Sweet Potato and Beet Nori Rolls

Q: What’s scarier than a Halloween horror movie?

A: A 7 pm Orgo exam!

Yes, my friends: this is not a particularly festive Halloween for the Georgetown post-baccs, who are quivering with dread at our second Orgo test. It is, however, one of my favorite holidays (you had me at pumpkin and horror movies), and it would be remiss of me not to at least post something orange.

I haven’t gotten everything right in my return to student life, but one thing I have managed to do admirably is to maintain wholesome and pleasurable eating habits. Even on my busiest days, I try to whip up at least something that’s as tasty as it is healthy. Yesterday, this was one of the speedy snacks I made to keep me company in the library: a seasonally orangesweet potato hummus and beet nori roll.

As you all know, I have an untraditional approach to nori rolls: I rarely ever make them with rice, but I often make them with nut pates, hummus, jicama or parsnip rice, and even leftover juice pulp. I also always add veggies: this is a great way to use up odds and ends from your raw veggies, and it’s also a nice way to finish off some leftover salad (I often stuff kale salad into my nori rolls). Nori rolls are fast, easy, and they’re a nice, raw alternative to regular whole grain wraps, without having to go through the trouble of dehydrating a raw wrap recipe. Plus, you get the added benefit of a nutrient-dense and iodine rice sea vegetable: what’s not to like?

I love the color of this beautiful and unique roll. It’s not quite Halloween coloring (I’d have to find a black vegetable, which is rare and doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me), but it is vibrantly autumnal. Additionally, sweet potatoes and beets taste fabulous together, and the touch of sesame in the hummus recipe makes it all sing.

IMG_8428 (520x347)

Sweet Potato and Beet Nori Roll (semi-raw, vegan, gluten and soy free)

Serves 1

1 sheet untoasted nori
1 recipe sweet potato hummus
About 8 raw or cooked beet matchsticks (I adore raw beet, but it’s an acquired texture)
Baby greens of choice

1) Spread about 1/3 cup hummus over the bottom half of your nori sheet.

2) Add the beet matchsticks and greens to the center of the hummus. Roll the nori sheet up, starting at the bottom edge and moving to the top, and seal the nori with some water. Cut into slices, and serve.

A quick, easy, veggie-packed, and flavorful snack. This is also a great lunch component, and would be a fantastic accompaniment to a nutrient dense salad our soup.

IMG_8417 (520x347)

IMG_8420 (520x347)

With a little creativity (that is, thinking to stick some hummus into a nori roll) and color (orange+scarlet) it’s easy to make even the busiest of days a little brighter.

IMG_8428 (520x347)

And on that note, I have absolutely no business blogging today. Wish me luck this evening, and Happy Halloween! Tomorrow’s post will feature a Halloween themed sweet treat, which I promise you will be more tempting than leftover trick or treat candy.


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