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Yum Universe Lifetime Membership

Update: This giveaway has closed.

It’s Friday, and I took an exam this morning, which means I’m exhausted, and also that I’m running low on recipe action for the week. Fortunately, I have both a winner to announce for my Rawxies giveaway, and also a new giveaway to offer the CR community. What a wonderful way to end the week!

If you’ve never taken a peek at the sumptuous photos, plentiful recipes, or fun workout videos at YumUniverse, I’m officially issuing you an invitation to check the site out. YumUniverse is the creation of Heather Crosby, a plant-based recipe developer, fitness expert, and health coach (she completed T. Colin Campbell’s program at Cornell).

Heather is one of many food bloggers who puts me to shame; every time I head over to YumUniverse, it seems that she has yet another innovative, tasty recipe on offering, as well as exquisite photographs (as I fumble to catch a photo of my morning smoothie with my iPhone). Her food is always gluten free, and other allergy-specific options abound (including many soy free recipes). And beyond all that, Heather feels strongly about creating community, evidenced in her new directory of plant-based businesses, her frequent challenges and giveaways, and her reasonably priced eBooks.

Yum Events

Heather recently sent me a copy of her new eBook, which is 30 Clean Plant Based Dinners:

I confess that I haven’t had a chance to make any of the recipes yet myself (to do that, I’d need to have more than 20 minutes per day to make food, which isn’t coming easily lately! Sigh…) but it all looks stupendous, and I can’t wait to take inspiration from it as soon as things are calmer for me.

Meanwhile, Heather has also started a new membership program for YumUniverse, and she is offering one lucky Choosing Raw reader free lifetime membership to the site! That’s a $300 value, and it includes:

  • all-access to the exclusive YU Community
  • One 20+ page interactive eBook meal plan with beautiful step-by-step photos, adaptations and tips delivered to your Inbox every week for 12 weeks
  • all YU Library eBooks including YU Test Drive™, Dairy Freedom™, TREATS and 30 Dinners
  • all digital updates, unlimited printouts, and all new YU Library releases (coming soon), including 30 Desserts, 30 Breakfasts, 30 Snacks, Plant-Based Travel, Plant-Based Entertaining, Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Birthday Parties for Kiddos, The Holiday Survival Guide, YUScream for Ice Cream, One Pot Meals, Pantry & Kitchen Makeover and much more.
  • Special member-only discounts from YumUniverse and recommended/trusted businesses
  • First notification of all YU events/news, including discounts for members for events, workshops, classes and retreats
  • BONUS: set of 20 inspirational posters that double as dividers to create a custom binder
  • BONUS: Welcome eBook with tips for transitioning into, and maintaining, a plant-based diet, as well as tips for omnivore/herbivore households

Pretty incredible, right? If you’re just starting to explore plant-based living, find yourself desperate for new recipes or a little baffled by meal planning, or if you’re a longtime lover of the plant-based lifestyle and could use a new inspiration, this is an incredible opportunity to put the wind back in your culinary sails!

To enter this fab giveaway, you can do any one of the following actions. Please leave me a comment for each one, letting me know you’ve completed it!

1. Leave a comment telling me which perk of YumUniverse membership you’re most excited about
2. Tweet about this giveaway, including a link to the giveaway!
3. Like YumUniverse on Facebook
4. Like Choosing Raw on Facebook
5. Pin this giveaway

I’ll announce the winner one week from today. Good luck! And note that, even if you don’t win the giveaway, Heather is offering a $100 discount on membership right now, so you should check the deal out!

And before I sign off, I have a Rawxies winner! The winner of a 12 pack of Rawxies cookies AND a sassy Rawxies t-shirt is #405, Em. Em, I’ll connect you with Callie by email! Stay tuned.

I have a very studious weekend ahead, but I’ll be doing my best to check back in, hopefully with some fresh and delicious recipes for you all!


