Canopy Verde Holiday Handbag Giveaway and Special Offer

Canopy Verde Vegan Handbag Giveaway! | The Full Helping

I’m so excited for today’s giveaway, which features a chic, versatile clutch from eco-friendly vegan handbag company Canopy Verde.

I haven’t been able to put together a comprehensive holiday gift guide this year, but I’m always keeping an eye on beautiful, unique vegan items that can serve as memorable holiday gifts. The Carroll Clutch from Canopy Verde is a perfect option: it’s fashionable, and it can be used a multitude of ways—as a foldover clutch, iPad case, or a bag-within-a-bag. The possibilities are endless!

Canopy Verde Vegan Handbag Giveaway! | The Full Helping

A little more about Canopy Verde: it’s a Brooklyn-based, all vegan handbag line that combines classic design with an eco-conscious philosophy. I was lucky enough to connect with the company’s founder, Linda Wong, earlier this fall, and I was impressed with her passion, her commitment to quality, and the integrity of her bags. Linda’s philosophy is that less is more. In her own words, she doesn’t like owning a lot of “stuff”–what she does own, she wants to be well-designed, timeless, and practical.

Canopy Verde Vegan Handbag Giveaway! | The Full Helping

Linda’s background is in the fashion industry, where she was dismayed at the waste she observed from season to season. Part of the appeal of starting her own brand was a chance to create new processes. She enlisted the help of a former colleague in Hong Kong, who now owns a factory, and the two women chose methods that cut down on waste and allowed them to reuse materials.

I love supporting vegan and eco-friendly businesses–not to mention businesses that are women-owned. So I’m thrilled to be chatting about Canopy Verde with you all today, and offering you not only a giveaway, but a special holiday gift promotion!

Canopy Verde Vegan Handbag Giveaway! | The Full Helping

For a limited time only, when you spend $199 in the Canopy Verde online store, you’ll get a free, $75 Carroll Clutch in a color of your choosing (indigo/gunmetal, indigo/orange, or stone/espresso). (You can check out all of the color combinations here.) Better yet, you’ll also get free shipping on the entire order. You can read all of the details about the promotion here.

There are tons of wonderful handbag combinations you could choose, and you can turn all products into gifts, or you can purchase one gift for a loved one and keep one for yourself. I definitely recommend the Canopy Verde Cassia Canvas Weekender Bag.

Canopy Verde Vegan Handbag Giveaway! | The Full Helping

It’s a roomy, structured, and incredibly versatile shoulder bag that features a canvas body and faux leather details. It’s the quintessential “everything bag” — gym bag, overnight tote, computer/work bag, or a super cool baby bag. I’m the proud owner, and I use the bag every single day, going to and from yoga, running up to campus with my books and laptop for class, or toting around folders and other materials to and from work. It’s attractive and comfortable, and it’s durable enough to handle all of the wear and tear it’ll get when you use it each and every day!

Linda is also generously giving away one free Carroll Clutch to a lucky winner over here at The Full Helping. This is an international giveaway, which means that my readers overseas (as well as in Canada and the US) are welcome to enter! The giveaway will run for two weeks, and the lucky winner will get to pick out a Carroll Clutch in a color of his or her choice. Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck in the giveaway. And, to learn more about Canopy Verde and its compassionate, conscientious mission, check out the company website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram page.

On that note, I wish you all a lovely weekend. See you on Sunday for a little weekend reading!


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  1. “What’s on your vegan holiday wish list this year?”

    … lots of maple syrup. I may have a problem.

  2. Glass straws made my list.
    As did the Vitamix, but I’ve resolved to be realistic for the moment.

  3. I literally asked for coffee this year – quality coffee, you know what I mean. This is a much better idea 🙂

  4. The top item on my holiday wishlist this year is a new fancy food processor 🙂 But I really love these bags, so maybe I’ll have to get one for myself soon.

