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Yesterday, I was so excited talking about my mellow green smoothie that I overlooked something big. That post was my 365th: that’s a year’s worth of CR.

Back when CR was just an idea, I used to come up with all sorts of reasons why I shouldn’t start a blog: my writing wouldn’t be good enough, no one would care, my friends and colleagues would think I was even more of a wackadoo than they already do, I’d get attacked for my veganism, etc. Most of all, I worried that I would run out of content. How much could I possibly have to say about vegan food?

The past year and a half has proven me dead wrong. If any of you happen to be aspiring bloggers (foodie or otherwise), and you’re thinking that you won’t have enough content to fill a blog, let me put those fears to rest. If you write a blog about things you love—anything you love—you’ll have more content than you know what to do with. Trust me on this. No matter how many posts I write, I find myself constantly struggling to get everything I’d like to say on paper. And as I grow, so too does CR. It’s a fun part of blogging: as you evolve, your blog evolves with you. How could that not be an endless source of material?

In honor of a year’s worth of the mind-numbing sound of my own voice blogging, I thought I’d do an extra special CR giveaway. No, this isn’t raw treats or an appliance. It isn’t even raw food DVDs. It’s a free CR nutritional consultation with yours truly. In other words, if you haven’t yet gotten sick of me, you can talk to me about food and health for an hour on the phone. Free.

An initial CR consult will include:

  • Discussion of your history with food, including your feelings about your body and your own self worth
  • Discussion of what you eat day in and day out, and whether or not there are gaps in your diet that need filling
  • Discussion of any health complaints that might respond well to plant-based nutrition
  • How-to for some fundamentals of raw un-cooking
  • Recipe ideas based on personal taste and preference

Before we start, I’ll be sending you a questionnaire that will help me get to know you and your goals.

In the last year, I’ve had to scale back my counseling practice dramatically to accommodate other professional projects, but I hope to expand it once again very early in 2011. Until then, nothing could make me happier than to give one of you a chance to sound off a bit about plant based food, body image, and health—and to give you encouraging feedback as you do. The deepest reward of being a blogger is to connect with likeminded men and women via the magic of keystrokes. What could be a more fitting celebration of a year’s worth of posts than the chance to connect with you outside of my blog—and offer some helpful feedback about nutrition while I do it?

There are a bunch of ways to enter. Each of these is worth one entry, so just use a new comment to tell me if you’ve done it:

1) Leave a comment telling me what sort of post you’d like to see more of within the next year of CR. Recipes? Nutrition talk? Body image/ED musings? Vegan rants discussions?

2) Tweet this giveaway, by copying and pasting the following text: @choosingraw is giving away a free plant-based health and diet consultation! (Or at least include my twitter handle in your tweet.)

3) Like me, please like me, on Facebook.

I’ll announce the winner in exactly ten days: on Sunday, November 14th.

Good luck!!!!


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  1. I love the content on your blog! It is funny, inspirational, gives me just what I need!
    I would like to see more nutritional analysis along with the great recipes. I would also like to see body image & working through emotional eating info. Keep up the good work!

  2. You’ve been liked on facebook! Also, it’d be nice to read more on how to start communities/find support when transitioning to raw and vegan foods.

  3. Hi! I’d love your great recipes and overall view on healthy eating, lifestyle choices, etc. Loved the post you just did on how ‘you’ eat, and would love to continue seeing in-season hi-raw recipes. Thanks for a great year of reading/learning. 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of your blog – it’s so inspiring. I love the way you make healthy eating seem so obtainable and within reach.

    I’d love to see more recipes with a more kid-friendly slant, if possible! I have two little vegans and am always looking for ways to get them to eat more veggies.

  5. I’d love to see more nutrition talk on the site, Gena! As a nutrition major, it’s my passion and love to talk all things nutrients, health, and vibrancy from vegan foods.

    I overcame an eating disorder 1.5 years ago and veganism saved me. A consultation from you would mean the world to me.


  6. I love when CR reviews a restaurant (or a city when Gena travels!). Please keep up those kinds of posts. All in all, I think there is a good balance of post topics on CR. I read every new post and am constantly entertained by the discussions, recipes, and advice given.

  7. Hey Gena,

    I’d like to read a post discussing raw foodism and EDs.
    Having struggled with EDs for 6 years now I’m hesitant to make changes in my diet that I think will put a lot of focus on food, like “going raw” and I would like to hear more about your experience with this, as I would like to eat more healthy raw food, but without getting obsessed.

    Take care,

  8. Hi Gena!

    I absolutely love the nutrition talks, so I think there should be more posts about that.


  9. As a new vegan, I’d love to see more vegan “discussions” especially those slanted towards nutrition. Thank you for all of your well thought out (and well written) posts and the abundance of information and wisdom you share with us!!!

  10. Gena – I’ve been reading for about a year now and actually feel really satisfied by the balance of topics on CR between recipes, nutrition talk, vegan discussion, etc. The only thing that has been hard for me recently that I’d love to see your two cents on is this: I feel so passionate about my eating habits that I have a hard time being around meat and other animal products. This is tricky because my boyfriend and family feel very strongly about their choice to eat meat, eggs and cheese and while I thought I could handle seeing these things all the time, the longer I eat vegan the more disturbed I am by even having these things around. Let’s just say I am quite envious that your boyfriend is a vegan 🙂 So I guess this is a question of being close with non-vegans- do you ever feel nauseous when sitting right next to someone eating steak? I’m generally a very tolerant live and let live person so these feelings of wanting to control my boyfriend are very ugly feelings. Can you empathize at all? Inside of course I just want to convince everyone to have my same eating habits, ha, but that’s not really an option.

    Anyway, you are awesome and I love CR!! Finally became a fan on FB 🙂


  11. I’d like to see more of how to deal with body image…I know I have a huge problem with myself :/

  12. Hi Gena!

    I’d definitely say nutrition talks and also more tips on how to live day to day with others who aren’t eating the way we are. You have talked about that in the past and it’s always helpful.

    Thanks for 365 days of Choosing Raw. You have and always will be an inspiration for me. You helped me transition into a raw diet! =)

    Twittered and facebooked ya!

  13. There are so many things I would love to learn through you, Gena!

    1. How to discuss veganism and respond to inquiries/questions with non-vegans.
    2. More discussions about any media responses to veganism.
    3. How to eat a balanced diet nutritionally everyday. I loved “Becoming Vegan”, but would still like some more guidance from you.
    4. Your thoughts on being a quasi-vegan. There are some social situations, like temple offerings, that are vegetarian by not vegan. The food is considered blessed but it contains dairy. There are many situations that can unexpectedly arise. How should one choose a personal balance or lack thereof?

    Thank you for all that you do! You continue to serve me as an inspiration.

    • I forgot to mention that I would appreciate advice on how to handle the emotions of either accidently OR consciously eating non-vegan food if the aim is to reduce animal suffering. There can be an incredible amount of guilt.

