HLS Day One
August 13, 2010

Greetings from the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chi-Town. I’m in the middle of a slumber party with this lovely lady:

Yup! Gina and I are roomies for the evening. This means we get to gossip, goof off, and that Gina can get a photo of me in my raw threads t-shirt that I’ve been meaning to show off for you guys forever:

If you can’t see, it says “if you think I’m cute, you should see my blog.” The mastermind behind the design is Lori and Michelle’s sister, and you should all check out her adorable online store!

So where were we? Oh right, the Healthy Living Summit. I arrived in Chicago around 3 today, starving. At the airport I grabbed a simple fruit smoothie (banana, berries, water, ice):

and munched on one of my dehydrator free raw energy bars, which was a sight for sore eyes!

Good thing I ate as soon as I landed; traffic coming into the city from O’Hare was a big mess, and it would have been another hour if I’d waited.

Fortunately, I also had early dinner plans with a few ladies you might recognize:

Gina, Ange

And Sabrina! I’ve corresponded with or met all of these lovely ladies for a long time now, and I was so thrilled for a chance to sit down with them at one of my favorite restaurants: Karyn’s on Green. We began the meal with a trio of appetizers: roast beets, roast mushrooms, and Karyn’s incredible hummus (which I’ve tasted before!):

Holy yum! The roast mushrooms were a showstopper. For my entree, I got two dishes I’ve also tried and loved: the incredible raw broccoli soup, and the chopped salad:

After a rich conversation and some nourishing food, you could say that we were all happy campers. Can’t you tell?

And then we made our way to the LaSalle Power Co for the summit cocktail party. I saw a lot of familiar and dear faces:

It was a great evening, and I couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow’s festivities.

And now, please excuse the photo heavy post. I’m mighty sleepy, and want to read a bit before bed. Gotta be up early tomorrow! Night all.


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  1. Looks like everyone had so much fun! I’m staying at that hotel for the Chicago Marathon in October…looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous bunch of healthy bloggers! You all look radiant and very, very healthy. 🙂 And sounds like SUCH a great time! I’m going to have to plan to make it to the summit next year, wherever it is!

  3. So glad to hear that you like the shirt 🙂 Thanks for mentioning our sisters company, your the best!!!

    You know we would have loved to join you all for dinner. The food looks great! So cool that you and Gina are roommates, what fun!! Wish we were there!!!

  4. Yaaay..love love love 🙂 I am loving reading everyone’s post although it is a bit surreal that I am not writing them myself. I’m MIA from those dinner photos too! Next year! Glad you’re having a great time and LOVE your dress. Night girlie.

  5. Good food, good friends, good activities=good weekend. I wish I was there! 🙁 Have fun. Can’t wait to hear about all your delicious food finds!

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