Menu Plan Monday: Spring Soba Salad, Red Curry Rice Noodle Bowls, Broccoli Stem Stir Fry and More


Quick and easy are the name of the game this week and next, as I settle into the home stretch of this busy semester. This week’s vegan menu plan is all about convenience and sticking to tried and true options–at least one of which is a recent favorite!

Quick & Easy Red Curry Rice Noodle Bowls | The Full Helping

Yep, I enjoyed these red curry rice noodle bowls so much last week (and was so happy with how easily they come together) that I’ve got them on the agenda again this week. I’ve also got another noodle bowl that I haven’t had for a while: my spring soba noodle salad with fava beans (a Food52 recipe), except I’ll probably do frozen edamame in place of the favas to save time and dollars.

Other than that, my broccoli stem and brown rice stir fry will make an appearance (probably with some chickpeas or tofu for a little extra protein), and I’ll be making good use of the freezer, too.

Menu Plan Monday | The Full Helping

Here’s the plan:


White beans
Brown rice
Lemon tahini dressing


Quick and easy red curry rice noodle bowls
Spring soba noodle salad
Simple brown rice and broccoli stem stir fry
Curried chickpeas and spinach


The Plan

Sunday/Monday: Split pea soup leftovers | Toast | Broccoli salad with lemon tahini dressing
Tuesday: Easy curried chickpeas with spinach and brown rice
Wednesday: Simple brown rice and broccoli stem stir fry (with chickpeas or tofu) | Butternut squash and five spice soup (from the freezer)
Thursday: Spring soba noodle salad | Butternut squash and five spice soup
Friday: Curried chickpea and spinach leftovers | Brown rice
Saturday: Red curry and rice noodle bowls with vegetables

I’m excited to have good eats on the agenda, and I’m even more excited that most of these are 20-30 minute meals. More of those to come in the next month or two.

For now, I wish everyone a good start to a new week!


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    • I will be, Laura! I’ve been taking a break because the end of the semester was so busy. Hope to have them back in full swing soon 🙂