Get Juicy: Win a Pack of Six Cold-Pressed Juices from Cooler Cleanse!


I am so excited about today’s giveaway!

Do you remember my round up of favorite NYC juice bars? I mentioned Juice Generation, and the Cooler Cleanse line, which is sold there. Cooler Cleanse juices have always been among my very favorite on the market: the flavors are creative, and the basic green juice is quite possibly perfect. Typically, pressed green juices are either a little too sweet for me or not quite sweet enough: Cooler Cleanse “essential greens” hits exactly the right note, and so does the new green juice in their “juice for a day” package.

How do I know? Because recently, the generous people at Cooler Cleanse reached out to me to let me know that they have created a fresh group of flavors, available online and in Juice Generation locations. They sent me all six to sample, and today, I’m offering you guys the chance to win six of your own!

The Cooler Cleanse “juice for a day” pack includes six flavors, sweet, citrus, green, spicy, veggie, and hemp (milk). They arrived to me nice and cool:


And looking totally fabulous:


The juices are packaged into a one-day bundle on the Cooler Cleanse website, but if you, like me, would prefer to incorporate the juices into your existing routine, rather than fasting, you can absolutely order them and drink as desired with or between meals. They last for three days when kept cold, thanks to the cold-pressing process. Indeed, my juices stayed beautifully fresh over the three days in which I got to enjoy them, one by one.

Let me give you a round up of the flavors:


Sweet: Kale, watermelon, apple, lime. I loved this one: the watermelon was very light, and in spite of the title, I didn’t find it too sweet at all.

Citrus: Pineapple, orange, lime. This one was a little too intensely sweet for my liking, but it was perfect when cut with a little water! And very refreshing.


Green: cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, kale, pear, lemon, ginger. Definitely my fave! The perfect green juice: spicy, sweet, and so nutritious.

Spicy: Lemon, lime, cayenne, agave, water. Yum! This was a really refreshing afternoon pick me up, especially served over ice.


Veggie: Carrot, apple, beet, lemon, spinach. Totally delicious. This was the most “veggie-ful” of the juices. I loved the addition of a little lemon to the beet and carrot. I’ve never done that before!

Hemp: Raw hemp seeds, vanilla bean, dates, filtered water. Oh-so-decadent! This reminded me so much of my own beloved hemp milk recipe. I used it in a smoothie and I even poured it into my morning coffee (naughty me!). But it was delightful drunk cold, on its own, too.

I typically drank the juices early in the morning, before breakfast, and/or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. As you can see, they were a delight to have by my side during class!


I really adored these juices, and would recommend them wholeheartedly on taste alone. But I was also impressed with the nutrition. To give you some fun facts, sweet contains 300% of your recommended daily Vitamin C, green provides 16% of your daily calcium, hemp 25% of your daily iron, and “sweet” 30% of your daily Vitamin A.

Since I’m such a fan of the juices, I asked if Cooler Cleanse would share six juices with one of my readers. Much to my delight, they said yes. One continental U.S. reader will win the “juice for a day” bundle, with all six of the flavors I enjoyed. Here’s how to enter!

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which new Cooler Cleanse flavor you are most excited to try.
2. Tweet this giveaway with the following text: Win six fresh cold pressed juices from @coolercleanse on the @choosingraw blog!
3. Follow Cooler Cleanse on Twitter
4. Like Cooler Cleanse on FB
5. Like Choosing Raw on Facebook
6. Pinthis giveaway.

Please leave me a separate comment for each of these actions, telling me you did it!

Good luck, guys! I’ll announce the winner in two weeks: December 18. Happy (early) holidays!


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  1. I really like your presentation. The bottles looks great. I’m trying to find similar ones for homemade blueberry juice and was wondering where you can get those. Thanks!!!

  2. I would love to try the hemp juice. I love dates and vanilla and never in a million years would I have added hemp seeds to those 2 flavors. Thanks for posting!

  3. Used is great too.. Then again, the client finds out these phones a little research big problem long up to such as the other top designers Cheap Louis Vuitton.

