Carrot Cake Smoothie, and Tribest Blender Giveaway!!


Hello readers!

I’m often asked whether it’s necessary to own a Vitamix to enjoy a high-raw lifestyle. The answer is no, absolutely not! I was eating raw foods long before I got my Vitamix. This said, having a good blender will enhance and contribute to a raw or semi-raw lifestyle immensely. With a decent blender, you can make soups, smoothies, and salad dressings; you can grind nuts, chop vegetables, and even whip up raw ice cream. Yum!

The only downside of having a good blender at home is that one tends to become spoiled; as soon as I grew accustomed to my blender (and, later, my Vita), I found myself longing after homemade smoothies and soups when I was traveling.

Enter the Tribest personal blender. This incredible little contraption allows you to whip up blended foods and beverages wherever you may roam. Small, transportable, and super high-powered, it’s an unbelievable tool if you’re looking to bring healthy habits on the road. My Tribest has lived under my office desk, has traveled home for the holidays with me, has accompanied me on two business trips, and is a terrifically easy to clean alternative to my Vitamix. In many ways, I depend on it more than the Vita, if only for its conveniance. To operate it, you need only put food or beverage contents in the custom cups that come with the blender, screw on the blade attachment, put the blade and cup into the motor base. You press and twist the blending cup, and in moments you have homemade soup, salsa, tapenades, smoothies, or ground nuts and seeds. Best of all, the pieces are easy to dissassemble and clean up–a rarity among appliances!

Various raw foodies have blogged about and promoted the Tribest blender. You can check out my girl Ani Phyo’s review here, and my friend Ingrid‘s review here. Suffice is to say, the blender is super popular in the raw community, and with good reason!

Now, you all have a chance to try the Tribest out, too. The good folks at Tribest have generously agreed to share not one, but two models with me.  They have models to suit a range of needs, and models PB-150, PB-250, and PB-350 all feature BPA free blending containers.


The PB-350 Mason Jar Personal Blender, which Tribest sent me to sample and review, offers glass containers with blending and grinding containers. In the past two months, I’ve used it to make the following:

Green smoothie for Christmas morning:


Salad dressing with fresh basil:



Ground almond meal:


…in addition to a ton of raw soups and dressings. Check out the incredible glass jar collection:



The verdict? The PB-350 is an awesome home kitchen device. Best of all, it’s allowed me to bring raw soups and smoothies to the office!


As if this gift wasn’t generous enough, Tribest has sent me a second model, the PB-250, to share with all of you! This blender features:

• Personal Blender Motor Base – 110V
• one Blending Blade Assembly
• one Grinding Blade Assembly
• two 16 oz BPA Free Blending Containers
• two 8 oz BPA Free Grinding Containers
• one commuter sipping lid
• three Regular Lids

It yields about two servings, and of course you can take it on the go anywhere, anytime.

So, what do you have to do to enter this giveaway? I dislike being forced into fourteen various entry steps, so I’ll keep it pretty simple:

1) Leave a comment on this post, telling me what the first thing you’d make with a new Tribest blender would be


2) If you want an additional entry, Tweet OR mention the giveaway on your blog and then leave a comment saying you did it.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday, Feb. 24th!

I wish you all luck!!

Finally, a friend and client emailed me on Friday with the following request:

Hey Gena! I have really been wanting carrot cake type flavor lately…think there is any kind of smoothie recipe for that??

I’m sure there are a ton of options, but my own kitchen fiddling gave birth to this one. Of course, I used my Tribest blender to make it!


Carrot Cake Smoothie

1 1/2 cups carrot juice
1 cup ice
1/2 cup cashews, raw
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice

Blend all ingredients on high. This will yield at least two servings.

OK, guys. Enough about me. Get commenting, and good luck!


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  1. I would make a raw carrot-spinach-apple-cucumber-beet with a splash of almond milk & a touch of ginger smoothie.I woulf enjoy this & feel good all day after drinking it.

  2. I will making a pineapple, mango, strawberry smoothie for myself and my kids!!!!

  3. I would make a Carrot Cake Smoothie as I am drooling just reading your recipe!! Just lost 30 lbs going raw in 3 months and hoping to loose another 70!!
    The Big Guy

  4. That blender is so cool. I love the glass containers! The first thing i would make with one would definitely be a raw soup, i’ve always wanted to try but my current blender can barely make a smoothie.

  5. The carrot cake smoothie is delicious! I’m drinking it right now as I prepare the falafel!

  6. I was just looking for a place that carries this blender in NYC so I could get it without waiting… I am probably too late for this but if not, the first thing I would make with this is blueberry smoothie with almond milk, a handful of spinach and a shot of agave. The best.

    Thanks for all this information!

  7. I might be too late…but it’s worth a try! I am a teacher, and have been working out before school with a couple of other teachers. It is always such a rush when I get home to get ready for work and eat breakfast, so I have been making smoothies. I have been a little limited with my normal blender–so I would love to try this! I wouuld definitely make more fruit smoothies, and also homemade almond butter that I have been wanting to try!

  8. I’d make the biggest batch of multifruit smoothies to share with all my swimming buddies!!

  9. I would actually make your carrot cake smoothie. It looks and sounds so good! I would also try and make different types of nut butters with flax seeds and wheat germ.

    There were also alot of good ideas that other people mentioned that I might have to try.

  10. I would make a green smoothie with all of the different kinds of greens from my garden and add some protein powder for my post workout drink.

  11. Hi Gena,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the Tribest. All of this rain today has me craving something spicy and comforting, so I think I would make carrot ginger soup or a raw tomato rasam.

  12. I’ve been wanting one of these for so long… (next holiday I am going to have to hint much harder to my husband, or else win one 🙂
    The first thing I would make would almost certainly be salad dressing. Seems I’m making a sauce or dressing every day or so and is a main reason I’m hoping for one of these babies. Congrats to whomever wins, I’m sure it will be put to good use!

  13. I have so many things I want to make and try and don’t even know where to begin! (I’ve just recently come across “raw” & I’m so excited to start introducing it into my life!) So please – pick me! pick me! I think I’ll start with a green monster that everyone is talking about!

    By the way – I LOVE your blog! You make choosing raw simple and easy. Thanks!

  14. OMG, so many contestants! But, I’ll give it a shot anyways, I do believe in luck. 🙂

    The first thing I would do is a great green smoothie to take with me to the gym. I always miss good food just after work out, and this kind of blender would just make my like perfect! 😀

  15. I have been trying to incorporate more kale into my life. I would definitely use the blender to make a green smoothie on the go in the morning. I agree with Sarah above, the Magic Bullet is great, but just not quite cutting it lately.

  16. OK, well first the blender would come with me to work…..and that will require a long airplane ride somewhere…hhmmmm, and of course the wonderful thing is that because of its size, it CAN come to work with me! I travel extremely frequently, and so much miss me blender at home (Blendtec), and constantly miss the ability to blend real veges! Not just powders and soft fruits, but really blend up some good ‘ole fashioned veg!! So therefore, I’ll make a spinach smoothie (usually 3 cups or so), with some water, a banana (OK, soft fruit there!), and maybe a cucumber, with a little pear or apple for sweetner. Yuumm. The perfect way to make a hotel room feel like home! Thanks Gena!

  17. The first thing I would make is a breakfast smoothie on a work day – much easier to make and transport instead of using my ancient blender and pouring into a jar!

  18. Well – I would love to win this blender as my Magic Bullet isn’t cutting it and is going back to where it came from! Thanks Gena – your blogs is my first daily read!

  19. The first thing I would make would be a collection of awesome RAW dressings. I LOVE salads and the Tribest Blender would be awesome to make many quick selections of dressings to choose from.

  20. Hi!!!! i would definitely make a chocolate avocado smoothie first – so good, plus throw in some frozen fruit like raspberries and a few seeds as well!!! i love this giveaway and this blender would be so perfect for a high-raw college student like me! (it’s a challenge for sure!)

  21. Oh smoothies! My blender now is…. well, crap. Never has been able to make a smooth enough smoothie and heaven forbid I try to have it blend anything with ice!

  22. I would make salad dressings and dips with it. It is so hard to make smaller quantities with a full size blender. I love making dressings, but un-cooking for 1 makes it a little wasteful at times, unless I want the same salad repeated.

    This sounds like a great solution for traveling too, I am trying to plan a weekend away & can’t seem to fit my kitchen into my bag 😉

  23. if i won i would give it to my brother because he wants to make more smoothies. he’s vegetarian and wants to eat better.

  24. There are so many things I would make but what sticks out is the banana ice cream. Since discovering your recipe here, I’ve kept frozen banana chunks in the freezer at all times for making this frozen treat.

    thanks for introducing this blender. good to know that it is BPA free.

  25. I would make a yummy berry/almond or hemp milk/banana smoothie for my kiddos. Thanks for the chance!

  26. I’ve just started getting my health on track, and I’m looking at going RAW. I absolutely love the way the food tastes. I’m also looking at becoming a Vegan. Doing a lot of reading lately, and this would fit into my “new” lifestyle. I’m making LOTS of smoothies and juices right now, so I would use it to make my smoothies, but I’m sure it would be used for TONS of ideas.

  27. That blender is sweet! I love my VitaMix but that little beauty would be a great addition. I’d make pudding for my two princesses- avocado, agave and cacao… easy peasy.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. I would LOVE LOVE to win this!!! Oh how this would be used in my house! I would probably first make some sort of yummy protein smoothie or ice cream with it, and then try something different like a tomatillo salad dressing! FUN!!!

  29. I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this! I have honestly never won anything and I need a blender oh so badly. Please let it be me!
    (fingers crossed) 🙂


  30. Hi Gena, the first thing I would make is this awesome raw cayenne/tahini dressing recipe I cam across. Yummy!

  31. Since I am just starting out in the raw food world, I would definitely make a green smoothie. I have found so many tasty recipes that I cannot wait to try. Using my mom’s old blender just isn’t convenient at all!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway and your amazing blog, I’m hooked because it’s got so much good information!

  32. I would definitely make a green smoothie. I have never had one and my sad old blender is not up to the task (or any task for that matter).

  33. It’s hard to say what I would blend in it first, although I’m sure it would be a smoothie of some sort. I’m so addicted to them at the moment. It makes my life easier to blend one and slowly sip it as I take care of the kiddies.

    I’ve been curious as to how this model compares to the Magic Bullet. If I won, I’d love to do a comparison between the two on my site, linking back to your post, of course 🙂

  34. The first thing I would make would be a peanut butter banana, almond milk smoothie!

  35. Running a modeling agency, I see girls and young women struggle with their weight and eating habits…nutrition is so important. I recommend your blog to all my young girls as a resource for healthy nutrition. I love how accessible you make this lifestyle seem!

    I would definitely have to make some raw coconut chocolate pudding the first blending experience! 🙂


  36. I would LOVE to whip up my very first raw fruit smoothie! I am new to this and think that this blender would make a wonderful addition to our large family! Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  37. I left my bullet blender on the toaster last December and melted it. (Hypothyroid on Synthroid for now, but soon on bioidentical plant extract)until then I hope to win your blender and make the carrot cake smoothie. These raw recipes help me keep my weight down till I get the T3’s that provide a metabolism and heat up the cold body. Please gimme the prize! I hope to not be so forgetful after I make the switch from synthetic levothyroxine. Until then I’m eating better and enjoying food again.

  38. what a great giveaway!! – I’d love to be entered!! I’d probably make a yummy smoothie with spinach, celery, apples, carrots and parsley..

  39. I would take it to my office and make green smoothies for my co-workers so they can taste how wonderful they are! I always get teased about being a “health nut” and people turn their noses up when they see me drink, or speak about my LOVE for green juice and smoothies. So, I would convert those naysayers with my portable Tribest!

  40. What a neat blender! I’d try to make some salad dressings, I’ve been interested in trying some new ones.

  41. I have been looking at this blender for an upcoming trip, so am excited to enter the giveaway. The first thing I would make is my basic green smoothie – kale + spinach + lemon + parsley + cilantro and whatever fruit I have on hand. Thank you for entering me in the giveaway.

  42. So excited to find this post. I have seen the Tribest blender & have been salivating over it…. I have an old Magic Bullet that I actually just tossed, the motor died, it was all plastic, etc, etc. So, I am in major need of a new travel blender to take to work on my 24hr work days. First thing I would make, likely a green smoothie. Oh, and not to sway the results, the 24th is my birthday 🙂 xo Christel

  43. Hi! The first thing I’d make with this wonderful blender is a fabulous vegan multi-fruit breakfast smoothie for my wife – the first morning we spend as a married couple! We’re getting married on April 15th and I would love to surprise her with this on April 16th. 🙂

  44. Definitely a green smoothie. My first attempt was with a low-power blender, and it was chunky and … earthy. Not very appetizing! Thank you so much 🙂

  45. the first thing i would make is a peanut butter and banana smoothie made with ice and almond milk

  46. i’d like to add on to my comment…funny, brendan was just on my mind & then this great post was here. i was just planning on picking up his book “thrive,” longtime on my list of reads. i am starting a new yoga teacher training intensive in spring and i am really working to shift my nutrient levels and diet to support this training. i know he’s done his homework! and for the new triblender, well, it would be soo cool to have and i’d use it for VEGA smoothees as i start my training program which has been a dream for my entire life! i finally have a new opening in my life to really focus on eating clean, detoxing, delve into raw foods and start a training that i’ve dreamed of doing for some 20 years now. i’m really inspired now especially after reading this post to follow his recommendations to live the healthiest, most vibrant life i can! thank you!

