Tweet, Tweet: Raw Foods Twitter Chat Tonight at 9pm EST

Wow. I’m totally amazed by the insightful comments and feedback to yesterday’s post. As a blogger, it can be hard to hit publish on a post where you’re essentially saying to your audience “my views on something have shifted.” I’ve been writing CR for a long time, and I’ve always felt freedom to change, evolve, reconsider things, and speak up when I think I’m mistaken about something. Thank you for giving me that very critical space in which to grow.

I want the comments to keep coming—they’re so interesting—so nothing new tonight. But if you find this topic fascinating, then I hope you’ll tune into tonight’s VegNews twitter chat with me, chef and health educator Chad Sarno, and Elaina Love. On the heels of the same VegNews article I discussed, we’ll be talking about anything and everything raw foods oriented: health, fact vs. fiction, how-to, getting started, and more. The questions will be provocative, and we’ll welcome audience input. So, stop by at 9 PM EST: everything you need to know to join in is explained here!

Tweet with you tonight, and see you tomorrow!


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