Menu Plan Monday: Vegan Kale Colcannon, Pinto Bean Skillet, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, and More


Good morning, everyone! I want to thank you all for the overwhelmingly generous response to my call for recipe testers for my next cookbook. I was really touched by how many of you wanted to join in, and reading the emails I got was a really nice way of getting to know more of the folks who read this blog. I’m sorry I can’t take more–but rest assured that I’ll be keeping everyone posted on the process and how it’s going!

And now, back to a normal week of eats. I’m technically on spring break this coming week, though the truth is that the week will be mostly devoted to catching up on blogging, client meal plans, getting organized for the recipe testing, and some freelance work. Still, it will be a treat to have some time off from class, and it’ll be especially nice to have evenings at home with Steven.

Vegan Kale Colcannon | The Full Helping

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, one of the recipes I dusted off over the weekend was my vegan kale colcannon. I love–love, love, love–this recipe, and it’s such a shame that I don’t make it more often! Comfort food at its very best. From now on I need to not wait until March to make it, as it’s perfect for the whole winter season.

Slow Cooker Black Bean, Butternut Squash & Quinoa Chili | The Full Helping

Another great meal for the week ahead is my slow cooker black bean, butternut squash, and quinoa chili, which will come straight from my freezer. My last batch gave us enough for a couple freezer portions, and those will come in handy tomorrow night, as I have clients until late.


Finally, I’m so excited to make my pinto bean skillet bake with spicy sunflower oat topping again. The recipe is delicious (I’ve been seeing lots of love for it on Instagram lately, which makes me so glad), and what I love about making it is the versatility. I can serve it for dinner one night, wrapped in tortillas for lunch or breakfast tostadas, or as part of a simple lunch bowl.

Here’s the whole plan.

Menu Plan Monday


●Tandoori chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes (new recipe, which I’ll share tomorrow!)
Vegan kale colcannon
Pinto bean skillet with spicy sunflower oat topping
Slow cooker black bean, butternut squash, and quinoa chili


●Brown basmati rice
Sweet pea hummus

The Dinner Plan

Sunday: Tandoori chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes | Simple Salad
MondaySlow cooker black bean, butternut squash, and quinoa chili | Wilted collard greens | Brown rice
TuesdayVegan kale colcannon | Lentil, golden beet, and baby spinach salad
WednesdayPinto bean skillet with spicy sunflower oat topping | Wilted collard greens | Brown rice
Thursday: Leftover vegan kale colcannon | Amy’s split pea soup (from the pantry) | Simple green salad
Friday: Leftover pinto bean skillet | Toast | Broccoli with tahini drizzle
Saturday: Soup and salad TBD


And that’s it. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, as those tandoori stuffed sweet potatoes are to die for, and I’m sharing the recipe with you all. For now, have a wonderful start to the week!


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