Weekend Reading
November 6, 2022

Weekend Reading | The Full Helping

To-do list for the first Sunday of November, 2022:

  • Wake up woefully unrested, given the extra overnight hour overnight (tough week, busy mind)
  • Spend the early morning wondering what to write about today, over coffee.
  • Eat breakfast (banana chocolate chip muffin, yogurt with hemp seeds and berries).
  • Feel an idea of what to write about taking shape. Feel pretty good about that idea.
  • Eat lunch (leftover one-pot Italian quinoa lentils, vegan parmesan, salad).
  • Go to a fun orange wine fair, hosted by a friend, along with another friend.
  • On the way home, marvel at the 75º weather. Think about friends who are running the NYC Marathon. Hope they’re not uncomfortably hot or bothered by the humidity. Make a mental note to track their progress later.
  • Arrive home. Laundry. Dishes. Tidying. Pulling some things out of the freezer for the week ahead.
  • Answer a few work emails. Realize midway through so doing that what I want—and need, truly—is to bring some leftovers to my mom’s place, have dinner, talk, and watch TV. Without looking at a phone, a computer, or a tablet.
  • Publish this to-do list.

Taking a break tonight, friends. Allowing this Sunday to be a sabbath, a day of rest.

Lots of fun food to share with you in the coming weeks! Tonight, sharing my love and gratitude and appreciation of your presence.


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