Choosing Raw 2009 Holiday Gift Guide!

Hey guys!

Keep your awesome responses to the Choosing Raw and Spark! Wellness Cleanse coming! I’m so excited that many of you have expressed interest in it.

I know that I’m a little late on this (just like me — saving holiday shopping for the last moment), but I’m here with my official Choosing Raw holiday gift guide. I began this baby a few weeks ago, and it seems to have gotten longer and longer as the days of holiday shipping grow fewer and fewer. There are so many wonderful things to give a vegan, a raw foodie, or anyone who takes an interest in health and wellness!

What you don’t see here are my very favorite gifts: handmade ones. I didn’t include those because they’re best when they’re personal and unique, but some great ideas include knit scarves and hats (for a great post on vegan knitting, click here), homemade vegan peppermint donut holes, candied nuts, pickled vegetables or homemade sauerkraut, or homemade kombucha (what a lineup of lovely raw ladies that was!).

If you’re short on time, or you’d like to invest in a gift, though, here are my top picks for everyone on your list! Hope they give you some last minute inspiration.

For a major splurge:

1) VitaMix, Blendtec or Dehydrator


2) Infrared Sauna

3) Rebounder


4) Water Filtration System

5) Trip to an eco-friendly resort


For the Fashionista

1) Kate’s Design eco-friendly bracelets


2) Beau Soleil Groove Dress


3) 7 For All Mankind Organic Slouchy Jeans

4) Non-leather bag from The Sak

5) Stella McCartney shoes


For the Foodie

1) Bamboo knife set from Target


2) Membership to an Organic Wine Club

3) Bell Canning Jar Set


4) Slow Food Apron from MotherTongues


4) New Salad Spinner

5) Indoor Pot Herbs


For the Yogi

1) Jade Yoga Mat (because you can never have too many)

2) Bendie Yoga Bags


3) Lululemon Gift Certificate

4) Yoga Is Yummy yoga DVDs!


5) Sigg Water Bottles

For the Eco-Fanatic

1) Indoor Compost Keeper


2) Donation to The Conservation Fund

3) Voltaic Solar Backpack


4) Buy Carbon Offsets

5) A Rain Barrel

For the Book Lover

1) The China Study


2) Eating Animals


3) Living Raw Food


4) Eat, Drink and Be Vegan


5) Food For Life


Stocking Stuffers

1) Priti Nail Polish


2) Lululemon headband


3) One Lucky Duck Macaroons or Cookies


4) Whole Foods Gift Certificates

5) Food Tee


6) Fine and Raw Chocolate Bon Bons


7) Dry Brush


8  ) Oracle Organics Soap


9) Pacifica Soy Candle


10) Set of Five Reusable, Eco-Friendly Tote Bags


You can also check out TreeHugger for a great eco-friendly gift guide, Melissa‘s blog for a fitness-savvy run down, and Bitt’s blog for more raw ideas.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. My friend recommend your site, and I found it very interesting!
    Thank your for your work.

  2. Great list of products! I want everything! I should just go and take a visa to USA to by all staff.
    It is a pity, that I leave far a way in Belarus.

  3. thank you for the shout out, mama!
    i’m pretty sure i want everything on this list- it’s amazing
    i was thinking of doing a winter shape up plan on the blog, starting with your cleanse to kick start the program… it’s gonna be sweet ๐Ÿ˜€
    hope your friday is going well <3

  4. oh mann Gena… those food T’s are awsome… i have to order the stalker one… and the bite me one… and well maybe all of them.. think before you eat is pretty funny.

  5. Good gracious, lucky is the person who receives ANY of this quality loot.

    Just discovered that the organic grocery one block away from my apt now carries Fine & Raw–Christmas may need to come early to my belly.

