The Raw Wednesday Veterans’ Giveaway

Hi all!

Thank you for the impassioned response to yesterday’s post about fats! I am thrilled that this topic struck a chord. It sounds as though many of you have been avoiding or carefully portioning out your healthy fats, and I hope I made a small contribution in helping you to feel more comfortable eating them.

So are you all bummed out that the Raw Wednesday challenge is over? I am: I was really enjoying hearing about your brave adventures with raw meals. So here’s what I’m thinking: let’s not stand on ceremony. I welcome you all to keep the Raw Wednesday tradition going, and I will continue to delight in your experiments. And to those of you who are really getting into the raw meals, I encourage you to keep eating them as often as you like!

I hope that you’ve walked away from the challenge with some food for thought. A bunch of you have emailed me to say how surprising it was to consider how processed some components of your meals really were: it’s kind of incredible, isn’t it, to realize that so many perfectly commendable and healthy foods (whole grain wraps, hummus, coconut milk, oatmeal) are nevertheless at least a step away from nature? (See Michelle’s interesting thoughts on this.) I always like to explain to people that my definition of “raw” foods isn’t so much literal—whether or not heat is employed in preparation—but rather metaphoric—how absolutely unprocessed is your food? Is the food on your plate in its raw state? The “raw” label can mean “natural” just as much as it means “uncooked.”

Whether or not you’re continuing Raw Wednesday, I want to thank everyone who participated with another giveaway! This one is truly special: a gaggle of goodies from my very favorite dining establishment, Pure Food and Wine.


My friends Sarma and Amelia have been kind enough to offer one lucky Raw Wednesday veteran a One Lucky Duck totebag full of incredible goodies: a copy of Raw Food, Real World, which is without a doubt my go-to book for raw entertaining; two sets of the infamous Quackers, Rosemary and Cheesy; raw macaroons; raw chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies; and, finally, the brand new honey bunches grawnola bar. I can attest to the incredible tastiness of these treats: I’ve had the Quackers many a time, and adore them. I sampled the grawnola bar right after it came out, and loved it (this from a girl who doesn’t like most raw granola). And since Sarma was generous enough to offer me some of the chocolate chip cookies, too, I can tell you that they’re beyond delicious: it’s like eating a cross between shortbread and chocolate chip cookie dough.

These treats are the ideal way for any newcomer (or expert!) to experience to true potential of gourmet, creative raw un-cooking. So I encourage you all to enter the giveaway! All you have to do is respond to this post with a comment saying one new thing you learned about raw food, the raw lifestyle, or raw health over the course of the Raw Wednesday challenge. I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday. Good luck!

On that note, friends, it’s back to the grind. Have a good one!


P.S. Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to enter ZestyCook’s blog makeover giveaway!

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  2. Hi Gena! I’ve been lurking around this blog for a while, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog!
    One thing I have learned from you is never to underestimate raw cashews! I was skeptical, but your “cheese” recipes for them have helped me transition to veganism (still a work in progress by the way).
    Anyway, thanks and happy belated birthday!

  3. I just found out about this! (i was out of town and am trying to catch up on my filled reader). I am reading more and more about raw diet and getting intrigued

  4. If I am not too late, I would like to share that I learned that raw foods are not weird or scary. They do not need to be complicated and you will not suffer through hunger eating raw!

  5. I have been 75% raw for a while and I have found, I never get sick, I fall asleep more quickly and wake up energized, even with less than 7 hours sleep. My skin looks great and I have physically never been more fit in my life. BTW , this did not happen in a month, it took consistency over the course of a few years. Obviuosly, consistency not perfection is the key

  6. Doing the Raw Challenge has really proved to me that what we eat affects the way we feel. I do notice a huge difference on days that I eat raw compared to the other days, which is why I really try to incorporate it as much as i can into my diet 🙂

  7. I have been eating high raw for quite some time now, but Raw Wednesday has definitely reminded me about the importance of finding a community to support you in your endeavors, dietary or not. “Real” raw friends or “cyber” raw friends are just the things we need to keep us going. Thanks Gena for being a huge support to so many of us!

  8. I love feeling more energetic and healthy. And, I am happy to increase the veggie intake, since i can’t really get enough of them!!

  9. i learned that my body craves RAW, whole, nutrient dense food. and it’s OK to give into cravings. yay!

  10. I have learned that your body is like a house that constantly needs to be cleaned – RAW foods act as a group of cleaners who will come in and scrub the floors and wash the windows and the other component to the RAW lifestyle (lymph drainage, body brushing, saunas, etc) act as the people who will help take the garbage out. Never realized the RAW lifestyle is two-fold…until now!

  11. I’ve learned a lot about food combining from your posts, and have also been inspired by your moderate approach to “going raw” – there are too many fanatics out there!