  14. Congratulations! How much I’ve learned from your wonderful blog in these 365 posts. I can’t stress how much I enjoy being a follower and reader of your blog so it’s really cool to know that you enjoy writing and sharing. I’ve had a lot of fun here at CR and I look forward to the many more posts to come. Thanks for always being brutally honest, fun, and also true to yourself.

    And what a cool idea for a giveaway!

    • Oops! I meant to add that I think it would be cool to see more posts about being a vegan (and raw foodie) in NY specifically. I feel like the culture is a bit different in every region. Here in LA if you’re a vegan a lot of people just write you off as another “hippie,” but a lot of people just find it “normal.” When I lived outside of LA in the burbs, people mostly thought I was crazy. Plus I had WAY less restaurant options. I’m infatuated in NY, yet it is still a bit of a mystery to me.

  15. I love your blog and your writing, Gena. It’s always such a pleasure to read. I would love to continue to read more nutrition posts from you as well as your thoughts on body image issues. Have a great night!

  16. Gena,
    I’d love to see more posts on being able to eat healthily while being busy. I know you’ve done posts on that in the past, but since I work full-time and go to school full-time, I’m always looking for more help on how to eat a healthy diet while keeping up with my crazy schedule!

  17. Hi Gena!

    First, I just wanted to thank you for writing one of the best vegan/raw food blogs around. You have no idea how much I appreciate your incredible recipes and thoughtful, always engaging writing. It’s nice to see someone who loves vegan food and the written word as much as I do.

    That said, please keep the recipes coming! Raw, cooked, whatever. I make your recipes for friends, family, my understanding, but decidedly not vegan, husband, and the meals never fail! Plus, your butternut squash smoothie and pumpkin chia pudding have both changed my mornings forever.

    Thank you! Thank you!

  18. Gena-
    I LOVE your recipes, so as long as you can continue to think of creative, delicious ideas, I will always want to see more. I also geek out about vegan nutrition, but I’m always confused about balancing meals, so I’d love to see more posts like this as well.
    I’m also tweeting the contest AND liking CR on Facebook right now.
    ps- Now that it’s fall, I’m totally making that kabocha (sp?) and avocado sandwich you featured on the blog awhile ago!

  19. I think you should have more posts on eating raw during winter. I tend to eat less raw during cold seasons.

  20. Overall I would like more nutrition talk…as a way to understand some of the more complex aspects of nutrition in a really basic, straight-forward way. If that’s not too hard! 🙂

  21. Hi Gena,
    I @JulitteKapha tweeted your contest text. I am interested in what you would recommend for raw food/living business opportunities.

    I made the creamy broccoli soup today. It was great! My husband liked it too.

  22. Gena,
    I would love to see more posts about how to use “intimidating” ingredients: i.e. nutritional yeast, coconut oil etc.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I buy these items and then don’t really know how to use them.

  23. I have liked you on Facebook! Also, I think I would prefer to see more on nutrition and body image.

  24. Hi Gena,

    So much of what you write here is extremely valuable info – the recipes, nutrition info, etc. It’s a great source for practical stuff as well as entertainment.

    One thing I would like to read more of is the level-headed approaches and arguments when dealing with non-vegans. You seem to get the sentiment exactly right, something I have a hard time doing with my tendency to get emotional and argue!



  25. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this. What I love so much about your blog is the variety of the topics you mentioned in question 1. I never know which topic is going to be written about next. Your “mind numbing voice” is what keeps me around! 😉

  26. I love to read about nutrition and recipes especially. That’s why I’m a blog reader. I’m also interested in your take on articles depicting veganism/vegetarianism in the popular media. Your thoughts are always well-reasoned, and I learn a lot from them.

  27. Love your blog! I definately would love more nutrition talk. Also, I am getting a Vitamix for my birthday this weekend, so more recipes for that would be wonderful!

  28. Gena,

    Love the blog and your thoughtful entries!!!

    As someone who struggles with emotional compulsive eating, it would be lovely to hear advice on how to handle the whole complex problem of wanting to eat so badly to deal with stress and yet being decidedly and uncomfortably full.

  29. Love, love, love this blog!! In fact, you sort of represent almost everything I would love to do: finish med school and become an expert in nutrition, write a blog focusing on healthy, nutritionally packed recipes and have fun doing it! As to your question, I love to experiment with new recipes, so it would be great if you had some more; talk of nutrition? Yes, yes, yes! In fact, I’m interested to see/read anything that has to do with making the body function at it’s best…

  30. I would love to see more musings about your experience with IBS. In many ways, a vegan diet is very appealing to me, and I am often vegan for many months at a time, but I’ve found that vegetables and fruits are hard on my stomach and give me lots of pain when consumed in more than small quantities (and especially when raw). I find this to be the case even when I make raw soups and blend the vegetables well. I know that your experience might not be like mine, but I always find your informed and compassionate reflections very helpful.

  31. Hi Gena!

    The consultation would be awesome, but even if I’m not chosen I’d love to see more raw recipes! I’ve made some of what you’ve posted so far and they’ve all turned out to be SO good! I’ve even got my boyfriend hooked on your recipes and eating more raw meals! Thank you thank you!

  32. Yay 365! That’s a lot of awesome! I’d love quick and hearty recipes. Like the 30 minutes or less ones that aren’t salads. I’d also benefit from dehydrator tutorials. My crackers turned out a hot mess! Thank you!!!!!!

  33. Would love to win the consultation!

    I would actually like to hear (anonymous) stories from your experience as a consultant. “Success” stories if you will of people who have changed their relationship with food, or found luck controlling a chronic illness, encouraged their families to try a new way of eating, etc.

  34. happy anniversary!! i really enjoy your posts on ANY subject. since i have to pick one, i guess i’d say nutrition related topics. keep up the great work:-)

  35. Oh! Also, how do you budget your grocery shopping? Which are the most expensive items on your list, and which are the worthiest investments? Thank you!

  36. I love this blog and I would love to read more introspective posts on food politics and its impact on body image, for instance the genderization (okay, that’s not a word) of certain kinds of foods, or the subjugation of certain groups in the food production process – animals, migrant workers, etc. I think the way that food has been commodified in the US makes many struggle with our consumption of it, particularly our self-perception and how we think others’ perceptions of us will be influenced by what we eat. Am I even making sense right now? You’ve touched on this a bit in the past, so hopefully you can better articulate what I’m talking ’bout!

  37. Hi Gena,

    First I am quite nervous about this but I wanted to thank you for very word you have written over the past 365 posts. You are a huge inspiration to me and are someone I view as very brave for putting your life and struggles out in front of the world. I have been so inspired by you that I began blogging about my struggles and thoughts on food. I have not been doing it for very long but it has help tremendously. Thank you for the inspiration.

    I would love to hear more about how to travel as a vegan to resorts or other ‘compound’ type places that are very unfriendly to a vegan diet. I just finished a weekend wedding extravaganza at a resort where there was not a bean or unrefined grain to be seen for miles. I did OK bringing enough to get me through breakfasts and some lunches but making sure to pack enough calories when going into an unknown situation was a challenge.


