Ten Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday Entertaining
February 4, 2012


Happy Saturday! I’m interrupting a day of studying to say, first of all, great comments on yesterday night’s continued discussion of diet, beauty, and health. Check the post out and share your thoughts!

And after you do that, you can feast your eyes on this little compendium of ten vegan recipes for Super Bowl Sunday! Below you’ll find finger food for every palate—from hot, gooey spinach artichoke dip to crispy, crunchy, salty yukon gold potato chips. I’m not much of a football fan (will be rooting for the Giants, though—hometown pride), but I do like to celebrate game day the way I’d celebrate anything: with delicious vegan food. Hope you all enjoy the game, and the recipes!

Black bean and corn burgers:


Yukon Gold Potato Chips with Rosemary and Sea Salt


Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip


Cool as a Cucumber Guacamole


Tangy Potato Salad with Basil Chiffonade


Ginger, Edamame, Lime, and Sweet Potato Burgers


Pesto Pasta Salad


Sweet and Spicy Candied Nuts


Smoky Southwestern Hummus


Mushroom, Lentil, and Quinoa Croquettes



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  1. Gena, the link to the ginger sweet potato burgers isn’t working when I try it. It is just me?

  2. I was wondering about the recipe for the Black Bean & Corn Burgers, but every time I click on the link, it just takes me to the photo =( Either way, I hope you have a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday as well!!

  3. YUM! That Smokey Southwestern Hummus is sounding particularly awesome right now. Food is by far my favorite part of football. No shame 🙂

  4. Awesome roundup, Gena. I forgot about most of these…that spinach and artichoke dip, the candied nuts, the burgers, it all looks fabulous. Thanks for the reminders and hope you have fun tailgating and chugging a case of beer tomorrow during the Superbowl 🙂 KIDDING!

    I hope your studies are going well and that you’re able to get out and do some fun stuff, too, this weekend!