  47. love the site – inspired reading! the blender is super cool and this new blender looks like it makes raw food prep easy & quick which is great for new yorkers on the go! i have to say first, i’d make a super thick, yummy banana cacao shake for my love with some greens snuck in (trying to inspire him to eat more healthfully & show him how delicious raw foods can truly be!) and for myself, i’d experiment with a new recipe as i work to expand my raw food repetoire…probably a new soup as i start a new detox program after a long winter 🙂

  48. mmmmm…….Thank you Gena for this opportunity to win this amazing gift……now what to choose…… to choose……I think I would ……try that yummy looking and sounding carrot cake smoothie and sun dried tomato pesto….and a green energy drink…….and homemade almond milk…..and a dressing for a bountiful salad…….mmmmmmmmm

  49. That looks awesome! I would totally make a homemade nut/seed butter, with a mixture of several types of nuts and seeds!


  50. I would use the blender to make a single portion of cashew cream. It just doesn’t work in a regular food processor!

  51. i’d make a green smoothie i think! thanks for all the great information and recipes gena, i love your food 🙂 still going strong on the cleanse protocol with the additions you suggested. xoxoxo

  52. I have been looking for something to make my own fresh nut pate with as well as alot of the yummy looking recipes on your site.

  53. I would make salad dressing for sure. Even though I recycle it bugs me to buy so many bottles at the store when I can just keep fresh ingredients on hand and make my own every week since we eat so much salad anyway!

  54. I would mix pumpkin, sesame and flax seeds to add to salads. Thanks for the chance at the Tribest.

  55. Hi Gena,
    I love your site. I am slowly converting my BF to a healthier lifestyle…and this would be a great help..not only for him but myself too. I would make green juice as soon as I got the blender. I have been hunting around for one but right now they are all just a bit pricey for me.

    thanks for the giveaway

  56. Hi Gena, I would make that creamy Carrot-Avocado Bisque that I love so much!

    What a great giveaway. I would love a Tribest blender for traveling. Thanks!

  57. The first thing I would make would be a green monster smoothie….My favorite breakfast!

  58. first item on the blender list is raw borscht! i’m stuck with just a food processor right now, and raw beet chunks just aren’t cutting it…

  59. I think I would like to make a smoothie using beets. Have never tried that before.

  60. If this new tool arrived in my kitchen, I would go with the first thing I pulled out of the frig! And I would keep pulling things out and “blending” until I hit on something that would make me very very happy! Maybe a Mango Mash with Peaches and Cinnamon! The freezer can be such an inspiration, too! But then, there’s my fondness for raw almonds…..oh, where to start?!?!?

  61. I would definitely make smoothies but also grind nuts. I really need something to grind nuts. The way I do it right now is kind of sad. I unskillfully chop up the nuts with my dull ‘steak’ knife (for use of a better word…my chef’s knife split in half) and then put small portions in a bowl with water and use my dollar store hand blender…i eventually get the job done…but it’s usually not too smooth..kinda like me! haha

  62. I work late night in a healtstore, and i do tend to get sugar cravings at nigth. If I make a raw soup or smoothie to bring i keep the cravings in stock. But if I dont, i always end up eating something not raw, and even not organic or good for me.. With this blender i could just blend it up and take it with me to work. No more putting in another container witch has to stand straight to not leach in my purse.

    So, the first thing I would make is a good tomato and cellery soup – my favorite.

  63. Hi Gena,

    I have recently started adding a few raw recipes to my lifestyle. Trying to start small and work my way up to more difficult recipes. Although, I am amazed at how easy some of the recipes are. At the moment my regular blender has been mainly used to blend smoothies and is coming close to the end of it’s life. I have researched the Vitamix and don’t see the price in my budget. The Tribest blender seems to be a great alternative and easy to take on our yearly camping trips. What a plus! After having my second child we learned that he is has an allergy to dairy and have been supplementing with rice milk and almond milk. However, have never made any myself. So, I think that my first recipe would be to make raw almond milk for our family. Chocolate for my oldest as it is his favorite!

    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!!

    PS: tweeted at eesmommy

  64. Awesome giveaway! I would love make a green juice Dr. Oz made in the Oprah show a while ago 🙂

  65. With a Tribest I could/would make healing green juice while on the go! This would be a life giving gift.

  66. Hi there,

    this is an AWESOME giveaway.

    I think the first thing I would make would be green lemonade as mentioned in The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. I love the taste of it and it works sooo much better than coffee to perk me up in the morning. My friend, Somer has said it almost gives her a natural high when she drinks it. I would have to agree!

    My current financial situation is pretty grim right now. I have sustained two knee injuries recently while snowboarding and as a result am not working, so I have no way to go out and purchase this wonderful machine myself right now.

    I love your blog and actually just created a facebook page about the benefits of not eating soy, I hope it will recieve lots of positive feedback and of course gain lots of fans!

    On my “not eating soy” page, I mentioned the posting you created last summer about the benefits of eliminating soy from your diet. Thanks for providing such valuable information that’s easily accessible. 🙂

    Ah, and that carrot cake smoothie recipe looks delish! Would love to try.

  67. hmmm…I would say a green smoothie but it’s so dang cold here…so soup and once it warms up, a smoothie! thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  68. Awesome! I too am completely spoiled with having a blendtec at home. However, I recently started a new job where I no longer work from home and my diet is changing for the worse now that I’m at an office 8 hours a day. The first thing I’d make in my Tribest would be a “lazy” green smoothie:
    2 heaping tablespoons of vitamineral green, 1 serving of vega smoothie infusion (or hemp protein), ground flax, a sambazon acai smoothie pack and a touch of stevia. Perfect treat for the office. Thank you!
    Also, I just tweeted! (@mayahenderson)

  69. as you stated, the vitamix is not a 100% necessary object in the life of a raw vegan.

    but who doesn’t like new toys!?

    it is difficult to decide what i would do first, but i would probably christen the vitamix by whipping up a green juice for myself and give the dudes at lifethyme & integral yoga natural foods a break….kale, cucumber, apple & lemon. then…cashew cheese! pesto stuffed ‘shrooms! ground almond meal for almond marzipan balls!

    the possibilities are truly endless. also, delicious!

  70. The first thing I would make is your carrot cake smoothie. That looks AWESOME….I’m a huge fan of carrot juice and carrot cake…what a great idea!

  71. I would make a green smoothie for my mom! She’s a breast cancer survivor, and she’s trying to eat healthier, so I’d love to whip up a healthy green smoothie for her! Maybe, down the road, I can get her to kick her morning coffee habit in favor of an energy-filled green smoothie…

  72. this blender looks awesome! i would definitely use this for my smoothies and maybe come up with some new recipes too!

  73. the first thing i would make would definitely be a green smoothie, strawberry, banana, apple and spinach with almond milk and chia seeds!!

  74. I would make banana cacoa chia seed pudding and a green smoothie next weekend while im away!

  75. This personal blender looks awesome! I do wish I could travel with my blender all the time.

    I would make some of your blended salad recipes from your July 11th post!

  76. I’d have to make my favorite Cacoamaca smoothie with bananas & spinach! It’s my favorite! & so fast and easy for the college vegan.

  77. I would love to use the Tribest Blender to make a delicious green smoothie with avocado, kale, cucumber, sprouts, and agave nectar! Love reading your blog!

  78. Smoothies, soups and salad dressings – Oh My!

    I’ve been looking for a way to travel and still have my green smoothies, blended soups and salad dressings and the Tribest is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  79. I am a college student who has been trying to slowly incorporate more healthy foods into my diet, this would certainly help!

  80. The first thing I’d whip up in a new Tribest Blender would be some banana soft serve!!

  81. What a nifty gadget! I definitely need one to travel with! The first thing I would make is one of my post-workout Vega smoothies – 1 scoop Vega, water, blueberries, strawberries…… Yummm!

  82. This blender looks awesome! I would make either this carrot cake smoothie (looks great) or a smoothie with kale, banana, and frozen peaches. Or a green puree as a base for waffles (I’ve been experimenting lately).

  83. the first thing I would make is a delicious smoothie with acai, blueberry, kale, chia, wheatgerm, coconut water & a little agave. yum 🙂

  84. I would definitely make a green smoothie!!! I juice every morning, but on the mornings that I don’t have time this would be so great to have 🙂

    I just discovered your blog about a month ago and cannot get enough of your info and recipes!!! They are simple and delicious. It has gotten me eating far more veggies than I usually do and my body is “working” so well now….better than ever. I am figuring out how to balance raw veggies with enough grains, nuts and seeds and legumes. Listening to my body is guiding me through this.

    I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and fantastic blog!!! It has me coming back everyday.


  85. That sounds A-MAZing! I would make some raw butternut squash soup… so creamy and good!

  86. Yayyy! I just found your blog (from Brendan’s facebook page) and I LOVE IT! Posted about this giveaway and your fabulous blog! I love smoothies for breakfast everyday, so that would be the FIRST thing I made!

  87. Oh, where would I start?!? My dilemma would be when would I stop! lol

    It would be a toss up between, green smoothies, dressings or nut/seed milks. Heck, I would probably be going strong all day whipping up new concoctions.

    Thanks for the carrot cake smoothie recipe. Looking forward to trying that, sounds delicious!

  88. raw pesto with the wonderful basil i’ve been getting at the farmer’s market out here in scottsdale 🙂

  89. I’d use it to bring green smoothies with me on the train to work in the morning! My own blender is not very good so I haven’t made a smoothie in a long time…it would really wake me up before I get to the office! I’d also make some raw chocolate balls for my colleagues 😉

  90. Thanks Gena – this blender would be great for travel! I’d whip up my breakfast smoothie – spinach, mango, almond milk, rice protein powder and some chia seeds!

  91. Well, I do not make smoothies and stuff. But I hope that doesnt mean I cannot qualify 🙂
    Anything free sounds nice…and I know tons of needy people who could use it also…giving is beautiful 🙂

  92. Wow, what WOULDN’T I make?!?!? I would make a dressing for people when I do my PLANT BASED workshops to show them how delicious and easy it is to make their new found veggielove salads taste awesome… and I would also make my energy gels for my marathon training in a pinch! The possibilities are endless!

  93. i’d love to make a warm soup, something coconut-y for the cold weather 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I would use it for green smoothies. My 6 year old and 3 year old need these daily and it’s difficult when we’re away from home.

  95. I would make a nut pate, since my current blender will not let me make them 🙁

  96. The first think I would make would definitely be a red velvet smoothie with banana, cherries, almond milk, cocoa powder, and a dash of salt. SO good! I would also want to make green juice. I don’t have a juicer, but I can make it with a blender and a nut milk bag. It would be extra convenient if I had a travel blender, though, because I would be able to take it with me on trips. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  97. i would want to try and create a new recipe, maybe instead of a green smoothie try and go for a green PUDDING! 🙂 a way to get more greens into my day

  98. omg awesome! I would so love to make some sweet potato soup in this. It looks like such an amazing kitchen tool to have!

  99. I’d make a spicy ginger salad dressing that I’ve been craving for days now! Perfect to combat this snowy weather!

  100. I would make some sort of banana chai infused shake!! With a healthy dose of spinach ofcourse!

  101. I’m stair-stepping my way to veganism – I’m prone to “overdoing it” when I take on major changes, jumping in headfirst, only to find that because of a lack of proper planning and preparation, I have set myself up for failure. Can you tell I’ve tried this before?

    I’m committing to concocting at least one vegetarian meal per week, usually planning a dinner on my day off, and adding in breakfasts to boot. I’m reading (voraciously) about proper nutrition (so I don’t inadvertently become a carb-atarian), and loving my kitchen experimentation. The vegan lifestyle appeals to me not only for the obvious ethical reasons, but also because I am dying to live a healthier, more vibrant life, and something at the core of my being tells me that this is the path will lead me there.

    If I had one of the Tribest blenders, I’d be making smoothies for breakfast and packing smoothies and soups for the rest of my day. There’s a fridge/freezer at work that would be handy for keeping them fresh. I run into the problem of how to prepare and pack such things now, and this looks like a solution to both problems!

    I’ve also tweeted this on my zenxguin account!

  102. I’m just learning about all the awesome homemade salad dressings I can make — so I’d definitely use it for that. I’m hoping to try making a carrot-ginger one at some point.

    (Hoping Canadians are eligible, although I know the chances of that are slim…)

  103. I am teaching my 22 year old nephew vegan raw food preparation, as he wants to help his Mom and family eat health, so if I won a blender, I’d bring it to his house for our weekly food shopping and “cooking’ sessions. First thing we’d make would be the Carrot Cake Smoothie-I just made one myself (drank practically the whole thing at once). He doesn’t have a blender or a food processor so this would open up more possibilities.

