Ginger Lime Edamame Sweet Potato Burgers
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These edamame sweet potato burgers are seasoned with ginger and freshly squeezed lime juice. They’re flavorful and summery, and they’re packed with protein from edamame! Perfect for summer parties and gatherings.

A vegan burger made with edamame and sweet potatoes is served with guacamole on a burger bun.

I made it! Before I get to these ginger lime edamame sweet potato burgers, I want to thank you all for the tweets, comments, emails, and good wishes you sent as I made my way from NYC to DC. We arrived safely and soundly, and, a few minor hitches aside, things went according to plans.

The last two days have been spent in a flurry of unpacking, cleaning, cooking, and also trying to squeeze in a little R&R: it may be moving weekend, but it’s also a holiday weekend, and since I have a week before classes begin at Georgetown, I’m taking my time. I’m excited to take photos of the new place and tell you all about it, but in truth, it’s a mess, so I’m not sharing yet! Instead, I’m giving you some Memorial Day food porn to gaze upon.

I came up with these burgers last week, in the thick of packing, and my first reaction was delight at how easy and nutritious they were. Burgers always involve some moving parts, so easy is a relative term, of course. But these are pretty doable, as far as veggie burgers go, and they’re sure to be a hit at any summer barbecue!

A plant based patty is served on a sesame bread roll.
A vegan burger made with edamame and sweet potatoes is served with guacamole on a burger bun.
5 from 1 vote

Ginger Lime Edamame Sweet Potato Burgers

Author – Gena Hamshaw
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Yields: 6 servings


  • 1 tablespoon flax meal
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 3/4 cup frozen shelled edamame
  • 3/4 cup chopped onion about 1 small onion
  • 2 teaspoons fresh minced or grated ginger
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • 1 large sweet potato peeled, cubed, and steamed (about 1 cup, cooked)
  • 1/3 cup quinoa flakes or quick oats
  • 2-3 tbsp lime juice to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
  • 1 small handful 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
  • Black pepper


  • Preheat oven to 350F. Mix the flax meal with 3 tablespoons warm water to create a flax “egg.” Allow it to thicken while you get the other ingredients ready.
  • Add the oil to a large skillet or sauté pan. Add the onion, edamame, and ginger. Cook, stirring often, for 5 minutes, or until the onion is clear. Add the garlic and continue cooking for 1 more minute.
  • Place the onion, edamame, ginger and garlic in a food processor fitted with the S blade. Add the sweet potato, quinoa flakes or quick oats, lime juice, salt, cilantro, and flax egg into the processor. Pulse until the mixture is evenly mixed and broken down, but some texture remains. Add a few tablespoons of water if it’s overly dry or thick. Season mixture to taste with black pepper.
  • Shape mixture into 6 patties. Place them onto a parchment or foil lined baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes, flipping once halfway through, or until the burgers are crispy on the outside. Serve with fixings of choice!

These burgers are wonderful: a little sweet, a little spicy, and tangy from the cilantro and lime. They scream “summer,” and since it’s 94 degrees in the District today, that feels pretty apt to me. I highly recommend topping them off with some guac, if you’ve got it!

A lot of you have emailed to ask me—and I don’t blame you—how it feels to be in a new place. Honestly? Not that weird. Yet. I’m familiar with DC, I’ve got tons of support here, and I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this move for months. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t burst into tears as our car leapt out of the Lincoln Tunnel and swerved into Jersey (because I definitely did). It just means that I’m happy and excited to be here, and actually quite relieved that the transition itself has passed.

One day at a time, right?

Readers, tell me: when was the last time you moved? And how did you feel in the days that followed? 

Hope you try the burgers soon. Happy long weekend!


