Raw Cashew Banana Yogurt
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Raw Cashew Banana Yogurt | The Full Helping

This raw cashew banana yogurt is one of the recipes I’m most proud of from my cookbook. It’s tart, sweet, and satisfying, and it’s the sort of recipe that’s so easy and sensible that, after you prepare it, you’ll wonder why the idea never occurred to you before. I’ve had many vegan yogurt experiments, most of them involving coconut (one with young Thai coconut, which you can find here, and another with coconut cream, which you can find here). I like them both, but I will admit that this is my favorite homemade vegan yogurt recipe. I was delighted when it came together for the book, and I’m delighted to share it with you all now.

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Raw Cashew Banana Yogurt from Choosing Raw

Author - Gena Hamshaw


  • 1 cup cashews soaked for 2 hours or more, then drained
  • 2 large bananas
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2/3 cup coconut water 1/2 cup if you’re using a food processor
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon probiotic powder optional; you can simply open up a few probiotic capsules for this!


  • Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth. Alternatively, place all the ingredients, except the coconut water, in a food processor and pulse a few times to combine. Turn the motor on and drizzle in the coconut water in a thin stream. Keep processing until the mixture is very smooth. Stored in an airtight container in the fridge, the yogurt will keep for 2 days. From Choosing Raw by Gena Hamshaw. Reprinted with permission from Da Capo Lifelong, © 2014.

The yogurt is great plain, but I also love it with some raw granola (especially my raw cocoa crunch granola or my beet and hemp granola) or some fresh berries. Amanda, who recently reviewed the book, featured the recipe, and her husband took some incredible images. I can’t help sharing them!

MG_6690_590px MG_6686_590px

Beautiful work, Amanda and Aaron!

So, hey. It occurs to me that the book has now officially been published for three weeks. And I have yet to offer my readers–the folks whom I wrote this book for–a couple of free copies. Clearly, this must be fixed. There would be no book without this blog and the folks who have kindly, critically, and intelligently supported and engaged with it for so long.

Tonight, I’m running a giveaway for five copies of Choosing Raw, the book. I hope that the book finds its way into hands of readers who will enjoy it, and feel inspired by the images and information inside. The giveaway will run until August 4–two weeks from today. Enter below!

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As I’ve said before, the real joy of this book wasn’t in recipe development (though I did love that). It was in sharing nutrition information, responding to some common myths and misconceptions about vegan and raw diets, and in formulating 21 days of wholesome, flavorful, and accessible meal plans, all of which will give you a sense of how to seamlessly integrate raw and cooked vegan fare. I hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good luck!

And see you tomorrow.


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Categories: Recipes, Breakfast, Side Dishes, Vegan Basics
Method: Blender
Ingredients: Cashew Nuts
Dietary Preferences: Gluten Free, No Oil, Raw, Soy Free, Vegan
Recipe Features: 30 Minute or Less, Quick & Easy

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  1. Have made it twice, the first time with 1tbspoon of organic cacao powder. Yum.

    Love your book, well done

  2. Gena, this “yogurt” is absolutely delicious! I’ve elimited dairy from my diet due to digestive issues I was experiencing, and it is so nice to have a tasty alternative to the conventional yogurt. I have literally been eating this for 3 weeks. I guess I should mix it up and get in some different nutrients with some of your other recipes. I am sure they are just as delicious. Thanks again.ale

  3. Hmm, I didn’t love this recipe. It was too heavy. Maybe I didn’t add enough coconut water or lemon juice? I used children’s probiotics so I could share with my kids. My 8-month-old twins loved it!

    • It’s definitely a rich recipe! I’d thin it with more coconut water next time.

  4. I have never made avocado chocolate pudding even though I have seen the recipe in several places. I love avocado but I can’t imagine using it in a dessert.

  5. This yogurt looks fabulous! I always wanted to try making a raw chocolate tart! (Raw pastry seems so intimidating to me but I’d love to accomplish something like that)

  6. Cashew cream cheese made with nutritional yeast….never tried it despite the fact that I had to go dairy free. I think this banana yogurt recipe will help me get one step closer to it as I love bananas.

  7. Ooh, this looks great! I guess I’d never even thought about making my own vegan yogurt and it didn’t occur to me that it could be that easy.

    I’ve also never made zucchini noodles and I think I need to just do it some time soon. It seems so easy and yummy!

  8. Hummm fantastic recipe! I love adding half avocado to make it sweeter and smoother!

  9. I really can’t wait to see what is in the book….I just started incorporating raw food recipes into my diet and also veganism due to extreme digestive disorders so this is really exciting.