  38. I would like to see more about raw and vegan food for fueling athletic activity. Often I am confused about the best way to eat for all the exercise that I do. I have “Thrive” but could use some extra advice!

      • I’ll do my best, guys! I don’t specialize in athletic nutrition, nor am I a marathon runner, but I’ll use what knowledge I do have.

  39. I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile now, and would love to see more about being vegan out in the world. You’ve touched on this a little bit when discussing work lunches that get ordered out, and this is where I have real struggles. I’m a vegetarian (not quite ready to give up yogurt and cheese yet), but find it difficult when going to dinner at the bf’s house (his family is very meat and potatoes) and in other social situations. More tips about that would be great!

    I’m also digging the body image discussions. Very thought provoking.

    I also liked you on facebook and tweeted 🙂

  40. More things about transitioning and using it for athletics! I know I would like to eat more raw, but I am nervous to with marathon training!

  41. Congratulations on your first anniversary! CR is one of my favorite blogs; I’ve been reading it since its inception. I love your recipes, your writing style, and your refreshing candor. As a young woman who has struggled with issues of eating and body image, I am inspired by your appreciation for food both as nourishment and sensory experience. As a homesick New Yorker (recently displaced to Chicago), I love your words of homage to our wonderful city. I grew up on 81st street, so 79th was my subway stop/ bus stop/ park entrance, too! One of the things that really sets you apart from other bloggers, in my mind, is that you present a high-raw vegan diet as very accessible and laid back. I am vegan and drawn to raw foods, but I am put off by the fanaticism and obsession with purity that I’ve encountered in the raw food community. Your blog is blissfully free of judgement and your recipes are simple and elegant, using common ingredients and most often requiring no more than a food processor. As I spend most of my day working and in class, I pack one or two meals each day to bring with me, and I rely upon simple dishes which I can prepare in quantity and throw together in various ways. I’ve found much inspiration in your posts on your work lunches, particularly your post on nutrient dense salads a while ago. I much prefer the format of your blog to the food journal format, but I’d love to see more of your meals– it’s so helpful to me to build my sense of what a balanced meal looks like as I repair my relationship with food. Thanks so much for writing CR– I look forward to years more to come!


  42. I recently returned to veganism, and was really drawn to your focus on the benefits of a plant-based diet for digestion. Thanks for the motivation!

  43. Honestly I love all of your posts! It sounds cheezy, but even though I seldom comment i love reading body image/ED musings… the recipes are certainly an inspiration and those i’ve tried have been delicious… keep staying true to yourself and it’ll keep working 🙂 congrats on a fabulous year!!

  44. Hi Gena! I added you on FB. It would be great to hear something from you about acne, and (if you haven’t posted already), your thoughts on probiotics. Thanks!

  45. Hi Gena!

    I haven’t stopped by in ages! Looks like I’ve returned just in time. I have tweeted the link etc to this and joined your facebook page.

    What would I like to see more of? To be honest, I’m loving your blog as it is but since I have to choose… I would say more health and nutrition posts and more on body image/ED. It’s funny because over the last 2 months, since I’ve wandered away from veganism my ED has been rearing it’s ugly head and I’ve lost my passion for food. Coincidental? Maybe. I’ve happily returned to my vegan ways, nonetheless (the diet’s going to need tweaking). It’s that old cliche of it all being a journey.

    Hope you’re well xxx

  46. I would like to see more postings on body image and how good nutrition can improve and enhance our functioning as human beings- mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  47. I love both recipes and nutrition talk and you do them both amazingly well (and often combine the two! :))
    Thanks so much for the giveaway, I am sure that whoever wins will be more than happy with your services if you are anything like your blog persona. 🙂

  48. Like you I have struggled with the rigours of an eating disorder. A few years ago I was eating an omnivore’s diet and eating under 800 calories a day. Besides not being 85% or less of my healthy body weight I fit the criteria for anorexia nervosa. I never felt good about my body (and still don’t, really) and as a result I’m slowly adopting a vegan diet although I am fully vegetarian right now. I love the way raw food makes me feel, but I have trouble making things for myself at home because I don’t currently have a high power blender or other neat tools that other raw foodists have due to being a student.

    I would appreciate seeing more recipes on the page, but really I appreciate anything you have to share. It has all been very helpful for me in my journey to becoming healthier. I was really happy to see you talking about how you embrace a raw vegan lifestyle and how it offers relief from an eating disorder. It gives me some hope that I might feel “normal” someday.

    Also, currently I’ve been suffering from some major digestive and urinary tract issues. A few days ago I ate a samosa and found myself looking 6 months pregnant without a hint of exaggeration. Any advice you could offer me would be amazing.

    I tweeted about your contest and also liked you on facebook.

    Thanks and fingers crossed!

  49. I always find it really interesting to read your posts and the subsequent comments about ED & nutrition/veganism. Then again, everything you write is awesome! I have let my blog fall to the wayside with the advent of some tougher courses this semester, but your words of wisdom have inspired me to keep it in mind regardless!

  50. I’d love to see more recipes with very few ingredients…such as a series on recipes with under 5 ingredients. Simple and healthy meal suggestions!

  51. Hi Gena,

    I love you blog, and this is my first comment. I like to have a extremely light web footprint (so unfortunately I can’t tweet about you or “friend” you), but your counseling offer is way to exciting to pass up. I would love for you to talk more about the emotional aspects of food: grocery shopping, cooking, meals, snacking ect. If often feels like every food interaction has such an emotional weight to it. It would also be great to hear more about your ideas about the daily nutritional balancing of a high raw vegan. It is a constant concern for me feeding myself, as well as a wife and mom feeding the whole family. Any kid friendly ideas? Congratulations on your 365th blog, and please keep it up! Take care, Sasha

  52. Gena,

    I would like to read more of EVERYTHING! I love learning about nutrition, body image, receipes, etc…I am trying to work on all of it.

    I recently realized that I am binge eater. Especially when I am upset or depressed. Am working hard to know my what my triggers are and how to stay away from bad foods (what I eat when I am upset or depressed).

    Thank you for having a great blog. I enjoy reading it!

  53. Congrats Gena!

    I always enjoy your editorial posts. Your posts on nutrition, veganism and body image are always illuminating and provide a grounded take on what are often very controversial issues. While your recipes are always great, I would love to see more discussion posts.

    Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway.

  54. I could so use this! I’ve just made the switch to vegetarianism for the first time in ten years and would love to get some expert advice on making sure I am getting the right nutrients.

    I’d love to see more discussions about veganism! It’s aspirational for me and I find it really inspiring to read your thoughts about living a vegan lifestyle.

  55. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!! I absolutely love the blog and it has really helped steer me in the path of more vegan/raw dietary choices. And the giveaway rocks… great idea!

    I’d love to see more CR recipes, but also love the Nutritional Talks. Keep up the awesomeness.

