Raw, Vegan Snack Cookie Giveaway! Win a 12 Pack of Rawxies Today.


Glad you guys enjoyed the roasted garlic and hemp kale chips! Using hemp and chia opens up so many new possibilities for this tried-and-true snack; I can’t wait to come up with new combinations.

I promised you a week full of product reviews, and today, I’m making good on this promise with yet another feature of an outstanding vegan business and snack line: Rawxies.

Rawxies really need no introduction from me. These cookies/snacks were developed by the wonderful Callie England, a high raw vegan blogger who decided, only a year into blogging, to show people how easy and delicious it could be to enjoy more raw, plant-based food. I like Callie’s sensible approach to nutrition, which was clearly hard won. She sums it up in this statement:

“In today’s world, figuring out what is ‘healthy’ can be quite the task. Everyday we are forced to listen to contrasting view points on what is and what isn’t healthy – it’s exhausting, I know! However, one thing I believe we can all agree on, is what’s not good for us. In fact, it’s not so much what you put in your body, as opposed to what you don’t put in your body. I’ve spent the past 7 years of my life studying and testing different theories – low carb, low fat – you name it, I’ve done it.

Then one day, I stumbled across a simple idea of eating more raw fruits and vegetables- and, eliminating all processed foods. It was like someone flipped a switch and what I had been searching for all those years (optimal health), I had found! …

Rawxies are my way of sharing with the world what whole foods have done for me. I want everyone to experience their many benefits! After all, we all deserve the right to live healthy and happy lives! And, provide that for our loved ones – i.e., parents, children, friends, etc… ”

Some time ago, Callie sent me a sampler of Rawxies. I’ve waited to post about them until I could offer them to you all, giveaway style, but it was hard to contain myself! They are fantastic. The flavors are distinctive, they’re not too sweet, and they have a faint hint of sea salt. As any baker knows, a little salt is key to ideal sweets!


I got to taste all of the flavors: banana nut bread, cranberry pecan, mint chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed, chocolate cacao nib, and cinnamon walnut raisin. Though chocolate cacao nib and lemon poppyseed were probably my top picks, I was surprised at how much I adored all of the flavors—even the mint chocolate chip, which isn’t a combo I usually love. These cookies are seriously fantastic, and I love that they’re low enough in sugar to double up as suitable afternoon snacks! Plus, they’re 100% gluten free (and all vegan, of course).


If you check the website out, you might also see Callie’s adorable signature “stop eating crap” t-shirt. I was lucky enough to get one of those, too!

Cheeky and stylish: just like Callie and her brand!

You can find Rawxies online, at Organic Avenue if you happen to be in NYC, or at any of the boutiques mentioned on the Rawxies website. You can also find the t-shirt at a great discount at Vegan Cuts! Or, if you want to sample a twelve pack of Rawxies and get a free t-shirt, you can enter today’s giveaway.

That’s right! Callie is generously offering 1 lucky CR reader two sampler packs of Rawxies (6 flavors per pack) and a “stop eating crap” t-shirt in your size. As someone who enjoyed these drool worthy desserts/snacks for two weeks straight, I can promise you won’t regret entering! So, let’s get started. To enter, you can do any one of the seven actions below. Leave a comment for each action, letting me know you completed it.

1. Leave a comment on this post, letting me know which flavor of Rawxies you’re most excited to try!

2. Like Choosing Raw on Facebook.

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4. Like Rawxies on Facebook.

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6. Pin this giveaway.

7. Tweet this giveaway, including a link.

Ready, set…go!

I can’t wait to share these scrumptious treats with one of you. I’ll announce a winner in one week here on the blog, so get commenting. And don’t forget to check out the Rawxy blog for delicious recipes, information about products, and general excitement about wholesome eating.

See you all tomorrow.


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  1. I want to try the chocolate mint! I’m a health nut and down to try new snacks all the time. I live in New Orleans,LA which really doesnt have an array of healthy restaurants and grocery stores. I entered the contest with all 7 actions! Hopefully I win XD

  2. I’d love to try the chocolate mint. I’m new to the RAW world and am anxious try most everything!