  10. Your book looks absolutely amazing and if I don’t win a copy in this giveaway, I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy! You must be ecstatic at the positive response and although I don’t know you, I am SO glad for you!

  11. I’ve only tried Larabars and a raw ginger-Asian slaw. I have a terrible digestive system, but I want to delve deeper and try to train my stomach to handle raw foods as pure food works best for my body!

  12. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVE A BOOK!!!! Oh my goodness, a friend of mine recommended your site to me in college and it changed my life. Seriously. My eating habits changed, my body changed, my awareness of food changed. Everything for the better. I’m not a raw foodist or a vegan but I definitely make sure my plate is full of nutritional goodness and so much of that came from your blog and your knowledge and I can’t thank you enough. This is so exciting!! A BOOK!! Congratulations!!!

  13. I was always intimidated to try zoodles. I recently gave them a shot after I found a julienne peeler at a yard sale for 10 cents. They are just as amazing as I hoped they would be.

  14. I’ve never made cashew cream and this yogurt sounds delicious and simple! I’ve always wanted to make some kind of raw chocolate cake too!

  15. Just starting raw and vegan explorations and am so excited to try the hemp heart tabbouleh!

  16. Definitely going home tonight to try out this cashew banana yogurt. It’ll go great with my fresh market blueberries and raspberries!

  17. I can’t wait to try this! I always miss fruit and yogurt parfaits but can’t tolerate the soy yogurts and dislike plant based yogurts at the store….Thanks!

  18. Very nice! I have never made cashew yogurt before but this is really worth trying.

  19. I would love to try making nut cheese. I have purchased it, but it is very expensive. I used it to make a Strawberry “Ricotta” Pie. The recipe was from the Health Starts Here program at Whole Foods. It was excellent.

  20. This looks fantastic. I’ve been trying to find a good vegan yogurt recipe – this may be it!

  21. I would really love to try and make your cherry crumble recipe that you just posted with the date topping! I’ve also never made cashew cream and it sounds delicious!!

  22. This sounds and looks delicious, and with a great consistency. I’ve attempted to make yogurt from a young coconut but the consistency has (yet!) not come out just right. Excited to try this new recipe. Thank you Gena for sharing your brilliant creativeness!!

    • Of course! I have tried many raw yogurts in my day, and this one is by far the easiest.

  23. What a cool idea…and I love that you can get a healthy dose of probiotics in this, too!

  24. I would love to try and make this yogurt. I have made a few raw puddings and cheeses but never a yogurt. Thanks for the recipe!

  25. This looks amazing and so so creamy! I can’t wait to try this! You are seriously the best Gena.

  26. I’ve just started getting into raw cooking so there is a lot for me to learn, but I think raw desserts are intriguing, and I also want to learn more everyday meals that are raw and satisfying!

  27. I love your website and I cannot wait to get a copy of the book! All the recipes sound delicious!!

  28. Hi Gena,
    catching up with all your posts cos I’ve been travelling for a month! I’ve really missed my Vitamix so I totally plan on whipping this up VERY soon. I’ve heard wonderful things about your book and have been excited about it for a long time. I’m definitely buying myself a copy but would love to win one for my mum.
    Sending love hx

  29. I’d love to make nut meat for tacos! I need to invest in a decent food processor.

  30. The pudding looks delicious, I have tried many things with cashews, but I never making homemade pudding.

  31. I never would have thought to blend up cashews into yogurt. This is definitely something I’ve got to try. I do have some brazil nuts that need to be used so I might try replacing the cashews with those for one batch.

  32. Looking forward to trying more of your amazing recipes!
    One thing I have not yet tried, and would love to, is raw nut cheeses an sour cream. They look so doable, but I’ve never taken the time to try them!

  33. This sounds very interesting. I had to read the recipe like 5 times to figure out what was going on. It’s one of those i’ll just have to do it things. I’ve added the items to my shopping list for next week already.

  34. Mmmm this sounds like a perfect breakfast on a hot, summer morning.
    I haven’t tried probiotic powder yet, but am curious.

  35. I cannot wait to make this! I use cashews for everything but I’ve never made yogurt. I always got freaked out by anything requiring fermenting or sitting out, so this recipe sounds easy and perfect. Thanks!

  36. My fb is Celina T! (I spelt it wrong when i entered it above)

    I would love to try to make a raw coconut yogurt! I have mastered the zucchini noodles and lettuce tacos but have yet to tackle more complex raw recipes! i know your book will inspire me 🙂

  37. I’ve used cashew cream for everything from chia pudding to salad dressing but I’ve never tried yogurt. Sounds great!