  12. With my journey with raw foods I have learned to be kinder and more understanding with myself, my body and with others. Over the past year or so raw food has brought me to be more aware of important things like factory farming, animal suffering and the production of awful concoctions people call “food”. It has also opened up a wonderful world were amazing and inspiring people reside. Where wonderful recipes and uplifting stories combine, where one line from someone’s blog has literally changed my life and inspired me for months. Raw has taking me to love life more each day, not only for me but for all those I come in contact with, be daily or be it for a minute. Oh! and two more words about raw “Green Smoothies” yummm!

  13. I have learned that, by creating some beautiful raw food for myself, I am not only placing value on my health but my overall being. It feels good to be “worth it”.

  14. I’ve learned that I love green smoothies also that raw foods much me feel so much better.

  15. I’ve learned how much better I feel when I eat mainly raw foods. I get in a lot more fruits and veggies and feel clean & healthy. I’ve been wanting to give those raw snacks a try!

  16. I realized that I have more energy and feel much better when I eat lots of raw veggies. I’ve also learned that I don’t necessarily have to have protein in every meal.

  17. Thank you for the Raw Wednesday challenge, and this wonderful giveaway!

    I learned that good fats can really be good. I didn’t completely avoid them before, but I definitely view them differently now. Thank you very much for your informative post on avocados, and your simple but delicious recipes.

  18. When I first started transitioning toward a raw diet, I was somewhat overwhelmed – how was I going to give up honey bunches of oats and JIF peanut butter?!? I quickly learned, however; making small changes – just incorporating more raw, unprocessed foods into all my meals – was sufficient to take away the desire for my once-treasured processed treats. I felt so good eating raw foods that I no longer wanted anything else. Eating predominantly raw foods made me feel good physically, mentally and emotionally- its wonderful to feel like my health and well-being are within my power to control.

  19. i learned that eating raw is not just salads and juice. i had fun getting creative with my veggies…i made boats out of cucumbers, pasta out of carrots, and smoothies with avocado!

  20. I’ve been learning to take this process slowly (thanks to Gena!) and to not move into a raw diet too quickly. Sometimes taking a step backward isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s great being able to appreciate raw food and being excited to eat it.
    It’s a much more satisfying way of living.

  21. I haven’t formally done the challenge, but I’d like to say that browsing your blog has definitely shown me that a raw meal can be truly satisfying!

  22. Hi Gena!

    A few things that I have learned about eating raw is that it’s not as hard as I thought it would be to eat at least one raw meal a day, and I feel so much better by just adding that one meal in to my daily routine. I have also learned (although I haven’t tried it yet) that sprouting is super easy and inexpensive. That will be my next raw food experiment!

    Have a beautiful day!
    Dayna (HopefulRunner)

  23. Hi Gena :)!
    Raw garlic and onion definitely upset my digestive system too (and omg, even when making your run of the mill non-raw hummus, the usage of raw garlic is waaaaay too gnarly for my mouth, it’s like wasabi status ugh!).

    Something I learned about raw foodism:
    You can make so many entrees that taste almost EXACTLY like the real cooked thing. So, why sacrifice your health and gas bill (to heat things up) when you can simply go raw!


  24. I am definitely intriqued with the raw food lifestyle! What I like the most about it…is the possible CURE factor! It is with great JOY…that we will soon be working together to decease and assist…with my weight as well! I look forward to seeing and reading about my success with YOU on your blog!

  25. I am so glad that I found your blog a month ago. In that time I have learned that I shouldn’t have to defend my choice to do what feels right for my body. I really appreciate your outspoken support for feeding our bodies with whole raw foods rather than relying on vitamins and supplements to meet our nutritional needs. I am frustrated when people in my life consume a great deal of processed foods and then criticize my “extreme” choices to fuel my body with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The raw food wednesdays have helped to create links to more individuals across the blogosphere who believe in the power of food to heal. Thank you for helping me to find those connections.

  26. thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway! it is such a source of encouragement. i’ve learned that starting my morning with green juice is doing AMAZING things for my energy level and even my reflexes are sharper. I also learned so much about good fats and why it’s beneficial to intake good fats especially when your body is craving for them.

  27. Hey I’m Pheebs and I just started blogging so I haven’t done the Raw Wednesday Challenge, but I just wanted to mention how great an idea I think it is.
    I have been reading a lot about how amazing the live enzymes in raw foods are for your body. I have been trying to incorporate more raw into my life because of it: today a made a raw “cake” (the process and result is pictured on my blog) and I was fairly pleased with the result, so tomorrow I will keep experimenting (I have some garbanzo beans soaking for some raw hummus, and I am going to try one of Angela’s green monsters).
    Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration!

  28. I learned many things this month including the fact that raw meals require me to reevaluate my satiety levels. I am guessing this is because I am eating more volume than usual, and because “fullness” feels different when you are not stuffed. I haven’t figured it all out yet– this is certainly a work in progress– but it was one of the first things I noticed when upping my raw intake.

    Thanks for all the info and the fancy Sarmalicious opportunity, Gena!

