Weekend Pause
May 1, 2022

Weekend Reading | The Full Helping

I went to urgent care this morning and tested positive for influenza, so at the moment I can’t write more than a couple sentences, let alone a whole Weekend Reading post.

Between Covid 3 months ago, a bad cold 3 weeks ago, and now the flu, I have more confirmation of what I already know, which is that I’m run down. I might have picked up any of these bugs anyway, but I’ve been feeling strung out without the viruses.

Have been assuring my body that more rest is coming. And it is—I’ll find a way to make sure of that.

Just popping in here to wish you a good week ahead. “I’m hopeful for summer!” a friend said to me over text the other day, and for whatever reason, I felt that hope, too.


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  1. oh Gena, that’s a lot of sick. 🙁
    Take really good care. Maybe you can (try to) enjoy the break in the action.

  2. Today where I live it’s cool and drizzly and most definitely a day to be inside, warm and cozy, and I’m surprised to find myself relieved, not resentful that there’s no May sunshine, no blue sky. I needed a rainy day, never mind that I’ve come out of winter such a short time ago. I think many of us are feeling stretched in strange ways, unusual ways. The state of the world, our divisions weigh strangely; there is more fear and anxiety out there, floating around. How can there not, given Russia-climate change-inflation-covid? And I don’t need to be “more positive”. Yes, I could definitely read more about possibility and love and good people, but I also want to accord these troubles the gravity and space in my own life they deserve, if I am part of the collective. Where am I going with this? Only that it is a time, I think, to live carefully, with care, with compassion, for ourselves and others. Rest well, Gena! : )

  3. Dear Gena, Please rest up and take gentle care of you. Sending you lots of healing and love. And here’s to summer on the way! xoxo

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