The New Veganism: Vegan Hoppin’ John Recipe

2013-1217_gena_hoppin-john-009Images by James Ransom

Happy Friday! I’m writing from upstate New York, where my best friend’s family lives, but I wanted to check in and direct you all to my latest recipe for The New Veganism column at Food52. This is a vegan rendition of Hoppin’ John, the traditional southern new year’s dish. I kept things traditional, with smoked paprika to replicate some of the flavor that is often created by pork, but I also added some chopped tomatoes for a touch of tartness and acid. It’s a hearty, winning recipe, and who knows? Maybe it really does bring good luck for the new year. Check out the column today, and after that, you can also check out my hoppin’ John salad, which is a lighter version, made with raw kale. I’ll see you on Sunday, for weekend reading!




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  1. Excellent recipe! I had it for dinner tonight. The Tabasco is a great touch. Thank you!

  2. I just googled “vegan hoppin john” and the Food 52 post popped up–exactly what I was looking for! Contemplating adding some greens at the end, like kale or collards. What do you think?

    • This was soooo good! I added chopped kale right before draining off the excess broth, and it turned out very well. Will definitely be making this again long before the next new year rolls around.

  3. The South is my home, so this dish is a New Year’s tradition. It’s usually served alongside collard or turnip greens and cornbread. I love it so much that I eat it any time of the year! Your version looks delicious as well!