Chia Chai Pudding


I loved hearing your ideas and feedback about vegan and raw snack bar options! A few of you asked whether or not I might have a recipe to share, especially for those of you on a budget. It’s a great question. The reason I don’t have a recipe is that, as I mentioned in the post, I’m not a huge snack bar muncher under ordinary circumstances. But as I also mentioned, the next two months are going to pose major scheduling challenges to me, and I’ll be needing snack bars much more than I have in the past, so it probably is time for me to come up with a recipe of my own. In the meantime, these bloggers all have great ideas. Check out:

Anne’s 5 minute, no-bake peanut butter granola bars

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Elana’s Power Bars

VeganDad’s Maple Hemp Granola Bars

Tasty and easy!

Today, as promised, I have a winner to announced. Thanks to all of you who entered my contest to win a two pound bag of chia seeds from Chia Seeds Direct! The winner of the chia seeds is…#258, Elana! As for what she’d like to make with chia seeds, Elana said, “I am going to try exactly the one you just posted about. looks AMAZING!!!!”

Wow! Thanks Elana! I’d love it if you made the smooth and simple breakfast pudding! And if you don’t like the sounds of that one, try the following — a new variation that I made just this week. The secret? Chai spices. The name? Tongue twister.

Chia Chai Pudding (serves 1 generously)

1 oz (about 1/4 cup) cashews
2 tbsp chia seeds
3/4 cup water (start with 3/4 cup — add more if you want the pudding thinner)
2 pitted dates, or stevia to taste
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp sunflower lecithin or xantham gum (optional, but lends a nice fluffiness to the pudding)

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender till very smooth. Adjust the texture by adding more water or (for the opposite effect) more lecithin or xantham.


With bananas, if you like.

Mighty tasty.

Chia inspired breakfasts just keep blooming in my kitchen. And when they’re paired with chai flavors — which I adore — well, so much the better.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent celebrating my friend Allison’s birthday (happy b-day, Alla!), cheering on my friend Nelly as she triumphantly ran her first half marathon, and snuggling with Chloe, who was my apartment guest for two nights. I never take my friends for granted, ever, but weekends like this one remind me how dear they all are to me.

I’ll be back soon. Have a great Sunday.


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  1. Just made and ate this for lunch. I didn’t have the cashews, but had almond pulp. So I used 1/4 cup of that. I also did not have the last 2 things on the list so I left them out. I added about 1 1/2 T. Of dried & sweetened coconut and used 1 c. Of water I also used 1/4 c. Of dried dates. Was thick and ready to eat.Was delish. I made a recipe for it on Lose It. It has 333 caleries, 11 fiber, 4.4 protein, & 9.2 g. Of healthy fat made my way. Thanks for this tasty recipe,

  2. Gina – I know you posted this recipe ages ago but I just made it today, as I was recently introduced to the idea of chia pudding and wanted to give it a try. You made my first chia pudding experience a great one! This pudding had the perfect amount of creaminess and sweetness. The chai flavour was delightful without being overpowering. I didn’t add the gum but the texture was perfect. I enjoyed it for breakfast with my one-year old and it was a great way to start the day. Thanks for a great recipe, as per usual 🙂

  3. would agar agar powder work to replace the xantham gum? Thanks for any feedback!

  4. Does this keep in the fridge for, say, a week if I want to make a bigger batch? It would save me time if I can just scoop some out in the mornings.

  5. This is so good; the best chia pudding I’ve had (and I’ve tried several). I think the key for me is that the seeds are ground up and not left whole. I made a few modifications – omitted the garam masala (don’t have any), added 2 TBS shredded coconut, added some vanilla, and omitted the lecithin/gum. I let it sit in the fridge overnight, it got thicker without needing the lecithin or gum (I even used 1 cup of water), and had it for breakfast today. Really outstanding!

  6. you are posting great recipes faster than i can comment, let alone eat. 🙂

    bananas, is that one fruit you do like? i remember you said you disliked fruit.