  56. CONGRATULATIONS on your 1 year of blogging one of the MOST AWESOME Blogs! I like YOU!…on FaceBook, on the CR Website/Blog and will, hopefully, on the other end of the phone!!! 🙂 What a GREAT giveaway!!! I can NEVER get enough of your CR Recipes. I always gain knowledge and inspiration from your Nutritional Talks. I truly enjoy your holiday recipes as it is difficult to partake of the traditional offerings at gatherings.

  57. OMG Gena that is such a great giveaway !
    I already love your recipes and I would love to see more posts on your daily eats. I think it is very inspirational to know what you are eating either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have made some good eating choices lately due to blogs like this one which is very informative and also interesting.

  58. I love the nutrition talk and am always up for more! I work as a health coach and I know the importance of keeping up on new nutrition information and different perspectives. (As well as having someone coach the coach on her own health, which is why I’m entering!)

  59. Gena,

    I forgot to add that I ‘like’ you on facebook (and so does my boyfriend and my mom!) but unfortunately I don’t have a twitter account.

  60. Hey Gena!

    What an amazing opportunity it would be to have a free consultation with you!

    I have been following choosing raw for almost a year now and I always look forward to new posts. I really love the diversity of you writing and your open-minded approach to diet and lifestyle. I have been vegan for about two years and vegetarian for six and I have a whole binder filled with choosing raw recipes that My mom, my boyfriend, and I love (his favorite is the Chacamole pudding).

    I would love to read more posts on maintaining a well-rounded vegan and raw diet. This is so crucial to keeping healthy and reading about another person’s tips for success with this lifestyle, in regards to just about anything (travel tips, discussing it with your loved ones and friends, how to stay balanced and healthy), never fails to be super helpful.

    I also love to hear your insight on veganism, eating disorders, and healthful living.

    Oh and definitely please keep the recipes coming strong!!


  61. i would love more vegan rants and nutrition talks. i entered all three ways. thanks so much!

  62. I would love to see a post that follows you through the grocery store/greenmarket/etc. I never plan well as it seems you always have the right ingredients on hand to always pull together a fab looking dish! 🙂 Oooo and I was so excited when you baked! Keep those recipes coming too! 🙂

  63. I love nutritional talk… how to adequately meet our bodies needs. Of course it is always helpful and awesome to see how to put those into practice through recipes. I really enjoy the variety you have on your blog of recipes, discussion and the likes.

    It may sound a bit cheesy or overdone, but thanks for the education you provide…in such a comforting, non-judgmental, encouraging way.

  64. Hi Gena,

    how is life in Nwe York City.. i´m very excited about your Blog. I think the offer on of the best recipes in the Raw Food Scene. Thats why i come here very often. Also i like all the Informations you about rawfood plus your style of writing makes me really curious…

    Here are my three points:

    1.) i love asian cuisine.. how about creating some classic asian dishes in raw? chop suey, thai Curry, dim sum, nasi goreng, palak paneer with chapati and so on?

    what i also would love to see, would be some delicious raw cakes.. like coconut cake, carob cake and so on.. ?

    2.) My twitter name is : causim . I´m gonna post your comment today

    3.) i already like your facebook site, my user name: burnt toast.

    Have a good time and keep on doing what your are doing.. i every website owner has special energy which can be felt on the website..
    Your energy and energy of your site is just great. I´m sure thats why you have so many fans..

    warm regards from germany


  65. Hoooooly cow! (or holy…tofu) This is a great giveaway!

    I love all of your posts, but I find the recipes especially helpful– they’re usually so simple and delicious! Greatly inspiring 🙂

  66. I would love to win a free consult from you. I have done a few raw detox classes from you and this last one had a much harder time transitioning back to cooked foods. I love the way I feel eating raw but have a hard time incorporating it into my daily lifestyle with a husband and 3 kids (who can be very picky). Congratulations on 1 year of blogging…I do visit your site daily and have attempted some of your recipes and have enjoyed them. I would like to continue to see you post your recipes but also vegan discussions as well. Thanks, Denise

  67. I liked you on facebook!

    I like it when you have “vegan discussions” but I also really love your recipes. Something else you may think about (I think you did a basic veggie roast instructional awhile back) for culinary illiterates like myself is some basic stuff — the best way to cut certain vegetables, best ways to roast/sautee when you do, things like that?

  68. wow! i keep talking about how i want to incorporate more raw foods into my diet and a consultation with an expert would sure be helpful! i made wraps this week using collard leaves for the first time thanks to you. yummmm. i sure would love to see more raw recipes and i always love learning more about nutrition. thanks for being such an inspiration (i may start a blog one day soon thanks in no small part to your post today).

  69. I am adding you to my facebook! I would also love to win a consult with you. I am trying to adopt a vegan lifestyle and need so much help. We are also trying to get pregnant and I want to be as healthy as I can be. I would love all the help I can get on living a clean/raw/vegan lifestyle. I would love posts on anything you can teach me. Thanks for your blog. I love it.

    • Hi Nichole,

      I just wanted to wish you the best of luck moving to a cleaner diet and falling pregnant. Yay for you! 🙂


  70. Hi Gena! Such a generous offer! I never tire of any of your post categories, but I can never get enough vegan rants 🙂 Or recipes. Or body image thoughts (always lovely). You know what, just keep doing what you’ve been doing please!

  71. Entry #3! I tweeted about your contest. (but i secretly, or not so secretly want to win!!) Thanks again!

  72. Hi again- I ‘liked’ you on FB. I didn’t realize you were on there or I would have liked you long ago! 🙂

  73. Hi Gena! I love your blog! I love that our names are pronounced the same! 😉 I’ve never commented before because I usually read your blog on my phone and it’s too hard to leave comments, but I always want to… so now I am because I’d LOVE to win a consultation with you!

    I like to read about your travels because I travel a bit for work and it’s great to have your tips to help me out. I’d also like to keep on reading more recipes or even just descriptions of the food you make- it’s inspirational! Thanks!

  74. Oh Gena,

    Typo in my initial post. I intended to type “…I now weight 190 lbs” not “…I now way 190 lbs”


  75. Hi Gena,

    This is Howard again. I just “liked” your FaceBook page.


  76. Hello Gena,

    What an amazing giveaway. If I could guide you around content, I would ask for much more around nutritional guidance. See, I have lost 131 lbs, and I now workout 5x/week in the gym (both cardio and resistance). I would love expert guidance on what I should be eating (types of food and quantity) to support the new healthy me (fyi, I now way 190 lbs). I want guidance on what are the best raw foods choices to keep me lean and strong, to keep my endurance up for the treadmill runs, etc.

    Thanks! Howard

  77. 2.) I’d love to hear more about nutrition and digestive health, since that’s what I’m trying to figure out right now!

  78. I would love to see more about raw foodism, the stereotypes and myths associated with it that still prevail. I’d like to hear you talk more about your stance on those issues. I very much enjoyed the posts you wrote on this topic.