  29. Hey there!

    On my raw food journey, I have learned that my body is ever changing and requires different foods and eating styles at different times for different reasons. What fun! The best thing I can do is honor what my body is telling me at any given time by giving it the best food I know of according to my body’s signals. So needless to say, it has been a mind trip to come to this conclusion with all the rules, guidelines,do’s and don’ts one finds when embarking on this lifestyle. I have learned that experimentation and fun make for grace and ease, and lots of good fats! This body loves fat! : )

  30. With raw foods and shifting to a high raw diet, I have learned the real power of using whole foods to heal our bodies. My mood is better, I have more energy, my skin is clear, and my eyes look clearer. I feel so much better physically and mentally and I especially love experimenting with different recipes. I have been juicing almost every day and using my food processor to make my own zucchini hummus, almond butter, and more! Thank you, Gena for your inspiration and wisdom.

  31. I learned that cucumbers and I aren’t as strong enemies as I used to think.

    I learned that I can eat nuts without gaining seventeen pounds.

    I learned that my dad was right about sprouts being tasty.

    I learned that sometimes you don’t need to buy all the dehydrators and the spiralizers and the nut milk bags to eat raw and have tasty enjoyable meals.

  32. I have learned of the joy of eating fresh with the season. My thoughts during my raw meals were often of the farmers (often local) that grew my food and how thankful I am for their hard work.

    Eating raw to me was being present with the food and ENJOYING it!

    Many thanks, Gena and Jenna!

  33. I have learned that my body knows what it needs and that I just need to listen! I have learned that I have a lot to learn…from so many, especially people who have been doing this much longer than I (Natalia – thank you! Kris Carr – thank you! Bunny Berry – Thank you! And mostly to Gena – deep bows of gratitude!) Oh how I wish I could have you all as my next door neighbors, to lean over the fence and swap “raw recipes” and give each other high-fives for raw-attitude! Alas, I’m alone in Littleton, Co….thank you to everyone! I have learned to be thankful and grateful =)

  34. I’ve learned through Raw food is that I don’t “need” meat protein. I did a little experiment not eating meat and only getting my protein through beans, powders and other raw food for two weeks, and I felt great. I always believed I “needed” meat, when really I don’t.

  35. I’ve learned that my daily Super Green Smoothies can kill my need for coffee. I’ve learned that a High Speed Mixer is the best invention ever! I’ve learned that Nut Cheeses can help my craving for the real thing. I’ve learned that coconuts rock! I’ve learned that I do not need to be perfect. Just the fact that I am commited to make raw vegan foods a priority in my diet is a massive accomplishment! Aloha:-)

  36. i have learned that green juice and/or green smoothies are not that difficult to make or drink.
    i actually LOVE them!!!!!! i have also learned that i have an enormous amount of energy eating this way.

  37. I’ve learned that changes we make to our lives that seem small (such as changing how we eat one day a week) can make a lasting and amazing difference in our quality of life in the long run.

    Or to quote the awsome band Ida –
    “Little things pile up and turn into bigger things
    And I want you to notice this
    And I want you to try”

  38. I have learned that I have so much energy when I drink a freshly made green juice every morning. I have come to crave the taste of greens. I have also learned that a daily green juice makes my skin glow and clears up my acne!

  39. I have learned that the more effort and consciousness I put into including raw/high-raw food into my diet, the less conscious and more effortless it becomes…the food makes me feel great and I sincerely crave it now instead of craving sugary and carb-heavy things like I have in the past.

  40. I learned that not only is my bodys craving for whole good fats valid but should be respected. When I am craving coconut milk or avacados I should respect that and not shy away from the good fats. Our brains and bodies work better and heal better when we pay attention to them. Thanks for the fabulous post. Callie

  41. Hi Gena!
    I have experimented more with my green smoothie combos, been inspired to start sprouting again and found that I am really loving green juice.

    I used to not have the patience to wash tons of veggies and take the time to juice them but now that I have been doing it more consistently, I find that I crave plant blood and it makes me feel rejuvenated and light!! I think it helps me tummy too 🙂 I feel so fresh!! Thanks for hosting Raw Wednesday and for this giveaway.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. I actually take a lot of flack for the avocados i eat..i eat one a day… love them, feel so great eating them and despite their price, (in California)..will continue. it started during pregnancy and now i’ve just continued.

    i’ve tippie toed into raw before and now I am diving in. I meant to work towards a vegan diet and now I am heading raw.
    I love the journey and what it teaches me about ME.

    Raw food also teaches us so much about our relationships with food, and why we eat… for entertainment, boredom, socializing… it’s amazing

    and I too am struggling with what my body agrees with and disagrees with.

    i REALLY love your blog and the wonderful and helpful information you provide.

    I am a new reader and will definately be back for more posts.


