Greetings, readers. I’m glad that you all rekindled the love for raw zucchini hummus: that one never gets old. For those who asked, the reasons it’s not green (as it has been in other photos) is because I peeled the zucchini this time. It’s absolutely not necessary, but I wanted to make it look similar to the “real thing” for the skeptics. You can peel or not peel, depending on your fancy.

In my recent Blogging 101 post, I mentioned my decision—about a year ago now—to start talking about vegan ethics and animal rights on my blog. It was one of my more difficult decisions as a blogger, not only because I knew that it would offend or alienate some of my readers, but also because I was new to the ethics of veganism myself, and feared that I couldn’t yet do them justice in writing.

I quickly got over the former concern—the readers I write for will stick with me, even when I express a point of view that’s controversial. But I still haven’t gotten over the latter anxiety, which is that I’m too much of a novice to animal rights thinking to write about it with credibility. For this reason, I hesitated when my friend JL—a blogger for whom I’d usually guest post in an instant—asked me to contribute to her wonderful Vegan 101 series with a post on the ethics of veganism. I took some time to ponder my own potential inadequacy, and then I said yes. Why? Because many of my readers and hers are new to vegan ethics too, and perhaps a novice’s freshness and honesty will mean as much to them as a veteran’s expertise.

Head over to JL Goes Vegan today and check out my post on the ethics of vegan eating. It’s not a comprehensive philosophical argument for veganism—in fact, it’s not meant to be comprehensive at all. It’s simply a snapshot of the core issues that I associate with vegan ethics, useful to beginners and those who are curious. Enjoy Smile

And now, forgive the brevity, but I have a long day of calculus studying and bus riding ahead, but I also have some fun blogger meetup recaps to share with you tomorrow. See you back here!


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