  6. Those veggie shirts are ADORABLE! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite things!

  7. Great gift ideas! I would be happy to receive or give any of those gifts to someone.

  8. Great list! I want everything! I should just print this out and show it to my parents and bf haha.

  9. What a fantastic list! I think I’d like pretty much everything on there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since I’ve also left things ultra last-minute this year, I will be making good use of this!

  10. I want all those books!! Ahh my reading list is getting longer and longer – where will I find the time? Great post – thanks for all the ideas.

  11. Gena, thanks so much for the beautiful comment on my blog. I always feel so honored when you comment. You are on my blogroll and I love reading your blog (though not raw) just for the insight and informative posts. I particularly enjoyed this latest post when I read it last night, its nice to see others list of a “few favorite things” and the list you have given blends a beautiful touch of your personality and such. So fun. Have a restful day ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. thanks for the links gena! i think i’ve found the perfect gift for my little sis on the treehugger site :O)

  13. Holy crap. Thanks for all that. I don’t have anyone who’d want any of that, but you just added about 10 things to MY Christmas list… hahahhaa.

  14. Love it! Especially like the fashion ideas. I’m definitely going to look into all of that… maybe for gifts for myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Wonderful list! I asked Santa for a Vita Mix and two of the cookbooks you mentioned.

  16. My goodness- what a fabulous list! I love the Indoor Compost Keeper and the cute foodie tshirts (I want one!) Thanks for all of the great ideas

  17. Did you hear that Lululemon headbands are made from the hems of Lululemon yoga pants? That’s why they offer free hemming. Just a little fact. It is however a great way to reduce waste, but who wants to pay $20 for a piece of fabric that has already been dusting retail floors?

  18. Good ideas. I try to buy as many gifts as I can from where gifts are eco-friendly, organic, fair-trade, support small women’s cooperatives in third world countries, etc. and sometimes all those things at once! They have quite a selection of jewelry, clothing, home and kitchen items, and so on at very budget-friendly prices. My own gift list includes vegan boots, a gift card for massage, and some of the books you listed. When people don’t know what to get me I tell them I like almost everything in the Whole Body section of Whole Foods! Some people feel that wish lists take the surprise of giving away, but I hate the wasted resources that go into unwanted gifts. And yes, homemade is best! I miss being a kid and having time to make everyone presents!

  19. WOW that is a great list!!! Thanks for putting it together gave me lots of fun ideas for gifts ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been eyeing a rebounder for some time now!!! Maybe one day

  20. I am overwhelmed by the awesome-ness of this post! I’m going to check out basically everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. If only all of my friends and family would read this list. I love all the ideas!

  22. Thanks for the shout-out, Gena! Love all your ideas. Did you like read my amazon wish list or something? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I REALLY REALLY want #2 or #5. Maybe a give-a-way in the future?

  23. First, thanks for the Raw Vegan Donut Hole Mention & Link Back!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was my pleasure to help promote the cleanse…I’ve already had a couple comments saying it was news to them and they are interested!

    Anyway the gift guide. I ADORE IT!!!! Lotta work with all those links and all that merchandise! I can say (maybe I shouldn’t!) that I do own alot of the very items you listed, have wanted others, and didn’t even know about infared saunas but you got nothin on me with the rain barrel, the composting action, the dry brush or the books ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also LOVE that you linked back to some amazing sites like the Sonama Green Living & the Tree Hugger and Melissa’s list I had seen but not A Bitt of Raw’s. This was an excellent post! Not just for the holidays but to remind us (and not trying to sound like a materialistic consumer) but of things we may, or may not, be interested in purchasing at some point down the road to green our lives, eco friendly our worlds a bit more.

    Gosh, beautiful, I’m loving this one, Gena!!

  24. I want everything on this list for myself now, thanks! I want a Bendie bag, do you know how I can order one? Don’t see it on the site.

  25. My oh my, what a sensational gift guide! Great lineup of goodies ๐Ÿ™‚ And I agree – handmade gifts are unique, special, and often the most delightful.

  26. I hope someone majorly splurges on me and gets me a vitamix!!