  104. As a substitute teacher who finds out she has a job at 5:30am and needs to leave the house lunch in hand by 6:30, I would make a fabulous smoothie or soup to take with me each day. We get our organic fruits and veggies delivered, so it would include whatever fun items I have in the fridge that day. Yum OH

  105. The first thing I would make is a Banana cashew and cinnamon milk!! I tried it at Pure Juice and Takeaway in New York last week and was so amazed because it was so delicious and then I tried to make it home the next day and my blender broke lmao! It was worth it… I think lol

  106. Hi Gena, I’m a spaniard living in Fl and I love your blog! 🙂

    The first thing that I would make with this blender would be a green smoothie of papaya, banana, coconut, turmeric, and spinach.

    Have a good day! 🙂

  107. I just signed up for 3-week language course far from home, where there will be few vegan options, so my plan is to bring a mini blender like this and whip up all my meals with it. If I were lucky enough to win it, I’d probably make a nut milk first, with some raw cocoa, dates, and vanilla added, and pour it into popsicle molds for a fudgcicle treat.

  108. Hi Gena! I am totally addicted to Casey Lorraine’s creation of Sweet Spiced Sweet Potato with Creamy Chocolate Dipping Sauce. I have been making it most nights for dinner the last few weeks and never tiring of it. So I would make the Chocolate Dipping Sauce which is very similar to the Chocomole. The Tribest would be great for less clean up with such things. Thanks for the give away! Much love, Robyn.

  109. I’d definitely make your banana soft serve first. My cheap mini food processor can’t handle anything frozen!

  110. I have been checking into the idea of raw food Thank you for the carrot cake smoothie recipe. Looks healthy and very yummy and healthy. That should be the goal for the new year.

  111. Part of the amazing-ness of my raw food experience thus far has been the fun of modifying recipes important to my family and culture (my family’s Turkish) to only include raw and natural ingredients. If I had a blender as powerful as the Tribest Blender, I would make a beloved Turkish recipe called “marmara”, which blends crushed walnuts, tomato paste, white bread crumbs (I’d replace this with spelt), and garlic into a wonderfully tasty, beautifully simple paste. Yum!

  112. Oh my oh my,
    What would I do if I won this incredible blender?…

    I make smoothies, lots of them, using lots of good stuff, fruits, veggies, soy. If I won the Tribest Blender, I’d take it to work with me. Why, I work in a prison out in the middle of no where in Idaho. I travel 120 miles round trip and am gone from my kitchen 12 hours a day. I’ve tried taking smoothies with me to work, but by the time I drink them in the afternoon, they are not as good as when they are fresh. Being able to have such a spectacular blender at work would help me in my quest to drop 100 lbs by my 55th birthday in October. So far, I’ve lost 20 in 5 weeks, so I’m on the path. The Tribest blender would certainly assist me bring some good spirit to my days, not to mention enjoy my smooties with some of my coworkers. Thank you for your consideration. Happy Valentines Day.

  113. Ooh, either a raw soup (maybe one of your beet soups?) or a raw dressing. Yeay!

  114. The first thing I’d make with a new Tribest blender would be your Very Berry Protein Smoothie.


  115. I’d make cilantro pesto that’s really great with sweet potato fries or some chocolate raspberry banana soft serve!

  116. how awesome. I will make so many green and berry smoothies to take to school with me in the morning. yum

  117. Tribest sounds like the best! I would make my favorite raw salad dressing:
    **lemon juice + zest
    1 T. fresh gingerroot
    1 garlic clove
    1 T. raw honey
    dash curry powder
    drizzle of tahini
    fresh organic miso
    pinch of stevia =)

  118. I’m currently working on a montain lodge north of sweden
    I also travel a lot and the kitchen doesnt have a blender so
    If I win the blender I’d make a simple green smoothie for all our guests and co workers to introduce raw food and then write about it…

    happy valentines day <3

  119. A creamy soup for sure, I love them so much since I began to do some a couple of months ago! I would try a version of the Pilgrim’s soup to stay in the mood of the season and because my cheap and only 100 Watt blender did not give me good result with Jerusalem artichokes.
    Thanks Gena for your kindness and your precious advices for a healthier life

  120. Oh my goodness having this blender would be amazing. Especially since I travel quite a bit — I would make green smoothies, acai smoothies, banana soft serve, and split pea soup!!

  121. OK, just Tweeted about it. And, Gena, by the way, I made your banana soft serve today after lunch and my husband loved it so much he wants it again tonight (Note: This never happens with my raw creations!)

  122. This is one awesome personal blender. Whoever wins it will be thrilled, I’m sure. I just love mine. Gena, I have the PB-250, and I’ve had my eye on the PB-350. Seeing those glass jars sparkling in your picture, they look so nice and I love glass jars so I’m going to purchase some.

    Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  123. Ooooooh, that looks perfect for taking my green smoothies to work! I’m totally Tweeting about this too!

  124. I just made my 1st green smoothie today with baby spinach, a banana, raspberries and water! It was yummo! I would experiment with different smoothies and make some delish salad dressings!

  125. I would use it to make a green smoothie at work. Just started working at 530 AM so its been to early to make a smoothie in the morning in fear of waking u the kids. This would be perfect at my desk.

  126. I am still checking into the idea of raw food, but have been flowing your blog for about four months, and even tried some of your recipes. I loved your turnip salad with asian dressing! The first thing I would try is a green monster or one of your smoothie recipes. The possibilities are endless.

  127. I would make a green smoothie and I’m also super excited to try carrot cake smoothie! Thanks for the yummy recipe.

  128. I would make smoothies for breakfast. I would try all kinds of fruit & veggies till i found the combo or combos for me. Yum! Then I would move on to making sauces like pesto. I might even join the green moster club. The thoughts are endless.

  129. Gena,

    Today I made your carrot cake smoothie. I didn’t have cashews so I used walnuts. Oh my gosh — YUM! Thanks for this great recipe!!!!


  130. I’m new to the raw idea and still trying things out…I would make a fruit smoothie with some yummy pears and banannas and if I felt brave I’d make it green. This would be amazing to try!

  131. wow, what a spelling jumble that one was..trying to eat a banana and type at the same time NOT a good idea. I meant GLASSES, not CLASSES and fiance and finace. dear, lord!

  132. I would make two things. The first would be a peanut butter banana shake for my twins – their favorite snack. I would also make a vegetable tortilla soup!

  133. Hmmm, what would I make? My Cookies N’Cream smoothie. I never have classes that are big enough, esp. since my finace takes my manson jars filled with green smoothies with him to work! I keep having to go back and forth between my mug and the vitamix. To be able to just blend and sip until my hearts content would be most wonderful!

  134. I suffer from major digestive issues and am in dire need of something as amazing as this convient nifty blender!! I need to blend most of my meals (try to anyway) but sooo much work and I fail to find all the time to do it as much as I need! This is the first time reading about Tribest and its like the answer to my problems! I would be in total heaven, blending almost EVERY meal….so tons of recipes, all my dressings, soups etc…especially your yummy top 10 blended soups…oh my this thing I already know would become my life=)

  135. I think I’d make a smoothie first (because that’s what I’m craving right now!).

  136. How cool!! I would make a kale and spinach smoothie with bananas and frozen strawberries. I have a cold and need to get better… a green smoothie is just what I need! Second would be some salad dressing! That looks delicious and I have some basil growing under lights from my 8 y.o. daughter’s science experiment!! 😉

  137. Wow, this sounds really great for when I travel. The first thing I would make would have to be a raw chocolate, frozen strawberry and hemp protein shake!

  138. This blender looks fantastic! I would make a chocolate-cherry-walnut smoothie. Health + delicious = smoothie gone in minutes. 🙂

  139. Oh my gosh. This would immediately come to work with me so I could make green smoothies while in my cube. Perhaps then my job would be bearable!

  140. The first thing would definitely be a delicious green smoothie! I love my green smoothies in the morning. What an adorable blender!

  141. Oh, I have so many things I would like to make. But, I would really like to make raw soups to take to work. I usually eat salads for lunch. A nice soup would be wonderful.

  142. thanks for the giveaway! i’d love to try raw soups for the first time! something with avocado in it! I’d also like to start getting my family to try eating more raw foods so this would be COOL! 🙂 take care!

  143. ooh, probably a smoothie 🙂 i’ve been making them every morning while i’m at my cousin’s, but don’t have one at home! this carrot cake one would be at the top of the list!

  144. I would definitely start making green smoothies — my current blender just doesn’t cut it (the greens stay chunky) so I avoid them. Thanks for the opportunity to win a blender ;).

  145. thanks for the blender giveaway! the first thing I’d make is a coconut-pineapple-orange raw smoothie, yum! your breakfast creations sound so fabulous.

  146. That’s a mighty fancy looking machine…I love how it allows super simple ‘on-the-go’ transport of blended creations. And, I’m just dying to try this carrot cake smoothie! Perhaps it will satisfy my carrot cake craving?!

  147. I would most likely make a breakfast smoothie because that is how I begin most days. Then, I would finally get to try my hand at making my own nut butter – I’d start with cashew!

  148. I would most definitely make some almond meal or peanut butter! Nuts are delicious!

  149. Definitely a smoothie! Although that might be a boring response! This would be great for travelling too! I don’t have to travel for over-nights all that often, but when I do, I always struggle with good, healthy eating options. This would eliminate the worry for getting in a good breakfast!

  150. I’d make a green smoothie and nut butter.
    i always saw bloggers make their green smoothies and delicious nut butters
    and I want to be able to make those at home too!

  151. I would make a Green Monster to sip on the way to work! Thanks for your insight into eating raw, have learned a lot!

  152. What would I make? Everything! Tons of smoothies, i’ll finally stop being lazy and make homemade hummus, dressings, sauces, endless. They are perfect size for me since I have a tiny kitchen and it’s only me

  153. I would definitely make my all-time favourite raw pudding –avocado, mango, coconut and lime–so simple and pure deliciousness!!

  154. I would bring this to my husbands work at lunch time and whip a fresh, delicious green smoothie for the both of us. 🙂 YUM

  155. Yay, wonderful giveaway Gena!! I would make a fresh, full of raw-goodness blended salad. Avocado having the star role. Yum!!

  156. As a college student on a budget, I still have the blender that my mom got on clearance from the JCPenny home catalog. It barely works. I can’t make pesto, hummus, or basically anything but smoothies that include a lot of liquid. It has been a frustration and this little contraption looks great!

  157. I would make a green monster to go. I have been wanting one of these for a while

  158. Green smoothie, for sure! My blender is on its last blade (better than a leg, no?) and I want a VitaMix but trying to balance funds, so this would be PERFECT! I make green smoothies 5-6 days a week, so a blender is essential.

    Carrot Cake Smoothie = HOLY FREAKING YUM. 🙂

  159. I would make a delicious green smoothie. How awesome to blend with glass jars, that rocks! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway, love your blog!!

  160. Hello! I love blenders and would love this one! The first thing I would do is make a traditional fruit smoothie because they are my favorite.

  161. I would blend up all the poverty and greed, make a huge ugly smoothie, put it in a hermetically sealed capsule, then travel to space and dump it into a black hole. I’m sure the Tribest could handle it. 🙂 Greetings from Spain, Gena, love your blog.

  162. I think I’d have to go with wanting to try out some salad dressings! I’m a huge fan of lemon juice and olive oil….but I would love to switch it up and blend some dressings! thanks so much!

  163. I’ve been in desperate need of a new blender. The first thing I would make would definitely be guacamolemolemole. lol

  164. aaaaand for my second entry, I’d make a smoothie. I have a freezer full of frozen cantaloupe with no where to go.

  165. I have a recipe for Roasted Red Pepper soup that is just amazing.
    I got it all ready to make the other day and found my blender not working!

    Unfortunately, after you deseed and roast the red peppers with garlic, it requires you blend them with basil and some other various spices to make the soup…..alas. I’m out a blender…and out the tastiest and extremely healthy soup!!

  166. I’ve never made a “green smoothie” so that would be the first thing I;d whip up. What a fab giveaway!

  167. I would try a love to try making my own salad dressing, like yours w/basil!!!mmmmm!

  168. I chocolate smoothie with some greens hiding in it would be my first mission!

  169. I would have to make a smoothie first. My blender doesn’t chop the ice fine enough!

  170. I would try the carrot cake smoothie you had on your site. It sounds awesome. Thanks!

  171. i would love to make green smoothies in the morning and take them with me to class. also, nut meals without having to blend them and then scrape the bits out of the blender to put in a ball jar – would be a great convenience.

  172. This blender looks fantastic. I often travel for work and I miss my Vitamix when I’m away from home. It would be so nice to take the Tribest with me. I would make green smoothies all the time with it! Thanks for the offer and your great blog. I always enjoy your posts!

  173. Giiiirrrl this giveaway ROCKS!! I’m in love 🙂 Thank you so, so much for the opportunity! What a fantastic blender! The first thing I would make would likely be a strawberry-banana smoothie. My fave!

  174. i would make a green smoothie — YUM. this would be so clutch to take to work so i wouldn’t have to spend the extra time every morning making things to eat all day!


  175. I would join the Green Monster club! I have only tried one from a pre-made bottle (my friend did the blue print cleanse) and I actually liked it…making my own with that chocolate protein powder would be BANGIN.

  176. ohmygosh this looks so portable and convenient and just perfect! how have i not heard of these?! i would definitely try making some homemade pesto…and then move on to a smoothie..and round it out with some banana ice cream
    i would have so much fun 🙂

  177. That does look like a good little blender. Oh how I miss my smoothies! or having a blender at all really.

  178. I’d love to make some smoothies on conference trips. They generally have the WORST breakfast options, and I’d love to be able to whip up something tasty and healthful.