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  1. Due to urbanization in the second half of the 19th century, folk costumes became less used. At the same time, during the so-called national awakening, it became increasingly popular in Estonia to wear folk costumes on festive occasions:

  2. I love all the perks offered! Maybe the digital updates and unlimited print outs the most. Would LOVE to win this. Just discovered your site on FB via Brendan brazier (love his stuff, too!). So glad I did! I’ve already ordered your rawxies via vegan cuts – we love them- especially my 11 yr old son. THANK YOU!

  3. Super excited about the transition tips and the 30 dinners . . . New to vegan ism and in the process of embracing raw food . . . Liked choosing raw and yum universe! I don’t twitter and haven’t clue how to pin 🙂

  4. I love the idea of tips for the herbivore/omnivore household.I’ve got two herbivores and two omnivores in my house and meal times can be trying at times!

  5. I liked both YumUniverse and Choosing Raw on Facebook. You mentioned to say which perk of YumUniverse membership you’re most excited about. Really?? I can’t decide. How about if I like them all??? =)

  6. The perk I’m looking forward to the most: new, easy, delicious vegan gluten-free recipes to incorporate into my already gluten-free, almost-vegan lifestyle. Thank you!!!!!

  7. I think the meal plan with shopping lists would be awesome …a go to plan when the busy -ness of life is upon you would be helpful to stay healthy.

  8. Yu life time membership, sounds too good to be true! :O 🙂 Keep my fingers crossed!

  9. I love the fact that YumUniverse is gluten-free! I find recipes like that SO hard to find. In terms of a perk, though – everything! Though, pretty-organization-obsessed-person I am, I’m excited about those 20 inspirational posters that double as binder dividers :).
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway,
    Laura S / Sparks Ignite

  10. I am most excited about the interactive eBook meal plans because sometimes I get in a rut and need a little inspiration 🙂

  11. Hmm, its hard to pick the one thing I’d be most excited about, but probably the meal plan. Sometimes I just don’t have the creative energy and would love a plan that I know will be delicious and healthy.

  12. The thing I would love the most about this interactive plan is actually making food that tastes oh so YUM!

  13. Wow! I just came across Yum Universe and I am in love! What a great idea to help change the world! This will benefit everyone. From those of us that are in a rut when it comes to planning new and varied vegan meals. Yum Universe covers it all! It is all so very exciting to me, but especially the meal plans. I get wrapped up in preparing the same ole, same ole meals week after week. I want new ideas that are delicious! I love the fact that it is all laid out with a shopping list to boot! Wow! Best wishes for success in all that you continue to do. This is an important mission to demonstrate compassion and respect for ALL living things. Thank you Heather for living your purpose! Helping to create heaven on Earth. I am in awe of the work that you have done. Thank you Gena for the important work that you do as well. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to win a wonderful membership…that is very exciting too! ; )

  14. I’m most excited for the recipes and the 12 week plan. I’m vegan, and have just found out I have a wheat intolerance. I’ve decided to eliminate all gluten, and I’m struggling.

  15. I’m most excited about the interactive e-book with step-by-step instructions, the ebook with tips for transitioning (I’m currently vegetarian), and the idea of taking the extra step with YU for the animals!

  16. I am most excited about the 3 month meal plan that’s included with the Yum Universe lifetime membership! That will be such a helpful start to a new lifestyle!

  17. I love the fact they help you maintain the plant based diet with resources and recipes.

  18. I liked Yum Universe and Choosing Raw on facebook! This would be so exciting to win! Thanks! 🙂

  19. I am most excited about the ebooks. I have just begun studying and living a healthier lifestyle, i.e., raw, vegan. I love your blog, and love finding new information. I would love to read these books, as well as all the other benefits of this giveaway!!

  20. I am most excited about the interactive ebook with menu plan. I’m always looking for easy and new veggie recipes. Thanks!

  21. What an awesome giveaway!! I’m definitely most excited about the interactive ebook of meal plans!

  22. I love YumUniverse! Her recipes never let me down. I would absolutely love to win a lifetime membership to her site. I’m most excited about the meal plans. Im sure they woud be so incredible, just like everything else Heather comes out with.