  4. Liked Cooler Cleanse on Facebook. I had already liked Choosing Raw on Facebook prior to this.

  5. Definitely looking forward to trying the Sweet flavor! I love apples and watermelon!

  6. Oh my!! I think the green might be my favorite as it sounds so refreshing and healing, and duh it has kale in it! The spicy is a good runner up as it has my other fav cayenne!

  7. Those seem perfect! I’m dying to start juicing, but with a grad student budget and excessively tiny apartment, I can’t buy a juicer right now. I’m excited to see if these can be a good starting point. The hemp one sounds like a great dessert drink, too.

    (I also followed on Twitter – @shgmclicious)

  8. Oh my goodness this looks so amazing! I think I’d be most excited to try the Spicy flavor.

  9. I think I would be most excited to try the “sweet” because I love watermelon juice and this is an interesting combination. Hemp milk is a close second!

  10. It was hard to pick just one flavor but if I had to choose I think I would be most excited to try the Spicy one.

  11. Hemp looks lovely! And Ive never tried hemp before so that will be an adventure. Unless I get up the nerve to buy some hemp milk in the in between time…Better yet if I get up the nerve to make some!!!

  12. Most excited to try the hemp milk! I’ve only tried the store bought kind, never raw and fresh!

  13. I would like to try the Hemp juice, I am not familair with these flavors at all, I’ve never tried hemp milk and it sounds yummilicious. I’ve never heard og these juices before. Can you purchase themm from stores.

  14. I love Hemp Milk so I’m uber excited to try that! Although the Sweet drink is a very close second bc I’ve never thought of Kale and Lime together!

  15. liked cooler cleanse too on fb. i have done cleanses before and am interested in trying something new. thanks!

  16. I would love to try these! I rarely find time to juice for myself these days 🙁

  17. I liked Choosing Raw and Cooler Cleanse on FB! I am most excited to try the Kale, watermelon, apple, and lime juice. It’s a unique blend that I’ve never tried and I am intrigued!

  18. I am most excited to try the “Green”! I’ve been trying to get into a lot more green juices, and it’s been a little bit of a struggle, it would be nice to find one that I like to give me some encouragement again! I was a vegetarian for 13 yrs, now I took the leap to vegan and I’m feeling great! I hope win so I can expand a little more in my new found veganism. 🙂

  19. I did all of these except Pinterest as I’m not on there by choice. Hope that doesn’t disqualify me. Would absolutely love to give these a try as I want to start drinking pressed juice more often!

  20. I did share your blog on Facebook. I want to encourage al people I know and even thos I don’t to eat raw. Melissa

  21. I’ve been binging on vegan baked goods, I think a juice cleanse is probably not a bad idea… lol I love ginger, so the Green flavor sounds pretty great!

  22. The green juice sounds amazing! I love green juices and that sounds like a great mix of flavors.

  23. Definitely most excited about the citrus but i can’t wait to try all of them!

  24. I liked choosing raw and FB and got entwined in reading your recipes! They look fantastic! Thanks, from a new raw food ‘tryin to be’

  25. Can’t wait to try Green. Most green juices taste like eating grass. This one sounds aweome!

  26. I’m interested in trying their green juice, and I know my sweetie would grab the spicy first.

  27. I cant wait to try the sweet one!!! i hope i weeeeen 🙂 i have really been wanting to try this cleanse for a while

  28. What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to try the sweet – kale and watermelon combined sounds pretty divine.

  29. I tried a Cooler Cleanse ages ago, but it looks like the flavors have changed. They all look so good, but the creamy sweet one, in this case the hemp milk is usually the one I want to drink the most!

  30. Def would love the Green: cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, kale, pear, lemon, ginger — Ive never had a juice with pear but that sounds delish

  31. So excited to start my new raw lifestyle!! These look amazing! I live in Kansas… is there any place locally to get these?

  32. The Citrus sounds right up my alley! I love all the ingredients- can’t wait to try it!

  33. Love this giveaway! I’m most excited for the “green” drink, although I think I would like it mixed with spicy. I’m all about the cayenne. Thanks for the honest review!