  179. Thank you for this opportunity! It’s very generous of you.

    I would start making my breakfast smoothies at work- I commute an hour to work and sometimes it’s very hard to make my brain function at 6:30am when I am supposed to leave. I would also get to share with my coworkers! 🙂

  180. I would make the carrot cake smoothie. I would love to win this to go along with my new Vancouver lifestyle.
    🙂 Lauren

  181. Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies! I have been on such a smoothie kick lately. I would try any smoothie recipe I came across!

  182. The first thing I would make would probably be a smoothie. My kids love them and I’d love to have this personal blender so we could make them for breakfast when we are traveling.

  183. I would use it for the raw chocolate “milk shakes” I make for me & my son. I’d also likely grind grain, flax & nuts in it, as it’s a pain to clean out the coffee grinder for those small batches.

  184. Ooh, awesome giveaway! It’s so funny that you mention this blender because last week I listened to an interview with Ani Phyo & she was raving about it. I would LOVE to have it & it would get so much use!

    I would definitely test out its smoothie-making skillz first, and then try a nut-based dressing recipe!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this, Gena!

  185. This is awesome – I especially love that it uses glass jars, as I’ve been seriously cutting back on my plastic usage. I would love to try your carrot cake smoothie (as I’ve been enjoying “carrot cake” oatmeal for breakfast recently) – but I also love using a blender for salad dressing. Thanks for the offer!

  186. Hi! Thanks for having this giveaway! The first thing I would make is a spinach smoothie with vanilla soy milk, bananas and blueberries!!

  187. Thanks so much for the opportunity! The first thing I’d make would be Heab’s protien icecream!

  188. This blender would be perfect for me to finally make a soup that tastes GREAT, I would love to make your “Moroccan Spiced Soup”! Last time I tried that soup in my normal blender it did not even taste good because the blender couldn’t make it smooth enough – a soup half pieces and half proper soup…

  189. Simple, the glorious green smoothie:

    1 apple
    medium handfull of raisins
    1/2 cup water
    1 handfulls of spinach
    1 handfull of kale (kale makes everything blended better :P)
    1 bananna

    Blend, pour, enjoy.

  190. wow, gena! what an amazing giveaway – i am super excited to have this chance to win either set 🙂

    the absolute first thing i would make would be a morning green smoothie! my current blender is a low quality model that i’ve been getting the best out of, as i long for the wiggle room in my budget to spring for a vita mix.

    thanks again gena. the information you give us through your blog is invaluable.

    -jennifer nicole

  191. The first thing I would make is your beet and carrot soup! I crave beets and can’t wait to make it!

  192. We are going to visit my in-laws in March, and they eat things like funnel cakes for lunch 🙁 So I would take it with me and make all sorts of stuff! Probably a green smoothie to start things off, since I can’t imagine a day without one!

  193. First thing…bananna ice cream. I would love to be able to make ice cream and some of Katie’s fudge babies!

  194. I have been wanting a blender so much! My mom has one at home, but I’m a poor college student sans significant cooking equipment. I would make a delicious green monster with plenty of berries and spinach and soy milk in it! Mmmmm…

  195. Wow! so many things to make. The first thing I would make would be a green smoothie. I’m 8 months pregnant and trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. This is one of the best ways I’ve found to do it… start each day with a green concoction!

  196. the first thing I would make would be a Greek yogurt, banana, strawberry with coco powder smoothie!! I currently have a magic bullet which I use about 3 mornings a week, but the concept of glass containers instead of plastic is amazing!!!

  197. when i saw that blender the first thing that came to my mind was portable green smoothie! i love a smoothie in the morning but i am NOT a morning person and it’s hard for me to get out of the door on time, much less drink a smoothie before doing so!

    also that basil looks AMAZING! i might have to get my hands on some of that if i won this blender…

  198. It looks like there might be a lot of traveling in my near future as well, so I would just adore to have a blender that I could take with me! The first thing I’d make would be hummus, since it’s always what I crave when I’m on the road.

  199. I agree with you. I broke my piggy bank and bought my first Vitamix, but sometimes I am in such a hurry in the mornings that I don’t make a smoothie and then when I get to work, I honestly crave one. I would love to have a blender readily available for those days. My favorite smoothie these days is thai coconut, a whole vanilla bean and hemp seed powder, delish!!

  200. I would love LOVE this little guy. I travel a lot and I need this!! I would make a hemp chocolate shake for my little ones first. 🙂
    Love your blog…keep it up!

  201. I would definitely make homemade salsa with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapeno and hot chile peppers and a touch of garlic.

    I would then have to follow that up with a smoothie – still undecided whether it would be orange cream or carrot cake, though 🙂

    decisions, decisions!

  202. I would definitely make my favorite green smoothie:

    a banana
    some homemade raw almond milk
    raw agave syrup
    a handful of blueberries
    lots of kale

    so delicious!

  203. I would try your carrot cake smoothie first, but then I would follow that with my orange dream protein smoothie… vanilla ice cream protein with fresh squeezed OJ. It’s like a hug in a blender cup! 🙂

  204. I found your blog and contest through Howard as well – thanks Howard! I can’t decide what I would make first! Probably a Chocolate Raspberry smoothie – but that carrot cake one looks divine too!

    Good luck everyone!

  205. I would definitely make the Butternut Squash and Apple soup!!

    Winning this blender would be great. As a broke graduate student (who spends way way too much time in the library), sometimes it gets difficult to stay as raw as I would like to be.

  206. that blender looks great, i love the mason jars! id first make either protein ice cream or nut butter!

  207. The first thing I would make with a Tribest blender (either model) would have to be a pureed raw soup. I tried making it in the usual food processor and it just never got smooth enough. I’m sure the Tribest would fix that right up!

  208. I think I would use it as an excuse to tackle thai coconuts and finally make your version of Bonobos’ Coconut Chai – since I moved out of NYC I’ve been craving one more and more!

  209. I would totally whip up a single serving of raw soup. No wait! I would whip up a smoothie with some of my new Vega powder! So expensive, but so good!

  210. The first thing I would try is this Gone Raw-Butternut Squash Soup recipe. I think it looks so great, but my current blender sounds like I’m trying to grind gravel if I put raw squash in it!
    1 Squash diced
    olive oil
    pine nuts
    roma tomato
    sea salt

    This is a great idea, thanks so much!

  211. Dear. Gina!

    I would make my first green smoothie !!

    I have been saw numerous yummy photo’s of smoothies from you but never get chance to make my own since i don’t own a blender..

    so I am cross all my fingers for this giveaway :):)

  212. I’ve been on a tropical fruit smoothie kick lately, so will probably make that. The beet soup recipe looks yummy though.. wonder if my kids would eat it 🙂

  213. Love this! I would make my baby’s first baby food with it! We are trying to start with pureed bananas, so that is what I would do with it first. After that, I always wanted to make really good homemade pesto, so I would make that and put a slab of it on some flattened pizza dough. Yummy!

  214. Gena this looks like an amazing smoothie recipe!

    thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, I would love to win this – I travel a lot and would love to be able to make smoothies on vacation/travel. This first thing I would make would probably be a smoothie in a bowl =)

  215. Hi Gena! This product looks awesome! It looks similar to the Magic Bullet. I have been eyeing that one for a while. I have a kitchenaid and while it has held up really well to all of my blending (along side my cuisinart), it doesn’t do small ‘mixings.’ Since I make almost all of my raw food for just me, it would be really nice to have something to blend smaller amounts in. So anyway, I think the first thing I would make is my favorite asian salad dressing that was Gena inspired. It is a take on your raw peanut sauce. I just subbed out a few things and added a few more. I love it on virtually all vegies, especially cabbage and jicama slaw, yummy!!!

  216. Hi ya,

    I’m I allowed to partisipate in this contest, even though I live in Sweden?

    If I am, the first thing I would be doing is a hot (spiced) gazpascho for me to bring to school.

    And I have posted about this contest on my blog 🙂


  217. Oooh, so many options!! Probably a green smoothie! Or a yummy fresh salad dresssing. *fingers crossed*

  218. Gena,

    FYI: I own a BodyBugg and posted on their boards your contest. I’ll bet you get a lot more entrants!

  219. !) I would love to make the smoothie I’m craving right now:

    -Chia seeds
    -Coconut Water
    -Coconut Flakes
    -Hemp Seeds

    2) I Tweeted this giveaway on my page 🙂

    Thank you!

  220. I would make this here Chocolate Mocha Milkshake:

    1 coconut meat and water
    1 frozen banana
    2 T tahini
    1 T agave
    2 T cacao powder

    It’s just amazing and to take it on the go without cleanup would fantastic.

  221. That looks like something I could DEFINITELY use!! If I got one, I would instantly make a banana-date-spinach smoothie. YUM! 🙂

  222. The first thing I’d do is try your frozen banana ice cream! I never knew that ice cream could be made without using milk or dairy of some kind.

    I’m not a big ice cream or dairy person, but now and then, I just get a craving so strong!! I’m going to go freeze some bananas right now!

  223. I found out about your blog (and contest) from Howard 🙂

    And the first thing I’d make with a new Tribest blender would be the cashew cream that chef Tal Ronnen mentions on his website, and I’d proceed to convert all my sister-in-law’s creamy recipes to vegan-alishious delights!

    And yes, I’m tweeting…

  224. 2nd entry please…

    I mentioned your contest to my company’s (Microsoft) vegetarian distribution list. Thousands are now aware…

  225. i might be to late but i know JUST what i would make with this!! a sweet vidalia onion dressing. its the one unhealthy product i cannot seem to mimicwell enough! i have been trying using my food processor but its just not working out…then i have to eat whatever comes out of the food processor and a lot of times its not so good….grainy and chunky water onion dressing…..please save me from myself!!!!

  226. The first thing I’d make with a new Tribest blender would be Kristen Suzanne’s Earthbound Brazil Nut Milk (page 64 of her Easy Raw Vegan Smoothies” book.

    Oh god, I hope I win…

  227. I would make A LOT of green smoothies for myself, my family and my friends! =)


  228. The first thing I’d make with a new Tribest blender would be a frozen fruit green smoothie for our girls 🙂 This makes it look fun! 🙂

  229. i went to this ‘rawesome’ (teehee) raw class about a week ago at the local health food store, and the instructor was concocting something called a ‘cabbagechino’…omg it was incredible…and i was so excited to look at the faces behind me of those in the room who had never heard of raw before this instance. i have been looking for some way to spice up my regimen of just green smoothies in the morning…and i think i found my solution! the recipe is:
    1 1/2 oz vanilla flavored almond milk
    1T vanilla extract
    2oz raw cane sugar (i don’t use this, so i would sub it for stevia or raw honey)
    2T raw cacao powder
    1tsp Cafix crystals (i had never heard of these before…but it seems like it’s a similar blend as the chai teechino, with which I have made chai cookies…yum!)
    1 wedge of cabbage
    1-2 c ice

    I don’t know how well this recipe would blend in a smaller blender, but, hey, it’s worth a shot! i don’t drink coffee, and i really enjoyed this, so it’d be a great recipe for those transitioning out of the coffee phase. plus…the cabbage gives it a texture so similar to a frappachino!
    take care.

  230. I would make my first GREEN Lemonade!!! I am just beginning to “go” raw !! Have been conversing with girlonraw and she is coaching me along…..sooooo I NEED IT!!!!

  231. the first thing i would make would be a fruit-filled protein smoothie! i am absolutely in love with them!

  232. I want to make some homemade vegan ice cream! I’ve found so many cool recipes, but my crappy blender can barely chop a banana. At least it was free:)

  233. I would make a batch of raw
    vegan chocolate truffles and send
    them right to you, Gena!!

  234. Gena!
    This is so cool! I’ve mentioned before that I want a high power blender really badly.. but the Vita-Mix is so expensive. I’m working my way up to one though. this would be such a great addition to my cooking… or should I say un-cooking appliances. I would deffinately make the Organic Bananna Protien Shake with this first. You know.. the one with the carob or cacao in from the cleanse? I love that so much I had in about five times in a row! I love that the containers are glass too because I know it is much better to keep food in glass rather than plastic. This giveaway is so awesome! Thanks for putting this up on your blog! Also I love your blog.. as someone else said above, it is inspirational. But I think you already know that.
    Thanks a bunch!

  235. The first thing I would make with the tribest would be some chocolate pudding! That is an Awesome little trinket, it would be excellent for me who’s practically a gypsy!

  236. I think I would make your carrot cake shake – sounds delicious!!!

    I would love to win… I also linked to the contest on my blog 😉

  237. I have been toying with raw food for a while now and I think the first thing I would make is a blended salad, this is the one thing i have yet to try!! I am moving to NY next week and this would be perfect for my new tiny kitchen!

  238. the first thing i would make would be the banana soft serve. it looks sooo delicious but i cannot try it since i live in a dorm room. but hopefully i will if i am able to win this (:

  239. Oh my gosh I am so excited! I recently watched a YouTube vid by Ani Phyo and she was using the Tribest Blender. I thought, “How cool, I want one!” I looked online and couldn’t find it, since she didn’t mention the brand.

