Kabocha Squash and Tofu Curry. Plus, Natural Vitality Winner!


Image by James Ransom for Food52

I had a nice long intro for this recipe planned, singing the praises of two of my favorite ingredients (tofu and kabocha squash). But after what turned into an almost seven hour bus ride from DC to New York, I’m feeling a little beat. And you know what? The image above says it all.

Today, in my New Veganism column, I’m sharing what is probably the tastiest curry I’ve ever made. It stars creamy Japanese pumpkin and extra firm tofu. Served over some jasmine or brown rice, it’s the best kind of vegan comfort food: fragrant, a little spicy, and seasonal.


Head on over to Food52 for the recipe!

It looks as if I’ve won another gold medal in the category of “worst giveaway coordinator ever.” I was supposed to name the winner of my Natural Vitality giveaway on Tuesday, and here we are, on Thursday. So sorry for my tardiness! The winner of the giveaway is #36, Sara! Sara, I’ll reach out to get your details 🙂

Tomorrow I’m off to lovely Saratoga Springs, NY, where I’ll have the honor of taking part in Melissa’s wedding, as a bridesmaid. I can’t wait! I’ll be back here on Sunday evening, with a belated edition of weekend reading. For now, I wish you all a lovely start to the weekend.


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Categories: Recipes, Stews
Method: One Pot, Stovetop
Ingredients: Tofu
Dietary Preferences: Gluten Free, Soy Free, Tree Nut Free, Vegan
Recipe Features: Meal Prep

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  1. Just got around to making this dish last night, and oh my goodness!! The flavors were incredible! I used butternut squash and added some fresh spinach at the end and it turned out great. The sauce is what makes this dish. Thank you so much – it will definitely be in a regular rotation for me.

  2. Just to let people know that i’ve just made it and it was really good! The cilantro just came to balance the spicy taste of red cury paste. Very tasty! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.

  3. This is unrelated, but just wondering – where did you go to high school in nyc?

  4. This is terrific, and the leftovers were even better! One question: do you recommend a favorite brand of curry sauce?

  5. This looks awesome! And we can totally make this on our little island in Thailand! They are obsessed with Kabocha here! Hope you get some R and R <3

  6. Ugh, that DC-NY bus ride. I remember several looooooooooong trips between those two, can’t say I blame you for wanting to keep posting more minimalist in favor of recovering from that ordeal!

    • Hahaha It’s OK Catherine — I do the bus ride every other week, so I’m very accustomed. But every now and then, you get the unlucky 7.5 hour ride, which is what happened on Thursday! Sat outside the Holland tunnel for about 2 hrs, #fail. 🙂

  7. Kabocha is one of my favorites along with anything curry, so this looks amazing. Thanks!

  8. I’ve actually never cooked my own kabocha before! I love warm, comforting dishes like this. ‘Tis the season! I suppose I should give it a shot!

  9. wow – this looks great – will have to put it on my ‘must try’ list 🙂

    I live just north of Saratoga – it is where I do all my errands and I will be there tomorrow as well – great little town 🙂 Enjoy the wedding!

  10. Yum! Now that fall has arrived, I’ve fallen back in love with warming indian spices and just can’t get enough at the moment! I’ve also fallen back in love with tofu – after a break up during which I focused on tempeh…gosh, I sure do get into culinary ruts:) Anyhow, you are right: the photos need no words to send my tastebuds swooning.

    On another note, I received my own bottle of Natural Vitality Magnesium yesterday – excited to experiment this weekend. (Great deal at Amazon on this product, folks.)

    Safe travels and have a blast this weekend celebrating at Melissa’s wedding!

  11. Ooh, love the colors in that squash/curry dish.

    Have a wonderful time at Melissa’s wedding!

  12. This recipe looks fabulous Gena!:) I love how bright and colorful squash makes recipes:)

  13. Oh yum. I always thought red curry paste would be too spicy, but in fact it isn’t! This looks like a wonderful combination, Gena. 🙂

  14. Have fun at the wedding!! I’m one of those that sort of lives for gatherings & big events & look forward to them for weeks. Hope you have a great weekend Gena.

    (also, this looks like the perfect kinda food I’ve been craving lately–warm, savory, & very filling.)

  15. Love kabocha! But recently, I’ve been addicted to yaki imo (Japanese sweet potato). Saratoga Springs is where my alma mater is! Go Skidmore! 🙂 Have fun and enjoy the fall foliage.

    • It’s parents’ visiting weekend at Skidmore! The whole town is abuzz. I’ll wave to it for you.

      Also a Japanese yam addict 🙂