  79. I’d like to see more of the philosophical type discussions you offer regarding vegan and raw diets! They are thought provoking!

  80. I love your posts about Healthy Eating and finding balance. I love all of your posts, so you don’t have to change a thing!

  81. I’d like to learn more about transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and taking my family along with me (5yr, 4yr, hubby). We’ve gotten into a huge food rut with very limited fruits, veggies and food likes that converting to a healthier lifestyle seems so daunting.

  82. I would like to see some more ‘nutrition talk.’ I’m recovering from a loooong battle with an ED and knowing the benefits of food is so helpful for me!

  83. I’d love to see more recipes…especially ones that are user friendly (i.e., non-specialty items). Personally, I’m also interested in learning about how you came to be a nutrition counselor, but maybe that is something we can discuss if I win! 🙂

  84. I would love reading more from you about nutrition. You have a gift for explaining in terms everyone can understand. Your kindness definitely comes through well in your writing!

  85. Gena I love your posts full stop but I’d love to see more thoughts on ED/body image, perhaps guest posts and of course more recipes!

    Congratulations and happy blogging and thank you! 🙂

  86. Hi Gena,
    I love (and am inspired by) your raw recipes. Please keep it up for the next 365 posts. This week I saw Martha Stewart has a “cookie app” for the iPad. Like Betty Crocker, gone modern, Well, I bring your raw recipes into my kitchen on my laptop all the time…so how about a recipe app? A bit ambitious, but that should keep you busy 🙂

  87. I enjoy your blog so much just as it is! But would love to see more raw recipes, especially using fall/winter produce. Thank you for such a generous give-away!

  88. Happy 365th post!! I love the idea of more body image posts/discussions. Being vegan and family issues have intriged me as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Hi Gena –

    I’d love another post on cleansing / colonics and maybe something on food choices. If you are in a less than idea food situation and dont have your go-to vegan snacks what are the most important things to consider when deciding what to eat?

    Happy 365 posts! LOVE the blog.

  90. Hi Gena-
    Long time reader, first time commenter! I love your simple and quick recipes (just made the fig balsamic vinaigrette the other day- incredible). I really love cooking as well and I appreciate the simplicity of your flavors because they’re a nice starting point and lend themselves well to customization and modification.

    Congratulations! Your blog is wonderful and amazingly helpful.

  91. Hey Gena!!! Congratulations!! 🙂 I love your blog and anythingyou post is fine. Recently, I specially loved the “easy vegan tortilla dinner” you posted, so I guess I would love to see more “mexican” recipes. Perhaps raw and/or vegan recreations of classic mexican dishes like enchiladas, pozole, chiles rellenos, tostadas?
    Anything like that would be awesome!
    Keep up the awesome work.

  92. what an awesome giveaway! i would love to see more posts on nutrition such as what foods provide what nutrition and how does one extract the maximum benefits from certain foods (e.g. soaking nuts. Also just love hearing your musings on topics or themes that pop up in the vegan, raw, food world.

  93. And finally, I really love your blog and thanks for being encouraging for us newbie bloggers…it’s so great to hear support when you’re staring at your computer screen thinking you’ll never have anything to write.

    I would love to see more vegan discussion/rants 🙂 and nutrition talk!

  94. I would love to see more on nutrition and getting good balance throughout the day. Maybe even a general analysis of meal plans if that’s not too detailed?

  95. I’d love to see more posts regarding nutrition. And in particular, highlighting eating seasonal produce (along with recipes!).

  96. this giveaway is awesome! i was just thinking about how i wish i could afford your counselling services!

    i really enjoy the ed discussions, simple recipes and when you write about issues you’re thinking about that day.

  97. Congrats on 1 year! I have personally taken away so much valuable information from your blog, so thank you for taking the plunge to start it! I also appreciate that it is the most eloquently written blog I read. I’d love for you to continue writing about recipes (especially the ones that don’t require fancy equipment), and discussions about veganism.

  98. Congratulations on a year’s worth of posts! Amazing!

    I love your vegan rants. I love hearing the compassionate Gena voice with just the right amount of fire underneath it. The combination is so effective in reaching those who may be turned off by typical preaching. Those posts make me think about why I do what I do. When I’m struggling, they help me to refine my stance. I’ve loved being a witness to your evolutoin with veganism and I’m excited to see where it takes you! Of course, I love all the other stuff too. Congrats again!

  99. Congratuations Gena! I’d like to see more nutrition discussions, particuarly on any current debates in the nutrition field. Thanks so much for a year of wonderful recipes and thought-provoking discussions!

  100. Congrats on your 365th post! Your blog is such a great source of nutritional information. Thanks to you I eat more kale especially this time of year!

    I would like to see more day to day food tips. Such as meal planning and menu ideas. A free one hour consultation would be a dream come true!

  101. Oh, and I liked you on Facebook on your second day of existence – does that count?? 🙂

  102. Congrats on 365 posts! I always love your recipes, and would enjoy a few more of the easy ones for lunch or dinner in a pinch. And I would also like to hear a little more about the nutritional side of things, about which I am still learning a great deal.

  103. wau! This post really made it work! Its so great to see how well received you are Gena and how many people wish for your advice! I just went to see a nutritionist yesterday and she told me there was nothing i could do to loose weight. I had damaged my body with such a long consecutive colorie restriction that even now trying to eat healthy and ” normal” i am gaining weight..and she wasn´t giving me any hopes…to be honest. I love ur post abot body image and ed mainly because it is rare to find a woman ( i don´t want o exclude the gents here..)who doesnt have a disturbed body image or broken relationship. Maybe featuring one of those rare woman might be inspiring… Thank you for that year of Genaism , haha 😉

  104. Hey Gena! I have been a long time fan of your blog (I check it every morning along with the NY Times) and have enjoyed following your journey throughout the year. I feel like you are one of the only food bloggers who discusses the importance of balance in diet. Everyone else seems to be attached to a label-raw, vegan, foodie, etc. Everyone really is welcome at CR and I can feel it. So thank you for providing such a welcoming place to discuss all topics free of judgement.

    As far as topics I would like to see-how about more on how to incorporate raw/vegan foods with a loved one (i.e. your new bf). I recently started dating someone and would love some insight into how to integrate our different eating habits. Plus the holidays are coming up and I am the only health conscious one in my family and I’m sure I’m not alone here.

    I could really use a session with you. I feel a little lost in my diet. I started my journey into raw foods a year and a half ago and felt great until this summer. Everything seemed to fall apart and i was put on a parasite cleanse that only let me feeling worse. Then I was told to incorporate animal foods into my diet (I am a vegetarian) and that helped a little, but I know there has to be a vegan alternative.

    Anyway, you are one of my food heros and at the very least I got a chance to come out of blog hiding and thank you.


    I facebook liked you 🙂

  105. I just started researching raw and trying to incorporate more raw into my diet this week. So, more recipes would be greatly appreciated…..especially ones that do not require a dehydrator. 🙂 I haven’t found a raw option other than smoothies that I’d actually want to eat for breakfast just yet.

