible it was though. I so needed the reminder.
    No one will believe how ice cream like it is until they try it!

  227. Genius Gena, that’s your new nickname. I’ll be trying this out in the next few days. So much yum!!! (And frozen yogurt is one of the non-vegan things I actually miss more than anything else in the world.)

  228. ive done this SO many times, i love it! i started it back in my jamba juice days (it was my first job when i was 16, what can i say?). since then, frozen bananas are one of my fave treats, and then once i got to college, i used to chop them and freeze them so often, my sorority “mom” just started doing it for me. she’d keep the freezer FULLY stocked…ahhh, those were the days. i wasnt old enough to drink, but damn if i ever ran out of frozen treats!

  229. That is such a great idea! I’m going to try it and see how it compares to ice cream. I was just having a client today tell me how much she’s been wanting ice cream in the warm weather. This could be a healthy alternative!

    And just today I told a client to try trading her gatorade for coconut water…I thought it might be a little far fetched, but I’m glad you had the same idea.

  230. WOOOT NATURE’S ICE CREAM, nothing can beat that, EVER!! It’s scary how your recipes always come at the right time, my mum just bought TWO huge bags of bananas recently, YAY…..

  231. I use frozen bananas all the time in smoothies, which I love, but even so, I have really missed a good bowl of ice cream – the thickness and creaminess. I am newly vegan but have been dairy free for 7 months. I admit, I MISS my ice cream and now I don’t have too. I went and made this as soon as I finished reading your post. A perfect treat for a warm day. Instead of chocolate sauce, I made a simple strawberry topping by slicing fresh strawberries and mixing a touch of raw agave nectar. Delicious! I might try adding a couple of frozen berries in next time too. Thank you! Now summer won’t be so dreaded since I still get a frozen treat! I can’t wait to make this for the kids – they will flip as they are dairy free too.

  232. wow that does look really really awesome and easy…easy is my favorite! I have been slowly trying new raw foods and really enjoying them. I can tell it still freaks out my parents and others though, it seems so strange to them…any advice?

  233. […] So so good. And then…FOR THE STAR OF THIS POST. I want you all to visit a lovely blog called Choosing Raw If you click will find her latest post…(gena) I believe… SOFT SERVE […]

  234. I just tried a single serve batch in my mini-chopper…wonderful! Have you ever tried making more than one serving at a time and then refreezing it for later? I’m thinking this would be nice to have on hand for an easy-grab scoop every now and then…

    it was OH SO GOOD I wish i had someone take a picture of my face while I was eating it ..

    I used 1.5 frozen bananas, cinnamon and a drizzle of agave..process for 5 was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD I’m gonna blog about this and link back to this post! 😀