Interview at The Health and Happiness Club

Hey guys!

Are we all enjoying some tasty work lunches today?

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m interviewed today on my friend Kathleen’s awesome blog, the Health and Happiness Club. If you guys haven’t checked this one out yet, add it to your google readers: it’s an intelligent, fun, and diverse blog that’s full of different perspectives. I’m a fan! In the interview, I chat about:

  • The best “first steps” for those who are new to veganism
  • Overcoming disordered eating and IBS
  • My best advice to budding bloggers

And, in honor of women’s week:

  • Do I believe that feminism has lost steam?
  • Who are my female role models?

Click here to read the whole interview if you have time!


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  1. Thanks for giving us the link to this interview, Gena. I enjoyed reading it, and I especially loved seeing your feminist principles shine through. Wonderful job!

  2. thanks for the reply gena!

    i guess i took it a wee bit too personally!


    but i truly enjoyed the article and your insights and advice!

    i must add that your writing is pretty good…who knows, maybe one day you might get the pulitzer!!


  3. i really enjoyed the article, however, i didn’t realize that bloggers needed a pulitzer prize to gain your respect. i really don’t think that was a nice thing to say, and obviously, by beginning with a “sorry”…you most likely thought the same…

    some bloggers blog just to be a part of a community, to learn things, and to share ideas…it’s really too bad you felt the need to pass on that judgment.

    • Antonella,

      I definitely don’t think anyone needs a Pulitzer to blog! Lord knows my own writing is far from that 🙂

      My point was that blogs resonate more when they are written with care and attention. I do think that many blogs are written without these qualities (and by this, I mean blogs in general, not food blogs in particular — I read many blogs that have nothing to do with food or with fitness). And I don’t think it’s a terrible thing to say that we should make an effort to write with care. I apply this to myself, too — I often write a slapdash post with grammatical errors, for instance, but I always try to go back and fix that!


  4. SO enjoyed reading the interview! Great tips and information. You are woman…I hear you ROAR! 🙂 Thanks for sharing from the heart. 🙂

  5. Terrific interview Gena! You are such an inspiration to young and not-as-young alike. I’m forwarding your blog to my daughter – another 20-something who is just beginning to find her way.

  6. Alright, miss “not coy”- you ARE a superb writer! Own it! 😉
    I loved this interview. You inspire me!

  7. Gena,

    Thanks for being a part of our Women’s History Month project! Kathleen’s questions were so thoughtful and your answers were so insightful. I hope our readers come to enjoy your blog as well.

    Health and Happiness Club Blogger

  8. How did you become a clinical nutritionist? What program did you go through? I’m currently in prerequisites to finish a bachelors of nutrition (that I almost completed at a different school) to eventually become a registered dietitian but not sure I want to do it anymore now that I’m branching out and learning many different paths of nutrition. I still enjoy nutrition as a whole, but I’m just wondering if there’s a better program out there for me.

  9. Fabulous post, Gena!! I honestly almost didn’t read this since I assumed it would be a reiteration of what you have talked about in previous posts, but I’m SO glad that I read it anyway. You are such an eloquent writer and always find ways to make me look at a situation from a new perspective! Great work! 🙂