  106. I would love to see more vegan restaurant reviews, smoothie recipes and “meal-sized” salads. Yum!

  107. Hi Gena, congratulations! I would love to see more recipes for the food you make every day– as you mentioned recently, you might not think to post something as simple as a salad recipe, but I would love some inspiration in this department and yours always look fabulous.

  108. Gena, I appreciate your candid posts and all your health related advice. I especially like reading your recipes that are minimal equipment (i.e. no dehydrator!) and easy to make after work, or when short on time.

    I would love to be entered into your health counseling giveaway.

  109. Don’t change a thing!!! You provide a great balance of all subjects. Your site provides a wealth of knowledge in my journey to becoming vegan.

    Thanks and keep it coming.

  110. I’d love to see more smoothie recipes and some nutrition talk! By the way you are an excellent writer who expresses her thoughts so eloquently – I’m not sure how you could have doubted your writing ability for a blog!

  111. I won’t take up space in your giveaway, but I just wanted to congratulate you on a year’s worth of seriously worthy content – despite the fact that you say your material is endless, I still think it’s no simple feat to make everything you say worthwhile, but you pull it off right classy-like. You’re totally my hero.

    Love you!

  112. 1. I love reading your vegan discussions/musings that deal with ‘how can or how should vegans ideally deal with everyday non-vegan situations/people’. I think there’s always been amazing and very interesting feedback on those topics on here!

    2. Liked you on facebook, of course! 🙂

  113. I love your recipes and don’t think I will ever grow tired of them! More desserts and entertaining type recipes would be awesome! 🙂

  114. I always love reading your thoughts on vegan nutrition, body image and finding a balance that suits each individual. Your down to earth, balanced attitude to food and health is so refreshing and positive – more of the same please!!!

  115. I love the recipes. I am not a raw eater by any stretch of the imagination, but I adore experimenting and your recipes have allowed me to do that. Your cashew pizza cheese? I fed it to my whole family and nobody knew it wasn’t really CHEESE!

  116. Hi Gina! I would love to see more recipes. I learn so much from you with your recipes. I also love to read your honest and candid thoughts. Just keep up the great blogging and look forward to new ones all the time. Have a great day!

  117. I love your food posts, so more of those please! You inspired me to try sweet potatoes on my salad — i would NEVER have thought of that — and they were KILLER!! so the next day i added lentil sprouts too 😀 …re ED’s, anything on binge eating would be helpful, if you have knowledge in that area. In my case, it’s certainly both stress-related and hormonal.

  118. I love your blog and recipes so much. I would like to see a few more “How To” on the recipes, pictures are great. I have been mostly vegan for about a year, and I want to start cooking more, time is just my problem and well sometimes I dont know what is what when I am attempting new recipes. Overall your blog is GREAT!!!!!! Thanks for inspiring me to stay vegan!

  119. I would definitely love to see more recipes – those are my favorite! Particularly sauces and dressings, since they are just so versatile!

  120. I just liked you on Facebook – I didn’t even know you had a Facebook page! (I read using a Reader, so I rarely hit the actual site – sorry!)

  121. Hey Gena,

    I need BALANCE. I have such a black and white mentality and I flit here and there. All fruit, then Natalia Rose, and then back to 811 lfrv. I feel crazed half the time.

  122. I’d like to see more recipes! All your recipes look fabulous! Congrats on 365 posts!

  123. Hey Gena-

    Congrats on your 365th post! That is incredible.

    I would love the content you’ve provided so far. The one thing I would like to see more of is nutritional information. I think it’s hard to find sources that I trust- and I find your opinion very valuable when it comes to these issues!

    Thanks for your wonderful writing 🙂

  124. Hey Gena-

    Congrats on your 365th post! That is incredible.

    I would love the content you’ve provided so far. The one thing I would like to see more of is nutritional information. I think it’s hard to find sources that I trust- and I find your opinion very valuable when it comes to these issues!

    Thanks for your wonderful writing 🙂

  125. I would love to hear more about nutrition. I try to read about it, but I would definitely like to hear your thoughts on many nutrition issues (supplements, food and fitness, trends, etc.). And I love your recipes too! I really love your blog as it is 😉

  126. I would love to see more recipes! Everything I’ve made so far from your archive has been fabulous!

  127. I love your recipes, so keep those coming. I’m also interested in nutrition/health discussions, maybe tackling some trends and giving your sensible take on whether there is some nugget of truth to their claims (I’m thinking of the Metabolic Effect Diet, for one).

    Thanks for all the great content! I’m looking forward to more in the future!

  128. I would love to see more recipes, but I like your blog just as is!
    I liked you on facebook and twitted too!!

  129. Hey Gena,
    Just keeping writing with honesty — I know it takes courage, and I really appreciate that.
    On that note, I would love it if there were more posts on how to deal with negative body image. I’m on a downward spiral and want to stop it. I

  130. Hi Gena! I love all your raw recipes and would love to see more of them. They are some of the most delicious and simple recipes out there. I love raw foods and will sometimes spend hours on the weekends buying fancy ingredients, prepping, blending, and dehydrating over and over again to follow the recipes you find in raw food books. But I can whip up a batch of your red pepper marinara and zucchini dressing on a monday night and still have time to relax! It’s been a blessing. Thank you and congratulations on your year of blogging 🙂

  131. Hi, Gena! I’d love to hear guidance on how to include more raw foods during the colder months. I was enjoying a high-to-me raw diet over the summer and then October hit (I’m in New England). I still love smoothies in the am, but I cant say I’m thinking of uncooked foods the rest of the day. Thanks!
    PS: I’m a crazylady and entered all 3 ways; if this is too greedy, please let mr know.

  132. I love reading your blog so much! In order of preference, I would like to see more 1. recipes(!) 2. ED musings 3. nutrition talk. Thanks for doing what you do chica!

  133. I’d like to see more nutrition posts, although one can never have too many recipes. Of course I’ll like you on Facebook! I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and really enjoy it. Keep up the great work!

  134. Congrats 365!
    I”m a big fan of your recipes – raw, vegan, machines, whatever. I like food and variety is spice.

  135. Hi Gina,
    As a long time vegetarian who has just started the transition to veganism, I would love to see more recipes. Yummy, healthy recipes make the transition doable and more importantly enjoyable.

  136. i would like to see a blog on how to plan the meals for someone who has no time during the week ….and recipes for those who need to gain a little weight

  137. Hi Gena – I already like you on Facebook. Yours is the only blog I read religiously. I enjoy the variety – nutrition, ED and recipes. If there is anything I’d like to see more of, it’s recipes….cooked or raw, I’m into both. Happy 365th!! Sherry

  138. Congratulations on 365 posts, Gena!!!

    I’m not sure if you’d find this request to be too ‘personal’ (as it’s a matter that you’ve only really brushed upon) but I’d really like for you to post your story in relation to your ED, and overcoming body image issues and healing your relationship with food. You’re really inspiring, and it intrigues me as to how someone who seems so strong, could have once been so ‘weak’.