  7. This looks so refreshing. I must get some chia seeds so I can make this. Thanks for the snack bar recipe links and your post. I’m always looking for quick healthy snacks. Have a great day. 🙂

  8. I love chai and have been wanting to try chia pudding so incredibly bad. It’s going to happen this week no excuses.

  9. I love chai flavor things. Great recipe Gena. I have still yet to try chia seeds. I need to get on it!

  10. Dang, you’ve got me craving not only this pudding but also some chai of the Bonobo’s variety! Mmmmm…

  11. LOVE this recipe idea!! I love chia, and anything that I can make with the mosterous 5 pound bag of it that I have in the fridge make me happy! :o)

  12. That looks divine! Chai is my favorite tea flavor to enjoy in things that aren’t tea.

  13. Creamy desserts are the best. I am imagining this served with banana soft serve. Pudding a la mode?

  14. Ohhhhh my goodness. This looks amazing and I just restocked my chia. Thanks for the granola bar links, YUM! Have a great week Gena!!!

  15. chia, chia, seed eater. I really want chia seeds but have hesitations about ordering offline and cannot seem to find them in stores. ah one day a wish will be granted. Until then, I’m a banana eater and blog-oogler

  16. Thanks for the great post on snack bars and sharing some recipes and your favorites!

  17. lovely idea for chia pudding. works for a sloth like me because all i have to do is add the spices to the standard recipe! 😀

  18. Hey Gena!
    I read your blog often, but have never commented before. I was wondering where you got certified as a clinical nutritionist who specializes in a plant-based diet. I am 21 and am currently looking to become a clinical nutritionist myself. However, I really don’t know who would certify me as a plant-based nutritionist. Any info you have would be great. You can email me if thats easier Thanks!


  19. Haha, chia and chai often cause typos for me–when I mean to type chai, I type chia and vice versa:)

  20. Hi beautiful! Thanks for the linkback and mention on my granola bars! Those are the ones that Hers Magazine published.

    As for xanthum or guar gum, I am the only blogger who can’t ever get XG or GG “right” and end up ruining the food by adding too much or adding too little for no discernible difference. I have consulted w/ some ladies who have it mastered but me…not so much 🙂

    Tomorrow I am posting yet another tweak-ified softserve, of course, linking back to you, my friend.

    Hope your weekend was stellar!

  21. Chia puddings are my fave!!! So funny, ive been thinking about a chai chia pudding – maybe this is a sign that i better get making it! 🙂

  22. I just bought my first bag of raw chia seeds and this will totally be my first recipe with them! Very excited. Also new to your blog, and am really loving it. xo

  23. Oh my, this sounds fantastic. I have everything I need to make it too. It might be breakfast tomorrow.

    Now I’m excited to go to bed and wake up and make this.

  24. mmm chai is so refreshing when you start to feel like everything you eat tastes like peanut butter/almond butter! thanks!!

  25. This looks great, I can’t wait to try it. Thanks! I have not been using chia seeds as much as I’d like for some reason and really need to try more recipes with them.

  26. Mmmmm…I love chai-flavored things. When I was in grad school, I used to drink chai lattes all the time, so chai-flavored things always remind me of that 🙂

  27. Thanks for the plug! 🙂 I’ll have to check out the other recipes you linked to – they all sound great!

  28. Ooo this looks like a good one Gena…. my chia pudding never turns out as great as I would like, but I may have to give this one a try!

  29. Hey Gena! Is xantham gum one of those things that are “neutral” for you-as in they won’t harm your health or add anything special? Is it something that’s okay to put in smoothies regularly?

  30. “Hola, amigas”? Do you not think that men read your blog as well? I really can’t imagine that I’m the only one…

    But thanks for the recipe–it looks good!

    • Willie —

      Thanks for this! I had to do some research. I didn’t realize (I didn’t take Spanish, and it’s been a long time since I spoke French), that “amigos” is correct if at least one man is in the group being described! I typically use female pronouns in situations where either male or female can be used (i.e., in situations where a gender-neutral pronoun is called for). Which is why I used “amigas.” Totally my grammar bad (yes, editors make grammatical errors, too). And has been deleted.

      And of course I know you’re not my only male reader. I love all of my male readers!


  31. Ohh I love Chai flavored things! And I also love that this chia pudding doesn’t look like little eyeballs (the one thing I can’t get past…)

    Glad you had such a good weekend with friends 😀

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