Ode to my Tribest(ie)

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Thanks, everyone, for the sweet and supportive commentary you gave Hannah yesterday. From dining hall tips to appliance recommendations, I thought that you all had wonderful advice to share about college dining, and I hope that young CR readers found it useful!

So, speaking of kitchen appliances that would work nicely in a dorm setting: let’s talk about my Tribest blender. It’s October, right? Season of root veggies, stews, and roasted stuff. Normally, this is the time of year when my beloved morning oatmeal re-enters my breakfast rotation. Not this autumn. For some reason, though, all I want in the morning lately are smoothies. Weird and unseasonal, yes, but hardly the first time my cravings are out of step with the weather!

The thing is, I don’t have an appetite for breakfast till after my morning gym jaunt, and the thought of carrying a premade smoothie to work with me and letting it sit for my subway commute is beyond foul to me. This would be a recipe for over-expenditure at Jamba Juice, except for the lifesaving awesomeness that is my Tribest blender. I’ve blogged about this little contraption before, but I really can’t tell you how easy it’s making my work life lately – especially since I’m busier nowadays than usual. With my Tribest tucked away under my desk, I can make smoothies in an instant, as well as some of my favorite raw soups for lunch (like my carrot and avocado bisque). It’s a lifesaver, and I’m starting to think that anyone who works long hours or travels on the reg ought to own one. Just check out the stuff I’ve made for breakfast this week.

Exhibit A: Banana, carob, hemp protein, and almond milk:

IMG_3541 (333x500)

IMG_3542 (500x333) 

Exhibit B: Yet another b-nut squash smoothie (to die for):

IMG_3549 (500x333)

IMG_3548 (333x500)

And today, when I found a box of fresh raspberries at the farmer’s market (raspberries in October?? Too good to be true!), a banana, raspberry, almond milk smoothie, made with a Vega smoothie infusion:

IMG_3556 (500x333)

IMG_3558 (500x333)

If you’re wondering how easy it is, just observe: you fill the container up with almond milk, banana, ice, etc:

IMG_3552 (333x500)

IMG_3557 (500x333)

And then you use the bottom dock to blend it up. It’s a bit noisy, but thankfully, my coworkers are tolerant. And for a breakfast like this:

IMG_3561 (500x333)

…in a matter of moments—and at the office, no less—a little grinding noise is worth it.

If you spend any amount of time behind a desk, or if you’re a college kid, a traveler, or basically anyone who doesn’t have 24/7 access to a VitaMix, you should seriously consider checking the Tribest out. It makes healthy living on the go as easy as a twist of the wrist. And if it’s added incentive, the little guys come with fresh glass jars from which to sip—though I’m usually too hungry to transfer my smoothie 🙂

Back tomorrow with a restaurant review. Happy weekend!


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  1. I find setting the Tribest on top of a folded kitchen towel or a hot pad whilst you blend cuts down on the noise a lot

  2. Cute post and I would make use of one on long visits to my inlaws who have no blender! Hmmm, or even long cruises. But something I will invest in on my next long trip and hope it doesn’t put my suite case over the weight limit. 🙂

  3. Love it– how convenient and awesome are those Tribest blenders! I, too, quite often crave smoothies, whether it be early morning, afternoon or even late at night. There’s nothing like a pumpkin smoothie to start the morning….

    And those glass straws–mmm, I’m thinking I must get one. Do you know where they’d be sold other than online?

  4. Hey Gena, that’s funny. Though I usually try to pay attention to the seasons, and eat a bit according to ayurveda (like warm things, grains, squashes and such in the fall) all I want lately is my green tropical smoothie every morning! I blend a green juice with avocado, frozen pineapple, frozen banana and ice cubes. Yummy, but not very seasonal!

  5. We are like opposites right now, Twinnie! All I want is oatmeal, when usually I’ll have a smoothie year round for breakfast! Pregnancy is screwing me up!! LOL! These look great though, I’ll have to bookmark your ideas!

  6. Hi Gena. Do you think 30 g of protein powder is okay all that once? Also, what order do you put it in?
    I have an old blender and a newer one I bought that was 20 dollars. It is a cup that you fill up. Seal it and tip it upside down to put on the blender portion and then blend. But since I have to turn it upside down to lodge it on the blender blades and swirl, I’m wondering what is the best order to place things in.

    What time do you go to the gym in the morning. Do you have a usual breakfast time?

  7. Was wondering what hemp protein you use/prefer? I’ve been trying to find one that doesn’t taste too grassy. Thanks!

  8. Ooo I love my Tribest too. I rem making a grapefruit + sunflower sprouts in it without water and it ground everything up really well.

    I make hemp milk using it too and then dump in chia seeds, blueberries and raw cereal — chia pudding on the go! I don’t strain the hemp milk because I don’t mind the pulp. It is really fine in texture too so I this hemp milk with banana, strawberries and hemp powder.

    In fact, I’m packing my Tribest as we speak for a weekend getaway for a half marathon. Great for pre-and-post run smoothies!

  9. id love to hear how you switch around your breakfasts in the cold. What oat meal do you use? Also i have heard its not good to mix fruit with anything other then veggies and more fruit. How is it for you having hemp protein powder and other powders in your smoothie? Do you feel anything in your digestion from it?

  10. Since you don’t do green smoothies, tribest works fine. It is not that great for any green other than spinach. Not that any blender really is other than a vita or blendtec (who is my bestie). Also it burned out on me after using it a few times a day for just a month. Boo.

    I often bring smoothie jars with me and just put them in an insulated lunch bag with a cold pack. If you use frozen fruit and add some ice it will still be cold, sometimes after hours and hours.

  11. This sounds like the perfect answer to my problem when I leave for LA for a few months without my blender! Looks like it makes some pretty delicious smoothies! And you of course…

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