  5. My vegan holiday wish is that my family won’t ask me to explain *again* why I won’t eat their non-vegan food. And a vegan crockpot cookbook. 🙂

  6. I am wishing for a spiralizer and a juicer! 😀 Probably going to have to pick just one though because there isn’t enough room in my little apartment… 🙁

  7. Lots of tea and tea accessories and also one of those veggie republic bracelets 🙂

  8. I’m looking for tea this year. There’s a great company where I live that makes all organic teas with imaginative flavours. My current favourite is black tea with blackcurrent and elderberry, but they’ve got a chocolate, pear, and ginger one out for Christmas!

  9. What a gorgeous bag! I’m always on the look out for companies doing great things out there, ones that align with how I want to live life. I love that the designer says that she doesn’t want to own a lot of stuff, honesty like that means a lot coming from someone working in fashion! I am not big into fashion, but I am of the mindset that spending a little more on one great piece is better than spending a little bit here and there on a bunch of stuff you don’t need. I don’t really have a wish list this year, but I wouldn’t be too upset is santa brought me some new hiking boots and a few cinnamon buns 😉 Thanks for the great giveaway x

  10. I think I’d like a tofu press or a new waffle iron to make coconut yogurt waffles!

  11. Lovely bags and they look so roomy, something every woman wants and in my case needs.

  12. Money is tight, so my boyfriend and I are pooling money to take care of some important expenses. No gifts but we finally get to have each other around!

  13. that people rather than spending money on more possessions donate to the poor or to another charitable cause

  14. indigo gunmetal = love at first sight!! what a great givaway and thanks for the intro to a cool company i had never heard of.

  15. I’ve been wanting one of those cute pottery dishes for nooch for a while, and it is on my wishlist this year!

  16. Exquisite, eco-friendly handbags like this one is certainly on my holiday wishlist, to give to my equally eco-conscious friends. As well as coconut oil-based products, for both culinary and skincare purposes.

  17. Oh all the things – new cookbooks (including your Food 52 one), vegan chocolate (because ALWAYS), and warm, vegan, supportive, comfortable, and cute just-the-right-height brown boots (which are SO hard to find, specifically the supportive piece).

  18. Oh this is so gorgeous, it;s hard finding bags that are stylishly urban yet practical and no-nonsense – let alone ethical incarnations of them! Love the look of these!
    Christmas isn’t a huge deal in my family – my parents usually pick something up on their travels so it’s usually locally handmade and a total surprise – but I’m always happy to receive good quality chocolates, coffees, or cooking ingredients as a treat.

  19. Loved these bags, wishing to get my hands on one this holiday season. Also a coat-where can I get a vegan under $100 coat? Thanks

  20. Oh love this! This would make the PERFECT gift for my sister- she’s starting to see how great it is to be vegan

  21. On my practical wish list is a dehydrator, but on my non practical list is this lovely little clutch….

  22. i live in a place where vegan food is not widely sold and is very expensive so i want all sorts of vegan/healthy goodies

  23. My Vegan Holiday wish list includes vegan clothing and vegan makeup and lots of healthy vegan fats and treats because I struggled with orthorexia and low self worth (not wearing make up/ dressing up/ etc) when I was a carnivore, so I want to create a new relationship with… life!

  24. These are lovely! As for my vegan wish list — I would love some fancy vegan chocolate!

  25. like every year, my list is full of cookbooks, cookwear and barbie ornaments… never grow up! thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  26. These are such beautiful bags and the fact that they’re vegan makes them even more special. On my vegan holiday wish list this year is a new winter jacket. But I’d be more than happy to get one of these bags.

  27. I only eat vegan and I’m not asking for food, but it’s coincidental that a few of my items on my list are vegan, including my Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer.

  28. On my wishlist this year is a high speed blender to whip more plant milks,, smoothies and soups!

  29. I can’t say I really have a wishlist, but this clutch would be a welcome addition!! Love them!

  30. There stuff is so cute! Thanks for keeping me in the loop when it comes to vegan fashion, I feel like I’m always behind. I just love this clutch and really those bags:) Thanks dear!

  31. I’m always looking for new and exciting cruelty free gifts that are also gorgeous. Whether in fashion, food, or lifestyle compassion and love are always in style…. especially during the holidays!Thank you gena for introducing us to another great company

  32. These are beautiful clutches. But I am concerned about the conditions in the Hong Kong factory.

  33. I got a new winter hat and am hoping for a Tjs gift card to buy more vegan treats!