Sprout Living Epic Plant-Based Protein Giveaway, Plus Green Kingdom Avocado Banana Ice Cream
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Banana avocado ice cream // Choosing Raw

Not too long ago, the folks at Sprout Living, a company that produces high quality vegan protein powder, asked if I’d be willing to write about their Epic Proteins on Choosing Raw. Sprout Living makes a variety of proteins, including brown rice proteins, but their Epic line is made with a special blend of rice, pea, sacha inchi, and cranberry seed. The blends each feature a special “superfood” (lucuma, maca, or spirulina) and a touch of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.

I haven’t been using protein powders too often lately. This is partially because I don’t make a lot of smoothies in the winter, and partially because, as my relationship with food has evolved, I’ve taken a greater interest in focusing on whole food sources of protein, rather than powders. (Even whole-food-sourced protein powders are, in my mind, supplements.) I’ve also totally moved away from stevia, and since many of my favorite protein brands do include it, my interest in protein powders has lessened considerably. Lately, some savory baked tempeh or a hearty scoop of legumes or creamy hemp seeds in my smoothies just sound a lot more appealing when I’m looking for a protein boost.

These hearty foods and protein powders aren’t mutually exclusive, though, and I try to avoid black-and-white positions when it comes to my diet. So I certainly haven’t forsworn protein powder altogether. I just use it moderately, especially if it contains an artificial sweetener, and I look for brands that really feel different and special. Last year, I discovered NuZest, and it remains a real favorite. Next month, I’ll be sharing an unsweetened protein that serves as a perfect, stevia-free option. And today, I’m excited to introduce you to Sprout Living–and offer you a giveaway, so that you get a chance to win some product of your own.

Sproutliving 1

Sprout Living protein is the real deal. What makes it most immediately noteworthy is the taste. Let’s face it: protein powders don’t always taste great, but these formulas really do. I haven’t spoken to anyone who doesn’t love the flavor, and every time I’ve mentioned the brand on Instagram, at least several people have chimed in to tell me that they love and use it at home. Sprout Living has a pretty devoted following, and it’s not hard to see why.

For one thing, it’s rare to find protein powders that contain any amount of brown rice protein without the slightest bit of chalky flavor. Sprout Living powders aren’t chalky at all; I’ve been amazed at how smoothly they blend up into drinks without leaving me with the peculiar dry mouth I’ve had with brown rice proteins in the past. In spite of the fact that several flavors contain stevia, they’re also not overly sweet, which I appreciate very much. And for those of you who don’t care for stevia at all, the natural pumpkin seed flavor is 100% sweetener free: it’s just cold-pressed pumpkin seed powder.

Most of all, I love the creativity of these blends. It’s not just chocolate, vanilla, and plain: the company has really thought outside of the box when it comes to cool superfood flavor pairings. The vanilla flavor, for example, tastes not only like real vanilla bean, but also has hints of ginger and salt. It is truly delicious, as is the chocolate maca.

All Sprout Living products are raw, vegan, organic and kosher. They’re also free of gluten, soy, nuts and GMOs, and none contain things in quotation marks (“natural/organic” flavoring, “other ingredients,” or additives). The company is passionate and very active within the healthy living community, and the Sprout Living website features a ton of awesome recipes by bloggers and chefs who have tasted the brand and loved it. All of the recipes are vegan, too!

Banana avocado ice cream 3

Speaking of recipes, I wanted to create one that would highlight the flavor of the Green Kingdom protein.

Banana avocado ice cream // Choosing Raw

This flavor also contains ginger and a hint of salt, and it’s totally delicious. A green smoothie seemed obvious, at first. But on a morning when I wanted something a little more substantial than a smoothie, a pudding/ice cream blend sounded like a more appealing concept. I ended up creating this avocado/banana “ice cream” in my Vitamix.

Banana avocado ice cream // Choosing Raw

It’s not as thick as banana soft serve, but as you can see, it’s quite dense and holds its shape really well. It’s also a perfect vehicle for your favorite toppings. Here’s the (easy) recipe!

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Green Kingdom Avocado Banana “Ice Cream”

Author - Gena Hamshaw


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1/2 small Hass avocado
  • 3/4-1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup baby spinach or kale
  • 2 scoops 1 serving Sprout Living Green Kingdom protein powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract or powder
  • Topping options optional: Pomegranate seeds, buckwheat cereal, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, sliced fruit, nuts, seeds, or dried fruit


  • Blend all ingredients, adjusting the amount of almond milk as needed to achieve a texture that's thicker than a smoothie, but easy to blend. Serve, with toppings if desired.

 So much richness and texture here:

Banana avocado ice cream 8

Banana avocado ice cream 5

This smoothie will get your day off to a bright start, to be sure. And the “ice cream” concept will probably inform most of my smoothies this summer–I just love having something a little more substantial to savor!

I’d love for you all to have a chance to check out this cool new protein powder and try some of the flavors for yourselves. So, please enter below to win:

-A 1LB of Green Kingdom protein powder
-A sample of each of the other Sprout Living Epic Protein flavors
-A Sprout Living tote bag
-A Sprout Living shaker jar.