  34. i would love to try the spicey one its a combination i never would have thought of and it looks delish! 😀

  35. What an awesome giveaway! I’d definitely want to try the “green” flavor first!

  36. This is great, especially during the not always so fresh veggieful holidays. I’d love to try the green as that’s what I try my hardest to get in in the winter.

  37. I’m definitely super excited to try the green juice one! All of them sound super good though!

  38. I’d love to try all of the flavors, but I’ve been on a hemp kick lately, so that’s my first choice.

  39. I would really love to try the hemp milk, as I have never tasted hemp milk before & this particular blend sounds delicious (they all do). I would love to be enter in the giveaway for a chance to win such a wonderful prize.
    Thank you for hosting this,
    Sarah Grace

  40. Well that’s a no-brainer: I wanna try the green one! But they all sound good. Yuuummmm!

  41. Sweet kale watermelon sounds exactly what I need to get me through my finals! grad school is a killer and juice keeps me going!

  42. We don’t have a lot of awesome products like these in the mid west. They sound wonderful. I’m so excited to try them all, it’s hard to pick, but I guess I’d have to say the green since you called it perfect. That’s quite the endorsement!

  43. Most Excited to try the Spicy cooler cleanse flavor when I win! And now I WILL win because with this I completed steps 1 – 6 above!

  44. Finally, I feel like I should win because I won a health consult on your blog a year or two ago, but because of both of us in school, it never came to fruition. 🙂

  45. I really want to try fresh hemp milk! It would also be nice to have some portable juice since my cheapo juicer isn’t really meant to make huge batches or anything that lasts for more than a few hours.

  46. The Veggie sounds awesome! Most brand made veggie juices are far too salad tasting to me but this one looks great!

  47. wow! These look awesome, cant wait to try the spicy flavor! THanks, hope i win them!

  48. Ohhh, can’t wait to try the green! I can never resist a good green juice. I also tweeted, liked, followed and pinned the giveaway 🙂

  49. I would love to try the green flavor, I’ve never really gotten into juices before but I really want to try some vegetable ones.

  50. I think I’d be really into the citrus, though I have to admit, the hemp milk looks creamy dreamy delicious!

  51. I will always go for the green! I love your site and look forward to your posts to keep me on track. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insight – you’re a natural.

  52. And I liked CR on Facebook! (What the heck; I thought I already liked you… I know I used to! I don’t know what happened.)

  53. All of the flavors sound delicious, but I have never juiced watermelon before, so I am most excited to try the Sweet variety.

  54. I would be most excited about the veggie juice. Carrots, apples, beets, lemons, and spinach are five of my favorite things!

  55. I already like Choosing Raw on Facebook and I’d like it again if I could 🙂

  56. Hemp flavor looks so good. That is the one I’m most excited about.


  57. I’m most excited about the Green juice! Anything with ginger makes my soul sing.

  58. I think I’d be most excited about the green juice, especially with your rave review! The spicy one intrigues me as well.

  59. I love the green one already, and I’m sure it will still be my favorite, but for new ones to try I’m excited about the “sweet” one.

  60. Love the idea of juice coming to my door with no pulp to deal with! I’m most excited about the spicy mix!!!

  61. I am most excited to try their green juice! I am always looking for a good, not too sweet but not too earthy tasting green juice. I’ve done their green juice in person when I lived in NYC but now that I am in the midwest would love to try their delivered options.

  62. Citrus: Pineapple, orange, lime. This looks amazing! Any citrus drinks are my fave so it’s a close call with the spicy one! What an awesome giveaway too!

  63. I tend to have the same problem with bottled green juices- either way too sweet or not sweet at all. These sound wonderful! Hope I get to try them.

  64. Just repinned! I want to try the veggie one. I am drawn to anything with beet in it (and the color matches perfectly)!!

  65. The hemp and citrus sound so delicious it’s hard to pick one. I think the hemp is calling my name though. Yum!

  66. I’m most excited to try the spicy flavor. It sounds like a combination I would never have the courage to try and blend on my own – let’s see how the professionals make it work!

  67. Following/Liking Choosing Raw.

    I love your site. I attempted to go Raw a few months back and that’s when I discovered your blog. So many great recipes and suggestions. Sadly it didn’t stick but I hope to start it back up this spring when it will be easier to get good/fresh produce. Maybe then having the spring/summer/fall to get used to eating raw I’ll be better prepared for winter.

