Acacia Wood Serveware Giveaway from Pacific Merchants

  pacific merchants giveaway

I’m so excited about today’s giveaway!

Months ago, the lovely folks at Pacific Merchants Trading Company reached out to me, asking if I’d like to sample some of their products. To give you some background, Pacific Merchants is a small, family run business that passionately seeks the best and most beautiful products around the globe. They sell eco-friendly, acacia hardwood serveware, fermenting crocks, lovely Kilner canning jars, bakeware and baking accessories, and colorful placemats. The company sells these items at a fair price, encouraging food lovers everywhere to take pleasure in simple, high quality home goods.

It was hard to decide which items to select from Pacific Merchants, because everything is so beautiful; I have my eyes on the bakeware and placemats now! But for the time being, I needed some new serveware, so I asked if I could try out the round calabash salad bowl, the wood salad/pasta servers, and the wood chip and dip tray. I’ve now had some time to use these beautiful pieces at home, for simple suppers, snack plates, and entertaining, and I’m so happy with them. Many of you have noticed the salad bowl in blog pictures or on Instagram, and a few of you have asked about it. It’s spacious and lovely:

Spice Rubbed Cauliflower, Kale, and Pomegranate Salad // Choosing Raw

Here it is, stuffed to the brim with my spice rubbed cauliflower, kale, and pomegranate salad.


 Or here, as a vehicle for my farro salad with roasted zucchini, cashew cheese, and mint.

The bowl measures 12″ x 4″, so it’s nice and spacious — perfect for those of us who like our salads large and in charge 😉

The salad/pasta servers, meanwhile, are unique and beautifully designed:


So much nicer than putting two large kitchen spoons into my salad bowl, which is what I usually do in a pinch.

Finally, the chip and dip tray.

pacific merchants 4

This is obviously designed for chips + guac, or the like, but you could use it for freshly warmed pita bread and hummus, nut pate and raw vegetable sticks, or even chocomole and fresh strawberries (for a sweet dipping plate), or my raw, vegan salted caramel sauce and apple slices. Yum!

I’ve enjoyed these beautiful pieces so much, and I love knowing that this serveware is so environmentally conscious. Some features of the Pacific Merchants Acaciaware®:

  • The hardwood is harvested from privately owned lands.
  • Acacia wood is naturally resinous, resisting penetration by liquids and the hardwood will not stain or pick up odors.
  • All of Pacific Merchants Acaciaware®  acacia wood bowls are hand turned, and other acacia wood items are hand carved, giving each piece a unique grain and beautiful look.
  • Packing material is eco-friendly, made from recycled shredded cardboard boxes.
  • Acaciaware® is easy care–just hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry.

I asked the folks at Pacific Merchants if they’d be willing to share some of their signature Acaciaware® with a lucky Choosing Raw reader, and they generously said yes. Enter my giveaway below to win:

  1. 1 round calabash salad bowl
  2. 1 set 7″ salad/pasta servers
  3. 1 13″ x 9″ organic chip and dip tray

The giveaway is open to US entries only.

Enjoy, friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with a green recovery post that is, simply put, extraordinary. I can’t wait to share it with you.


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  1. I’m most excited to sample the spice rubbed cauliflower, kale, and pomegranate salad..

  2. YaHoooOOOOooooOOOOO!!! I have wanted a round calabash salad bowl for over 2 years! I’ve never been able to find one locally, and now you are having a give away … I guess you can tell that the pitter-patter of my heart is all over the anticipation of having a round calabash salad bowl πŸ™‚ It’s beautiful!

  3. The bowl looks so great! I would love to have one of these. It’s much prettier than using a light blue plastic mixing bowl for my big salads πŸ˜›

  4. I’m a little addicted to pretty serving bowls! I always end up using them as a giant salad bowl πŸ™‚

  5. I am excited about the salad bowl. It is so pretty. I would have a hard time figuring out if I would keep it or gift it to my mom in-law who does more hosting than I do.

  6. Such beautiful wooden kitchen heirlooms from Pacific Merchants. Ty for the lovely contest; hope I win. Know that eating from natural items is energetically balanced. #gratitude

  7. Beautiful! I agree that the salad bowl would be useful for so many things, not just salad!

  8. I’ve just recently started adding wooden dishware to my kitchen pantry. I love this stuff. I bought koa wood because it’s local; this acacia wood sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing about it’s eco-friendly features.

  9. I would be most excited for the salad bowl. I love making huge salads, but I usually just eat mine out of a pyrex bowl.

  10. Chip and dip would be great addition to my kitchen . I can make and serve guacamole with homemade tortilla chips and veggies. Thanks

  11. I would love to have the salad bowl. I’m always on the lookout for fun new bowls πŸ™‚

  12. I love all three, but if I had to choose–the chip and dip tray!

    Thanks to you and Pacific Merchants for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  13. Exquisite to the eye eco-friendly acacia hardwood containers, harvested from privately owned lands. Brilliant!

  14. They are all so beautiful, I can’t pick one out!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  15. I have been looking for something like this for a long time! Great giveaway! Thank you πŸ™‚

  16. I LOVE the chip and dip tray! Even though I’m a lonely, busy college student and don’t (ahem….can’t afford to) host parties, I have hummus, carrots, and crackers EVERY DAY as a snack and this would just make everything more fun! I’d finally have a reason to take pictures of my food haha!

  17. I’m most excited about the salad bowl, but they’d all make great gifts for people on my list!

  18. I adore the salad bowl; love that the company is devoted to eco-friendly cookwares.

  19. The bowls are so beautiful! I would love to win them to give to my mom for Christmas

  20. I would loooove that salad bowl. I actually had that same bowl a while ago, but I dropped it and it broke πŸ™ It was my favorite bowl ever!

  21. I’ve been searching for beautiful wood salad bowls, so happy to find these!

  22. I’m so excited to try this big, beautiful salad bowl! Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. Definitely most excited about the salad bowl! As a graduate student in a small apartment, I am very short on attractive serving dishes. And as a nutrition student who likes to have healthy potluck dinners, this bowl would be a huge help in my kitchen.

  24. I’ve always been in love with this style of serve ware. I have my eye on the salad bowl. It’s so beautiful.

  25. They are all gorgeous but if I had to choose one I would choose the bowl.

  26. Absolutely stunning pieces, all of them! Oh, what I would do to have them in my prop collection… We could make such beautiful pictures together. <3

  27. The salad bowl is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for the perfect wooden serving bowl forever, I love the design and warm feel of this one!

  28. I’m most excited about the salad bowl, it’d be so lovely for entertaining!

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