    Anyway, the first thing I would make with this would probably be a morning green drink, since I’m trying to incorporate more of these and this would be a great “on-the-go” way to drink one!

    I really love your blog, you’re an inspiration! 🙂


  240. I would probably make one of those raw food recipes I can’t make since my magic bullet has lost its “magic” – a nut pate or something!! 🙂 if that fails, definitely a green smoothie. mmm.

  241. Wow…what a really cool give-away! Hmm…I would make raw ice cream or a green smoothie. I do not own a vita-mix, but I make green smoothies in my Kitchen Aid food pro! I’ll have to try the carrot cake smoothie, yummy!

  242. I would love to have the one with glass containers as I am trying to get rid of all my plastic and just use glass for food.

    I would make my favorite chocolate shake – so rich and creamy it always hits the spot!


  243. I’d make a breakfast smoothie with berries, fuji apple, a banana, chia seeds, rice protein powder, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and coconut oil. yum! It’s my favorite breakfast and one that I miss now that I’m living on the east coast while my dear vita is still on the west coast.

  244. I would definitely make a green smoothie with spinach, banana, almond milk, pineapple juice, and cinn!

  245. I would definitely use it to make some delicious smoothies and raw cashew cream sauces.

  246. hhhmmmm…what to make first? It would be a hard decision but I would bring this to work and make fresh blended salads everyday! I would share too! 🙂

  247. the first thing I would make would definitely be a green smoothie made of spinach mango and coconut water. This blender would be great for making smoothies at school or work!

  248. hey gena i want to thank you for making it easier for me to choose from all your fabulous recipes when you came up with the list of the the best of 2009 so that would definetly be what i would start with me!!!!!!!!!!
    1) Banana Soft Serve

    2) My guacamole

    3) Cashew “pizza cheese”

    4) Zucchini Marinara

    5) Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

    6) Raw “Peanut” Noodles

    7) Spicy Thai Salad

    8 ) Raw Tortilla Soup

    9) Carrot Falafel with Tangy Tahini Sauce

    10) Chocomole

  249. I’d make a Choosing Raw x HEAB remix: CARROT CAKE CHIA PUDDING, y’all!

    And then blog about it. Naturally.

    And then eat it, with unalloyed lust.

  250. Thank you for your fantastic blog! I’ve been following for a while but this give-away is a big motivation to speak up for the first time 🙂
    I love that it is travel friendly and glass.

    I’d make my favorite special day/ TGIF afternoon smoothie:
    A big handful of cashews
    a banana
    a date or two or three
    a big spoonful of raw cacao power (and/or carob)
    a pinch of vanilla

  251. THIS SMOOTHIE. I swear…I went into whole foods to get a smoothie (I’m proud to say I switched from vegetarian to vegan now). Everything has soymilk..which I know isn’t as healthy as a homemade nut milk. I got “The White Rabbit” which is soymilk, bananas, and carrot.

    I would love to make your carrot cake smoothie..its the perfect thing I’ve been craving and cant believe how simple and healthy it sounds.

    Thank you for this offer and excited to follow your updates 🙂 Take Care!

  252. smoothie! spinach, lemon, carrot, apple…yummm!

    i tried to do this with my current blender – did NOT work out 🙂

  253. I have been dying to make raw soups but not sure my food processor is up to it… I would try a beet soup to use all the beets sitting in my fridge!

  254. Gena: I would love to have this little gem especially as you pointed out, for travel. I would definitely try out a green smoothie first and go from there. The ideas are endless.

  255. Gena, the first thing I would make is your Asian dressing. Ever since doing the detox I’ve fallen in love with it. So many ways to use it and so delicious.


  256. What would I make?

    “Things turn out best for people who MAKE the best out of the way things turn out.”

    The bottom of my blender busted out just four nights ago while I was trying to make your chocomole recipe for the first time. (I’m four-weeks old in the raw food world.) With courage I confronted the goopy mess, spatula-ed what I could salvage into a dish, and enjoyed it immensely! (Though the consistency wasn’t silky smooth I actually enjoyed the little chunks of dates I happened upon . . . sort of like a more sparse tapioca! Who knew?) I am now blenderless but at least the story made for a good facebook status update.

    Having already made the best out of the unexpected outcome of this recipe the first time, my numero uno task with a newly gifted Tribest blender would be . . . to try again! Isn’t there some proverb that says “When one blender dies another is born”?

    (Thanks for making the best out of food in a world where food is not always the best. Your blog is a great resource!)

  257. peanut butter *soy* ice cream…I know I should use it for something healthy first, but at least I’m being honest!

  258. I am dying to make that banana “ice cream” that everyone is raving about in the blogosphere!! So, that is definitely the first thing I would try to make if I won this! 🙂

  259. Hey Gena,

    I just posted about your giveaway on my blog. I was actually looking into getting one of these a couple of months ago..they really seem awesome! Thanks again!

  260. I would make some blended soups since the weather has gone haywire and it is freezing cold every where. Then I would grab my favorite blanket and make some soft serve (banana, pumpkin and mint) Yummy!!!

  261. I can and do make smoothies in my normal blender. If I had a more powerful blender id make a soup or maybe blend some nuts and make a chocolate cashew cream I love.

  262. Hey Gina!
    Carrot cake is my favorite! And I recently started making more smoothies. For sure the first thing I would make would be your carrot cake smoothie!

  263. The first thing I would make would be ICE CREAM! I bought all the gums, but my poor little Magic Bullet just doesn’t like ice. Instead I get ice cream flavoured ice crystals – not cool.

    The carrot cake smoothie sounds delicious!


  264. This is a good one! It looks like the perfect size to make dressings, which the Vitamix is sometimes too big for, in my opinion. So, I’d make salad dressing!

  265. I would definitely make almond meal. I would love to have some on hand for recipes. Thank you for the amazing opportunity. I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  266. I’m travelling to my brother’s wedding soon and my flight arrives around dinner time, so the first thing I would make would be my favourite – your raw tortilla soup. I can’t get enough of it! I’d also be able to green smoothie it up for my entire trip. Perfect 🙂

  267. Probably green smoothie. Maybe nut flour :). What a great giveaway–it’s nice to know someone’s day will be made!

    Tweeting as much…

  268. What an amazing giveaway! I would definitely try making almond butter–I seriously can’t get enough of the stuff!

  269. I’d love to say the first thing I’d make is a green smoothie, but now all I can think about is the Carrot Cake smoothie. That would definately be priority #1!

  270. I would love love love to win this! I have a terrible Black & Decker Blender that barely blends my smoothies well and leaks on top of that! I HAVE NEVER MADE OR HAD RAW SOUP SO THAT WOULD DEFINITELY BE THE FIRST THING I WOULD MAKE!! i hope i win!! thanks gena!

  271. I would make a raw banana cream pie. I love banana cream pie but since I have been so good on my diet but you are correct, a good blender is so helpful in going raw. Especially since there are so many more options with a good blender vs trying to make things in the food processor with too much liquid. Lol. Either my food processor from my mom is too old or you are not supposed to make raw marinara sauce in it. It exploded all over the kitchen cabinets!

  272. Oh my gosh!!! I’ve been looking for a travel blender with glass containers for a LONG time… If I had this little wonder, I would make the almond-tahini-cilantro spread thats on my “to blend” list. I’m so excited! Thanks Gena!

  273. I’d make a strawberry banana blueberry smoothie. I haven’t had one in so long!!

  274. i’m a sucker for a delicious smoothie, so that’s what i’d make with this tribest. my latest dessert favorite includes spinach, strawberries and coconut milk.

  275. Wow, I would probably either a delicious green smoothie (although the Carrot Cake one is tempting) or some nut butter….yum!

  276. Hi Gina. I love your blog…read it everyday! You are so sweet and down to earth and your recipes are always yummy! I would love to win the personal blender! As a busy mom raising and homeschooling 6 kidlets, I need all the help I can get. A portable blender would be so great for the long days out of the house, running kids around to and from various activities. Thanks Gina! Warmly, Jenn

  277. Hi Gena, this is such an amazing giveaway! It’s my birthday in May and I want a really good blender as a gift, so it’s so weird that you’re posting a giveaway with one when it’s been on my mind for a while! It’s so hard to say what the very first thing I’d make would be; I might use it to make one of your many delicious dressings that I’d like to try (in particular, your goddess dressing!), or to FINALLY make my own almond milk. Then I’d dehydrate the pulp and use the grinder attachment to grind it up to un-bake with… In fact, I’m getting carried away with ideas now! There’d be no stopping me ^_^

  278. Hmmm. I’d make a chia carob banana smoothie. Not sure where the idea came from, but it’s what I’m currently craving!

  279. The first thing I would make is a “green monster” smoothie. I have been following your site and a few other raw foodies as well. I am eagerly awaiting my tax refund so I can purchase a Vitamix. I have a juicer and I love it, but I hate waste. I also like the versatility of the Vitamix. I think the Tribest would be a fantastic portable option to bring with me to the office.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  280. I would LOVE to make some soups and salad dressing with this. I just found my love of coconut butter and coconut oil. Want to incorporate those in my foods as much as possible.

  281. I think I would take it to work and keep it there so I can make a quick raw vegan soup for lunch – or at least heat it up in an acceptable way. Or maybe a nice fresh salad dressing when I’m at work late… Oh, the possibilities!

    By the way, I love your glass in the carrot cake smoothie picture. 🙂

  282. This looks awesome! I’ve never made blended soups so that would probably be the first thing I’d make…and maybe a grilled cheese to go with it 🙂

  283. The first thing I would make would probably by cashew whipped cream – so yummy on warm pancakes with fresh berries!! I love your blog with lots of inspiring ideas – thank you for this fantastic offer and all your wonderful recipes and insights.

  284. I would love to have this blender! I have experimented with nut butters in my food processor and think I need a more high-powered motor. My kids also loooove smoothies, so this would be great to have!!

  285. I’d take it to my upcoming work conference and make myself a carob-banana-almond smoothie treat to wind down with at the end of each long day.

  286. THANK YOU for this post! I’ve been lusting over a Vita-Mix forever and I’m so glad to see a convenient, affordable option until I’m ready for the big purchase! (my tax return check can’t come soon enough)

    The first thing I would make? Hmmm… I would LOVE to make fresh, homemade almond milk for my morning smoothies and take them on my morning commute. The “commuter lids” are genius!

    Tweeting you now 🙂

  287. Oh so true about being spoiled by the Vita Mix. I was overall happy with my run of the mill blender while in college. Then soon after I moved home my mom bought a Vita and oh man it was love at first smoothie! I just moved out of the house a month ago and reinherited my college blender, and feel like its worthless. I have been soooo spoiled by the Vita mix, and am already trying to justify saving up and buying one.

    I would love to try out the tribest blender, as I have already heard great things about it from Ani. I would first use it to grind up nuts for nut flours and nut butters. How I miss my homemade concoctions! Thanks for the awesome giveaway Gina!

  288. I would make raw hummus for sure. Every time I make it in the blender I end up wasting half of it at the bottom where it is hard to get out. This gadget is perfect to eliminate that problem.

  289. Gena, I would make a lucious cherry almond vanilla smoothie! Yum. Thanks to you and Tribest for offering us a chance to win this great item.

  290. Hi Gena!

    The firs thing I would make would be an energizing green smoothie. I love that I would be able to take it with me as I dash out the door to teach my 7 am Pilates class!

    thanks for the chance!

  291. i would grind walnuts for my grandmother so i could make her favorite cranberry walnut bran muffins for her 🙂 thanks for a great giveaway!

  292. I would probably try the Carrot Cake Smooth or Pumpkin Pie In A Bowl (which is my “go to” lunch of choice)… Thank for the giveaway!!!

  293. A green smoothie would probably be my first concoction. Off to send the link to my dear mother who’s looking for a new blender for green smoothies. Thanks!

  294. I’d make the first step toward FINALLY keeping my New Year’s resolution to eat more fresh fruits and veggies! (By which I mean: office smoothies.)

    Thank you for this contest and for forcing me out of lurking to say, “Great blog!” I have truly enjoyed months of lurking and learning. You have such a gift with words and wisdom.

  295. i’m a newbie to the high-raw lifestyle (inspired by your blog) and don’t own a juicer/blender yet. the first thing i would make would be your “healing veggie broth” to help stay warm in this snow storm!

  296. Awesome! I’d love to win.
    I would certainly have to make a straight-up fruit smoothie the first time. Keep it simple. 🙂

  297. I’d whip up some vegan “egg” nog (with silken tofu)! Holidays or not, I say that this sweet treat is delicious anytime!

  298. I would like to enter this giveaway! The first thing I would do is make a green smoothie!

  299. What a beautifully fantastic blog! I love it!

    I would LOVE this giveaway…but I am not lucky and 406 comments! Woot you are popular! (or is it just the blender haha 😉 ). Anyways, I would totally make that Carrot Cake Smoothie in it…because anyone who knows me knows that I would chew my arm off for Carrot Cake anything!!

    Love your blog and will contiue to follow and add you on my Roll – and in my next post…hey two entries are better than one right? 😉

    I’m also intrigued that you are a book editor…please help me get published!!! ;)…Sorry, a girl can try no? Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  300. Hummus for sure! I’ve been on such a pita chip and hummus kick! Second would ground cashews for cashew butter!