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Categories: Recipes, Main Dishes
Ingredients: Sweet Potato
Dietary Preferences: Gluten Free, Tree Nut Free

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  1. These have great flavor, thank you for sharing! Next time I plan to add some sunflower or pumpkin seeds whole for crunch. Whole grain brown mustard is tasty on top! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I am pretty sure that they are supposed to be the consistency of baked hummus, but maybe I did it wrong too! I was just visiting to say that I made them for the first time, and whilst I wouldn’t consider them a veggie burger (more like bubble n’ squeak). However, they were delicious!

    And no, you don’t need to cook the quinoa flakes first. If you want a more veggie burger like consistency, I would probably start by reducing the amount of sweet potato and replacing it with something else. Maybe bread crumbs? Or even upping the beans. If you want one of Gena’s recipes that are more like a veggie burger, I’d suggest the cooked sunshine burgers. They’re delicious!

  3. I made these last night for v-day dinner for my veggie girl. They were REALLY tasty but the consistency was nothing like a veggie burger. It was more like a thick hummus that was baked. Any ideas where I went wrong? I did the pulse to mix and then ran the motor on the food processor. Did I run the motor too long? I didn’t add water because the sweet potatoes were already saturated from steaming them. They also stuck to my hands like crazy. I just slopped them on the baking sheet and hoped for the best. Any ideas on how to improve the texture along the way? Also, I did not cook the quinoa flakes, should I?

  4. I made these over the weekend and absoultely loved them! Our friends invited us over last minute to a BBQ at their house and I was able to whip these up quickly and take them over to grill. Great recipe! Thanks!

  5. Hi Gena – long time listener, first time caller 🙂

    I made these last night and they were great! We served it over a bed of baby spinach and with Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinagerette.

    I’ve never even heard of quinoa flakes before until I set out to the store to find them for this recipe. Now that i have a box, what else can i do with it? It looks like it might be a tasty sub for oatmeal. Is it nutritionally superior to oatmeal? I figured since it’s quinoa, it must be super good for you.

    Thanks and best of luck in DC! It’s a fun town – be sure to go to Sticky Fingers bakery – so many delicious vegan treats and good coffee!

  6. Made these tonight for good! I used garbanzo bean flour (about a 1/2 c.) instead of the quinoa flakes because I didn’t have them and I think it worked well! Thanks for the recipe, will definitely make these again!

  7. I’ve only had a couple big moves in my life- to college 7 years ago, which was just to another town in CA, and then this last year to OR. in between, I made a few short-term moves to Europe, but those were always planned to be between 6 months and a year, so while I had to adjust each time I traveled (I get fairly attached to my surroundings) I knew I was coming home in the end. OR has been much harder to get used to, mostly due to all the rain, although I was warned of this. I also left the town I went to college in, where I had worked 3 years after graduating and made a close group of friends in, as well as lots of acquaintances. It’s really difficult to rebuild that comfort and support structure, but I had some connections here and Portland is an amazing place for a vegan to move, so I’m focusing on trying all the food there is here! it’s also easy to find healthy vegan food when out, so while I spent a little more when I first moved, it didn’t go too badly. when I worked at a summer camp in wales for 6 months, it was much harder. I was only a vegetarian then, but my diet subsisted mostly of baked potatoes and cheese! I still can’t eat the things.

    good luck on your move, your place looks adorable! and having access to a kitchen is awesome, because being able to eat the food you know and love always helps a quick bout of homesickness.

  8. So I’m a long time lurker and fan of your blog. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like living in DC vs. NYC and the differences/adjustments. Both are great places! Good luck and thanks for the great recipe(s). 🙂

  9. These look fantastic- right up my alley. I’m planning to make some burgers soon to store for school lunches and these will be good inspiration. The last time I moved was from DC to San Diego, almost three years ago now. We drove cross country in Rachel’s Prius and loaded a moving container for the rest of our stuff. When we got here Rachel burst in to tears and basically had a panic attack that she had left the east coast, left her job and family, and moved to San Diego to stay with me. Thank goodness we’re getting married and her sacrifice paid off! I felt OK, being from the west coast originally, but definitely strange. On our car trip we ate primarily fruit, granola bars, and subway sandwiches. My moves before that were a move from college in Boston to DC, and then three more moves within DC/MD in response to a roommate’s girlfriend moving in, then a roommate with severe OCD, and then a cockroach-infested kitchen. Not ideal circumstances, but I enjoyed trying out different locations and living situations. Finally I moved in with Rachel for our last few months in DC in Dupont- couldn’t ask for a better location! We miss DC a lot- enjoy!