  43. I have learned that I actually like green smoothies and therefore have made one every day since I have started this journey, about a month now. I have learned that I like the way I feel following a mostly raw diet and I am not craving junk food and I am losing weight the healthy way. I have found that all the blogs I am reading where they have chosen to “try” raw are wanting to continue at least one day a week. Wouldn’t it be great to have drive thru green smoothie shops all over town rather than other unnamed golden arch shops?

  44. I’ve learned that avocados don’t have to be avoided or consumed very rarely just because of their fat content.

  45. Those goodies sounds amazing! I’m just learning about raw foods and I think if people knew how healthy and easy it can be they would venture into the world of raw foods. It’s also good for people to see that there are raw snacks out there too!

  46. How greens make me feel alive!!! and my cravings for sugar go down after drinking green juices! Thank you!

  47. wow! i never knew all about the different things you could eat when eating raw! i kept thinking about green tacos. and shivering at the lack of variety. boy was i wrong! i’m going to try to eat raw more often!

  48. Ive learned that a masticating juicer is better than a centrifugal for getting all the good stuff from veggies that I need…especially leafy greens

  49. I have learned that raw is the greatest gift I can give to my body and myself – and to anyone else who is even remotely interested!


    I just ordered the spiralizer you featured awhile back. So now I can eat loads of “pasta” and not have to use the stupid julienne tool for like an hour. SO! STOKED!!!!

  51. probably the biggest thing i’ve learned about raw food in general is that it just takes a little bit of creativity [and perhaps a lot of nuts] to remake traditional cooked foods into raw ones – and how a big salad with lots of veggies and fruit, and of course avocado, can fill me up perfectly well for lunch, which is always a good thing in my book 😉

  52. I thnk the biggest think I learned was just to be more aware of how much of my diet is processed! It’s astonishing with you really look at it all!

  53. I am SO on fire for this raw lifestyle! I am currently doing the 28-day cleanse on the Crazy Sexy Life website and WOW I am a new woman!!! I feel like I have a new lease on life! My new toy is the Metro Garnishing tool – SO FUN! I have learned that we have to be aware and mindful of what we put into our bodies. In today’s society we need to be proactive when it comes to our health. Anyhow, I LOVE your blog and have gotten so many ideas from it – thank you!!!

  54. where to even BEGIN! i thought this was such a fun idea, and yet it was also a bit of a challenge at times. i learned that planning ahead was a must, which has leaked into other aspects of my food preparation (positive #1 of 1 million), i also re-discovered hearts of palm, which i had totally forgotten about, and found that they lend a great consistency to raw “pasta” dishes. additionally, i was surprised at how full i was after eating foods that i previously thought could never hold my appetite. i cant wait to continue to incorporate more raw and unprocessed foods into my diet now that i’ve been introduced. thanks gena!

  55. Thanks Gena for all your wisdom 🙂

    I think the biggest thing I learned from the Wednesday Raw challenge is just awareness. Awareness of what I put into my body, awareness to listen to my body to find out what works for me and an awareness that there are so many yummy foods out there – raw or not!

  56. I am planning to continue more raw food eating due to this challenge. I picked up a number of books and started listening to podcasts from raw vegan radio.

    The biggest thing that is sticking with me is about food combining and eating fruit on an empty stomach

  57. Through this amazing challenge, I discovered chia seeds! My skin is glowing and I feel lighter, on days I would eat raw. I also discoverd a local raw food company near me and have been indulging in the rasin flax bread, I will continue to explore raw foods, as well as new recipies and perhaps buying a dehydrator. xo b

  58. I have just started down the road to raw. I’ve been AMAZED at the change in my cravings. I no longer crave the junk or processed food like I thought I would. I feel great to boot! And I’ve lost 8 lbs!! I would LOVE that book especially! I checked it out at the library last week and will be sad when I have to return it! 🙁

  59. One thing that I have learned about raw food (that has inspired me the most) is fresh young coconut – how to open it, use it in recipes and replace some of those “dairy” or “mayo” items that I was missing before. I use it in smoothies, sauces, blend it with almonds for “mayo” or dressing… I absolutely love it! I’ve made so many more raw dishes now that I have this additional food (tool) in my kitchen!

  60. Gena, such a terrific giveaway! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I should be lucky enough to win. I learned that my overnight rolled oats aren’t Raw (unfortunately!). I also learned that I like wheat grass, which was a total surprise for me. I’ve been researching it’s health benefits, and I’m amazed. So, I started to grow some at home. That way, I can maintain a constant supply! The challenge was fun, and although 100% isn’t right for my body right now, I am striving to get to at least 75%. I’ve said it before, your blog has been great, with a wealth of information and inspiration. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

  61. Hi Gena

    Although I eat a mostly raw diet, I have actually progressed to incorporating more easily digestible cooked foods, like sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables. Although it may sound strange, I actually feel better eating a diet where I incorporate lots of salads and supply them with some type of easily assimilated cooked food. In the past I used to compensate for the lack of fulness I felt on an exclusively raw diet by eating lots of nuts, dried fruits and raw desserts, etc., which left me feeling tired and not at all energized. This new approach, however, has given med loads of energy and much better digestion. The best part of it is that it’s A LOT easier, too!