US and Canadian residents only. The giveaway will run for two weeks. Good luck!

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I hope you enjoy the recipe in the meantime. I’ll see you soon for weekend reading!


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  1. Im a green powder fan but like adding other flavours and textures. It worked well with this recipe. (sorry last post was suppose to be 5 star)

  2. Oh man! This recipe looks do delicious… Of the three flavors, which one would I like best? I think Chocolate Maca would probably end up being my favorite with Green Living close behind. I just can’t say no to nutritious delicious chocolate haha

  3. I’d probably like Vanilla Lucuma, because I can add other flavors to change it up.

  4. This sounds really great actually! I still like to use protein powder as I exercise a decent amount and it really helps ensure enough protein for my activity level. BUT I am not in love with any protein powders right now. I really don’t like stevia at all. I’d be curious to try these – thanks for posting about them =)

  5. Chocolate is always a great taste in the morning, especially mixed with green things and fruit.

  6. I think Chocolate Maca would be my favorite….it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate 😀

  7. Would love to try the stevie-free protein powder… that’s the main reason why I don’t use such a potent source of vegan protein usually. I can’t stand the stevia taste of most popular powders like Vega.

  8. Thank You for the giveaway… we would like to try the Epic Protein : Chocolate Maca

  9. I’d love to try this powder. I love me a green smoothie in the morning but ice cream sounds even better! Bring on summer!

  10. I’ve had such a hard time finding good vegan protein powder! all the non-vegan ones are full of cool sounding flavors and vegan is usually chocolate/vanilla and then in reality also just tastes like grit….
    Either the green or the vanilla. I like chocolate but just never crave it as much. Plus vanilla is more versatile for baking with 😉

  11. I’m ALWAYS up for chocolate but I’ve never tried lucama before. Going to have to google that! thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. I currently use hemp protein powder but find that you can only do so much because of the grittiness of it. I am definitely going to try the Sprout Living Epic Protein, fingers crossed it’s smooth as silk.

  13. I think all 3 sound interesting. And I’m always on the look out for a good ice cream recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  14. The Chocolate maca of course…anything chocolate. Some cacao nibs mixed in would be heaven.

  15. id love to try the pumpkin seed or chocolate maca! this brand sounds great thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Chocolate Maca all the way! Green living sounds exhilarating though for its pea-green color…delicioso.

  17. The flavors sounds really interesting to work with. I would love to get creative with them.

  18. I’m always looking to try new protein powders and these look great! I’m really intrigued by the pumpkin seed option.

  19. the Vanilla Lucuma sounds super interesting. I am always looking for a better tasting powder

  20. I was just looking to order some of the pumpkin seed protein! I love nuzest (Thank you gena for introducing me to it) but want to mix it up. Looks like a great brand, with no fillers or additives!

  21. The chocolate maca sounds lovely! The only protein powder I have tried is hemp powder, which generally works well but is flavorless. These sound exciting!

  22. I go through phases with my flavor preferences so for now I think the vanilla would be my favorite but all sound great!
    I am also interested in your thoughts on stevia….I was very anti when it first became popular but in the last year or so I have seen many references to it actually having health benefits (such as helping control blood glucose and blood pressure) beyond a lower calorie sweetener.

  23. Ohhh – these sound delicious – and that bowl looks yummy! I would go with vanilla lacuma likely but chocolate maca sounds great too. So many great combos to make!

  24. Probably the vanilla– I make my own “green powders,” frequently mix cocoa, maca, and maple syrup together to make a sauce, but have yet to sample lucuma.

  25. So want this for breakfast TOMORROW…how fast is AMAZON again? LOL I WILL be finding this and still hoping to win- my vegan hubby goes through powders like crazy keeping his fireman weight up! xxx

  26. I remember reading about this protein powder awhile ago, but never got around to trying it. I think all flavors sound great, but I think I’d go for Green Kingdom. I’m curious about the flavor, and you can never have too many greens!

  27. I’ve never had lucuma or maca, though I’m curious to try them, but my fave would definitely be the green living!

    I’m curious – why are you avoiding stevia totally these days? I don’t like it so I’ve never used it, but I’m interested to hear why you’re avoiding it.

  28. It’s hard to fine protein powder that doesn’t taste chalky, so I’m excited to try this one! I’d never heard of it before reading this post. Thank you for sharing this new brand with us!

  29. They all sound delicious! I’d love to try them all, but Chocolate maca is high up on the list.

  30. Vanilla and the chocolate both sound amazing! I hope I can try all the flavors! I have a smoothie at lunch everyday and like to try different protein powders.

  31. Vanilla Lucuma sounds like it would be amazing with almost any fruit. I love adding a protein powder to some fruit and water after a run. I mean mango vanilla lucuma? sound amazing. strawberry vanilla lucuma? awesome. banana vanilla lucuma.. well you get the point.

  32. The Green Living one sounds most interesting, but all would make great additions to the smoothie repertoire!