toasted almond quinoa coconut breakfast

In spite of the fact that D.C. has been as hot and muggy as can be for the last two days, it’s officially October, which means ‘tis the season for warming breakfasts. Dearly though I love smoothies, I greet hot breakfast cereal with a particular kind of glee, and count my first bowl of steamy oats as one of my favorite autumnal rituals.

Oats, however, can get a little dull, especially when you eat them as often as I do. And the truth is that nearly all whole grains make beautiful, nourishing breakfast food, so long as you cook and flavor them according to your morning tastes.

Today on Food 52, I’m sharing six alternative ideas for morning grain bowls, featuring millet, amaranth, polenta, and quinoa. I love these bowls, each of which I’ve sampled and will probably soon make individually for this blog, so that you can see what they’re all about. The full recipe in today’s Food 52 post is for toasted almond and coconut quinoa porridge. Creamy, sweet, and topped with a sprinkle of pitted dates, I promise you that this recipe will not disappoint.


To get the recipe, and get inspired to think outside the oatmeal box, head on over to Food 52 to sample my six ideas for filling, hearty, and warm vegan breakfasts.

What alternative grains do you enjoy in the morning? I’d love to know!


Images courtesy of Food 52.

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