  62. Gena! This looks great!! I’ve gotten your emails but my server is down and I can’t send out emails while I’m away!! I didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you! xoxoxo

  63. Hi Gena

    I also love reading your blog! I think you’ve found the perfect mix of personal experience with relevant information that all of us looking at incorporating the raw lifestyle into our own are searching for!!

    My biggest take away was to try and balance to incorporate more of a balance in my actual raw food choices – i found some fabulous raw food recipes, but sometimes, a salad just IS best when you’re looking for something nutritious 🙂

  64. I learned that eating raw doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t need tons of fancy stuff to make a delicious, healthy, make-your-body-happy meal. 🙂

  65. From these raw challenges, I’ve learned that I truly can look forward to a raw meal as much as a cooked one– without feeling deprived at all! In fact, my raw meals are actually more flavorful than most of my cooked ones! Thanks!

  66. One thing for sure I’ve come to realize is just how beautiful raw food can be presented – usually much more beautifully than most un-raw meals I create!

  67. Oh! I’d love to win this package! I’m recovering from an eating disorder and love how eating raw makes me feel more free to enjoy foods without obsessing over calories and fat grams!

  68. This is the best giveaway ever! I am a new reader to your blog and I love how inspiring it is to “tune in” each day. That being said, I have learned so much more about the raw food lifestyle thanks to you. The main “light bulb” moment for me was the correlation between excessive protein and kidney damage, tumors, etc. I had prescribed to the atkins style of high protein and low carb everything. Once I realized that even avocado (yum) has protein, it has expanded my food choices to more raw everyday. I now worry less about a ton of protein and more about alkalizing choices that will fuel my body in a healthy way. Thank you!

    PS: I am an Army Veteran, does that count 🙂

  69. I’ve learned that I have more energy, stamina, and less tummy problems when I eat raw. We ALWAYS have a raw breakfast (hubby, toddler and myself). Green smoothies ROCK!

  70. Amazing giveaway! I honestly knew pretty much nothing about raw food when the challenge started, and I think the most valuable thing that I have learned is how to listen to my body. It tells me what it likes to eat by providing me with more energy, clearer skin, and better digestion 🙂 This is definitely something I am going to continue challenging myself to do.

  71. I learned that I can leave a raw meal perfectly satisfied so long as I don’t fudge on the healthy fats! Restrictive eating and a raw diet CANNOT go hand in hand. And if you tell me I can eat a whole batch of guac, I am SO in!

    Thanks Gena!

  72. The one thing I learned through raw wednesdays is how much better my stomach feels! I’ve been continuing to eat raw(especially in the morning) because it makes my tummy not hurt, everything just goes through.

  73. While I am a pretty health eater, sprouted grains were a new concept to me and I have had fun exploring some new options.

  74. Sometimes I blended fruit and veggies to make smoothies for raw Wednesday’s. I realized that it was easy to get a lot of vegetables in an easy and delicious way. It was so quick too. Eating raw makes my stomach feel happy and gives me more energy.

  75. I have been on a fast, and now slow, transition to raw. I started to fast and have had some digestive problems as a result. I have been food combining for many years, but got a little lazy over the past year. I’ve noticed in the past month that it is SO important for me. I just feel better after a properly combined meal. I also notice that when I have a green juice for breakfast, instead of a fruit smoothie or even green smoothie, I feel great. Green juice is magic!

  76. i learned that raw foods are more accessible than one might think. If you’re not trying to create some complicated faw meals, then a simple salad topped with sprouts, tofu, avocado, and nuts is a great way to feel healthy yet fulfilling. No need to go through all those complicated process of making pate and such. Work with what nature gives us.

  77. I have really enjoyed learning about the raw diet in general–before your blog, I really knew nothing at all about it. I am especially enjoying the green monster smoothies in the morning… so delicious!

  78. Gena,

    I’m definitely going to continue to incorporate more raw foods into my lifestyle. I tried your massaged kale salad yesterday and loved it! (even though I added a bit too much salt.) I have loved learning more about natural foods (avocados are a favorite of mine now, and chia seeds are climbing the ladder!). It’s amazing how many good foods are misrepresented out there. Thank you so much for opening my eyes! You are a true role model.