  301. The first thing I would make would be a smoothie – my favorite to make. I’d also consider hummus pretty quickly.

  302. I would definitely make a smoothie. I haven’t made one in awhile because it’s been so cold! I am also excited to try your carrot cake smoothie. Looove carrot cake!

  303. This blender would be great for my husband who is away on business all the time. The first thing he would make his daily green smoothie and it would be fresh instead of frozen and thawed. 🙂

  304. Hi Gena!

    Wow, I am lusting after that blender! So perfect for traveling.

    The first thing I would make is a green monster with Kale. My blender won’t handle kale, and I’ve been dying to do it. It would also be so amazing for when I head to Puerto Rico for my wedding — I can have my delicious Green Monsters every morning!

    PS. I’ve tweeted your giveaway.

  305. I think I’ll try some carrot-ginger juice and then move onto some yummy fruit & veg smoothies. I’ve been wanting a VitaMix for soooo LONG and can’t afford it, but this sounds like it’ll be a good one to have until I can. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  306. I just might have to try a carrot cake smoothie! I have a blender but it isn’t powerful enough to do the hard vegetables. Raw soup here I come!

  307. I know exactly what I would use it for!!! I am taking my girls to Disney World in a few months and I am freaking out about how to feed them during the trip. I would use it to make them green smoothies for breakfast everyday and for quick late night snacks of blueberry- pomegranate smoothies. That blender would help me so much!!

  308. Definitely would make a mango strawberry smoothie, or any other fruits I have in the fridge. Of course, try some banana ice cream!

  309. The first thing I would make would be a raw, gluten-free pie crust (almonds and pecans mixed with dates). Every Sunday my family cooks dinner together and about 8 months ago, my cousin was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease so I am trying to find recipes that he likes but are not loaded with junk (which you can find in some of the gluten free stuff).

  310. i’ve been following your blog for a few months now, and absolutely love how informative it is! i just bought a juicer and have been juicing some wonderful green drinks from your top ten list! so thank you!

    as for the blender, i’m dying to make some super smooth soups!

  311. Hello! I just caught your article in VegNews and then found your contest. With a TriBest, I would make a Garlicky Mushroom Walnut Soup and then a Cashew Dill Cheese that I would then age. I’ve been vegan for years, but recently talked my sister into going raw to combat diabetes, so I’d love to help her do it with the TriBest!

  312. The first thing I would make is a green smoothie – I’ve been wanting to incorporate those into my diet.

  313. I`m a handball player in Norway, who travels a lot in a bus all over the country! This fantastic tribest blender would make my life a whole lot easier on the highway, making a GREEN smoothie with spinach, avocado and cinnamon instead of eating a salad I made 15 hours earlier(No, it is not easy at all eating RAW in Norway, especially when you are the only one in your team eating this way) 🙂

  314. Wow, I’ve been needing a smaller blender for awhile (and one that actually…um…blends stuff – mine sucks!) I would make soup first for sure – tomato or butternut squash!

  315. what an awesome blender! i’ve been wanting to get a travel size blender for my husband, who travels a lot! this would be perfect for him to make green smoothies while away on business!!!

  316. I would love a tribest blender! the first thing i would make is a green smoothie with lots of romaine and spinach!

  317. I would definitely make a morning green smoothie to start the day right! spinach or kale, banana, apple, and some berries!

  318. Ooo. I’d love to win. I think the first thing I would make is a green monster. Oh, and I would love to use it for chopping nuts. So convenient.

  319. I love this little contraption – how awesome would it be to have a traveling blender! I would make my fave first – a spinach banana smoothie 🙂

  320. What a delicious carrot cake recipe! The first thing I would use it for is to chop nuts and other ingredients for Raw Macaroons!! yum yum.

  321. Oh wow, this contest could not come at a better time. My $15 blender is on its last leg (leaks, barely blends) and as a student I don’t have money for a new one. I would make my morning green smoothie first because it has become such a nightmare to make it in my current blender. Plus I am always taking it with me to babysit so this would be so convenient. Not finding strings of spinach and sprouts in my smoothies would probably be the best thing ever.

  322. Gena,
    Awesome giveaway. Your carrot cake looks delicious. I am going to have to try that.

    I was going to say Key Lime Pie in a bowl… (2 ripe avocados, a splash of lemon, a bigger splash of lime, vanilla nustevia or medjool dates- blended until smooth).

    Or… My new favorite is chocolate froyo… (The meat of one starchy, but young thai baby coconut, vanilla extract or Vanilla NuStevia, raw carob powder and ice… blended until smooth)… I swear it takes just like the real thing- but so much better! Move aside, pinkberry 😉

    Oh! p.s. I retweeted your giveaway!!

    Now I am hungry, off to make some fresh juice!!! Happy Snowy Day.

  323. Wow! That sounds amazing – a high powered blender that can travel!
    The first thing I would make would be raw cashew cheese. I’ve been craving some and have been researching recipies on line. I’m living in-between places right now and don’t have a lot of space and am impressed with the Tribest blender!

  324. I would make Green Mint Chocolate Protein Monsters for my kids and I with this AWESOME Blender!!!!!

  325. This would be great for me for those times when I cannot eat solids but need to get my nutrition from the raw smoothies and soups. Love the green smoothies and will definitely try your carrot cake smoothie. Looks delicious!

  326. I would make a Key Lime Pie Shake from Living Raw Food! It would taste just like the wedding I’m attending in Miami in 8 days!

  327. I’d love to win Tribest Blender!!!
    The first thing I would make on it is chocomole – yum!!!
    My fiance and I are addicted to your chocomole recipe and we make at least 4 times a week.

  328. I would love this, thank you. I love making raw dressings and would love to use this for that. I’m also looking to make cashew cream for my kiddos, this would be great!


  329. Oh man! The first thing I would make with the blender is a green smoothie! I haven’t had one in a little while, since college and big, hard-to-clean blenders don’t mix so well. The ease of cleaning would make my life significantly easier, and I could bring my tasty concoctions with me to those early classes!!!

  330. Hi Gena,

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into sharing all your knowledge and ideas with us. I’ve been so inspired by you since you came to speak in our Omwellness class and I’ve been incorporating raw foods into my life more and more. Though I dream of someday getting a super blender of sorts, I recently bought a cheaper variety and have been enjoying green smoothies most mornings and experimenting with nut milks of all kinds (almond, sesame and brazil nut). I would love to use Tribest blender to share recipes with friends and family and show people how easy and fun it is to experiment with raw recipes.

    Nourishing the world one soup and smoothie at a time,

  331. I would use the Tribest blender to make my green smoothies every morning; possibly my most important meal of every day! I love using lots of greens and bananas (frozen) to make my creamy, rich, satisfying shakes in the morning. I would also use it for the myriad of raw soup recipes you have on this blog that I’ve been dying to try!

    I have also posted your giveaway on my blog:

  332. I would whip up some homemade almond butter! I have a big bag of almonds, but my dinky blender is having the hardest time grinding the nuts up. 🙁

  333. I would make Kristen’s Raw’s Chocolate Cherry Bomb smoothie for my mom and I, and then follow it up quickly, our stomachs permitting, with that delicious-sounding carrot cake smoothie! Ooooohhhhh it sounds so good!

  334. i think i’d love to make a raw soup with the blender, but i do think my boyfriend would appreciate me having a higher quality blender for all my green smoothies as well 😉

  335. I would take that great gadget on my upcoming trip to chicago and make hotel room green smoothies!!!!!

  336. oops – didn’t mean to reply to someone else as annoymous!

    oy, so many replies! here goes, the first thing I would make with this blender would be my first raw tomato soup! 😀

  337. The first thing I would try is the Carrot Cake Smoothie! My current food processor-method for smoothies just doesn’t do carrots well! Thanks and good luck to all!

  338. My blender is so old and weak! I would love a new one and have been dreaming about a nice powerful one (but $$, oh $$). The only thing I can make in mine now are smoothies – but I would whip up lots of your nut-based dressings in a better blender – they always look so good!

  339. I am all for making healthy eating simpler, easier and more fun for everyone. So I heart this little mixer but would also like to point out to the 351 of you before me who don’t win it, that standard mason jars fit on most standard blenders so you might already have this little goodie there and waiting for you in your cupboard!

  340. I would make smoothies, the carrot cake smoothie looks delish! Also once the baby is eating solids, I would use it to make baby food.

  341. I love blenders! Mine just pooped out on me when i was trying to make raw almond butter… 7 dollars worth of almonds down the drain and a dead blender.. it wasn’t a very good idea.. but this little blender seems amazing!!

  342. Oh how cool! I am so dependent on my Vita but wish I could take it to work with me since a fresh smoothie tastes better. The first thing I would whip up is Sarma’s pineapple cilanto shake which is amazing as an afternoon pick me up. Handful of pineapple, about 1/2 c coconut water, handful of cilantro, small cucumber, dash of vanilla. YUMMY! I’ll let all my friends on Twitter know about this!

  343. I would love to win this blender! My old Oster is slowly dying off (there is a huge chunk missing from the top side of the jar), and I want to buy a Vita but can’t afford to right now. The first thing I’d do is make breakfast smoothies! But I’d love to use it for dressings, soups, etc. Fingers crossed!

  344. This sounds AMAZING! I would definitely try one of your salad dressings since they sound delicious! Love your blog!

  345. Prayers = answered (maybe)! I’ve been dying for a blender like this because my Oster is so heavy and cumbersome. Sometimes a girl just wants a fresh salad dressing without having to do all assembly and disassembly (and dishes!). I would definitely be much quicker to make fresh dressings with this kind of blender. And smoothies too, of course.

  346. I’d love to try a green smoothie or even that carrot cake smoothie. My current blender is no good1

  347. Wow!! So great! I’ve just begun my journey into the raw food lifestyle, and have been contemplating buying a blender. I really, really want to try making green smoothies every morning and see what a difference it makes in my well-being. So a green monster would def be the first thing to make!!!

    Totes just re-tweeted you also!! 🙂

  348. mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! all of your creations look GREAT! i would use this to make fresh smoothies for my afternoon snack at work – so much better than my all-too-frequent trips to the vending machine!

  349. Wow – awesome, and BPA Free 😀

    I’d make banana soft serve, then a delicious fruit/veggie smoothie!

  350. This is such a fantastic giveaway!!

    I would LOVE to make almond milk or your avo-coconut soup! My current blender just doesn’t cut it…

  351. I have wanted one of these babies since I first discovered raw food and read Ani’s books. I travel at least once a month for work and would love to have this little guy. I work for a conference company, so when I travel I have to eat what is provided. This usually means a bland salad, lots of fruit and guac. Having my own mini blender means a could make smoothies, dressings and desserts. It would be perfect 🙂

    The first thing I would make with this blender would be your snowy sesame milk because today is a snow day!

    Thanks Gena-


  352. This looks amazing. I’d probably make a ton of nut butters and give them as gifts to my family&friends, as a university student my budget is tight and homemade gifts are always great!

  353. I would totally make the carrot cake smoothie, since after reading the recipe I started immediately craving it! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  354. So cute! Id probably make some new dressing. Since finding your blog Ive learned so much and trying to figure out how I can start (more) raw. Your site has been the least intimidating. Still not really sure where to start, but thats another story! 😀

  355. Ah! I was JUST thinking about how I need to buy a blender for my apt at school but don’t feel like shelling out big money for it. I would make some raw cheese!

  356. My blender broke 2 weeks ago and I have been in misery, every since…food processors just don’t cut it when it comes to the green monster.

    Also, I have Everyday Raw and without a blender, I can’t make most of the recipes!


    Thanks 😉

  357. Hi Gena, thanks for doing this!
    When using my old blender I always have to steam my root vegetables before making a savory mash, so the first thing I would use the Tribest baby for would be a truly raw root vegetable mash.

  358. OH how amazing!! I wouldn’t be able to decide what to try first- an amazing smoothie or some homemade hummus!!

  359. I’m just beginning my raw adventure and am using a typical household blender. I have not yet convinced my husband and daughter to join me on the adventure, so a small personal blender would be so perfect for me! Since I’m having so much fun with smoothies I’d say that would be my first!

  360. Wow, the first thing I would make with this amazing gift is a very Happy Husband, because I would have my very own blender, so I can stop asking for one!

    After that, my first treat would be ice cream. My friend Karen made the most decadent raw coconut ice cream for Christmas. Then I’d top it with blitzed cashew nuts and why not, I’d whip up some raw cacao sauce to pour over. Delicious!

  361. oh, I have been wanting one of these and soon will be road tripping with my sister who also “does smoothies” we would make some spinach and pineapple creations! I just love green smoothies and my hand immersion mixer doesn’t always cut it!! oh the things I could create!!

  362. I’ve tried in the past (and failed!) to make raw Tiramisù in my rickety, old blender so it would have to be that.

  363. i’d make a good, tasty carrot-ginger-cashew soup. i just love those flavors! having a machine like this would help me lose the weight i need. since i refuse to have any gastric bypass surgery (i am averse to surgery) i know that when i lose the weight it’ll be the healthy way. this could be my first step towards that end!

  364. Holy awesome giveaway! I would love to win this! I literally was saying last night (as I was trying to make my favorite “pudding” – avocado with a splash of vanilla and some agave, it tastes like maple walnut ice cream to me) that I needed a good blender!