  68. I don’t usually go for sweet things, but the watermelon kale juice sounds AMAZING.

  69. I would most like to try the green juice! I love green juices and have never had this particular brand!

  70. I haven’t ventured into the world of Hemp, so I’m pretty excited to try that one!

  71. and i tweeted Win six fresh cold pressed juices from @coolercleanse on the @choosingraw blog!
    thanks to both of you for the opportunity!

  72. I am most excited to try the Sweet: Kale, watermelon, apple, lime
    sounds super delish!

  73. Gena, this was a great way to get information out on the social networks about you and this product. Smart lady!

  74. It’s a toss-up for me between “hemp” and “green” – I love creamy drinks, but I’m also a sucker for anything green.

  75. I alread LOVE Choosing Raw on Facebook!

    But I would be most jazzed to try the Green version because most green juices have apple added as the sweet element and this version has pear. Pear sounds like a different and delicious surprise to a great mix of ingredients.

    Thanks Buttercup!

  76. Since I have a sweet tooth, the citrus flavor sounds great to me, but I’d love to try them all.

  77. I would LOVE to try the sweet juice. I don’t think I have ever had that combination before.

  78. I am such a huge fan of cooler cleanse! I’ve always wanted to try this and the fact that there is a giveaway it would be the PERFECT gift for Christmas. I’m starting to eat clean, work out more, and live a healthier life. I’d love to try this out! Especially the Green drink! I’ve pinned, tweeted, liked, and commented on this thread and would really LOVE to be picked! Thanks so much for doing this!!

  79. I would love to either try the Hemp or the Spicy…But all of them sound delicious! I’ve liked both pages on FB and shared this giveaway on my FB…is that the same as “pinning” it?

  80. Sweet for sure! Watermelon is my favorite fruit! Thanks so much for the giveaway, Gena!

  81. look. no joke this would be SUCH a lovely christmas gift to myself. every year that goes by i continue to see that health is everything…without it we are nothing! i am most excited to try the hemp milk because i am a recent addict. almond milk who??? it’s just so creamy and filling, i love it!

  82. I am most excited to try the “sweet” cleanse. The idea of kale and watermelon together sounds so delightfully unique yet delicious.

  83. I really want to try the Veggie juice because I LOVE juices that are packed with all sorts of extra nutrition from different vegetables… plus I love beets 🙂
    I also want to try the Hemp because it sounds so decadent, and I’ve never had hemp!
    PS: I am following Cooler Clense and Choosing Raw on FB and Twitter. I also pinned and tweeted 😀

  84. Oh yum! They all sound delicious. I think the Green one sounds the yummiest, because it has ginger in it! I sure would love to give them all a try :).

    To your health!

  85. I would like to try the Green Cooler Cleanse juice. By the way, am I required to follow all 6 steps in order to be entered for the contest or may I simply accomplish one or more steps but not necessarily all?

  86. I’m most interested in trying the hemp milk. I’m certain I will love all the juices, but the hemp milk is something I would never normally opt for.

  87. These sounds awesome! It’s so hard to pick just one flavor, but I think I’d have to say Sweet. The watermelon won me over. 🙂

  88. As a newly pregnant lady who could use some extra vitamins, these all sound great! I’d especially love the green juice!

  89. I liked Choosing Raw on FB. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse but they are so expensive. It would be great to win. Good luck everyone!

  90. Would love to try the Veggie…I’m a big fan of vegetable juice of all kinds, except beet. I want to get past my beet juice aversion, and maybe theirs would be a good way to do it!

  91. The “Sweet” one sounds amazing! I love my watermelon! This would be great to win, I never get time to juice anymore!!

  92. I am most excited to try the GREEN followed closely by VEGGIE. They all sound good and I love that they keep for 3 days!

  93. I liked Choosing Raw on FB. Your profile pictures look great – it’s cool that your shirt color ties with the red cabbage in the larger picture :).