  10. So glad you’re here! I’ve moved a LOT in life – sort of why I found it fitting to name my blog ‘new kid on the vegan block’ because that’s sort of what I always was growing up: the new kid.

    I’ll definitely try this recipe. I actually tried a veggie burger in nyc recently that had edamame in it and I’ve been wanting another ever since!

  11. We always eat out a TON when we move. Heck, we always eat out a ton when we don’t move. I’d love to look at cooking as “easy” but growing up my food was always catered or we went out to eat, so I see that as “easy” instead. It’s all relative! I’d love to have a stocked pantry regularly, though, if I knew what to put in it!!

    Congrats on the move, as Whitney said, and way to go celebrating the weekend!

  12. Congrats on surviving your move, Gena! Even if it goes well, that’s exhausting. Can’t wait for more updates and, of course, recipes & reports of yummy eats as you get settled!

  13. glad to hear all is well! I haven’t done any major moving. but I remember moving from manhattan to astoria after college, where I didn’t know anyone. I burst into tears as soon as I got to my room. Then I went to 71 Irving Place every night since my life revolved around that place back in the day, but eventually I adjusted and came to love astoria and queens.

  14. I just moved, but only across town. As a student I tend to make these small moves a lot! I’m glad yours went well!

    The burgers look fantastic! I made your foolproof tofu burgers for a BBQ this weekend at which I was the only vegan and they were delicious. I’ll definitely be trying these ones!

    Also, your pumpkin chia pudding is my new favorite snack in the whole world, thanks!!

  15. Wow Gena, congratulations! I’m just catching up on blog reading and seeing all this about your move. I’ve moved a fair share of times since I was 18, so I know that moving isn’t always easy. I think that this is going to be a great and exciting adventure for you! I just can’t believe that when I’m finally up and moving from Santa Monica/Venice and to New York City, you’re moving away from NYC. I’ve been enjoying and reading your blog since it’s beginning, so you better believe that your wonderful depiction and attitude toward NYC, has played it’s role in encouraging me to gather up the courage and finally follow my heart and move there (in August!).

    I’m excited to follow your new adventures in DC, and I wish you the best of luck with all your new endeavors. And cheers to you for immediately having a functional kitchen!

  16. I’m glad you’re settling in! There’s nothing like good food to ease the stress of a move.
    I moved just two months ago, and it was glorious because I was leaving a bad situation. I felt so free and I just laid on the floor of my new apartment and breathed for awhile.
    Our fridge was pretty bare and we hadn’t been shopping yet, so I assembled breakfast from what we had left in our pantry box: overnight oats made with coconut milk, a little cocoa powder, raisins and stevia. Simple and delicious.

  17. I love a good veggie burger! Sweet potato is a nice addition, I will have to try this recipe.

    I also love moving. Well not the act itself, but being in a new place and getting used to it. But then I’ve always loved change – I get bored very easily. Good luck with all your new-city adjusting!

  18. Hey Gina, welcome to DC! Glad the move went well. I hope you find yourself loving the city as much as I do. I’ve been here for 4 years now. Would love to meet up with you sometime! Good luck with classes!

    Oh, and the burgers look fanstastic!

  19. I just moved about a couple months ago. Not to a different city, but just to a different apartment. This time, and all the other times I’ve moved in the past, I’ve had the tendency to pick up food from my favorite restaurants. The reason simply being that I was too exhausted to want to cook.