  365. Great giveaway – thanks! I’d like to take it to work for either green smoothies or blended soups/salads.

  366. Oh I have been wanting one of these! I would love this for my office and for when I travel! And the first thing I would make is your carrot cake smoothie – sounds DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  367. I would use it first to make a raw tiramisu. And then I would keep using it to do just that… delicious

  368. Hi Gena! What a GREAT giveaway! I would LOVE to have a blender like this to use at my work – I’d make green smoothies first thing and convince my coworkers to TRY THEM! There’s something not so pretty about a green smoothie that was made at home and brought in to be consumed later and they all look at me like I’m crazy!

  369. Oh this looks wonderful!!! I am in definite need of a blender (and a food processor, neither of which I own!!) The first thing I would make? Well, that’s easy: your Summertime Pesto. See, I’m in DC and at this very moment we are getting another foot of snow, on top of the 30 inches we got over the weekend! I am craving some summertime flavors, especially Pesto over raw zucchini noodles. YUM!

  370. Wow I would love to win this! The first thing I would make would be a delicious green smoothie!

  371. What a useful little gadget! I could see myself whipping up that tasty looking carrot cake smoothie for myself or maybe some homemade baby food for my sister who just had a child!

  372. oh man I’ve been wanting one of those blenders!! I think the first thing I would do with it would be making smoothies for breakfast so that there would be less cleanup! I also was thinking of getting one since I am going away for my honeymoon in May and want to be able to stick with healthy eating habits while I am away!

    • oy, so many replies! here goes, the first thing I would make with this blender would be my first raw tomato soup! 😀

  373. My Magic Bullet and I recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary! I even took it to Europe this summer. I’m curious as to whether the Tribest is more powerful though? I made two batches of CCK’s Fudge Babies for Superbowl Sunday this weekend and it was kind of a pain to use the Magic Bullet.

  374. I haven’t had a blender in so long (ever since I moved away from mom and dad two years ago) and I have been DYING for a green smoothie! That’s what I would make.

  375. Gena, Gena, Gena!! OMG I was just thinking about how awesome a carrot cake smoothie would be, and here you are with a recipe!! <3 <3 <3

    I think a carrot cake smoothie would be the first thing I’d make! LOL

  376. I’ve always wanted to make my own nut butters, and to have something that better blends my protein powder into my shakes instead of leaving that chalky taste! These blenders look amazing!

  377. My family and I live a very hectic lifestyle. My husbands job takes us across the country and back about every 6 months. We try to pack light, and this would be perfect for our green smoothies! 🙂

  378. I would love to use this in my office to make smoothies – for everyone 🙂 It looks easy to clean too!

  379. I was lucky enough to have sprung for a Vitamix years ago, before I even got into raw foods. But I find that it has a hard time with small recipes, and it’s just me (well, DH, but he doesn’t eat a whole lot of raw foods). Not that I’m even close to 100% raw, and probably never will be.

    So I bought a Magic Bullet before Christmas. It died within 3 weeks as I was trying to grind up some dates.

    The first thing I’d make? That’s tought. But maybe some fudge babies or peanut butter fudge babies (a la Chocolate Covered katie’s blog). Or maybe some salad dressing — I’m sure making a lot of those lately!

    Hey, it IS my birthday this Valentine’s Day. Really!

  380. The possibilities are endless! I would be able to make soups, smoothies and dressings in my less-than-adequate, less-than-state-of-the-art kitchen. It would be an awesome way to add variety to my newly vegan diet!

  381. I want to make green monsters! My blender leaves bites of kale and spinach that usually end up in my teeth. Blech.

  382. A portable version of my Vita?? I did not even know such a dream existed. I’d be so much more excited about eating at work with one of these– I’d start by whipping up a smoothie for breakfast, then soup for lunch, maybe nut butter for an afternoon snack?
    Thanks, Gena!

  383. I would love to make green monster smoothies when I visit my parents. Great giveaway!

  384. Hi Gena! Wow, what a great give-away! And what a handy little device. I’d love to have that to keep at work..especially when I have to stay late. It would be great for making soup at my desk! Or a smoothie in the mornings when I am running late! Oh, the possibilities are endless, but I’d definitely make soup first!

  385. I would make raw chocolate pudding!!! Been wanting to make this for ages, but as you know the Vita doesn’t really tackle single-servings all that well, and if I make more pudding than that it’ll be gone in an embarrassingly short amout of time :s.

    I also mentioned your giveaway on my blog…so please put in that extra entry for me!

    Thanks, you’re awesome!


  386. Love those self-storing containers! I think raw chocolate ice cream would be in order.

  387. oh man…i would make a batch of katie’s fudge babies. i’ve been mad craving them lately!!!

  388. Oh my, I need a new blender! Mine just bit the dust! 🙁 This seems like such a great product, and I LOVE the size!

    The first thing I would make would be a Green Monster, naturally! 🙂

    Thanks for this chance Gena.

  389. I would love LOVE one of these? I would make green smoothies with spinach and kale.

  390. The first thing that I’d like to do with a new Tribest would be to whip up your Smoky “Roasted” Garlic and Red Pepper Soup for my family to enjoy. My mother is recuperating from stomach cancer, and even though she is moving towards vegetarianism, I want to show her how easy and delicious raw veganism can be. Same with my baby sister; she is lactose-intolerant but still eats dairy, and this is a great way to show her how effortless it can be to live dairy-free. My father is suffering from high cholesterol, and if this can convince him to try veganism, raw or not, I’ll be grateful forever (only animal products contain cholesterol). The second thing I’d do would be to make almond butter… Because I looove almond butter!
    I’ve blogged about the giveaway on my blog:

  391. I’d make a breakfast smoothie! One that usually takes me 6 -7 minutes to blend – hopefully this one would do it more quickly!

  392. I’d definitely make a smoothie first! Your carrot cake smoothie sounds delicious.

  393. So many good options! I’d love to try your carrot cake smoothie, though. Or maybe I’d celebrate with some delish banana softserve. 🙂

  394. Hi Gena!
    I’ve never commented before but I’ve been reading your blog now for a couple months and just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful raw food info! I LOVE your blog! 🙂 I had to comment when I saw this little guy! I’m going away in March and the Tribest blender would the perfect companion for my vacation! I’ve been debating how I’m going to pack my vita… but if I had the Tribest, I wouldn’t have to worry about it! I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast so I need a blender with me on vacation. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! The first thing I would make is my super green smoop, haha smoothie/soup;) Made with lots of kale, dandelion, spinach, 1/2 avocado, chia seeds, celery, and cucumber! YUM! Love my greens!:)

  395. I would love to win, what an amazing appliance. I don’t know how I ever lived without my food processor, I seriously use it at least twice a day, between the smoothies I adore and the nut pates and dips I eat constantly, I’d be lost without it.

    Hmm…the first thing I’d make would be that carrot cakes smoothie, of course! Sounds like dessert in a glass!

  396. That’s an awesome blender! I’ve been eyeing the magic bullet for a while now since my current blender is almost completely useless and as a college student I can’t afford something like a vita mix! Plus blenders like this seem so convenient for my lifestyle!

    What I’d make first is a green smoothie, of course. And then I’d make soup! And pesto! (i don’t have a food processor either, it’s a drag…)

  397. These little blenders sound fabulous for those of us who travel or work outside of the home. I’d make a banana berry green smoothie.

  398. The first thing I’d whip up is a big green smoothie! I can almost taste in now, made in my new Tribest Blender!

  399. ohmygoodness! I’d whip up some of Ani’s vanilla mylk. In a baby portion, i’d be less likely to cry when i don’t use it all up!

  400. I would use this blender to make raw pudding! I have made the recipe in Sarma’s cookbook and you really MUST have a good blender to make it smooth and creamy. It would also make green juice SO much more convenient 🙂

  401. Awesome giveaway! I loooove the mason jar model.

    The first thing I would do is take a weekend trip to my parent’s house (out of state) and make them green smoothies. Whenever I go home my family wants to know what I’ve been eating to stay so healthy. It would be great to have a portable high powered blender to take with me so I could share soups, sauces, dips & smoothies wherever I go.

  402. I would make my own almond milk – I have been dying to try that but just don’t have the equipment!

  403. I would make a hummus/avocado hybrid dip. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  404. If I won I would go through the history of your blog until I found the recipie I think my girlfriend would like the most and make it for her.
    Because she deserves it.

    Afterwards I would probably try something for myself as well (I’m a pure fruit smoothie kind of guy, and have only really tasted the alternatives my girlfriend has made for me).

  405. I would definitely make some almond butter with cinnamon and vanilla…delicious! I hope to win…

  406. Is shipping to Europe possible? I’d make a lot of strawberry coconut ice cream I’ve been thinking lately. Then, some gazpacho. I’d use it a lot:)

  407. Can overseas people participate? If so, I have to second Hanna M.: almond butter (terribly expensive in Finland as well). And then raw soups – never tried those.

  408. Hi! Well I would make a smoothie with fresh squeezed oj and frozen oranges, chia and flax seeds, spirulina, coconut oil, vanilla sun warrior protein and some fresh vanilla. That has been my smoothie of choice lately, and smoothies are my “go to” since I am struggling with my auto immune and nerve damage diseases lately, so when my body if feeling down and I can’t make anything too time consuming smoothies are a life saver! Now, if I was able to use this blender and not even have to use a separate cup, ahhh, needless to say I would be in heaven!! I mean don’t get me wrong I adore my vita-mix, but it’s so big and not too convenient when I am only make a smoothie for me.
    I also just ordered a juicer, and I am a juicing virgin (at home that is), so I will have an abundance of juice to make super smoothies with!!
    Thanks so much for the post, it makes me so giddy just thinking about new and exciting ways I can use it!!

  409. Wow! That is one convenient blender!
    I would first of all make plain and simple ALMOND BUTTER. Since my blender broke down, I haven’t been able to make it, and it soo expensive here in Norway (and most varietes are over-roasted)… Definitely the first thing on the list! Then a green smoothie, as I have never tried it before. Then some… ha ha, let’s stop there. I’m sure I would make good use of it!

    Have a great day!

  410. I would make a chocolate banana smoothie with cocoa beans, some perfectly ripe bananas, one or two vanilla pods depending on how indulgent I’m feeling, and maybe some ice! And then I would bounce around the room in excitement!

  411. Oooh, the first thing I would make would be a chocolate milkshake using dates, bananas, raw ice cream, cacao, and agave!

  412. I would absolutely love it, as I am addicted to your fabulous banana soft serve (most recently with frozen mango chunks!) but as a college student in a teeny tiny dorm room, it’s hard to rationalize having my clunky old blender on hand!

  413. Hi, greetings from cold Norway. I would make a spicy, creamy spinach/avocado soup, cuz that’s the only raw soup my boyfriend likes, and its my favorite, and it would warm us up with the spices.

    And it’s mentioned on my Norvegian blog:)

    Greetings Lise

  414. The first thing I would make would be the greenest of green monsters to help me start my day off right. I use both spinich and kale and add fresh blueberries, a banana, almond milk, flaxseed, and a bit of honey for sweetness. As a college student, having a portable blender would make my healthy lifestyle choice a lot easier to maintain!

  415. I am currently blenderless (which is tragic, it turns out!) and miss my green smoothies terribly. Without a doubt that’s the first thing I would do with a snazzy new item like this!

  416. I would make a very berry bannanas and truffles smoothie w/Mila!! I can taste it already!!I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and am not only on a strict kidney diet but have severe gastointestinal problems that make it hard for me to eat. Raw foods, Smoothies, and soups have been my best friend for the last few years now.I have always lived a healthy lifstyle and have been using a blender I have owned since college. But this would allow me to take my drinks/meals on the road with me when i travel and when i have long stays in the hospital….Smoothies and soups are one of the few things i eat when I am in the “medical prisons”…Who says you cant blend anywhere!!!
    So I hope u choose me!
    This is a gret site by the way!!

  417. If I were to win, the first thing I’d make is a Carrot Cake Smoothie as a toast to you. Thanks for your great recipes and raw education!

  418. I would love to win this! Id make all kinds of nut butters, such as almond and peanut butter. I’ve always wanted to try different combinations to see how they taste together. I have so many ideas…pick meeee!

  419. Ooooh. I’d probably make a smoothie, or a raw milkshake, or a pesto, or grind some flax. I really actually don’t know.

  420. The first thing I would make would be my morning smoothie! Having a blender as powerful as a Vitamix that you travel with sounds pretty amazing!

  421. Definitely the carrot cake smoothie…the thought of it is making my mouth water!

  422. The first thing I would make would be raw banana soft serve. My blender has not been able to make it 🙁 I’ve heard it is divine and I always have bananas around!

  423. I’d love to try this banana soft-serve I’ve been hearing about on the blogosphere! Holy yum!

  424. This is awesome! Traveling a lot in the next few months for work, so I might have to get me one. I would make a chocolate hemp banana smoothie with frozen bananas and almond butter. Yum!

  425. What an amazing giveaway! The first thing I would make with this blender is any smoothie with ice, I always have ice chunks that never get blended in. Those glass jars really make me jealous!