  94. They all sound so good it’s hard to pick one; however, I’m most excited about the Sweet and the Hemp.

  95. They all look delicious, but I am drooling at the thought of drinking the “Sweet” right now.

  96. I am most excited about the “Sweet” juice. I am curious about how “watermelon-ie” it tastes!

  97. They all look amazing, but I’m the most excited about the veggie. The beets give it an absolutely GORGEOUS color!

  98. The Hemp or Green varieties are most appealing…maybe they’ll change my mind re. “juicing for health.”

  99. I am most excited about the Veggie one. I love Veggie juices the greener the better.

  100. They all look great! I would love to try the spicy one…sounds very interesting! Fingers crossed!

  101. I am excited to try the Green Cooler Cleanser. By the way, must we do all 6 of the steps to be entered or can we simply do one?

  102. I reallllly would love to try the green juice! I’ve had so much trouble finding/making one that’s the perfect balance of green and sweet.

  103. I am most excited about the hemp flavor. Hemp is something I’ve read about often, but have never actually tried (honestly, it scares me just a little bit). I think this would be a great way to introduce hemp into my diet!

  104. I am most excited for the hemp drink, as I have never made anything like that. I’ve only tried raw hemp seeds once & it would have never occured to me you could juice them. I’m intrigued!

  105. Ten minutes ago I just did our morning juicing (apple, ginger, carrot, kale) and my husband and I were talking about how wonderful a way it is to start our day! We cannot wait to try these flavors and especially interested in the hemp, vanilla and date concoction!

  106. I would love to try the green one!!.. although the hemp one looks amazingly delicious as well 🙂

  107. The hemp intrigues me as I am not too fond of hemp, but know how nutritious it is. So I would like to try that one.

  108. I would love to try the Sweet juice: Kale, watermelon, apple, lime–what a wonderful combination!

  109. This giveaway is great! Thanks so much! I think the green one would be my favorite!!!

  110. I think they all sound delicious, but the hemp drink sounds like dessert! Yummy!

  111. I would love to try their Veggie juice. I have not made that combination of juices and it sounds interesting and yummy.

  112. They look awesome would love to try them all ,have had some pancreatic issues and am looking to cleanse

  113. Perfect timing! I’ve been wanting to do an all juice day so help with my recent tummy issues!

    I’m most excited for the Green (and the Sweet)! Who can pick only one? 🙂

  114. When I moved to Mexico for a year, I sold my juicer in a pre-move “everything must go!” frenzy…and now, after six months back in the States, I still miss that juicer. The Green sounds absolutely delightful–exactly the sort of combination I used to make when I was trying to detox a bit.

  115. I think that I am most excited to try the “sweet” flavor and the “green” flavor.

  116. I am most excited to try the green juice because it looks so refreshing!

  117. mmm… how could I decide between Sweet and Green? I would probably mix them together! Watermelon and pear are delicious in juice! I would love these…. I love pressed juices, but they’re typically quite expensive.

  118. They all look really good, but hemp milk’s the prettiest! But they’d all be good all together!

  119. I really, really want to try the ‘Sweet’ flavor, but the ‘Citrus’ looks really refreshing too. The citrus one looks like bottled sunshine 🙂 That would be much needed with the cold weather supposed to come my way!

  120. I am most excited for the hemp!!! I am curious as to how the vanilla and date sweetness complement one another also, the flavor of hemp in a drink.

  121. interested in trying the Kale, watermelon, apple, lime because I wouldn’t have thought of it, as well as all the others

  122. I’m excited to try the green one! I’ve never had cold-pressed juice before, but it sounds delicious!

  123. Most excited to try out the green juice! Love getting such a variety of greens all in one bottle! Plus I love more savory/tart/veggie-packed juices!

  124. I like Choosing Raw on facebook! Would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Was just looking at their website before I saw the giveaway too!

  125. Okay, I am an incompetent twit but I tweeted. This gets my second or third tweet ever. At 61, I don’t tweet like I used to in any form or fashion. I liked, liked, liked and liked. Maybe I over liked? Pin away. Feel free to send juice! Smile….:)

  126. I don’t normally enter giveaways, but these sound lovely! Green and hemp both sound delicious.

  127. Ok i just finished doing all of these! I did them in a row, so im not going to repeat this comment 5 more times,..i hope that dorsn’t mess up my chances! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  128. I’m excited to try the Green one. I really like the Naked Green juice. This is a perfect giveaway to offer between Thanksgiving & Christmas!!