  23. Hullo, I’d love to explore the recipes! However access to the vegan community would be even better 🙂

  24. I’ve been having trouble transitioning to a plant-based diet so I would love to get her eBook with tips on how to do it successfully- and also all her eBooks of recipes on what to eat once I have done it!

  25. I would love to win this for the meal plan. I hate trying to figure out what to eat most days so I love when someone/something gives me an idea of what to eat! Thanks for offering a stellar giveaway!

  26. I would love to have access to all the eBook recipes! One can never have enough healthy, vegan recipes!

  27. I am most excited about the YU library e-books! The pictures are gorgeous and it seems like it would be endless healthy and delicious recipes. 🙂

  28. I’m most looking forward to the all-access to the exclusive YU Community, because I’m recently learning that being part of community (real-time or web) makes you feel connected.

  29. I am really interested in the recipes and cookbook offerings-they all sound wonderful!

  30. I want to use the meal plan perk to give to my husband that does most of our cooking, and he could use some new ideas and help with putting those ideas into action!

  31. At this moment I am most excited about the YumUniverse 20+ page interactive eBook meal plan delivered to my inbox for 3 months !!!! I have been struggling in the plan and shop phases of diet transformation, and if it’s not in the kitchen, it’s not what gets eaten. It all looks extremely helpful, thanks for the opportunity.

  32. Everything in the membership looks great! The eBooks and recipes would be VERY helpful!

  33. The 30 (Clean Plant-Based) Dinners E-book would be perfect to help me transition my husband to a more plant based diet!

  34. I would have to say I am most excited about the 20+ page interactive ebook meal plan. What a wonderful idea!

  35. HI
    I just found YU about 2 weeks ago and was surprise to click on your site and see YU pop up. I made Heather’s chocolate chip cookies today and they are great. Looking forward to making her lasanga next.

  36. Liked yumuniverse. I hope to gain myself through eating to live instead of letting food be/rule my life and health.

  37. I am most looking forward to the recipes. I am not a creative cook, so I look to others for ideas.

  38. Most excited about the eBooks!! I’ve just Tweeted about this giveaway and I ‘liked’ both YumUnivers and Choosing Raw FB pages AGES ago.

  39. I’m excited about all the recipes but I’d also really love to have access to the member community.

  40. OMG I LOVE Yu ! Sounds amazing! Particularly: One 20+ page interactive eBook meal plan with beautiful step-by-step photos, adaptations and tips delivered to your Inbox every week for 12 weeks.
    Ode to Yu:
    Dear Yu,
    I have the Flu,
    But thanks to your eBook,
    My Immune system will be off the hook,
    And I can make your healthy, delicious recipes,
    With so much ease,
    Desserts, breakfasts, snacks and even ice cream,
    I love Yu so much I could scream!
    Gena, I adore Choosing Raw, you are so wise,
    And thanks for offering this really great prize!
    I’d love to explore the YumUniverse,
    So much to say, but I will be terse,
    I like YumUniverse and Choosing Raw on Facebook and gave you a tweet,
    So please reward me with delicious things to eat!
    So please can I win? Oh, merci beaucoup!
    xoxo from me to Yu !

  41. I’m excited about the interactive ebook of meal plans! With this, I wouldn’t have to worry about deciding what to make every day. The recipes look wonderful too! Thanks for introducing us to this site.

  42. I’m definitely most excited about all the healthy recipes that I can make for myself and loved ones!

  43. I liked YumUniverse on Facebook! I am most excited about the interactive ebook of meal plans!

  44. I litterary crave the recipes & the ebook about the transition to a plantbased diet. I am so glad you shared this site with us, this will help me:) thank you Gena!

