Snapshots from Home, Yoga with Theodora, and Lunch at Dig Inn

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As I mentioned in my last post, I’m home in New York for a few days, resting up after a academic marathon down in D.C. It has been wonderful to catch up on sleep and spend some quality time enjoying the sights, sounds, and the food here, along with some quality time with my Mom, who happens to be on spring break from teaching herself. I always come back to New York anticipating that I’ll be out and about nonstop, but often the thing I want most of all is to lounge on my mom’s sofa and snap pictures of Central Park with my iPhone. Which is just about exactly what I’ve been doing. Here are a couple of snapshots from the last two days.

photo 1

photo 2

(I’m never more at home than when a subway is whizzing behind me!)

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My old office used to be a block from where this last photo was taken. Union Square is a landmark to all New Yorkers, but for me, it’s so evocative of a certain time in my life—my early twenties, which were characteristically tumultuous and exciting and confusing. I’ve been more than a little nostalgic for the publishing world lately.

One of the first things I did when I got home was to email Theodora and ask if she’d like to take a class at Laughing Lotus together. I actually met Theodora a few weeks ago in DC, where she ran a half marathon with my girl Anne. These two warrior women ran 13.1 miles and then suggested I join them for a power yoga class the following morning. A Sunday morning class at The Studio DC (my latest local yoga infatuation—reasonable student rates, sunny vibe, and super super sweaty classes) is workout quite enough for this girl, no racing included. I was very impressed with how ably Anne and Theodora made it through the class only a day after their race, and our instructor gave them a shout out for their effort, too!

After class, we hit up SweetGreen for a bite. I got a standard: romaine, kale, lentils, assorted veggies, avocado and almonds, extra lemon, tahini dressing. Yum.

photo 1 (3)

And Anne caught me in the middle of snapping my photo. You know you’re a blogger when…!


It was such a nice study break and meal. Theodora is smart, sassy, and hilarious. I can’t believe this was our first time meeting!

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We vowed to meet up for a class at Laughing Lotus on my next NYC visit. “The Lotus” happens to have been my first NYC yoga studio—it’s where I learned, with some difficulty and resistance, to love yoga. Hard to believe that yoga is now the form of movement that gives me more joy than any other. I’m so glad that Theodora is now starting to love yoga too (it has also been a process for her—she just wrote a post about it here), and at the same studio where I went through a yoga transformation, no less!

photo 4

It was a great class. Mary Dana, one of the studio co-owners, was teaching, which is always a treat. The only bummer is that the student drop in rate is now a thing of the past, so the class was much more pricey than I expected it to be! I may need to stick to Yoga to the People (a perfect studio, all donation based, for all yogis on a budget) for all future NYC visits, but the community and spirit at LL definitely make it a worthwhile splurge now and then.

After lunch Theodora and I visited Dig Inn Market, formerly “The Pump” (which I wrote about ages ago) for a bite. Dig Inn has become even more focused on seasonal fare and on vegetables, which I love! The “market plate” consists of a base (greens or grains), a protein (flesh or tofu) and veggies, including legumes. I went for spinach as a base, tofu as a protein (of course) and carrots, lentils, and lots of kale. Plus a “serious green” juice with green veggies, lemon, and ginger. It was all extremely delicious!

photo (2)

And here’s the lovely Theodora, photo bombing!

photo 5

Dig Inn is a great option for seasonal fare that is both vegan and omni-accommodating, and I look forward to trying the summer menu when it’s available. Thanks, Theodora, for a fun afternoon!

And that, for today, is all I’ve got. I hope you’re enjoying good weeks, and will see you back here tomorrow.


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    • Ha! Oh, that poor, poor axis. I’m hoping a week of sleep, chocolate, and Girls reruns has at least started to mend it 🙂

  1. What a great trip home! Well deserved. Hope you are rested! I’m excited for Sweet Green to come to NYC. My sister and I had a great meal there last year when we were in DC. Xo

    • I’m so happy that New York is welcoming SweetGreen…not that you didn’t have a zillion amazing options in the city already 😉

  2. man the cups of joe and dig inn shots are making me have a serious craving! coffee situation amended but i need to get my hands on some good greenage. i hate to say it but i just don’t ‘get’ the hot bar at whole foods. it just isn’t that interesting and is dry/salty most of the time! this looks perfect!

  3. I adore Union Square. It was my first real “home neighborhood” in NYC, and it will forever have a special place in my heart!

    After reading about Laughing Lotus on yours and Theodora’s (and many other) blogs, I really want to get over there for a class. Right now I’m really loving Strala Yoga, which is much easier for me to get to regularly. I hear Laughing Lotus has a similar vibe 😉

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation and couch time with Mom!

    • I like Strala a lot, too, Rachel! But LL has a certain kind of warm and exuberance that I just love. Hope you enjoy it…let me know how it goes!

  4. So glad you’re enjoying a much deserved respite from the academic grind. You just beam joy when writing from and about your true home base, NYC. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy my friend (and warrior in her own right!) xo

  5. I have this mental picture of you taking Central Park pics from a reclining position on your mom’s couch:) I love Union Square!

  6. I’m going to New York this summer, and I hope to go to some of the places you blog about. Alas, there are not many vegan dining options where I live, but that’s not a problem for me since I love to cook! I may ask you for the lowdown when the time comes, though! 🙂

  7. I really wish we’d known each other when you lived here, but I’m glad we do now, and next time you are here, I am bringing you back to take class with my favorite instructor. I had so much fun with you!

  8. You are so darn adorable. I hope I am not being offensive saying so – just that you have such a healthy, beauteous, happy glow. While the salads look good, they don’t hold a crouton to you. 😉

    Too fun to see you caught in the act snapping a food pic!! xo

    • Oh lord! Not offensive at all! Thanks, Dreena 🙂 That’s very flattering and sweet!!!! I’m blushing.

  9. Oh Gena, you’re making me nostalgic for SweetGreen. I’m so grateful to have met you, if only for a quick lunch! I hope school is treating you well, and that we might meet again someday 🙂