  79. i want to be a lucky duck!! I recently went to the library to learn up more about Raw dietary suggestions and guidelines…and I have really learned a lot. I LOVE all of the exciting new meal ideas that I have learned, and I’m so much more open to avocados and coconut oil…2 fat sources that I definitely have not welcomed enough!! I love how easy and reasonable you have made eating RAW seem….it doesn’t have to be extreme as I once thought. I am excited to experiment more and make more amazing meals that even my totally omni friends and family can get excited about too. I love CHIA pudding, and I am exploring different ebay auctions to get my own Breville juicer- YAY!! I’m also starting to practice “dry brushing”….so excited to enjoy the benefits of this practice! thanks Gena 🙂

  80. I crave sweets alot and I’ve learned that when I make a raw dessert (I tried Ani Phyo’s donut holes and Mayan crunch truffle balls) I satisfy my craving with a smaller amount of food. Instead of feeling lethargic after a treat I have energy! It’s a huge step to really think about the role food plays in your life and how so much of it brings you down instead of giving you energy and making you feel more alive. Now I find myself craving green smoothies more and cookies less!

  81. I loved the Raw Wednesday Challenge! I felt great, my family enjoyed the variety of fresh foods, and it was a huge time saver! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  82. I’ve dabbled in raw in the past with little success. I do not think that I’m a “cold turkey” kind of person, but I have learned that just incorporating more raw foods (and not worrying about how my cinnamon came to be) is a healthy step in the right direction. Moreover, it is a step that I can continue to take. Thank you for that!

  83. i’ve learned how cleansing and detoxifying it can be to eat foods in their most natural form. i had never thought about food that way before!

  84. That package looks amazing!

    One of the biggest things I learned/noticed about this challenge was the way I feel when I fuel my body with raw, unprocessed foods. I had so much more energy and I felt lighter. Sure, I may have felt full after a gigantic kale salad or some gazpacho, but I didn’t feel stuffed or heavy: just perfectly satisfied. It’s something I will definitely be continuing with. Thanks to you & Jenna for the idea!

  85. I have a new respect for the avocado! It’s become the centerpiece for many of my meals during the Raw Wednesday Challenge. Thank you!

  86. I realized it’s much easier to start the day off raw than to start with something cooked and heavy then swtich to raw. I find that whatever I eat first is what I crave all day.

  87. I’m so happy I found your site! Great stuff here!! 🙂 I loved reading about chia seeds…can’t wait to try them!! This would be the perfect addition to my gluten-free/high raw/very active lifestyle! Thanks for sharing!

  88. Hey girll

    By including more raw foods into my life (Weds especially) I have made two great realizations.

    1) Eating raw foods is not a goal unto itself, but a means to being authentic, effective, and loving people. Coming into this state will help us achieve our goals and love our lives!

    2) We can indulge and be creative with our food in ways that help us to stay in a state of harmony with the universe. (i.e Sarma’s goodies!)


  89. i am completely bummed! I just recently came across your blog, so I did note ven know about Raw Wednesdays, although most of my days are raw. I would so love to get the goodies 🙂 too.

  90. I’ve really enjoyed the raw Wednesday challenge! It made me think outside the box and be more creative with my meals. I’ve found myself trying to add more raw foods throughout the week even if the entire meal isn’t raw. I will definitely continue as I’ve found I love raw foods and the fun of trying completely new recipes and food styles!!! Thanks Gena!

  91. I never have left a comment but I visit your site frequently! I love the raw food challenge and I have actually started eating all raw on most days. I still find it hard to eat out because there aren’t many options but I love making raw meals at home. I feel healthier and my skin looks so much better! Oh and I loved your post yesterday because I crave avocados and people always ask me if I’m aware of how much fat they have in them. Of course, they ask me this while they’re eating a steak! 🙂

  92. I’ve learnt that raw food is actually yummy and is more then just salad and is really good, and even though the actual challenge has ended, I shall try to at least eat a raw meal every week because it makes me feel happy.

  93. What I learned from this challenge is when we incorporate more raw foods into our diets, it does wonders fo the skin!

  94. Gena, I loved the raw Wednesday challenge and will definitely keep it up.

    I learned the most about what I eat — the challenge really raised my consciousness about how processed even the simple foods I eat are. I really like eating foods in their most natural state!

  95. The “raw” label can mean “natural” just as much as it means “uncooked.”

    I really like this definition of raw. I follow a primal-ish diet and while it is not raw vegan, it does mean that I eat foods that are close to their natural state. I’ve been eating this way for about a year and a half now (the biggest challenge was giving up grains) and I feel great.

    PS I’m guessing this goes against your food-combing rules, but grapefruit and avocado are really good together!

  96. One thing I learned? raw snickers make yummy desserts!!!
    Also, eating raw isn’t as difficult as I would’ve thought… I have incorporated a few recipes into my meals… I definitely want to head to Pure Food & Wine very very soon to give their menu a go

  97. I’ve learned that eating raw gives me more energy!! I ate poorly over memorial day and boy did I pay for it when I got back on the treadmill. Also, eating raw is exciting since you realize all the different things you can do to healthy food. Who would have thought 🙂

  98. delurking!

    Reading your blog has taught me how yummy collards are as a sandwich wrap. I hadn’t even realized they could be served in a way that didn’t involve cooking them with lots of oil and serving them alongside barbecue 🙂 Even better than the taste is how good I feel after eating a collard wrap vs. a traditional sandwich w/ bread.

