New Vegan Cuts Snack Box (and Vegan Chic Bonus)


Happy Friday! As the weekend approaches, I’m grateful for all the love you showed my first raw, berry cheesecake–thanks for that. Hope you’ll give it a try.

Before I head into the weekend, I wanted to give a shout to the latest Vegan Cuts snackbox I was sent to review. You can read the review of my first Vegan Cuts snack box here–a delightful assortment of treats and snacks designed to give you a sampling of what’s new and groovy in the vegan food world.

My latest snack bar featured a lot of savory snacks, which was super exciting, since I’m a savory/salty snack fiend. I got black bean and rice chips from Beanfields:


Scrumptious tomato chips from Snapz snacks:


Sweet cinnamon dusted chickpeas from The Good Bean (heaven!):


As well as a cookie, an Earnest Sewn snack bar, a lip balm, and some Ultima Replenisher (which I used to buy a lot at Down Dog yoga here in D.C.).


I loved all of these tasty products. And, as with most experiences sampling a commercial snack, the wheels started turning about how I could create something similar at home. (So, I think sweet roasted chickpeas and tomato chips may be in my future.)

If you’re interested in getting a Vegan Cuts snack box subscription, here are the details:

  • $19.95 monthly
  • Free shipping to the U.S.
  • 7-10 products
  • Mostly gluten-free
  • Cancel anytime

As a bonus, new subscribers get a $15.00 gift certificate to Vegan Chic, the uber-hip online boutique.

To explore becoming a Vegan Cuts snack box subscriber, read all about it here!

On that note, I’m off. Excited to share a new, raw cracker recipe with you on Sunday, and then this delicious carob chia pudding with you next week:


It was today’s breakfast, and it was terrific. Happy weekend, all.



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  1. I think this is such a cool idea, especially for students or anyone who is new to the vegan scene. Or anyone who spends too much time at Whole Foods looking at all the new vegan products 🙂 not that I do that or anything…

  2. I’m excited for the carob chia pudding recipe! I’m in love with chia pudding. I’ve been hit or miss with carob in the past, but it usually had to do not with the flavor (which I love) but with the consistency of the chips. Some are kind of gummy in a weird way. But I’m guessing you use the powder form for your pudding, so I’m sure I’ll be pinning the recipe as soon as you post it! 🙂

  3. One of these days I will treat myself to a vegan cuts box; it reminds me of those ‘grab bags’ you used to be able to get at jewellery store. They filled those things with random lip glosses and hair accessories. I used to love choosing the one I wanted by feeling it and guessing what was inside!

  4. I love getting little boxes like that in the mail – I get a birchbox beauty one but would LOVE a foodie one! I’ll have to see if they ship to the UK!

    That chia pudding is serious food porn! I had the matcha one this morning – so good! Kind of creamy too I thought? Loved it!