    The days that follow a move are always exciting. Everything is a first…the first meal you make in your new kitchen, the first movie you watch in your new living room, the first night you sleep in your new bedroom. It’s fun! I’ve always been a girl who loves a clean start. I hope you feel the same way about your move, and enjoy this next week before school starts! Congratulations on getting there! Yay!

  20. Moving is my second name…but I would add moving “around” to it as i sometimes feel that i have never really LIVED anywhere (except my childhood and youth in austria and almost 2 years in london). Well, i guess i am still figuring out where i want to live for a longer period of time. its not always easy if you have all these possibilities and no real reason to stay somewhere. but this time its different. i have spent the 5th year in new york (moving back and forward to europe) and i think i am ready to “settle down” for a bit (this still makes me nervous and uneasy to say as it sounds so definite and “stay-home-mom” like – nothing wrong with that tho but still toooooo early for me :-))
    anyway, i think if you know WHAT you want it doesnt matter too much WHERE you are. there are still certain energies of cities and places that influence my decision but doing what you love and having good people around is the most important foundation you can have…ALL THE BEST with un-packing!!!

  21. Congrats on making it through the move! Tears are always part of the process; a move wouldn’t be a move without them 🙂 And despite the chaos that surrounds moving, you managed to make some delicious looking burgers; I’ve been wanting to make my own veggie burgers now that the weather is decent in Boston. These might just have to be first on my veggie burger list 🙂

  22. Yay! So glad the move went well! The burgers look delicious, will make them very soon 🙂

    I made several of your recipes this weekend and enjoyed them thoroughly (gazpacho, pumpkin and poppy seed pate, vegan fig bars, and quinoa protein bowl!)! It was a Choosing Raw weekend for sure, lol!

    Oh my gosh, where do I begin?? I’ve been moving at least once a year for the past 14 years! Luckily the hubby’s in the Army now so I get to stay a full 3 years at our current location! This past move to Hawaii was a bit rocky with a 6 month old baby and having to live in a hotel for 2 whole months! Yikes! Very difficult to eat healthy, especially here where there really aren’t many health food options. Let’s just say getting a home finally was just so wonderful in so many ways!

    You are definitely very lucky! 🙂

  23. Congrats on your move. So glad to hear that all went well and that you are now safely installed in your new apartment. So impressed that you managed to blog in the midst of all the upheaval. I know exactly what you mean about the paradox of sorrow at leaving a loved place at the same time as excitement about moving on to pastures new.
    I’ve moved 6 times in the last 6 years – due to a combination of indecision about rural vs urban living, and exasperation about poor landlords. I last moved 3 months ago, from the mountains to the seaside, and despite the shame of still having some unpacked boxes, am loving the change. Being the juice nut I am, I took my juicer in the car with me, glugged green juice and ate energy bars on the day itself, and then probably lived off pasta and baked potatoes until I’d worked out where all the shops were.
    Love the edamame recipe. I will definitely be making these.
    Good luck with branching out and making new friends. I am sure your new school will provide many social opportunities, and that your fellow DC bloggers and readers will provide new rich social seams.

  24. I love the burger recipe!! Seems awesome:)
    I move quite often, like once a year… Last time I moved in October, so it is almost time to move again for me :)) The first days are usually the hardest, I can´t get used to it, I need to make the room comfortable, fill it with my things, get familiar with the surroundings, find some good shops around…

  25. Glad you’re enjoying the move so far and settling in Gena. The burgers look great! I’m never compelled to make healthy burgers as they were never my thing but love the flavor combo!

    Anyway I can marry sweet potato and guac is wonderful :). I love guac stuffed into baked sweet potatoes and topped with chopped raw vegetables. Yes please! Actually that’s on of my recipes in my Get Vital eBook you read. Must make them again….been too long!

    Happy eating and unpacking!

  26. These burgers look and sound fantastic! Can’t wait to cook up a batch. The last time I moved was 2 years ago. It was only a 20 min move but I was pregnant at the time and we ended up having boxing everywhere for quite some time… But I love our new home and it was totally worth the effort.
    Good luck!