  99. Wow, those raw goodies look delicious! I definitely think eating raw food helps increase one’s energy and it doesn’t weight me down after I eat it.

  100. what a great package! I have definitely learned about all of the great things raw food can do for your body, like improving digestion and clearing up the skin!

  101. Gena,

    Raw Wednesday has been an eye-opening experience for myself and my partner in foodie experiments, Meagan. We are fascinated by the philosophy of raw living and have since implemented raw meals for our families during the week.

    I think that the most important thing we learned about raw living is that is doesn’t just mean SALAD 24/7! There is such a wide variety of recipes out there that make raw eating FUN and INTERESTING.

    Also, I loved your post about how to deal with letting those close to you know about your eating style. Eating healthy shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, embrace it!

  102. I learned that RAW can be easier than you sometimes think – sometimes you can overcomplicate it, but it’s really simple.

  103. well, although i love raw food, i learned that i need to balance raw with cooked food. i just can’t seem to get fulll. but don’t worry, i still love me overnight oats with big spoonful of raw peanut butter

  104. i learned that i’ve been eating a lot of raw food but never thought they were “raw” such as numerous salads and hemp protein shakes

  105. Hi Gena,

    I am new to your blog and love it. I’m a book editor as well, with a passion for all things nutrition, so I’m really drawn to your well-written, informative blog. I’m a vegetarian only, but I’ve become more and more interested in raw foods ever since I found your site (via KERF). The main thing I’ve learned is just how processed some “healthy” foods are. I’m definitely looking at everything in my diet in a new light. I found your hummus post very interesting and am dying to try to make hummus without beans. Makes so much sense!

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  106. What an awesome giveaway!!! Yowza!

    So raw fooding has taught me how you can feel satisfied yet light at the same time. From my “novice” experience, it doesn’t weight you down, which is very pleasant and helps fight fatigue. “-)

  107. I’ve really learnt that raw food isn’t necessarily just about what you eat, but being able to listen to your body and it’s needs, stepping out from the ordinary daily recommendations on calories, fat, vitamins etc. and listening to your own body and it’s needs. Realising that maybe it’s not all about how much of this we need to eat and how much of that, but rather what our body tells us that it needs. I think I’ve really become much more sensitive for my body’s signals, and it’s such a pity that we’ve come so far from our “natural state” in our society today, since the majority does not feel they can trust on the fact that their own bodies knows what is best for them… Thanks for your great and informative posts, I’m really learning to think outside the box!

  108. Before your Raw Wednesday challenges, I would never have thought that juicing could sustain me through a morning or afternoon. Not only do I have an incredibly versatile and easy way to get my veggies in, I feel all clean and bouncy from the inside out. Thank you for bringing kale+ginger+apple+carrot into my life!

  109. I’ve learned then when I eat all raw for even one day I feel like a little superhero.

    And I love your blog. The day I found it I showed it to my lovely house guest at the time, Angela Stokes! We admired the design together!

    I’ll be in NY June 19-25 and am So looking forward to eating at Pure!

    Much love & appreciation! xoxo

  110. I wish I was eligible for the giveaway! Those goodies from One Lucky Duck are insanely good. Alas, I didn’t participate in the Raw Wednesday challenge, but not for lack of interest! Seriously, the idea of incorporating more raw food into my diet has jumped to top of mind for me and I can’t stop thinking about it all of a sudden. In fact, the thought alone gives me a little non-contact high. 🙂 I have devoured nearly every word on this blog by now and have a lot to think about, but I am enjoying the learning process so far! Thanks Gena!

  111. Hey Gena!

    I know this is a few posts late but I just made the chia pudding and it is sooooo yummy! It’s nice to have a raw snack that can use stevia as a sub and still taste delicious and not be super dense and heavy! Thank you for posting that!

    Lots of love

  112. I’ve learned that raw food isn’t as scary as I thought it was! It definitely makes me feel more energetic and I feel a glow when I’m eating cleaner – rather than filling up on ugly, processed foods.

    Thanks for the eye opener!


  113. I’ve learned that raw food doesn’t have to be intimidating, nor does it have to mean tonnes of fancy equipment – it can just be simple, fresh yummy food.

    I look forward to continuing to explore the raw food world and look forward to learning more on your blog

  114. I’ve learned to accept healthy fats and not restrict myself when it comes to them. I feel so much better after eating them and because of you I have a newfound love of avocados!

    I will be continuing a raw day throughout the next month, I loved this!

  115. What a great gift! I have yet to try anything from a raw restaurant… I’m sure the One Lucky Duck products won’t disappoint!

    Making raw changes to my lifestyle made me realize that… I actually like cooking (or uncooking, I guess you could say)! I bought 2 raw cookbooks this month, and I’ve really been enjoying being in the kitchen. It’s funny because I never used to like cooking, but I love playing around with raw foods and seeing what new concoctions I can create. And best of all… they’re healthy and delicious!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity 🙂

  116. what an AWESOME package! those quackers are the keys to my heart 😀
    i learned how to make raw zucchini hummus, thanks to you!
    have a great day <3

  117. i’ve learned how much i love using collard greens to make wraps!! thanks so much for all of your insight and recipes!