  426. I’d make some raw remoulade for dipping kale…in honor of my WhoDat Nation’s champion Saints! Geaux Saints and Geaux Raw! 🙂
    and now, to tweet…

  427. Wow, wish I had one of these while visiting very non-raw in-laws! The first thing I’d make is a berry green hemp breakfast smoothie! Then maybe a lunch soup, frozen fruit dessert … This would be perfect for all the road trips and family visits this year and for helping family eat better while I’m visiting 😉

  428. I would make a Green Monster smoothie! As a student, I only have a massive blender from the 1980s and it actually scares me to use it…I would love to win one of these!

  429. Fantastic product!!! I am a college student, trying to be raw, while living on a college student’s budget. This little guy would be my meal ticket to quick/healthy smoothies for fast breakfasts and perfect take-alongs for long days on campus. But the first thing I would probably make is Mango sorbet.. Mmmm 🙂

  430. A strawberry-chocolate green smoothie! Strawberries, spinach, almond milk, choclate hemp protein, stevia, and almond butter. So good, and I really need my own blender!

  431. I would make the banana soft-serve first!! =D My food processor always jams up and takes forever to make it.

  432. Neat! What a convenient little gadget!! I’m thinking my first go might have to be this carrot smoothie recipe. Yum and a HALF!

  433. Nut milks and raw cookie dough! My blender has trouble with too many nuts.
    Your carrot cake smoothie picture made me crave a creamy orange smoothie… maybe orange, coconut, and cashew?
    You must have a record response on this one… what a great giveaway!!

  434. I have been searching for something just like this!! We are a military family and travel quite a bit to visit family, and taking a huge, heavy blender is such a hassle.

    The first thing I would use it for is to make my daily green smoothie, because it is how I always start my day. 🙂

  435. I would make salsa for fish or I would make a berry smoothie with my homemade yogurt!!! Plus I tweeted!

  436. I would make salsa for fish or I would make a berry smoothie with my homemade yogurt!!!

  437. I would probably make a green smoothie…because I love them.

    Awesome giveaway, Gena! Thanks for hosting this. : )

  438. I would make a SMOOTHIE, no doubt. If I had that cute little blender, I wouldn’t have to feel absurd for hauling my Vita-mix to places like my family Christmas camping vacation – I was roughing it alright!

  439. I’d make something whipped. My current blender is slow and overheats quickly so I’m never able to whip or even blend anything hard (such as cashews)! I’d love to be able to solve that problem!

  440. OMG I am in the market for this blender. I am going overseas to Paris to visit my boyfriend and need this to make me some food!! I think it is the perfect traveling companion ; ) I will blog about this tomorrow and tweet it!!

  441. Gena! I was just thinking about you 🙂 I would absolutely love to win this little blender… God knows I’d find places to take it. I would definitely try making a raw pesto sauce, it just sounds amazing comforting at this time in the year.

  442. What else?…Green smoothies!!! I’m in college and hav a lil, not-so-good, $20 blender. I would LOVE to win this givaway 🙂

  443. The first thing I’d blend up would be a peanut butter banana yogurt smoothie!!

  444. I would dump a huge lump of assorted berries & there and make the fruitiest smoothie ever, and then proceed to try every smoothie concoction I could come up with!

  445. I think the Tribest Blender is exactly what I need. I really can’t afford a Vitamix.
    The first thing I would make is a smoothie with greens. I’ve never tried one before because I’ve never had a blender tough enough to do it. I have, however, collected a zillion recipes, and a couple of books in anticipation of finally being able to try a green smoothie.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win, to you and Tribest 🙂

  446. the possibilities are endless!! I would definitely use some of the raw cacao powder I just got from whole foods to make an choco-mazing smoothie!! I love that my favorite indulgence- CHOCOLATE- is even better raw!

  447. I would love to be able to whip up creamy peanut butter – would this blender be able to handle grinding up nuts to a paste?

  448. I’d bring this to work and make a mid-morning green monster!!! Or soup for lunch! Yum!!

  449. I would use it right away to grind up flax seeds and nuts for all my raw treats. Yum yum yum! I love the glass jars!

  450. So many things I could make. I would probably start off by making some chocolate nut milk sweetened with stevia.

  451. I love the jar containers that the Tribest Blender has. The only thing annoying about the vita mix is how hard it is to get some things out of it.

    First thing first, I’d make a green smoothie!

  452. Hi Gena-

    This would be so perfect for making smoothies for breakfast while traveling for my son’s baseball tournaments! Before that, however, I would make a batch of pesto and graze on veggies and pesto all afternoon.

    Also, I’m tweeting this…

  453. The very first thing I would do with a tribest blender is take it to work and make a green smoothie for myself half way through the day – just when I find myself needing it most, a beautiful blend of organic baby spinach, apples, celery and parsley!!! Oh the thinks I could think when I think about a new portable blender!!!

  454. Hi Gena! This could not be more perfect timing! I am travelling to Flordia and was panicking about how I would whip up my green smoothies! I am definitely going to look into getting this product. Unless of course I am lucky enough to win, then the first thing I’ll whip up is a refreshing Green Smoothie!!

  455. Oh too funny, I was just wondering what I will do on two travel road trips without my Vita-Mix.. My whole family is addicted to our morning Green Smoothies. So this would be PERFECT for that task..

    I will say Green Smoothies on the Road, will be my first thing!

  456. I’ve never heard of these blenders until now. How great! I’d probably first go on a salad dressing making spree, but I would also switch to making my breakfast smoothie in this as well.

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  457. Thank you for sharing this great opportunity with us! I would make a green monster smoothie first with the blender… with lots of frozen fruits that can jam up my current blender. 🙂

  458. Wow. I would LOVE to have a blender I could do something quick in or travel with. My husband always asks if the big motorboat blender is going to be coming with us on trips. 🙂 I think the first thing I would try making is your zucchini cheese sauce…I’ve been wanting to make that since you blogged about it.

  459. i would make banana ice cream. i have been craving it like crazy but it is kinda impossible to make in a dorm room without a tiny blender.

  460. I would finally make a green smoothie without having to do a transfer of my main ingredients (spinach/some type of fruit) from the food processor to my cheapo blender for final mixing. My blender can’t handle the spinach and frozen fruit so I have to food processorize (my special word!!) first….heck, my blender can barely handle ice!
    By the way I love your raw cashew cream recipe! So does everyone else I make it for…course that is a fun process too with my blender!! 😉

  461. EEEE i JUST purchased a cheap blender from amazon..i was in dire need of a personal/small blender that has the power for grinding and blending.
    I was debating whether to get this one..but i didnt have $$
    I would make my delicious b-fast smoothie & then a raw soup..mmmm!

  462. Did I miss something? Did I have to mention my retweet in a second comment here? …I tweeted it. 😛 Clearly, I just want to replace the antique I currently use.

  463. That smoothie looks perfect–I am on a smoothie kick these days! Of course I’d make a smoothie with my new blender. Perhaps apple pie? 😉

  464. I would make my morning green smoothie when I am on the road. I travel a lot for work and really really miss my Vita-mix when traveling. 🙁 it is too big to take with me. Then I would use it to make dinner too when I got back to my hotel!!! Maybe even take it for the day with me. Then I could show it off to others.

  465. Ooooh, thank you! Okay, here’s what I’d do…something sweet then something savory. First I’d make a green smoothie with kale, banana, cherries and hemp seeds and then I know I’d be dying to whip up a batch of salad dressing to dip romaine in, which is my latest obsession. I can’t get enough of it!

  466. And I just tweeted too! Woo hoo! Oh and btw that carrot cake smoothie sounds divine. Did you know carrots are not meant to be orange???? 😉

  467. Oooh ooooh ooooh I love my tribest travel blender and I use it all the time, either on the road or instead of the Vitamix as well.

    The first thing I would make it it would be a green smoothie (because if I win it I will either give it to my boyfriend or his parents as his dad really needs to improve his health and is totally getting into the juices and smoothies 🙂

  468. hi gena! thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway! the first thing I would make would be a green smoothie! i think it would be a great way to start off the day every day.

    • I forgot to say: the first thing I’d do with the blender is a banana ice cream, never managed with my old blender or crappy food processor!

  469. I love this giveaway! I would definitely make hummus first, considering it’s my favorite food on earth.

  470. Detox smoothie with celery, pear, apple, turmeric, celtic sea salt and flax seed oil.

    Need to clear up my acne!

  471. i make smoothies every morning that i’m currently taking to work in pickle jars, this blender sounds awesome!!

    my next go would be dressings and other stuff my food processor cant handle.

  472. If I were to receive this blender, the first thing I would make would be a super decadent nut butter! Almonds, some raw honey, some cinnamon, and some cocoa powder.
    I think it’d help with the peanut butter cravings I’ve been having lately (peanut butter is something I’m trying to ween myself off of in my transition to a high raw diet!)

    (and then I’d put a few dollops of that nut butter on a banana- that would be an amazing combination)

  473. I am desperate need of a blender! The first thing I would make is homemade hummus – yummm!

  474. I would just love to have one of these Tribest blenders! In keeping with the whole “raw foods smoothie that tastes like baked goods” theme, the first thing I’d make with it is a banana bread smoothie!

  475. That would be amazing for a small kitchen! I love it! I’d make my morning smoothie with it before yoga- yummm!!!

    PS: I just tweeted it.

  476. I’d definitely first make the sunflower seed and carrot pate. If I could eat only one spread for the rest of my life it would be that. Ok, that’s an extreme thought, but it’s yummy. To think I once relied on hummus and spreads that weren’t homemade…

    Your tweet has been retweeted. 🙂

  477. Hey Gena!

    The first thing I would make would definitely be my daily smoothie- BUT with the addition of dates and nuts- which my current blender is waaay to whimpy to handle!

    Crossing my fingers!


  478. This looks amazing! I am planning a 3 month trip next year, and need my green smoothies to keep me going while I travel. I would make a big old kale smoothie right away with this puppy.

  479. I would probably make some kind of raw soup – it looks so convenient! You said you’ve kept it at work before; is it very loud?

  480. Exciting giveaway!

    Hmmmm… The first thing I would make would be my morning smoothie. Yum!

  481. First thing I’d make? Definitely a big, super thick, protein smoothie with banana, fage, protein powder, and blueberries! 🙂

  482. I have been wanting to try one of these cuties for so long! It would be perfect for my 80 year old Mom 🙂

  483. This little guy is so cute! Perfect for when I am at my parents or in laws!! I would make THAT smoothie of course! 🙂 YUM!

  484. That’s easy – my favourite smoothie: frozen banana, lacinato kale, hemp milk and ice cubes! Delicious, sweet and chilly.

  485. I would make some guacamole or a smoothie for my daughter.

    I also re-tweeted your contest.

  486. That’s really cool! I’ll most likely be making hummus, and pureeing soups. I’m not much into smoothies.

  487. i would love to make green smoothie with spinach, amazing grass powder, banana, and kale!

  488. I blogged it too, just for the heck. I would also make some delicious raw crackers from flax and some of the cheese I fermented. Raw cheese crackers rule.

  489. Yum! That smoothie sounds delish!!

    I think I would make HEAB’s chocolate avocado pudding “hot chocolate” soup! It sounds so good and I would love to try it with this awesome blender!

  490. This blender would be so helpful and awesome. I would definitely make that carrot cake smoothie! And some of HEAB’s protein ice creams which I always drool over.

  491. I would make a green smoothie with spinach, strawberries, blueberries and Sunwarrior protein powder! 🙂

  492. Yay, a blender giveaway!! I’ve wanted to make all sorts of juices with lots of vegetables, but can’t….so this would be amazing!

  493. Asparagus and spinach Pesto!
    I would make this pesto without the nuts so I could eat it with a delicious avocado SALAD! Heres what I would include: asparagus, spinach, handful of basil, handful of parsley, LOTS OF GARLIC, olive oil, a bit of nutritional yeast with a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. Chop up a whole avocado with some cherry tomatos and maybe some steamed veggies over a big romaine base and pour the pesto over it! YUM!

  494. Wow! This is an awesome contest. I’d make a smoothie bring to work first in my blender if I won. It’s great that the containers are made from glass.

    Thanks Gena!

  495. the first thing i will make is a green smoothie of course. and that would also be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 🙂 i would love one of those!!!

  496. Hey Gena,

    I’ve been lurking for awhile and I love your site 🙂 I need a blender like America needs a green smoothie! I currently have a used blender that is on its last blade and I am DYING to make incredible raw ice cream but the poor little guy just can’t do it. I would make the banana ice cream you blogged about awhile ago with a big spoonful of nut butter on top…oh and some sliced bananas…can you tell I’ve been thinking about it? I made the banana ice cream with my tiny food processor and it doesn’t seem to come out the way i imagine it would in a blender. **crosses fingers**

  497. Looks like a perfect travel blender. I am going to Rome, Italy on vacaction in 1 1/2 month and can’t fit my regular blender with me. I would love this blender! First thing I would make would be a green smoothie in Rome!

  498. I would whip up your carrot cake smoothie for sure! My poor blender never gets smoothies really smooth, they always have lumps.

  499. This is a great must for someone who’s on the go and needs to blend, mix, chop & purée healthy eats.

    The first thing I will make with it is my own salsa. Just enough spice & yummy veggies to satisfy my affnity to Mexican cuisine.

  500. I think the first thing I’d make is that carrot cake smoothie. It sounds divine!