    Of course, I agree with a bagazillion suggestions that everyone else has made, especially what Averie, Kayleigh and Laura C said.

    I’ve already liked you on facebook (somedays I wish there was a ‘love’ button.) 🙂

    As for the twitter, I don’t have one. I’m sorry, but some of the social applications going around are utterly, and absolutely useless. (Okay, all of them, but I’m not in the position at the moment to face up to my uncontrollable addiction to wasting time on facebook.) :p


  139. Hi Gena! I liked you on Facebook and would also enjoy reading more vegan discussions on the blog. I became vegan more for health reasons than anything else but, over the years, my “reason” for being vegan has morphed into some combination of health, compassion for animals, being an environmentally conscious citizen, etc. I’d love to read more about your journey in veganism and other contemporary vegan topics, as it seems to be popping up in the news all the time now. Congrats on the 365-post anniversary!

  140. I like more of everything, please! 🙂 but your posts on body image, nutrition and recipes are my faves.

    Just like you on facebook too.

  141. Hi Gena,

    Congratulations on 365 posts! I would so love to win a counselling session with you! I would like to hear more about Vegan nutrition and recipe that fit into those nutrition guidelines. Oops that’s two I guess 🙂

    Love your blog!

  142. Thanks Gena for this giveaway! I would be honored to have you as my mentor. I would like more posts talking about how to stay consistent on the diet. Simple things that work. Habits that trigger binges and should be avoided. I would love to hear more of that.

  143. Nutrition talk! Whatever is in those recipes, I would very much like to know what exactly is in them etc and how to keep a raw vegan diet in accordance to the daily values(vitamins, minerals etc).


  144. Would love to see more recipes, together with nutritional info. Thx for a great blog!

  145. More recipes and nutrition talk would be great. Also, the best ways to eat raw in season would be great as well. Liked on facebook now… working on twitter next. 🙂

  146. Yay, what a fabulous way to celebrate your 365! Congrats, Gena! I would love to hear more about eating on the go. I am a student who doesn’t live on campus and, though I love Lara bars and Sabra individual packs, it’s really getting old!

    I already liked you on FB, not sure if that counts.

    Happy 1 year! So happy you are blogging away. It’s a real gift to us readers.

  147. I like you on facebook and everywhere else. 🙂

    Eventhough I know you aren’t that much into creating raw desserts, I would like to see more of them on your blog! Maybe by guest bloggers? 🙂

  148. I tweeted too. I wonder why wordpress doesn’t let us write short comments? I had to “go back and try again” too.

  149. I like your posts on eating disorders and body image. I mean, I like all your posts 🙂 but I’d like to see more of those too.

  150. Blog topics… I have so many ideas for you!
    I do love when you share your nutritional expertise- foods that supply large amounts of hard-to-get nutrients, for example, or dispelling myths about nutritional properties.
    Some of these might stretch your comfort zone or expertise, but they could also be done in tandem with guest bloggers. I’d love to hear about mental health and nutrition- for example, research and anecdotes on optimal nutrition and lifestyle for people with mood disorders (or even autism, bipolar, etc). I’m also curious on your thoughts about healthcare and alternative health care providers. And what about care for ED patients? I know you have some opinions there! I’d love to hear from readers as well about what was most healing for them.
    Next, I’ve noticed you rarely talk about food addiction or overeating, probably because they aren’t close to home for you. But I’m sure overeating, emotional eating, and binge eating are close to home for many of us, and it would be interesting to share strategies and thoughts.
    Finally, how about M? 😉 OK, not fair. Hmm- how about a post counting all the calories and macronutrients of a day in the raw or hi-raw- not a personal food diary, but a day of Gena-endorsed food, meeting all nutritional reqs? It’s not that I don’t believe it can be done, by any means- it’s that I’ve never seen it demonstrated in the raw(ish) world. Most authors are so defensive about their way of eating that they are almost offended by the question- but I’ve still never seen it. And what a simple way to answer the “where do you get XYZ” question- a link to your post. Or if you don’t want to do that, maybe a post on your general strategy of evaluating people’s diets as a nutritionist, so that readers can apply some of your considerations to their own diets.

  151. Hi Gena…

    Going into winter, I would love to hear some more raw vegan survival tips! This is when I find sticking to veganism, raw in particular, is most challenging… Secondly, I would love to hear more about coming to terms with food, and liking food, post ED. This is one topic I am still wrapping my head around! Your knowledge and personal insight would be greatly appreciated x

  152. I like you on facebook! Congratulations on a years worth of posts and thank you so much for all of them! I especially enjoy your body image/ed posts as I am all too familiar with those struggles, and the insight of you and your commenters have helped me a lot. But I would also like to see more posts on the subjectivities of veganism because there is so much grey area within it. I don’t personally know any vegans so I really don’t have anyone to discuss these things with. For example, while I don’t purchase any animal products in the form of food, body care products, clothing or anything, ‘first hand’ that supports a current industry, I do buy second hand animal products (like leather and wool) from thrift stores. I can’t justify buying a pair of chemically toxic polyurethane shoes at the mall that will last a year and take thousands to decompose, when there is a perfectly good pair of 30 year old leather shoes, that would otherwise be thrown out, sitting on a shelf at a 100% not for profit charitable store that encourages the act of recycling. Yes, having dead animals on my feet bothers me, but I think it is worse for the animals currently alive, not to mention the environment, to buy clothing, accessories and shoes made from synthetic fabric and materials (i.e. oil and plastic) manufactured in some present day, fossil fuel pumping factory. Whoa, you see, I just don’t know how other vegans would respond to this?!

    • Kayleigh, great points, really interesting. These issues are so complicated. There are great environmental and vegan shoe companies out there, but like many truly responsible companies, their products are more expensive!

  153. I would like to hear more about veganism and IBS. I am currently eating an all vegan diet but feel that my digestion has gotten worse, I really want to know what I can improve!

  154. i would like to see more… body image/ED musings. ED not as a means of controlling the physical, but controlling something metaphysical. philosophy of food in general. interested in what you think. what you foresee as the future “standard american diet” – will it change? will there always be factory food (soda, etc)? will everyone become vegan? will everyone be on grain-free diets? will everyone shop at whole foods? also, what averie mentioned above: i want to who gena is and what she does because i find her interesting!!

  155. i’d like more nutrition talk – i love the recipes too, but i’d love in-depth nutrition posts with a simple starter recipe of sorts at the end/ interspersed with factual info in a post.

    i think i already like ya on facebook!

  156. I would love more raw/vegan recipes. I’ve loved every CR recipe I’ve tried! Even my raw-skeptical omnivorous mother is addicted to your raw sesame noodles.

    p.s. I liked you on facebook

  157. I love seeing your recipes, hearing your veg rants, talks on body image.. the variety you provide is actually the thing that keeps me reading your blog so truly, don’t change too much please!! You’re doing an awesome job. Thanks so much!!