  118. hi!

    I have followed both you and Jenna’s blog for the raw Wed. challenges and learned that there are so many different raw desserts to eat. Before I figured you would be limited to fruit!

    What would you say is the easiest way to incorporate raw foods into my diet? I want to try to eat one raw meal a day but really do not know where to begin! thanks!

  119. WHAT AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY GENA!!! I’ve learned so much about raw food and the health benefits of it!! The biggest being nutbutters are not raw 🙁 I also learned to listen to my body more! That you have to use common sense don’t just sit down and eat raw nuts and dried fruit all day….You can’t get stuck in that mind set.

  120. Gena,
    I’m so thankful for this challenge. I’ve been experimenting with raw foods off and on for years, and this got me back on a raw kick again. I can’t tell you how refreshing an all raw lunch feels. So filling, but without that heavy brick in my belly feeling.

    Two things I learned:
    1. How to properly open a young coconut…finally.
    2. How to make the best guac. ever – your’s! 🙂

  121. Your site is so educational, and if anything, I’ve learned that a raw meal is easier to put together than I would have ever imagined. I’ve been turned on to new foods and ingredient combinations that are changing the way I eat! I so hope to win the contest!

  122. Hi! I am so far today 100% raw!! I learned that it can be done, with a little bit of prep, and it’s not that hard!! I’ve also learned that avocados make GREAT ‘pasta’ sauces!!

  123. I am so excited about this giveaway! Hard to count all I’ve learned. The biggest was changing my morning yogurt for a green smoothie!

  124. Ahh!! I’ve got to win this!! Thomas and I were just talking about how we need to cut back on spending, which means less raw goodies for me!!! 🙁

    I’ve learned so much from Raw Food Wednesday and from you and your blog! Just from your post yesterday I learned that good fats aren’t processed in our bodies the way regular fats are. I claim to know a lot about health but for some reason I thought fat was fat, and while I wasn’t avoiding good fats I was being careful. I am going to be more lenient with myself now! Thanks, Gena!

  125. What I’ve learned about raw food = it truly works in sync with one’s body. Eating raw (or at least high-raw, consistently) has helped me to manage my Crohn’s Disease and food allergies (dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, eggs, shellfish…) dramatically. It’s such a revitalizing way to eat!!

  126. Gena,

    To echo what you mentioned, because of Raw Wednesday, and trying to eat more raw meals over the last couple of months, I have found that a lot of the foods I once thought were healthy, aren’t so much.

    I have also learned that just because something is raw, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a perfect food…hence some of the heavy nut and dried fruit recipes. It has been an eye opening experience and I can’t seem to learn it all quick enough.

    Thanks for your wise counsel with all of my questions the last little while. I truly believe that the small steps I am taking towards this lifestyle will stay with me. I may never be 100% raw, but I have definitely made small changes that I believe will add up to big changes over time.

    Thanks for hosting Raw Wednesday, and I definitely will continue it…even if it is on a Tuesday or Thursday instead. 🙂

  127. I am so drooling over the bag o’ goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The thing I learned during the Raw Wednesday challenge is that veggie food can be filling! I bought Natalia’s Raw Food Detox a few years ago and took a couple of the recipes (Green Lemonade and the Maple Soy Sauce Salmon) but for the most part didn’t think it sounded like enough food.

    But a raw smoothie for breakfast and a big raw salad for lunch can be filling (especially if good fats are added!) without the need to add flesh. I’m stoked! So I’ve progressed past raw desserts to actual raw meals! Yay!

  128. omgosh I have dying to try onelucky duck products since last summer when I first read that book!! Fabulous giveaway. I haven’t read yesterday’s post but I look forward to reading it sounds like it was a great read!
    Eating raw foods has really gotten me in touch with body, I am able to feel how foods effect my body and why I fueling my body off certain foods. I love the more raw foods I eat the more I crave them. I cannot wait for my juicer to get here and I have been spiralizing zucchini like crazy, I hope raw Wednesday’s become a mainstay in many people’s diets. 4 Wednesdays was not nearly enough

  129. What a great giveaway. I learned to become aware of how many things in our diet really are processed and pasteurized and devoid of essential nutrients because of it. It is so interesting! I’m so glad you and Jenna decided to host this challenge. Really opened my eyes and showed me something truly great! Thank you!

  130. Everything sounds sooo delish. I learned how much more energy I get from eating raw food more often. It is like someone turned on a powerplant in me!

  131. What a gorgeous package!
    I love all the information you provide. I’m so happy that you stood up for the avocado 🙂 It’s my favorite food and it’s sad how many people won’t eat it. I have so many friends that fear it.