Refreshing Ginger Citrus Sipper
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ginger citrus sipper

Hi friends! I’m so very sorry to have been MIA. As you may have seen via Facebook, my wallet and computer were stolen last week. I am so grateful for how kind and generous everyone has been to me since it happened—what a flood of love and concern! It’s an upsetting experience, to be sure, but I was not hurt; it happened when I left my bag unattended for a brief moment. In a lot of ways, it has been a really good life lesson. From now on, I’ll be far more conscious of my belongings, as I should have been in the first place, and it goes without saying that I’ll be better about backing my documents up as well. I’ve also learned a lot about the safety precautions one should take when one’s property has been violated in any way, thanks to generous CR readers who have shared their knowledge with me (Debbie, this means you!). I may be a little sporadic for the next week, but I’m going to do my best to keep blogging as usual.

I had a lot of recipes planned for you this week, but the photos are now gone, so I’m going to just start from scratch with stuff I’m making now. The following smoothie—juice? whole foods juice?—is something I made on Saturday, as I was cheering myself up. I always think of citrus fruits as being incredibly “sunny,” and sun was what I needed. I love the combination of citrus and ginger (I often use both in salad dressings, and recently I combined them in a rice pudding recipe for Food52!).

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Because I made this recipe in my Vitamix, I used a whole orange and half of a whole grapefruit without bothering to deal with pith and seeds (and it was fine). If you use a regular blender, I’d recommend removing the pith and seeds of the fruit first, so that you don’t end up with them in your drink. Otherwise, this is a super easy drink to make: you just blend whole fruit with about an inch of fresh ginger and some ice. It’s a perfectly pick-me-up for increasingly warm weather. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is soothing to the digestive system, so I also think this is a great drink for stressful times, or even as a cool down drink after an intense yoga class!


  • 1 navel orange peeled and cut in half (if using a conventional blender, remove seeds and some of the pith)
  • 1/2 large grapefruit peeled (if using a conventional blender, remove seeds and some of the pith)
  • 1 inch knob ginger peeled and cut into a few pieces
  • 1/2 cup coconut water or you could use regular water, or even a juice of your choosing
  • Few ice cubes


  • Blend all ingredients together till smooth. Sip and savor!

Bottom’s up!

PicMonkey Collage 3

And with that, I’m off—thanks again for bearing with me right now! This week, I’ll be sharing my favorite new use for tamarind (which I recently featured along with a delicious bowl of veggie ribbons), among other treats.


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  1. Gena,

    I am sorry to hear about your computer and wallet, but glad you are okay. Thanks for the recipe, this is just want I needed.


  2. You think I could make this in my juicer ( I have a breville) with out amending anything ? (Obviously adding the coconut water after). Im always looking for new juices I can make with grapefruit !!

    • I think it would work, but you night need a little more fruit to get the right yield. And yes, add coconut water at the end 🙂

  3. Yikes, so sorry about the theft, still not a fun lesson! But this looks wonderful and perfect timing with citrus being so in season, thanks!

  4. I’m so out of the loop – G, I’M SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED! Ugh, that’s terrible. At least you’re ok, though, and you appear to have a remarkably good attitude about it. Damn, I would be pretty jerky about the whole situation.

    Look for a cheer-you-up treat in the mail tomorrow or the next day:) Hang in there!

  5. So glad I found your site. AMAZING info for a someone wanting to go raw. I’m in the middle of a 30 day Juice Fast, but am going to take these ingredients and juice them (except the coconut water) tonight for tomorrow’s breakfast. I have a fresh young coconut I’ve been needing to crack open so this will be perfect to pour into my juice. I bet it is wonderful. Thanks!

  6. This drink looks so refreshing! I love citrus fruits paired with ginger. I am so sorry about what you had to go through…ahh what a crazy world we live in. I hope this week only continues to get better for you!

  7. Yummy! I’m in love with ginger lately! I am actually posting a gingeraide recipe tomorrow. Its nice to know that I can throw ginger straight into my drinks made from my Vitamix… So much easier than pealing zesting and juicing!

  8. This was so refreshing made me feel like I was in heaven!

    P.S. Gena I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Can you put your recipes on Pinterest so we can Pin them?! Please & thank you!

  10. I have been trying to start drinking more healthy drinks. I was thinking of buying a Vitamix blender but I wasn’t sure if they were as good as the commercial says they are. If you didn’t have to seed the oranges, then I think the Vitamix blenders might be a good investment.

    • The vitamix is a beast!! I’ve put in lime with the peel on and you’d never know. It will also blend up apple seeds, whole vanilla beans — and, I haven’t tried this, but supposedly it can even blend and avocado pit.

  11. Im really sorry for your losses 🙁 my goodness, i forgot how careful one must be in taking care of one’s stuff. I leave my stuff out all the time… Gotta be careful now…
    But I admire your determination to continue strong and keep blogging 🙂 good luck Gena!

  12. Oh no…so sorry to hear re. your personal crisis. As always, your ‘silver lining’ attitude and good sense is serving you well.

    I am a bit of a ginger fanatic – ginger tea every day, ginger in any fresh juice I might concoct, etc. Ginger manages to be both soothing and energizing at the same time. Love it!

    Take care, and breathe often and deeply…


  13. What a wonderful recipe!! Have never thought about adding ginger. Have to give it a try!!

  14. I am glad I have come across this recipe. Ginger is on of my favourite foods, plus it is such a lifesaver in those first 3 months of pregnancy. I will be keeping this on hand for when I am pregnant with baby no: 2!

  15. So sorry to hear about your losses. That is no fun at all! Make sure you take some time to do a headstand or two, I find that always helps me feel better. This drink looks awesome! Sending all my love your way.

  16. I LOVE ginger these days, and this looks delicious. I’m dying for a vitamix too…

  17. Oh no! I didn’t know about the troubles but I’m glad you’re safe. It’s still a huge, horrible hassle, though. Yuck.
    The juice sounds delicious. Glad you’re able to move on from the frustrations.

  18. I’ve been eating a lot of oranges and grapefruits lately. They definitely do have that “sunny” quality about them! And, I’m so sorry to hear about the theft (so not cool) but also glad that you weren’t hurt. Take care and can’t wait to see this new use for tamarind that you speak of!

  19. this is like a healthy grown up version of an orange julius but with a little kick! i dig it! i am so sorry to hear about your stolen goods 🙁 i have a feeling something really great is about to happen for you. chin up girl 🙂

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