  27. My husband and I will be again moving next month. We moved cross-country about three months ago, so not really looking forward to another move! We ate whatever was fastest, but tried to avoid fast food. Our kitchen was packed so well it took a while to unpack and become functional! I cannot wait to try these. Edamame and sweet potatoes are two of my favorites, but I never thought to combine them! Yum!

  28. Now these, I need to make.

    So glad the move went well and you seem to be in great spirits about the whole thing! Lots of prayers that unpacking and settling in go well!

  29. These burgers look fabulous, great flavor combo! Leaving Florida to move back to California in 2006 was a huge adjustment for me especially since we were leaving our nice house to live cramped with family until we found a house in CA. What made it easier was being much closer to my family and loved ones, but I worried about my hubby leaving his family in Florida.

  30. I’m moving in two weeks to my first real apartment (dorm apartments do not count), and my lease is set up so that I can’t move into my apartment until four days after I move out of the dorm. So I’m looking forward to 4 days of sleeping in my parents’ hotel room after they drive fifteen hours with my furniture. Then move-in day and furniture shopping on the same day as quickly as possible so that my parents can drive fifteen hours back to NY. It will be stressful, and I may need chocolate after they leave.

  31. Good to hear the move transitioned safely and well! I was definitely thinking of you and hoping it would 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your new location!

    Those burgers look fabulous- love all the flavors and ingredients. I’ll most definitely be trying these puppies out as it’s now officially almost summer!!

  32. Congrats on the move, and so glad it went smoothly! Coming home to burgers like these (oh, and 94 degree weather) is about all I could wish for, frankly. 🙂 Looking forward to the pics and hearing more about your new home. Enjoy your week off! xo

  33. I move A LOT, as in the last 5 years I’ve moved at least 11 times to new residences, cities, states, and countries. I love it though, but it does take a toll on settling and eating sometimes. I have to think. The most recent move was from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, to my new school in Providence, Rhode Island almost exactly 6 months ago-(that was funny, landing, looking up apartments, driving 2.5 hours from my parents house to look at 5 or 6 apartments, choosing and moving in 3 days and then starting school the next day-talk about a change!). I was pretty good about eating when I first got there. I was lucky enough to have had a few days in my parents home to get stuff prepped so I could have some comfort vegan food that reminded me of the stability and love of my parents. I usually go grocery shopping first thing and get some things I know I love and I can throw together quickly. That usually starts off with some whole wheat or sprouted grain bread and nut butter, bananas, and smoothie ingredients as well as dried fruit and nuts to keep with me incase I get stuck somewhere trying to sort something out. I’m not too keen on the frozen or processed packaged foods, but they would potentially be a good fallback for the first few days of potential instability. I ate a lot of almond butter banana sandwiches when I first moved and a lot of spiralized zucchini and carrot “pastas.”

    Moving is, in my opinion, an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself because it is literally taking you out of your comfort zone and forcing you into the new. The transitional roughness should be expected and acknowledged as temporary, as a marker that the fun stuff is coming soon! And, I don’t know how much experience you have with traveling or moving, but my biggest piece of advice, and I mean this in the most respectful way possible is to NOT ONLY use your boyfriend as a social medium. I say this for the beginning, which is the toughest part and it is very easy to retard the process of meeting new people and making new friends by sticking with your loved one only. I hope I don’t sound like I am undermining you if you already understand this, or if your common sense has already covered this for you, but I felt compelled to offer my advice.

    On another note: the veggie burger sounds delicious and though I still have trepidation when it comes to making my own veggie burgers, I like the recipe and will be giving it a shot, so thanks! May your move go smoothly!

  34. Glad you made it to DC safe and sound and in one piece!! In the past year I’ve moved four times (yes, FOUR) with my husband, and it’s been a wild wide. We definitely don’t want to move again for a while!