  129. Well the Green is my go-to recipe, so that obviously sounds good, but that Hemp! Wow, decadent indeed! Would love to try that! : )

  130. I’m definitely a super green juice kind of girl, but I’ve never had fresh hemp milk before, so that’s what I’m most excited to try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. I am excited to try the Veggie one: Carrot, apple, beet, lemon, spinach. It sounds delicious and energizing at the same time! Please choose me!!!!

    Calgary, AB

  132. All of the flavors sound incredible, but I am excited to try spicy! I don’t have a twitter account or pin interest but I liked both sites on FB!

  133. The Green Juice – I (and all of my girlfriends) are looking for a new cleanse and these juices look AMAZING!! THank you!

  134. I’ve got to say the hemp sounds the best right now, but that could just be the time of night talking! The whole pack sounds like a lovely, nutrient-dense collection!

  135. The sweet flavor looks amazing! Kale + watermelon sounds like a genius combination. Wish I would have thought of it before now!

  136. I would love the green or veggie juices. I have a green smoothie almost daily, but don’t have time to make juices. I am a full time employee and part time student.

  137. I think I’m most excited to try the spicy. No, the veggie! No, the hemp! I don’t know, they all look so delicious!!

  138. I would love to try the spice and citrus juices. I never had a cleansing juice before nor have I been to a juice bar. These would be great to try!

  139. The sweet looks really tasty!! I have never tried these juices and would be excited to try all of them.

  140. I would love to try Green! I have yet to make a green juice I like…or even buy a green juice I like. Hmm.

  141. I am the most excited about and interested in trying the sweet flavor.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway to your readers, and best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

  142. Green! I have been wanting to try one (I’m a newbie!) but I haven’t gotten there yet!

  143. I would love to try the hemp! I am a huge fan of hemp in general and would love to try it like this!

  144. The hemp (raw hemp seeds, vanilla bean, dates, filtered water) sounds like a decadent dream come true, although I’d love to try them all =)

  145. GREEEEEEEEEN! Casey would love the Citrus and the hemp blend. I might convert him to healthy food after all. 😉

  146. The hemp sounds so decadent! I’d live something so easy and nutritious to take with me to work! Looks delish.

  147. I would love to try them all, especially the hemp milk. Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing these and for your awesome blog!

  148. all the flavors!
    but for reals….the sweet…..or the hemp…. but the spicy looks so interesting, and that green divine……

    all the flavors!!!

  149. I vote for the citrus even though you said it was too sweet for you. I just find anything with pineapple to be irresistible. Many thanks for the review!

  150. I’d love to try them all but I’d be curious to try the green juice. I try to make my own everyday but my 3 kids need to get to school and I don’t get my juice until much later in the day. lol
    With no juice bar around here, I couldn’t be more excited about stumbling across this website!!

  151. Oh my! They all look great but the hemp looks especially delicious. Though, spicy sounds really interesting, too.

  152. They all sound delicious, but green would have to be the one I would most want to try. I can never perfect green juice when I do it at home!

  153. Without a doubt the drink I’d sip first is the hemp bottle! Though I can’t deny the appeal of all that the Cool Cleanse Line has to offer(:

  154. Hi
    I’m excited to try the veggie flavor because I’m scared of beets and this sounds like a delicious way to try them.

  155. Green flavor!!

    I don’t have a twitter, but I just liked Cooler Cleanse and Choosing Raw is also on my likes. I also don’t have a pinterest, but I will share this on fb.

    Yummmmmm !

  156. They all look delicious, but if I have to choose one….. Green. 🙂



  157. I am excited to try out the Green Juice with all of my favorite ingredients: cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, kale, pear, lemon, ginger. Pears always give a great thickness and texture to juices <3

  158. Decisions, decisions…. The green juice sounds REALLY yummy, but I’m intrigued by the spicy one. I have so far, been reluctant to try juices with cayenne, so maybe this is the opportunity.

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