Menu Plan Monday: Broccoli Soup, Masala Lentils, Sweet Potato Hummus, and More


Happy Monday! I wish everyone a smooth start to a new week.

It feels nice to be starting this day with my feet planted firmly on the ground and a fridge full of nutritious, batch cooked foods. Last week was a little haphazard when it came to meals, thanks to a long weekend of travel, and it definitely showed me how much organization and planning will be vital to me as I continue to navigate the combination of work and grad school! Here’s what’s on the agenda this week.

Menu Plan Monday


•Black beans
•Quinoa (preparing a big batch for my soup tonight, and saving the leftovers for my lunch bowls)
•Sweet potato hummus
5-ingredient red curry coconut sauce



•A creamy broccoli soup with quinoa (so good that it’ll be shared on the blog tomorrow!)
•Masala lentils (to be shared as part of a special giveaway later this week…)
Curried cauliflower soup

Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup | The Full Helping

The Plan:

Sunday/Monday: Creamy, cheesy broccoli soup with quinoa | Toast | Salad

Tuesday: Masala lentils over brown rice | Steamed broccoli with 5-ingredient red curry coconut sauce

Wednesday (evening class, on campus): Masala lentil leftovers | Small side salad with sweet potato hummus

Thursday (evening class, on campus): Packed bowl meal dinner with black beans, quinoa, broccoli, sweet potato hummus, greens, and red curry coconut sauce

Friday: Creamy curried cauliflower soupGrape, avocado, and baby kale salad with quinoa (a favorite of mine!)

Saturday: Soup + salad leftovers


And that’s that! I’m looking forward to diving into a new week of tasty and nourishing vegan food. Don’t miss the broccoli soup tomorrow — it’s a keeper.


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  1. Dang – when I read the title I got all excited about making that broccoli soup for dinner tonight but you aren’t posting it until tomorrow lol. I may have to try my own version tonight 🙂

  2. Wow! Love the new name. Guess I haven’t been by in awhile! 🙂 That cauliflower soup looks amazing. And sweet potato hummus! Yes, please.