Easy Hummus and Nori Vegetable Wraps

 hummus nori wraps

I love when spur-of-the-moment meals turn out to be blog-worthy, and these easy wraps definitely fit the bill. I’ve written about tons of different kinds of nori rolls, especially raw ones: sweet potato and beet nori rolls, turmeric and pumpkin seed nori rolls, raw cashew ginger nori rolls, beet and vegetable nori rolls. I love using nut pate with nori–it’s the easiest kind of raw “sushi” there is–but the other day I had no nut pate on hand, and I wasn’t feeling particularly patient. What I did have was plenty of roasted red pepper hummus, freshly made and delicious. It turned out to be a perfect base for this quick, easy, light dish.


There’s really no “recipe” to speak of here. All you need is a sheet or two of nori, a batch of your favorite hummus, and any vegetable fillers you like. I used thinly sliced radish, cucumber, and delectable sunflower sprouts. Spread about a quarter cup of hummus over the nori sheet, and layer the veggies evenly on top. Pile sprouts in the center.

hummus nori veg wrap

Wrap the nori sheet up, and then seal the edges with a small amount of the hummus. The wrap should stick together easily. Use a sharp knife to slice it in half, and serve.

hummus nori wrap

Pretty lovely, if I say so myself! I almost felt bad eating them. Until I tasted how good they were, at which point I didn’t feel bad at all. The wraps make for a relatively light meal, so you could serve them as an appetizer, as a snack, or you could pair them with some grains or legumes or seared tempeh for an easy lunch. Feel free to customize the fillings however you’d like, changing them with the seasons.

hummus nori wrap

I’ll be back soon, folks. Have a great evening!


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Categories: Recipes, Snacks
Ingredients: Chickpeas
Dietary Preferences: Gluten Free, Soy Free, Tree Nut Free, Vegan

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  1. I’m buying some nori ASAP because these look delicious! It’s so much fun experimenting with different wrap fillings- a friend just got me into pepitas in veggie wraps- love that little crunch and the saltiness!

  2. I’m loving the simple idea of these wraps, but I’m not a huge fan of nori. Could you give me any other suggestions as to what I could use as a substitute?

  3. These look great, Gena! I have often mixed up my sushi fillings (hummus on all the things) but I always just thought of them as bastardized sushi rather than a dish in it’s own right. Which it totally deserves to be. I feel like some tempeh would be nice in the filling of these, too

  4. I always forget about nori wraps! These are just beautiful. I keep seeing sunflower sprouts in the blogosphere at the moment and really want to try them.

  5. Didn’t have any hummus, so I slathered my nori with mashed avocado–perfect snack! Thanks!

  6. So pretty & fresh–love it.

    My kids actually LOVE nori, which surprises (& confuses) my husband. I’ve never made them nori wraps though (they’ll just eat it plain). They love spring rolls with rice paper wraps, so I’m sure these would be a hit too.

    About the sprouts…have you noticed that alfalfa sprouts are no longer available at most stores? I think I’m missing something here, but I cannot find them anywhere. I think sunflower sprouts are pretty fabulous, but I do miss alfalfa sprouts. (I know I *can* make them–it’s just not on my priority list!)

  7. i have been known to do this with trader joes horsey hummus 🙂 i love the bite with the radish and i put beets in for sweetness. simple meals are the best! what are you up to these days lady? it’s been quiet and i hope that means all good things 🙂

  8. These look amazing! Such a great idea to use nori, I don’t know why I never thought of it! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  9. These look great- just a couple of questions- is the hummus raw (eg: made with sprouted chickpeas)? and also do you think these would work with another leaf (I have a sushi mat) as I’m not keen on nori? thanks 🙂

  10. Hummus is so great in nori wraps! But I completely forgot about this. Now I know what to do with those poor nori sheets hanging around in the pantry.

  11. I go through phases where all I ever want to eat is sushi but I haven’t been in one of those phases in awhile. I suppose I’m over the whole white rice thing (but NEVER over the avocado thing!). I can’t wait to try this out and re-awaken my sushi craving! Thanks for the recipe that’s not a recipe! 🙂

  12. Gena, these are beautiful– I am so making these!! Thank you–I envy you those sunflower sprouts in your CSA–fabulous. 🙂

  13. I love recipes that aren’t really recipes. Nori is something I looove, but never buy. I don’t know why! I’ve been meaning to make homemade sushi for some time now, so maybe I’ll get some nori sheets to do that, and also make these wraps while I’m at it! Grated carrot would be a nice filler.