  45. I’d love a lifetime membership- constantly new and inspiring menu ideas, the latest and greatest yummiest recipes and most current health and wellness insights…what’s not to love?!
    I’m already a Choosing Raw facebook fan and now I’ve added Yum U!
    Keeping my fingers crossed… 🙂

  46. Tips on transitioning and maintaining a plant based diet would be so helpful to me! I feel the best when my diet is mostly plant based, but have trouble maintaining it when life gets super busy.

  47. It’s such a vibrant community! From the first look at the site, you know you’re in for people who are EXCITED and PASSIONATE about wellness. That promises great things.

  48. The recipes of course but to have a vegan community to reach out to would be amazing and so encouraging 🙂

  49. I liked YumUniverse on Facebook!
    Can’t wait to try the almond chai quinoa
    breakfast recipe I found on her site 🙂

  50. I just liked Choosing Raw in Facebook!
    Love your blog and I the YumUniverse evolve sound great 🙂

  51. I am very excited about the recipes, motivational posters and transition tips (for my family!) I have pinned this giveaway, already a fan of choosing raw on facebook and just liked yumuniverse on facebook!

    You have such an awesome blog!

  52. Access to the YU community sounds AMAZING- I love networking with others to share recipes, meal planning ideas, etc.

  53. This looks great! I really want the meal plan-ebook, it seems so smart! Choosing Raw and YumUniverse is liked on Facebook, but I don’t have Twitter and Pinterest yet… 🙂

  54. i would live the ebook- seems helpful for someone who is struggling making the full transition to vegan

  55. I am most interested about the library releases, especially Plant-Based Travel. This website is great. Thank you for introducing me to it.

  56. I liked YumUniverse on FB and would love to win the cookbooks! Sounds fantastic and yummy!

  57. I “liked” Yum Universe on Facebook! (I “liked” Choosing Raw a long time ago!)

  58. I would absolutely love multiple aspects of this giveaway, one being any and all information about plant based traveling as well as information/ideas for those living in an omnivore/herbivore household. My boyfriend is amazing when it comes to supporting my plant based lifestyle, I would love to learn more to help support our relationship and balance our different needs/wishes for meals.

  59. I think this request puts the “Um” in “Yum”. Because as I am trying to decide all I can think is “Ummmmm”, I can’t decide! So I guess I will pick the inspiration of the ebook – bring all the next 30 days!!!

  60. I would enjoy the interactive eBook meal plans. I think that would be really helpful, since I am just beginning to learn about plant-based eating.

  61. I am excited about finding another food blog I enjoy. I love choosing raw but haven’t found another one that seems as easy to follow or to have as many easy and appealing receipes. YumUniverse sounds full of resources and you gave it such a glowing review. I would love the opportunity to explore those resources. I don’t participate on facebook or pininterest, so I can’t do those options. Thanks Gena!

  62. Oh wow that is a lot of vegan goodies! I am most excited about the meal planner. Honestly though, every aspect of the prize seems great!

  63. I liked Yum Universe on fb (already liked your other page). Thanks for entering me into your contest. I’m excited to win!

  64. I would be absolutely stoked about the meal plans because of them also being gf. I am currently doing a 4 week trial of being gf and would love some refreshing inspiration. I’m bored of my summer salads.

  65. 30 raw dinners!!! I’m so excited! My family is getting tired of salad every night!!!

  66. I would like any of the items in the giveaway, as maybe it’s would kick my butt in gear to start getting more creative.

  67. I liked “YumUniverse” on Facebook, as I wasn’t even aware that the site was around. Thanks for the heads up, Gena!

  68. I would love the recipes and all of the references provided! I need all the help I can get as I start on this new journey! 🙂

  69. Meal planning! I used to be awesome at that, then had my 4th child, and well, it all went out the window! 🙂

  70. I would like the posters most of all to add some everyday seen inspiration!!

  71. As a noob veeg, I am most excited about the bonus e-book with transition tips and advice for a multivorous household!

  72. I’m excited about the YU library ebooks. Most specifically the 30 dinners. Yum!