    Those sweet potato burgers look amazing — my husband loves lime and I love ginger, so there’s a little bit of something for each of us in them! Neither of us can do soy, though — do you have any recommendations for a bean alternative? Cheers!

  35. What a creative use of edamame!
    I moved last August to Raleigh when I enrolled in graduate school. I ate out the entire weekend unfortunately, but I managed to survive on Panera’s black bean soup!

  36. Before the moving tirade begins, I have to say that ginger-lime-sweet potato sounds amazing. In burger or non-burger form. I love how you make simple foods – sweet potatoes! – so decadent.

    I have moved 8 times in the last decade (not even kidding), and 5 of those involved moves between cities. Since you are more or less without a kitchen, try to keep healthy snacks that require almost no preparation on hand. Baby carrots, grape tomatoes, pieces of fruit, grapes, berries, etc. And don’t forget to drink enough water while unpacking – especially in the DC summer heat!

  37. Moving to an operational kitchen sounds luxurious! I still don’t quite have one here! I last moved close to three years ago, after moving every six months or less for years before that. The relief at stopping moving was tempered by the shock of stopping in a place as unlikely for me as AK. It took me about a year to come to terms, and now I love it (although I’ve recently reconnected with the knowledge that there’s no way I could stay here the rest of my life: it’s an extremely challenging place for a plant-eater who’s conscious about food miles, etc, and loves to be around fruit trees).

    Those burgers sound delightful. I’m not big on edamame (and don’t even know if I can get it here) but I bet it would be good with peas too. I’ll let you know if I try.

    So glad that you’re moving toward settling in and that you have a week to do it.

  38. I moved almost 4 years (as of july) ago from Houston, Tx (YUCK!!) to sunny San Diego. Luckily, I had a few friends here already so I wasn’t moving somewhere completely by myself, but my friend that I am closest to out here (from home) was studying abroad for the first six months I was here. It took some readjusting obviously, but I’m annoyingly social so I made some friends quickly. It took until my second year here to find the people I now consider my best friends for life. The first few “friends” I had out here were more of a temporary fill for the void I had in the friendship department. The group of people I now call friends out here are my foundation for living. I consider my friends out here more genuine than the friends I have back in Tx; mainly because you often grow out of the friends you had when you were a kid. As I’ve gotten older, my friends from Tx have taken different routes down life than I have and we’ve grown apart due to those differences.
    Moving to San Diego was the best thing I ever did. The city itself is so beautiful that it still surprises me to this day. There is always something to do, be it a festival, art show, or concert! I finished my undergrad here and luckily, am half way through my master’s also. Hopefully, I will get to do my PhD here also (fingers crossed!). If not, then I will be moving on to another city/state, but I am only applying to schools in CA, NY, Boston, DC, and Chicago. I know now that I need to be on the coast, close to water, and preferably, somewhere I can hike some mountains!
    Fortunately, San Diego has the most wonderful and fresh organic produce so when I moved, I began truly enjoying the local produce. I became a vegan within a year of moving to CA so that just goes to show you how much impact changing locations have on your life. I could never eat this way in Tx (shuddering at the thought). I now do my food shopping at my all organic, all local, vegetarian (they carry cheese and eggs, but nothing else non-vegan) co-opt. I am obsessed with the food there and frequent it at least 4 times a week!
    I know you’re going to love DC and since you have M and what sounds like some friends there too, you’ll have no problem transitioning. You might go through a “buyer’s remorse” type regret for a few months, but sticking it out at least 6 months is really necessary to determine if you really want to live there. So happy for you! And I’m totally making those burgers tomorrow (minus the ginger, add basil instead) 🙂

  39. glad to hear you’ve arrived safely! i have moved wayyy too many times in the last year (long story for another day) and tomorrow is yet another moving day. i am extremely nostalgic and struggle leaving behind places that i love… but places that i loathe, on the other hand, i have no trouble saying goodbye to. i usually end up eating out a LOT before and during moving because when half your kitchen is packed away, cooking ain’t easy!

