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A while ago, the folks at Coracao Confections, a maker of raw, organic, gluten free chocolates, contacted me and asked me if I might be interested in reviewing a box of their yummy creations. Would I ever, I responded, and was blown away by the beautiful and generous gift box that arrived. Then my computer got stolen, and I lost the photos I was going to enthusiastically share with all of you. But no matter–I still want to tell you about this special brand of raw chocolate, and encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Coracao Confections was founded in the Bay Area of California in 2008 by pastry chefs and raw food enthusiasts Matthew Rogers and Daniel Korson, who set out to create incredibly healthy and delicious chocolate. Their mission is to replace cravings for junk-food chocolate with nutrient rich, decadent, raw cacao treats.

All of Coracao Confections’ chocolates are made with raw cacao and contain no dairy, gluten, soy, or corn. Only low-glycemic sweeteners such as coconut sugar are used to sweeten the chocolate, which means that they’re certainly sweet enough to be a treat, but not so sweet that you’ll be nursing a sugar headache after you enjoy them!

Daniel and Matthew sent me the 22 piece deluxe box, which includes:

  • Caramel CupsRaw Fudge Truffles
  • Mayan Spice Truffle
  • Raspberry Fudge Truffle
  • Almond Coconut Dreams
  • Ginger Saffron Truffle
  • Hazelnut Mousse Truffles
  • Espresso Ganache Truffles
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Rawmond Butter Cups
  • Live Almond Heart
  • One 81% Dark Chocolate Baby Bar.

How lucky am I? They also sent me two of their ridiculously delicious blondie bars, made with Raw Cacao Paste, Raw Cacao Butter, Coconut Flakes, Coconut Butter, Lucuma, Agave, Coconut Sugar, Vanilla Bean, & Himalayan Crystal Salt. It didn’t take me long to devour them.


In truth, these are some of the best raw, vegan chocolates I’ve ever had, and I’ve certainly had my fair share. I was so thrilled with how good the chocolates are that I asked Daniel if he had any interest in being a monthly CR sponsor (you can see the Coracao ad to the right, on my sidebar) and he said yes! From now on, I’ll be partnering with more raw/vegan brands I respect, both to keep this blog going and also to champion their products to all of you. I’m happy to be sharing Coracao, both because the treats are exceptional, and also because I love Daniel and Matthew’s enthusiasm and passion for what they’re doing.

I really recommend checking out the Coracao Confections website to peruse their offerings for yourself! You can find retailers, an online catalog, and you can order their products online. Note that a very small number of the confections may contain honey. The vast majority are marked clearly as vegan (and ingredients listed), so you can pick and choose a what works for you.

For those of you who’d love to get your mom something raw and vegan friendly for Mother’s Day, you might consider signing up for the Coracao chocolate of the month club! Each month, a chocolate box is automatically delivered to your doorstep. When you sign up for it, you get up to 37% off and free shipping, as well as a thirty day 100% money back guarantee. It’s the best deal on the site, by far, and makes a great gift for a parent or special mother figure in your life–or for you!


Daniel and Matthew also wanted a chance to keep CR readers posted on their new products and goings on, and to give one of you a special reward for staying in touch. If you sign up for the Coracao Confections newsletter here, you’ll be entered to win a complimentary deluxe box of raw, vegan chocolate goodies. All you have to do once you click through is to write “Gena” on the second signup page where it asks how you heard about the company. They’ll choose a winner on May 14th.

In the meantime, check out the website (or just follow the ad to your right), and connect with the company by Facebook or Twitter to find out what’s new. I hope you enjoy these marvelous treats!

Happy Saturday…






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  1. Raw Food World has an inventory blowout going on right now and the Coraco almond-butter-filled bar is on that list — half-price! There might be some left?

  2. These look so delicious! I just went back to Raw after leaving it for a while, and I came across your blog. I know it will be helpful to me. 🙂

  3. These look delicious. Ginger Saffron Truffle, Peppermint Patty, Raspberry Fudge Truffle… how did you know where to start! Definitely signing up for the newsletter for a chance to get these babies!

  4. oh my! How wonderful do those choccies look! They are little works of art!
    Gena – I just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful, inspiring and well-written blog. I have recently started from the beginning and have been reading all of your earlier posts, noting down recipes that I want to try 🙂 (nearly all of them so far!!) After a long battle with anorexia, I definitely agree with you on the fact that a plant based diet can aid recovery and help to heal negative relationships with food. After having my little Leo in September of last year, I have taken the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen again. Of course, I feared relapse post-prgenancy but experimenting with recipes from fantastic blogs such as yours, has helped me to remain positive and do the best for my body and ultimately, my baby 🙂 BIG HUGS XOXO

  5. Gena- omg! I adore their chocolate. Hands down best raw chocolate I’ve had too. I’m lucky enough to live in Marin now and go every Sunday to the farmer’s market where I march up to their booth, get 2 Blondie Bars to save for the week and a chocolate caramel to pop in my mouth immediately!
    How fabulous to see you reviewing their chocolate!

  6. Oh! My friend Heidi from Australia, who is currently in San Francisco, just sent me a message the other day asking if I’d be interested in checking out Coracao’s factory if/when we meet in SF. I’d never heard of them before, but immediately knew that I MUST BLOG-REVIEW THEM.

    Hearing your stamp of approval? I double must, now.

  7. O I want I want!!! Wish they were available in England, so jealous of the American raw-vegan scene. Sounds lovely x

  8. Wow! Those look amazing! Thank you for sharing. I hope someone gives you a new computer soon 🙂