Menu Plan Monday: Enchiladas, Spaghetti and Bean Balls, Butternut Squash and Tahini Puree, and More


Happy Monday, everyone!

After all of the holiday cooking and commotion, it feels nice to be settling into routine again this week and doing some simple home cooking. As of Wednesday, I’ll be only two weeks away from the end of my semester, which is both hard to believe and also a relief! My goal right now is to focus on finals and on work without letting the whole holiday season slip past me. We’ll see how it goes.

This week is a mixture of home cooked meals and a few ideas from some of my favorite vegan cookbook authors, including Dreena Burton and Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I’m working on a few ideas for sweets and edible gifts right now (all of which will find their way to the blog), so when it comes to dinner, I’m craving simplicity and seasonal favorites.


One simple recipe that I’m bringing out of hibernation this week is my butternut squash and tahini puree. Only four ingredients, but my goodness, it’s good. I use it as a sort of all-purpose topping, scooping it onto lunch bowls, using it on toast, or using it as a dip or a dressing.

I’ve also got some rutabaga–one of my favorite root veggies–at home, and I’m very excited to try Isa’s gingery coconut stew with brussels & rutabaga.


Here’s what’s on the menu.

Batch cooking staples:

●Pot of mixed ancient grains (quinoa, millet, and amaranth–I used the same blend in this recipe)
Butternut squash and tahini puree
●Pot of cooked chickpeas
Savory sunflower seed dressing with herbs


Ginger pear muesli with creamy cashew milk (so good, I had to make it for the second week in a row)
●Easy homemade enchiladas (a bean and rice filling with the addition of Beyond Chicken, which I whipped up yesterday for a Sunday supper–really tasty, and I may need to blog the recipe when I make it again!)
●Dreena Burton’s mellow lentil “sniffle” soup 
Spaghetti and white bean balls
●Isa’s gingery coconut stew with brussels and rutabaga


Here’s the dinner menu plan:

Sunday / Monday: Black bean, rice, and Beyond Chicken enchiladas | Salad with savory sunflower seed dressing with herbs

Tuesday: Dreena Burton’s mellow lentil “sniffle” soup | Toast | Steamed broccoli with butternut squash and tahini puree

Wednesday (dinner on campus): Leftover mellow lentil sniffle soup | Toast with butternut squash and tahini puree

Thursday: Isa’s gingery coconut stew with brussels and rutabaga | Brown rice | Green salad with simple vinaigrette

Friday: Leftover gingery coconut stew with brussels and rutabaga | Brown rice | Steamed greens with  butternut squash and tahini puree

Saturday: Spaghetti and white bean balls | Green salad with simple vinaigrette


All things considered, I’m excited for this week’s eats!

Tomorrow on the blog, I’m sharing a recipe that’s perfect for holiday gatherings–a dip that can be turned into toast or crostini. I first prepared it for nutrition clients as part of a cooking lesson, and they loved it, so I’m hoping you’ll love it, too. Tune in for the recipe!


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