  158. And of course I “Like” you on FB! Not sure how I missed doing that before.. sorry!

  159. i would like to see more of your life…not necessarily your food, but just more life in general. Your daily purchases, where you go, who you meet up with, various life rants, raves, musings and such. Who you’re dating, the last great movie you saw, the fact that you wasted an hour changing your sheets and sorting your silverware drawer. Sounds mundane, but it’s really the stuff I enjoy reading about…who someone IS 🙂

    • hmmm…seems to me like we should focus on POSITIVES rather than bashing others and their mindsets (even if we are fundamentally opposed to their beliefs).

  160. I would love to see more hot topics in terms of nutrition…I always find your posts and opinions very interesting!

  161. Gena, I love your blog! Everything is so well-written and you manage to tackle controversial topics with incredible tact and respect. It’s hard to pick one thing that I’d like to see more of…I love it all! But discussions on veganism (nutrition-related posts, or how to deal with family members, etc) are especially loved by this vegan girl!

  162. … and I ‘liked’ you on fb awhile ago, but I figure this will count just the same because I would like to win this, for real.

  163. I liked you on facebook! 🙂
    I love reading your blog already, but I’d like more tips on how to use a blender quietly.. haha. I live in an apartment at college with assigned roommates and half of them are not morning people. how can I make smoothies for breakfast? I’m also required to have a dining plan. though I’m pescetarian and not a full vegan or anything, it can be difficult to make good choices sometimes.
    in general, more tips on eating healthy in college would be absolutely awesome.

  164. What an awesome giveaway! I’d love the chance to have a consultation with you (as I’m bummed that I didn’t have the chance to talk to you at HLS). As a raw food fan, I love your recipe posts. I also really relate to your ED posts but overall just like that you mix it up. Thanks for this opportunity. 🙂

  165. I appreciate your honest approach to ED/body image related topics so I’d love to see more of those. I also love nutrition talk, especially about the specific nutrients in food. I love eating something knowing that it will give me more energy or smooth my digestion, or promote strong bones, etc…especially when its a food I’m discovering for the first time!

  166. i’d say just keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s splendid already 🙂
    but i do love your posts on nutrition, as well as posts on body image. they help me greatly 🙂

  167. I would definitely like to hear more about veganism on here. I know that you share my concern for the animals. Yet a lot of vegans that I meet out there are doing it for health reasons. I know, this is still totally great, but why are people so scared to jump on the compassionate bandwagon??? Thanks and congratulations to you!

  168. I adore your blog! my boyfriend even reads it sometimes! i would love for you to write more about the nutritional aspects of your lifestyle…. and also for you to post more recipes b/c everything i try is fantastic!

  169. I enjoy everything you write, Gena, but I’d especially love to see more of your own personal take on current nutritional ‘trends’, as well as musings on veganism, mostly because I never get sick of reading and talking about veganism. =)

  170. I already liked you on facebook! I would love more recipes and more nutritional talk. Congrats on one year! and for putting in all the effort! 🙂

  171. I love everything about your blog but especially love your recipes! I’ve made several of them and have loved them all. I really like how they usually don’t require a lot of ingredients and I usually have most if not all ingredients already in my kitchen. Happy 365th post!

  172. Congratulations on reaching 365! I would enjoy more vegan discussions. I find those discussions typically initiate more interesting/controversial comments.

  173. I liked you on FB! 🙂 Honestly, I’m not sure why I didn’t like you on FB from the get-go. My apologies for lagging on that!

  174. This is one of the best giveaways EVER!

    I’d actually love more of all of the topics you mentioned, but very, very specifically, I would be so grateful for a pressure cooker tutorial post!

  175. What an amazing giveaway. I would always love to see more recipes. Yours is the only blog whose recipes I often read and make in the same day. Not only are they delicious but they use whole simple nutritious ingredients and I usually have everything on hand or can make a substitution or two.

  176. I would love to hear more about vegan nutrition, how to answer to the cynics and anti vegans, product , restaurant and store recommendations and maybe short interviews of impressive vegan or raw people .

  177. Wow, Gena, this is really giving of you. I’d like to see more recipes, even if I rarely make them. I also really enjoy the nutrition talk – it’s like a counseling session with you without actually taking more of your time already!

  178. I love your nutrition/body image talk, I always walks away feeling better about myself. Choosing Raw puts me in a good mood 🙂

  179. Liked you on FB; retweeted giveaway at

    I’d like to see more recipes, geared towards being quick and easy but tasty. Do we get to choose more than one topic? Haha… I love debates — be it on raw/veganism or body image issues… I think I also wondered why you never said anything about raw vegans reverting to meat. I know you had a post on raw vegans turning to raw dairy/eggs but I noticed some prominent folks in the raw community swinging from one extreme to another. Also, what are your thoughts on supplementing a vegan diet? I know you are not a big fan of protein powders and prob supplements, too?

    • Ah, interesting. I assumed my thoughts on someone adding MEAT back in would be so self evident they wouldn’t be worth sharing 🙂 suffice is to say, I am not supportive. But of course, to each his own…

  180. I would like to see more vegan discusssions and of course, more recipes. I’ve posted about this on twitter and will “like” you on Facebook when I get home! Thank you for taking the plunge and putting the effort that you do in your blog. 🙂

  181. congrats on your one year!!! that’s such a big accomplishment 🙂

    i’d LOVE to see more nutrition talk! it’s one of my favorite topics (though, truth be told, everything you listed i’d love to see more of!), especially now that i am essentially rebuilding my diet! thanks, gena :)!

  182. I want more recipes!! Secondly, I love to read about your vegan musings and how you fit your food habits into daily life (ex: food at work, preparing crowd pleasers, traveling, etc…)
    I liked you on FB too 😉

  183. I already like you on facebook, because your posts are excellent! I would love to see your recipes made into their own online magazine-style ‘book’. I love that you have a recipes page on your site but it would be so cool to have every single one of them collated with your great photos in one easy-to-use spot. I use your recipes ALL the time. Such an inspiration Gena, thank you for your work.

  184. I love your blog! I would love to hear more about veganism in the media and how different people perceive it. Also I would love more recipes (of course)! Thanks for the blog, It has really been an awesome part of my daily routine.

  185. 1,Recipes and 2, body image/ed 3, nutrition
    love em all! You have no idea how much this give away would mean. I emailed you a while ago about conseling and you said you couldnt do it. I struggle with my own issues (not dets here) I would love your help. you are not to extreme but love natural healthy living. This would mean the world to me seriously! and its my bday;) you are liked on fb and twitter. I really hope you pick me. Thank you!!!!! for everything love your blog!!

  186. I liked you on facebook and I would love to hear more ramblings on body image/ed stuff. I feel like it’s something that I not only deal with but so many other men and women so I always love to hear your take on it 🙂