  40. Welcome to DC! And I’m glad the move went off without a hitch.

    In regards to emotions and moving, I once came across a quote that said something along the lines of “it’s not so much that I miss a certain place, it’s that I miss the person that I was in that place.” This has definitely proved true for me- a lot of my emotions surrounding comings and goings are tied to nostalgia for certain periods of my life, not necessarily for the place. Because as much as I love/appreciate/become attached to certain places, it’s the people that make all the difference.

  41. First, awesome looking burger.

    Second..YAY, you’re moved! I’m sure it’s hectic but I’ll bet there’s a sense of relief, too. My last move was over ten years ago. I lived in Chicago for 12 years (and loved, loved, loved it) before moving to metro NYC for my husband’s job. It was tough. I didn’t know anyone here. I’m glad you have a support network in place. It’s important.

    I ate like crap, by the way. But I ate like crap back then anyway 😉

  42. We bought our house about 3 years ago and it was scary! We moved only like a mile from our apartment, but being alone in a big house.. I jad nerves! 🙂

    Burger looks so good! Glad you are doing well and everything went smooth! Xo

  43. The burgers look awesome! I am the queen of frozen edamame in…everything! Except I rarely make veggie burgers. I hate pan frying, just standing there babysitting them…so I am LOVING that you baked these. I need to try these. And with ginger and sweet potato..oh yes!

    Moving…ahh, i’ve moved 10 times in 10 years and prior to that, college and before I graduated from college, oh, another 10 times or so 🙂

    I have lived in MN, IL, NC, SC, CA, AZ, and back to CA. I have done some moves across country, in Uhauls, with cats at my feet or a toddler in the backseat of a car….seriously girl, I could

    I have had to beg for my car that was being trailered to be “released” to me b/c there was a sna-foo and they didn’t think I had paid for the move and the driver wanted payment…at the side of the road.

    Most recent move…the day of move with my house packed and we are moving to a NEW STATE…the moving co called to say…they weren’t coming, their truck broke down.

    I could go on and on and on…but all that matters is that you’re THERE! YAY!!! CONGRATS!

    And I made banana avocado ice cream earlier today. I know you’re busy, but it has your name all over it 🙂

  44. Congrats on the move, is this a med school move? wow! I wish you luck and can’t wait to hear about your DC food finds, your new kitchen and more.

  45. I just “moved” back to Michigan from New York, but it wasn’t really a move. Yes, it involved packing up all my stuff, fitting it in a car, and driving it across several states. But I’m really just storing my stuff here for the summer while I travel. So I’ not even really living in the place where “moved” to. And then I’m moving (for real) back to New York in August (which I am muy excited about!). It was still stressful, nonetheless. Glad your trip went as smoothly as possible.

  46. The big stuff is behind you. Now comes the fun of settling in to a new place and a new routine. Not that it is always that easy! I moved from the big city to a small town 16 years ago (wow time flies!). Gone was the great restaurants, live music and vibrant cultural scene. I sat on my living room floor and cried for weeks (I didn’t have a couch yet). But then you start to explore your surroundings and adapt to them. With the move came a discovery of the mountains and outdoor recreation – something that has come to be a love and passion. And, now I stay here by choice, not necessity. Have fun setting up your new place 🙂

  47. I’m moving in three weeks time, for the first time in thirteen years. It’s a bit stressful, because I’m dealing with a flare-up of chronic illness at the moment, but as you said, one day at a time! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have a fully functioning kitchen right from day one, but I’m leaving a home with an amazing harbour view, so I think it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment to get used to the new place!

  48. Hey lady! I somehow missed that you moved to DC! I’d loooove to meet-up for coffee or lunch/dinner sometime…or a glass of vino 🙂
    What area are you living in? I’m on the Gtown/Dupont border